And the winner is——coral-ish!!!!  (If you’re confused, read start reading the post after the 2nd photo first and then come back up here!)

Do you hate me?  If so, blame it on Ruth.  She took us down the dark and twisty alley of ‘black is dead to me.’

So, what I did was—-I spray painted the black mirror gold first and then mixed up the craziest concoction of paint you ever did see, using every tube of acrylic paint in this house until it was just perfectly coral-ish.   I painted over the gold with a brush and then when that was almost dry, I rubbed the edges so some of the gold would show through. All this I did at 5:30 this morning in my peejammers, fully prepared to paint over it if need be.

 Because why?  Because this is all perfectly normal in my world.  It ain’t easy living in this brain of mine.

Do you like the mirror painted a coral-y color?

Or do you like it black? You can pick your favorite and imagine that I kept it that way.  We all win!

That was the question I posed to my very insightful readers.

Do y’all have any idea the haphazard throwing around of things  that goes into making my Christmas mantel?  I wish I was one of those people who packed things in a box labeled ‘Christmas mantel’, to reuse year after blessed year.  If you do have a box so labeled, I want to be you.  I covet your organization and discipline.

But I don’t have a box labeled Christmas mantel.

We all knew that, right?

And every year, I cipher and clip greens and move mirrors and spray paint stuff.  All in an effort to make beautiful Christmas mantel music.

This year, let’s make this a joint effort, whatdaya say? Here’s what I need to know from you.

I’ve been hemming and hawing all day about whether or not I should spray paint that mirror.  Well, maybe not ALL day, but in between laundry folding and dinner making and Latin chanting, it’s taunting my weary mind.  So here’s the deal.  Leave a comment and tell me whether or not I should spray paint the black mirror gold (or maybe you have another color suggestion?) and I’ll count the votes and follow the moral majority.  Give me all your sophisticated reasons cause y’all are smart and will school me on why I should leave it/paint it.

And to be totally fair, here’s what the gold mirror looked like before I moved it to the newly painted bathroom. Just looking at this picture makes me wanna paint it gold.  But DON’T let me sway you.

  I know you want that antique  federal mirror back on the mantel and I do too. But he’s in the bathroom, loving on the striped walls.

While we’re at it, here’s a sneak peek of the newly striped bathroom.  It’s all kinds of cozy up in there.  And David wasn’t missing out on all the fun.  He may be there to stay.  There’s a whole post coming soon on that little project.

 But you can’t have the mirror for the mantel. Okay, one more viewing.

Please take note of my Meyer’s lemon tree, WHICH IS FINALLY BLOOMING!!!!!!!!!!!)

And never mind the wad of lights that I didn’t bother to spread neatly under the greens.  If I had done that then we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all because I’d have a box labeled ‘Christmas mantel,’ remember?

Now, give it to me straight. Black or gold? Which shall it be, my dear internets?

And I’m linking this crazy mantel post with Layla’s mantel party!  Thank you hosting, sweet dear!

101 comments on “Christmas Mantel 2012, (i think?)”

  1. I vote leave it black! Normally I am a big fan of chunky gold frames all over every wall, but this one thick black looks better against your clean wall and wintry stuff, and with the green too. In MY humble opinion. LOL Also loving all of the bold geometric shapes and colors you’re using. Super fresh and pretty. But everything always is. Merry Christmas form Oklahoma!!

  2. I think you should paint it gold. The black is a bit heavy. I think something lighter, more reflective.(I know its a mirror so it is reflective but more reflective 🙂 ) It’s beautiful no matter what you choose.

  3. Okay…so here is my little opinion, via observation… Leaving it black is looking a bit heavy with
    all the rest of the black….fireplace, stunning zebra seat and wonderful , is that navy and white rug?
    Also the dark navy in the bookcases. To me, that mirror is begging to be gilded! Delish!!
    But with your talent Edie, you could do whatever and totally pull it all off! No kidding.

  4. Between black and gold, I’m leaning toward gold. Just to make it a little more difficult, I’d personally go for turquoise with a little antiquing treatment, or pumpkin orange which is what I have over my sofa right now. Well, that’s really no help. Go with gold ; )

  5. Miss Edie-You rock even if you don’t have a box labeled Christmas mantel. Besides I truly do not believe that you could use the same things year after year. You are too unique for that. Your mantel takes on your personality.
    Now formy humble opinion-I say gold. The black is too heavy for that area. But even better would be a pop of color like coral. Call me crazy but it’s one of my new favorites. I think i may be a bit envious of your vast ottoman collection. They’re all fabulous.

  6. Y’all are KILLING me here. Now, I’m leaning towards coral, no thanks to Ruth. It would totally go with the pom pom wreath I made today.
    I’ll be at Lowe’s by daybreak.
    And never mind what I said about majority.
    This may turn out to be a kind monarchy.

  7. I vote gold. I think the black looks too harsh.

    However, I might like the black better if I could see the whole wall and how it blended in with the bookcases, too?

  8. I’m thinking there’s enough gold — I love the black…although turquoise or coral would be awesome! Or how about kelly green for a little Christmas punch?

  9. If I suggest a citron or apple green or avocado green that isn’t too neon, don’t blame me if it looks horrible. Like this color- It would match that little framed sign to the right on the mantle and the pear sticking out of the bookcase in one of the photos. But, I can be really wrong, sometimes – so be prepared to repaint if the applegreen color is horrible. Since it is december and you don’t have anything else to do.

  10. I was thinking black until I pictured a bright coral and I really think coral would look fun, holidayish and it would brighten it up.

  11. Why not try a little gold leaf over the black and see what happens, you might get the best of both worlds and if not then you can paint it.

  12. I don’t think I’d go gold — you already have the two sconces that are gold, and I think a wall of gold metallic is too concentrated and not balanced enough. It doesn’t get the eye moving. I like the black better than gold … but dare I say you paint it another color entirely? Maybe another metallic hue or a yummy yellow? Okay — too many options. 🙂 If it’s between gold and black, I vote black.

  13. Hmmmm…..I love whatever you do. But, I think I’m leaning toward black since the gold sconces are already there. But, then again, I’m getting ready to change up my black mirror above our mantel, so what do I know?!

  14. I say either turquoise or coral. I was thinking turquoise before you said coral. Perk side to turquoise, House Of Turquoise blog would want to share your site, but that your soul was feeling coral plays in to the decision. You are such a cutey Edie. Keep the faith and good work!! Love Trix

  15. I’m loving the black! It stands out so well and connects with the black/white bench. By the way, thanks for introducing me to Bonhoeffer’s God Is In The Manger.

  16. Gold looks so much more festive! I say paint it.

    I painted an old wood framed mirror with 10 year old paint I had in a closet before hanging it on my mantel yesterday. It’s actually sage green with the wood shining through a little.

  17. Love the gold. I have to echo Marilynn’s thanks for the introduction to God is in the Manger. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  18. Oh, Edie- I can hardly wait to see what you decide but you know that I am secretly holding out hope for coral. That mirror just lends itself to that color. The shape and curves just cry out for a little coral love.

  19. IF it was my fireplace…The black. For sure. It’s balanced with the black in fireplace and the bench.
    Its pleasing to the eye. Plus, the black mirror has a bit more height,
    which also creates more of a balance since there is a lot empty space above the mantle.
    Just beautiful. I adore your home…or shall I say…your decorating talent!
    Merry Christmas!
    Coral…it’s you. And yes, it would look FAB!

  20. Love, Love, Love the black! It pulls the black from the bench and the dark backing from the bookcase together! It has just the right visual contrast and weight. Plus, I have been looking for a similar mirror for my daughters please share your source!

  21. Well, I love how the black completes th black theme on that wall. The black FP surround, the black bookshelves and the black mirror just makes sense. Love the sprayed antlers and if you wanted a pop of color … here is where I would bring it in…torquoise would be great. And if you have another antler (and I know you do ) try it on the other side of the mantle just for balance. And that box labeled CHRISTMAS MANTLE, well forget it. People like us would be changing it anyway.
    Ahhh. Didn’t you change the mirror? Like this one better! But regarding the other one, I have a mirror like that and it went white and is on a Navy blue wall in a nursery.p

  22. Turquoise! Although coral would be yummy too! My two favorites! Your mantle last year is on my holiday pin board and I love the pops of color in it! Go bold! Merry Christmas!!!

  23. No gold or black–you already have enough of that. Go with the unexpected pop of turquoise or coral as others have suggested. Love you whole house Edie!

  24. This may be a round about answer, but I would paint the wall behind the mirror (above the fireplace) a darker accent color. Not the mantel, just the little section of wall for contrast. Then you could paint the mirror gold or perhaps cream or white to go with your mantel. I would even look for more mirror as a grouping. Sorry I didn’t answer your question straight up. Love your house so I know you will find a great solution.

  25. Also, I think asking questions like this online is always fun because you realize what you really want. If everyone says to paint it neon you can be all “you fools I want it gold” in your head of course, but it really helps solidify what it is you really want. Can’t wait to see what that is!

  26. I think color (whether coral or any of the other colors mentioned) is a better choice then gold. It’s Christmas, it’s a celebration. Though gold is beautiful, and classic a little color would be fun and spunky.
    I keep thinking of a cocktail party at the holiday season… (go with me here) You wear your basic little black dress, it looks great, your wearing a fantastic accessories…. your da bomb. Heads turn the whole enchilada. Then your friend walk in… wearing the coral… fun party dress, that only she could pull off…. She’s saying celebrate! Fun… Whoa Nelly! Let’s get this Party a going… and she’s the enchilada with sour cream and guac. That’s you Edie…. go for the sour cream and guacamole!
    Add the color…

  27. Well, I love the black because I really like the contrast between Sir Stag and his frame. But what about a deep, swoony plum? Aubergine? Something that would read “dark”, but still give a bit of color to play off the other black in the room?

    I’m intrigued by the coral, too…

      • I vote PLUM… And… by the way, let’s just give the bench some love. Seriously. I. love. it.

        I also love the sweet little nativity on the right. I dream about our “grown up” home with all of the kids’ sweet Christmas memories sprinkled about. Love this season – will love that one too.

        Happy spraying, Edie!

  28. I think black looks more original French countryish…leave as is…it is beautiful and have another cup of coffee!!!! Mandy

  29. I happen to love the black. Why not cut yourself some slack and just leave it as it is. I believe that most of us worry too much about perfection (whatever that is) and have no idea how to be content with things that aren’t perfect (thereby creating much more work for ourselves). It’s beautiful the way it is. Why not use your extra time (that you gain by not painting the mirror) to do nothing at all, except maybe to drink a cup of coffee or tea and sit in His Presence and reflect on His coming?

  30. DON’T YOU DARE paint it gold!!! It is perfection the way it is and ties together the rug, stool, and fireplace itself!! If you want more gold, lay some over-sized gold Christmas tree balls on the green garland gracing your mantel. I LOVE it as is though. The black is refreshing and IT WORKS!! Don’t fix something that ain’t broken girlfriend! 😉

  31. I like it the way you have it. I just want to know where you moved my mirror (okay, it’s only mine in my head) – the honeycomb framed one that used to be there? If you’re getting rid of it, I can send you my shipping information… 🙂

  32. I like both the black and the gold. However, I always love coming here to see something different and unexpected! I think those two choices are too ordinary for you! Surprise us with something different!!!

  33. Coral.
    But I am really really wondering….
    1.what does the cow think?
    2. more importantly, how is she( he?) hanging there? 🙂
    Dying to know!

  34. Well…since you asked for opinions….leave the mirror black. Hang a wreath made of greens (faux or real) entwined with battery operated string of clear Christmas lights around the cow’s neck. Clear everthing off the mantle, put the Nativity on the mantle in the space between the mirror and the sconce. (I see it sitting on the bookshelf to the right 😉 ) Then on the mantle, in the space inbetween the left sconce and left side of the mirror, put varying heights of candles in Advent colors. That’s it…simple, focused, themed to the reason for the season! If one more thing feels needed, make a banner of whatever design you desire, swag it under the mantle. Whatever you decide, we will enjoy looking at it, it will bring your family joy, and make the Lord smile!

  35. My husband looked at both pics this morning…he picked the black and I agree. Love coral, but it just doesn’t compeat w the black…not that you asked, but I’d go back to black and paint the antlers coral…just sayin 🙂

  36. Edie-I love it!!! It’s amazing with the stately steed. Which I would live to know where you pick one of those up. And then hubby will think I’ve lost my mind for sure but I’m ok with that. I know he would’ve chosen the black but I am loving this color!!
    Sorry to all the black loving, coral haters.
    I’m glad you went down this road with me, Edie. BTW, the anticipation was almost too much to bear.

  37. I liked the black better. I think it tied all the other black accents together in the room. The gold would be my second choice and the coral is definitely last. It looks like you were trying to match it to the brick.
    Your house is beautiful beyond words, but this choice was not one that I think works with your decor.
    This is just my humble opinion!

  38. went with coral, and it was the right thing to do. although, the black really did pop, but I can see where you might think it didn’t pop ENOUGH since you have the black and white striped ottoman and the dark colored backs in your built-ins.

    You rocked that mantle, girl.

  39. Way to Go Edie!!! Kudos for just doing it! You are an inspiration to try something new and don’t think too much about it, cause it can always be repainted.

  40. Oh, you are too cute! I love the black mirror with all the rest of the black. I love the coral with the bricks. I love the Federal mirror over the mantel and in the bathroom. How do you ever know when to quit?

  41. I’m a little late to this paint party, but I did kinda like the black. However, the color you painted it now blends with the brink on your fireplace. So either is good. You always know what to do! Just go with it and let your mantle sing!

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