You have grown up so fast and I wish I could turn back time.  I’ve wanted you to show more initiative in your schoolwork and I’ve encouraged you to be a strong  leader  among your friends.  I’ve asked so much of you and you have risen to every occasion.  You are such a natural leader with easy confidence and you make everything you do look effortless.  But I see your struggle.  I see your sacrifice.  I see your beautiful tender heart.  Because I am your teacher as well as your mother, I have been demanding, sharp  at times and preoccupied,  and the guilt rises in my throat and  nearly threatens to choke me.   But you are  so quick to forgive and to tell me I’m the best momma.  I cling to every sweet memory of lying in your bed reading with you.  I remember with clarity the joy and cheer you have so selflessly given to this family.   You are the best kind of sister and this momma’s perfect grace gift.    You have your Daddy’s eyes and your Father’s authentic love.    And I’m holding you to that pinky swear that you’ll  never go away.  You are my forever baby and I am so blessed to be here with you every day, learning and growing together in the shadow of His Grace. Happy Birthday to our little Grace gift!


Click below to start a little slideshow.

Grace Upon Grace post will is moved to later this week!  This chapter on prayer is an absolute jewel.
Tori is posting today at lifeingracegirls! She is a beautiful young woman, about the age of my Caiti, and I’m delighted she’s sharing with us today!

20 comments on “Our Grace Gift”

  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!! This is a beautiful post celebrating her.
    Completely melted my heart.
    I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.

  2. What a beautiful birthday post. Your children are precious, and I loved the slide show. Happy Birthday to your baby! I hope this year is filled with all the awe and wonder growing up brings to a little girl. May she enjoy every day as if it’s her birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Glad you moved Grace Upon Grace, we’ve been sick and I haven’t been able to read. I’ll be digging in today!

    of course stevie was singing landslide on my pandora as i was reading this. appropriate x2 right? 😉
    baby girl turned 11 yesterday in our house.
    yes. cry me a river…

    loved the slide show my friend. she is a dollbaby!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your baby. Those reading time memories… truly priceless Edie.
    I was never happier than when my young sons were snuggled around for “the next chapter”. Those are some of the BEST moments that I cherish. My “baby” will be 20 in June!
    Thank you for sharing Edie,

  6. Such a sweet and honest post, dear mama. It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me on the Grace I need daily to be mama to my six kiddos. I don’t usually comment on posts, but needed to share with you a quick story.

    After adopting three kids (ages 8, 7 and 5) from foster care in 2001–my heart was still longing for a baby. I prayed almost minute by minute for a baby, sometimes on my knees and sometimes shaking my fist in the air. I shared an advent liturgy written from the darkest parts of my desire in 2003 and was sure God had abandoned me to my anger. But God had the answer to my prayers brewing in the womb of our bio-mom (the mother of our three other kids). She gave birth to our precious baby in February and by this time in March of 2004 she was home with us! We named her Eleanor Grace. Which is why I’m telling you this crazy personal story. 😉 As you must know, Eleanor means shining ray of Light. We call her Nori Grace and for eight years she has been one of the most precious reminders of God’s pouring of undeserved Grace on my heart and life.

    I love your site and have found such comraderie here as a fellow strange girl with my head in a theology book, and my hands in the flour! Blessings.

    BTW – God also thought it would be funny to have my old body pop out two little boys in 06 and 08. That’s how I ended up with six!

    • what a beautiful, wonderful story! thank you so much for sharing and i love that you call her Nori Grace—-so adorable!
      much love and blessings,

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