This post is part of series called “31 Days to Rebuild Your House and Heart” and I’m writing it to chronicle our rebuilding process after we lost everything in a house fire last December. You can start here and read the whole series. Thanks for visiting!

I’ll show you some of the high*lights* of this building project and then you can see the rest when I do the room tours next week. My favorite chandelier is this one that I saw first on Sara’s blog.   It’s unbelievably beautiful and decently priced for a large crystal chandelier. This does not make electricians happy but lucky for him, my girls, my sister and I were at the lake house when it was installed so we put the crystal puzzle together. I used these library sconces in my kitchen in stainless and in the girls’ room in dark brown. They are perfect in every way.   I ordered them from Bellacor and they shipped quickly. My second favorite lighting purchase were these pendants from Circa Lighting.   I also ordered these myself online and they shipped within 2 weeks. I ordered antique brass and hung them (2) over my island.  They are show stoppers! You may think it’s overkill and indeed it may be but I also chose crystal for my master bath. Here’s the fixture that hangs over the claw foot tub. And these little cuties flank each side of my dressing vanity along with this beauty that hangs down in the center of the vanity It occurs to me that my master bathroom is like the old lady that wears way too much jewelry and a hefty dose of perfume and colors her lipstick outside the lines.  That will indeed be me in 30 or 40 years.  You’ll want to room with me in the nursing home though because I’ll be the only one with 14 shades of red lipstick, Loretta Lynn playing full blast on a continuous loop,  and stylish house dresses which I will of course wear with cowgirl boots.

But I digress.

One last fixture to prove my diversity.

It’s a completely different shape.

And shouldn’t all master bedrooms have crystal?


Your friend, The old lady with red lipstick who had too many crystal chandeliers.

I crack myself up.   Goodnight:)

20 comments on “31 Days|Day 20 Lighting, part 2”

  1. Gorgeous!  All of them!!  You can never have too many.  I only have one.  It lives in my closet and makes me smile every morning as I “shop” for my daily toddler-proof-mom-uniform.  Simple pleasures.  🙂

  2. Fabulous! All of it! Love it!

    (For the record, you are making it very difficult not to break the ninth commandment right now! Ahem. Just sayin’.)

  3. Love, love, love each one. The chandeliers are sensational. The fixtures over your island make me want run out and get some. Each fixture is delightful!!! You crack me up with your nursing home scenario. Just picturing you with bright red lipstick, an embellished Anthropolgiesc housecoat and, picture it, aqua cowgirl boots. Can’t leave out some dangly earings that look just fresh off of one of your chandeliers. It’s killing me!!

    Thanks for the chuckle!!


  4. Dear Old Lady with Red Lipstick who had too many crystal chandeliers

    Can you put me in your will? 


    Poor Single Lady with Red Lipstick who hasn’t any crystal chandeliers : 0 ) 

    P.S. OMG!!! Heated floors totally deserve crystal!!!!!! Squeal! 

  5. Finally, you will be showing your rooms?! I love how your new home has evolved. The lighting is beautiful, the colors are fun and I absolutely love the fact that you will stick in a thrift store chair in the midst of moving.

  6. You’re brave, Edie Wadsworth, and I love that about you!   Red lip stick, cowgirl boots, stylish house dresses and Loretta Lynn?   I would love to be your roommate in the nursing home.  Love it.  Yours would be the room where all the fun would be happening, that’s for sure.

  7. At least your not the old lady with too many cats…then I might have to judge 🙂 HA! Totally kidding. If you are a cat lover too, more power to ya, sister!

  8. LOL!!!!!!! No really I am. I’m picturing you in super cool boots & red lipstick, reading under your chandelier. You’re just so daring!!! Proof that you are comfortable in your own skin, a rare find these days {Current bible study is focusing on this very topic}. 

    I love this post & I love light fixtures!!!!! Ok so I love it all. I have a small chandelier at the entry to our master bedroom (old house w/8 foot ceilings) can’t get to carried away with hanging fixtures unless you want to have to walk around them. But my favorite light fixtures are two small chandeliers came the house & I decided that they must stay. Not much bling, but very cool & vintage (one made in Spain in the early 60’s) Now I digress. 

    I ‘m loving the bits & pieces of this process & am chomping at the bit to see more. I just envision your home as the lively yet comforting place to be, full of life, spirit, family, & love.

    Enjoy your making your house your home.

    • oh! and there is absolutely nothing wrong with 20 red lipsticks cuz i’ll be the lady with the coral colored lipstick all over her teeth, my meme taught me it doesnt matter where u got ur lipstick as long as its close ;D

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