I can’t remember the exact circumstances in which she said it but I’ve spent a lifetime trying to grow into it.
Thank you, Momma, for your tireless example of what it means to give yourself away to others.
And to all my strong and brave momma friends—-the sun (Son) always shines where you are too.
Thank you for living in the light. You are like warm sunshine in a dark, cold world.
Happy Mother’s Day.
You’re my heroes.

10 comments on “what momma said”

  1. Love this! Exactly how I want my girls to feel. Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day. You are an inspiration with your dedication to this holiest of tasks.

  2. ohhhhh, we’ve got good mamas don’t we?!

    so thankful for my upbringing….she is everything beautiful and wonderful and genuine in our family.

    Happy (late) Mother’s day to YOU!

  3. I didn’t see this post on Mother’s Day, Edie, but I’m glad I saw it today. Thank you for being so full of sunshine–and Sonshine! I’d say you’ve grown into your mom’s statement pretty well. So did your mom have a gift of discernment? Encouragement? Or both? 🙂

  4. I thank God every day for my Mama, even though she’s been with Jesus for 20 years. Thank you for this post…you are a gentle and sweet spirit.

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