You Make Beautiful Things

I had the privilege of hearing my two oldest sing yesterday at the Ridgecrest Youth Conference.

After living through a horrific tragedy and watching  God make beautiful things from dust, this song is my grateful anthem.

You think you’re raising your kids but they’re really raising you. (Thank you to my mother-in-law for that very true statement.)

Blessed Lent.

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  • Beautiful things out of the dust. Amen. Blessed Lent to you.

  • tara says:

    I agree.
    Our kids are truly raising us.
    We’re learning more every single day how very much we need Jesus….
    thank God for our children who show us our need!

  • Oh what wise and true words from your MIL! So very true! I know you are bursting with pride. He truly does make Beautiful Things!

  • Lisa says:

    Wow your kids are talented. I listened to the whole song and I wish they would go on tour! Just beautiful.

  • Wow. First of all, God makes beautiful things, and beautiful PEOPLE, like your son an daughter. Also? The entire performance was awesome, but when they asked the audience to sing along with them brought tears to my eyes. All of those young voices together praising God is awesome.

  • Beautiful song, beautiful children, beautiful quote, beautiful post!

  • I love that song and your kids did a great job singing it. I’m so thankful that God is in the “business” of making us new. Amazing.

  • Craig says:

    And they are their mama’s babies – it’s been far, far, far too long since I’ve left a comment here. Of all the people I’ve met in this bloggy world this year – so many of you so nice – some of not so very nice at all – YOU were a Godsend from the very first post of yours that I read – I think I commented on that post about you teaching your girls Latin. I have been blessed by knowing you, and by meeting you, and blessed every time I read you. That’s all – just one or two words (◔‿◔) (if I had the gift of brevity I’d be a poet) God bless you Edie, and God bless your babies and your hubs too. oh, and the song – as I said – they are clearly their mamas babies.

  • Donna says:

    BEAUTIFUL! What a sweet blessing!

  • Melinda says:

    tears,.,.,., happy ones !!

  • Alecia says:

    I am so glad you know this song. I love every last word and many times while listening to my Gungor album last year, I would think of you during this song and pray for your dear family.

    I know I don’t know you, but the family of God is funny like that. :)
    alecia from Seattle

  • katrina says:

    Great version of one of my favorite songs!!! They did a wonderful job and are very talented, thank you for sharing.

  • Kari says:

    So, I was listening this and my husband says (from the other room),”sounds like the singer from Switchfoot”. :)

  • Joy G says:

    Ridgecrest in North Carolina? If so, my brother is Recreation and Outdoor Program Manager! They do a great job.
    Beautiful song!

  • your MIL is a wise, wise woman. :) What talented beautiful children Edie! :)

  • Edie,
    The first time I heard this song (when we sang it at church) I thought of you and your inspiration to all of us through your trials. We all have them, but your pen allows us to remember and reflect.
    I LOVE the kids singing this song. Such feeling.
    Can’t wait till Friday! I’ll be wearing my pearls….


  • Breeann says:

    I love this song so much, too. What a beautiful picture of what our amazing Savior does for each of us :) xoxo

  • rebecca d says:

    Our youth worship team is working on this song right now. Such a beautiful song, and your “children” did it beautifully!

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