It’s been a good year, 2012.   While my mind is racing, pondering my 2013 plans and schemes, I thought I’d post my 2012 recap over a few  posts.

Today—-my favorite photos from the year.

Let’s start with these darling people.  I adore them all.  They make everything better.
And some of my favorite shots from the year:::


The Screened Porch

My November counter top

The Striped Bath

Favorite Vignette

Tomatoes from my garden

The many and various sunsets we enjoy


Spring Chickens

My favorite subject of all time—-boots-—made even better by Jan and Adriane


The place where we spend most of our time

My two middles

The happy entry way

Pumpkin Pie

My Christmas Mantel


And always a heap of fresh eggs from my favorite chickens……

More ‘Best of’ 2012′ this weekend!

17 comments on “Best of 2012, the photos”

  1. i loved your 2012 my friend.
    peachypinkiesalmon framed mantel
    ‘maters from the garden
    the middles
    i want to spend all day in that room too
    your buttah bag
    THE superbowl. i mean magazine shoot


  2. Those sunsets Edie would keep me ligering for hours! I love your favs from 2012. Such a wonderful recap! I hope that the remainder of 2012 finds you enjoying more sunsets on that wonderful porch while in the company of your beautiful family. xoxo

  3. YOU HAVE AN AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! And your home is awesome too:)
    I didn’t know you also had chickens!! I love mine! So glad I “found” your blog recently, you are an inspiration Edie! Thanks for sharing your life with us!! ~Kim

  4. Hey Edie! I always love looking at your bright, color-filled photos! The pic with the wire basket full of eggs hanging with the coats reminds me of our place! LOL. Have a blessed day!

  5. Really enjoyed the entry way photo and the striped bath. The bath room is so unexpected..the colors and textures and details..I love it all!
    And the “boots” photo is super happy!

  6. Hey Edie! I love your house…it’s so beautiful! I just wanted to ask you a question. I was talking to my mom the other day, while standing in the middle of Wal-mart. I said, “mom, I really need to find a BH&G magazine!”. She said, “speaking of BH&G, there is a article I want you to read.”. Well, to make a long story short…we both were talking about you!! My mom told me that she worked with your husband. I was like…REALLY!!! So my question is….Could I please give my mom, my BH&G magazine, to give to your husband, so you can sign it? Please, oh please, with a sugar on top!!!!

  7. Love all these favorites!!! Happy New Year!! I’m trying to recover from the flu here and staying warm after the first big snowfall of the season here.

  8. Whatever you did I could finally get through all of the pics! Thanks! Happy New Year!! Got a call from girlfriend in Texas who saw the bhg article and called to ask if I knew you !! Gotta love the south that assumes I would know you!!

  9. your 2012 was beautiful..such a redemption story from this time last year. praise God for new mercies.

    your eggs and maters make me thankful for my country upbringing.
    your life is beautiful…celebrating it with you.

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