I learned a few things today from the contents of my frig.

the good:

-my crispers are full of good veggies

-we eat real butter (unlike some of my other very dear Lutheran friends who dare to cook with/eat margarine)

-we have plenty of left-overs, which adds to the lunch variety at home

-there’s a variety of good cheese:  gruyere, parmegianno regianno, sharp cheddar, maytag blue,  stilton, and real mozzarella

-we have plums picked from Jeff and Vicki’s plum tree that I must use soon (jelly?  tart?)

-i’ve switched to unsweet tea, which is not easy or normal for a Southern girl

-there’s homeade salsa (made by me) and homeade strawberry jam (made by my sister)

the bad:

-there’s 12 visible sticks of butter and plenty more that you don’t see—don’t be scared

-there are 2 pints of heavy cream

-and 2 quarts of half and half

-don’t judge me

-there are five different containers/kinds of mayo

-repeat the don’t judge me part

-there’s two Jethro- sized half used ketchup bottles that make me wanna vow never to shop at Sam’s again (there’s something about the xl ketchup bottles that makes me lose respect for myself)

the ugly:

-there’s a bowl of something that makes me afraid

-there’s mocha protein milk from sometime in the winter

-there’s a pack of petrified bulk sausage that i just discovered way in the back behind the mexican pasta

-there’s full calorie mike’s lemonade which may mean i’ve given up

When my new BFF Adraine issued this request to see inside our frig’s, I did not tidy up or otherwise move things around (as if that weren’t abundantly clear).   I think you should go right now and take a pic of the inside of your frig and post it on your blog and tell us all your dirty secrets.   Tell us in the comments if you do it.   I think this is big fun.

I vow to clean mine out.


You can peruse a host of frig’s here. Some of them are very funny.   Maybe pantries should be next!

39 comments on “what my frig taught me about myself”

  1. I think we have 6 kinds of mustard, and my 5 year old will only eat sandwiches with chipotle mayo (mixed by me every time I make a sandwich for her lunch). Hooray for condiments.

  2. Gonna show my ignorance here (maybe), but is ‘Maytag blue’ cheese the kind that has gone ‘blue’ from being in the ‘Maytag’ a little too long???  If so, we have had lots of that in my fridge. 

    All that butter, all that cream – and not an ounce of fat on her!  That’s what ticks me off.

  3. I LOVE fridge posts. I think everyone should do one. I don’t have an official one on my blog – but I did post a picture of my VERY EMPTY post-vacation fridge on my last post (which…was 10 on 10…I’m a bit behind). But I also posted the picture of the three bags of groceries I used to refill (some) of it. 🙂

  4. I love this!! I think everyone should have a fridge reveal on their blogs (except me because I am not that brave). 

    BTW- it’s not a true American fridge unless you have at least two Jumbo sized half used ketchup bottles sitting upside down in the door. We’re patriots so we have at least 3 but I think one of them can be officially declared empty (I have no idea why they put it back in the fridge) .  

  5. This is great! My husband and I had a conversation with friends last night about how I LOATHE cleaning out my fridge! I might just have to do this!

  6. your love for real butter, heavy cream and half and half makes me love you more.
    switching to unsweet tea….I will NEVER understand. 🙂

  7. Funny. I just cleaned mine out last week. And I vow not to clutter it back up. I do have leftover chicken pot pie and fried rice and sesame chicken. But I plan to eat those since the husband is out of town and the kitchen is closed. 😉

  8. Butter…totally not judging…I think I have more. 😀

    This is hilarious…but I’m skeered. And the pantry just mortifies me…I don’t go in there without notifying a family member…

  9. My fridge is gross but getting better daily since I’m throwing the old stuff out and trying to use e edgy ing up before we move into the new house next week! I just threw away a rotten cucumber today and my toddler poured out a bottle of Stubb’s basting sauce yesterday morning.. One less item to move;).

    Amy Callahan

  10. Love this post. I use real butter, too. Love half & half in my coffee. Sweet tea is one of my favorites. I just can’t do unsweetened tea and I’ve tried. We actually have two refrigerators, one is just not enough. When we lost power for 7 days with Hurricane Irene they both had a complete clean out. Somehow it doesn’t take long to fill them up and mess them up. I will try to post my pictures later this afternoon. For now I must play school.


  11. Hi Edie!
    Well, I organized my fridge. And it has stayed organized because I threaten to make the family some meals made from science projects from the back of the fridge.Holy cow you have  a lot of butter! But you are excused because I see that you also have a bottle of Sweet baby Ray’s. It’s the best.About tea. I always make unsweetened. But I also make a simple syrup and keep it in a syrup bottle in the fridge so everyone can sweeten their glass of tea to their liking :)http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/simple-syrup/detail.aspxSo, here’s my fridge. I am weird and OCD, so don’t judge me either.http://goodbyehousehellohome.blogspot.com/2011/04/so-i-organized-my-refrigerator.html
    We could do a lot of baking with the items in YOUR fridge!
    Blessings and joy to you!

  12. After  Irene wiped out our power for three days, I had to throw every.single.thing. out of the fridge and freezer.  It felt good in a bad way.  At lease my fridge is sparkling now!

  13. You are so fun.  Although I am utterly embarassed I played too! I always so my purse and my pantry describe me to a “T”. . . guess I’ll have to throw my fridge in there too 🙂

  14. Oh I can’t tell you how much I love that you did this!!

    I never really thought about what my fridge might say about me, but I decided I HAD to do a post like this too. I realize I send mixed signals or I’m conflicted because along with the spinach and kale for my healthy smoothies, I’m stocked up on butter so I can bake chocolate chip cookies. And I must have half and half for my coffee.

    I’ve gotta try your Rocky Top chili soon!

    Here’s what our fridge would say:http://marathonbird.blogspot.com/2011/09/what-my-fridge-would-tell-you.html

  15. I did a fridge post quite a while back    http://www.neebeep.com/itsownsweetwillneebeepc/2011/04/creative-stacking.html  {Prepare yourself!}
    I also have a pantry post – they’re both frightening!

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  17. Our fridge went out and waiting a day for the repair job, it got cleaned out!  Boy did I have junk in there.  Now all is good.  It is so beautiful, it is just like “buta”!

  18. heehee  Obviously you do not have a house full of teenage boys.  🙂  My fridge only comes close to being full of anything for about an hour after I make trip to the store.  Most of the time you can see bare shelves and the stuff in the door rattles around as they open and close and open and close and open and close, hoping against hope that they will find something their brother hasn’t already eaten.

  19. I almost choked on my chewy sweet-tarts, I read that last line wrong & thought you said “panties” – lol – PANTRIES -yes,  pantries is good! I’m gonna have to go do this even if I am a week late and more than a dollar short (or whatever. . . ) love it!

  20. I love looking into your fridge.  Thanks for sharing.  I wondered if I would learn anything by posting my fridge so I tried it.  No, it totally tells the story of me.  Vegetable Lady. LOL   Nothing interesting like your twelve+ cubes of butter.  Oh well it was still fun.  Thanks for the little challenge.

  21. Actually, you have 16 sticks of butter – there’s another box on the right side of your bottom drawer.  😀

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