This post is part of series called “31 Days to Rebuild Your House and Heart” and I’m writing it to chronicle our rebuilding process after we lost everything in a house fire last December. You can start here and read the whole series. Thanks for visiting!

One thing I’ve learned as lover of creating cozy spaces is that lighting is everything.
Perhaps I overstate the case but lighting can transform a good solid space into a dreamland.
Lighting is like jewelry for your house.
(Which may explain my proclivity for crystal chandeliers.)
This is the *necklace* my dining table wears.

Lucky her:)

And lighting decisions must be made early, while the electrical circuits are being created.
Most of the spaces in this house were defined by the lighting.
Like buying shoes and then trying to find an outfit to coordinate.
I think it’s a mistake to let the lighting be an afterthought. BIG mistake.

If you’re involved from the beginning, the lighting can transform your spaces.

Most builders will work with a local lighting company to help you make your lighting choices.
Because I’m slightly insane, I thought I could handle it myself.
I started out organized with my lighting orders and watched the rental house garage fill up with boxes.
I ordered from online sites such as Bellacor and Lamps Plus and even Restoration Hardware.
But then I realized that unless I was gonna make ordering and tracking orders and lighting spreadsheets my full time job, I needed to get help.
I worked with Angie at Hardwood Specialties (also the place I bought my hardwood) and she came to the house and helped me finish the work.

I’m glad I was very intimately involved in the ordering and placing of the lights but I’m also thankful for the help. I think it makes all the difference in this house.
Tomorrow, I’ll show you some specific lights and sources.
So, what do ya think? Am I just partial to light?


p.s. Stevie just informed me that all my *heat lamps* are keeping the house warm. That, and Larry’s stellar insulation.
I do have a whole lot of lights in this house—that ain’t no lie.

9 comments on “31 Days|Day 19 Lighting, part 1”

  1. What a beautiful chandelier!  You can tell your house is more full of girls than boys.  My lighting tells the opposite story.  We have tons of lamps and sconces, too; but, ours are very masculine in nature.  We could use a little crystal…

  2. That crystal is gorgeous!  Reminds me of being a kid and helping my mom remove the crystals from our dining room chandelier, clean them, shine them, put it all back together and then turn the lights on 🙂

  3. since i was a child i’ve wanted to snatch the baubles off of a chandelier and put them on my ears. “lighting is like jewelry for your home”-you just made me feel normal. i also have put my head right on the counter as though to hug up the rays of sunshine pouring in. i love light the wonderful glorious natural light. i get in “trouble” occasionally at work for failing to close the blinds at the end of the day-however the first thing I do upon arriving is open those babies up! Psalm 104:2 “He wraps Himself in light as with a garment!” Let Him in, people! Should I ever have the blessing of building a home I’ve got some wise wisdom in the bank! Start with the lights on! Love it! 

    It’s looking mah-vel-ous!! 

  4. Your chandelier is gorgeous. I am wondering where in our home I could add a beauty like this one. Our home was built in the 1950’s and our living room did not have any overhead lighting. When we remodeled our kitchen and partially knocked down a wall to open the space, we finally had the access we needed to put in lighting. My brother and I actually ran the wire ourselves. Hubby chose ceiling fans for that room-thankfully we chose some that were a bit better than most others.
    Your lighting choices from what I have seen so far are dazzling and breathtaking.


  5. the chandy is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the rest of it.

    I agree…lighting makes all the difference.
    However, I’m living in a rental for the next couple of years, so I’m having to put that opinion to the side and focus on things that I can focus on.

  6. “Lighting is like jewelry for your house.” <—–LOVE it!
    I love this whole post and I so agree! You definitely picked some gorgeous pieces for your new home and I cant wait to see them tomorrow!

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