The pictures you’ve seen so far of our house did not include the garage. We had to use concrete spanners and just got those in last week. Now the garage is all framed up and we start with shingles tomorrow, I think. The framers will begin working on the porches.   I’m also finalizing all my plumbing decisions because they start next week along with the electricians.   My hardy siding gets delivered on Friday and then it will have to be painted white.   I’m still debating between ‘superwhite’ and ‘white dove’ both by Benjamin Moore.   White dove is a softer, creamier white {and happens to be the exterior color of my friend Polly’s house—a house that I dreamed about for weeks after I first saw it}  and super white is a true white-white and gets great reviews as an exterior color.   We’re also finalizing our decisions on our stone foundation.  I think we’ll go with stacked stone, no mortar joints showing.   If you have any advice or opinions on any of the previous topics, please do tell!

We feel so blessed to have found our builder,  Larry Anglea. We interviewed six builders, I think, and we both knew after meeting with Larry and seeing his excellent workmanship that we wanted him to do this for us.    We couldn’t be happier.   This process so far has gone so much faster and smoother than either of us anticipated.   He thinks of everything and keeps us informed every day about the progress.  I very highly recommend him if you live in the area and are considering a building project.

We were out in the boat yesterday, stalking other lake houses, looking at siding and stone and decks.   This is our progress from the lake side.

Isn’t it amazing how fast it’s becoming a house?

From this view you can see the breezeway between the house and the garage.

And now for the CD winners. Y’all crack me up. I laughed until I cried at some of your entries. And like me, some of you need to get out more!
I just went through and picked a handful based on entertainment value and pure jealousy.
Here are the winners and if you’ll send me your address, I’ll mail you our homeade playlist.

Comment # 61 Carrie—she saw Shooter Jennings, whom I adore
Comment # 123 Liz—Elton John and Billy Joel!!!!!!!
Comment # 142 Meg—my wonderful blog friend and she just saw Tim McGraw. Nuff said.
Comment # 143 Podso—-Peter, Paul and Mary 1970, the year I was born!
Comment # 110 Alima—-John Mayer, she thinks he’s quirky in concert, so do I.
Comment # 179 Vicki—Johnny Cash. One of my all time faves.
Comment # 199 Southern Gal—Renee is such a sweet encouraging friend and she saw the Avett Brothers sound check and  YES!!! it counts.
Comment # 221 Carrie Ann—my favorite answer of all time, Billy Ray Cyrus “Don’t Tell My Heart, My Achey Breakey Heart” !!!!!! I love it and thank you for making me spew my coffee all over my  yoga pants Carrie Ann. And for implanting the lyrics of that song in my head for a good two days 🙂 You’re a good woman for sharing that with us!
Comment # 245 Ruth I love Ms. Ruth and she’s never been to a concert. Ruth, you and Carrie Ann need to get together and go see Mumford and Sons because Carrie Ann needs to clear her good name!
Comment # 197 Annie—who saw Mumford and Sons AND the Avett Brothers together in New Orleans. I would have needed an oxygen mask for that one because I’m not sure my achey-breakey heart could take it. I’m so completely jealous of you Ms. Annie!

15 comments on “Project Restoration:: the Garage {and the CD winners}”

  1. Woohoo!!!  My sound check counted….yesssss (with fist pump)!
    The house progress is amazing.  Is that a walkway from the garage to the house on the second story?

  2. The comment thingy got stuck and wouldn’t let me finish.  I was going to say thank you to you and Carrie Ann for getting that song stuck in my head this morning.  Looks like I’m going to have to put Pandora on and work on clearing my head.  Can’t wait to listen to the CD. Thanks for your sweet words, Edie. 

  3. Oh!! Sweet Edie-I am so thrilled you picked me!! Yes, I do need to get out more. When I was growing up our parents did not allow us to go to any concerts, or even the movies. I was almost 17 before I saw my first movie in theaters. Right after school, I got married, i was only 20 and had my first baby at 21. There wasn’t much time for going out. I worked the overnight shift for 12 years. Now we try to get out more since the kids are older, just haven’t made it to a concert yet. We have made it to see Cats, years ago and The Phantom of the Opera. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL-
    Can’t wait to listen to that cd.


  4. I can’t believe I won one of your cd’s! I am so excited!! I never win anything!
    You have no idea how much I needed this to cheer me up! Yesterday my car took a swim in a ditch and I’ve been pretty down ever since.
    Thanks so much Edie! 🙂

  5. sorry! I was so excited I forgot to say…the house looks fabulous! It’s coming together so fast! I think either of those whites will look great! Keep the progress pics coming!

  6. First off, I really can’t believe how far along your house is! Everything looks great; thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    I’m so excited to be a CD winner! (And if you get the chance to go to Jazz Fest in the future, go! It was fabulous!) Thanks, Edie!

  7. I just love this stage of the building process when it starts to take shape.  My vote is for White Dove.  It is my favorite interior trim color EVER, so I can only imagine how great it looks on yummy siding.

  8. Oh Edie, it’s so lovely! thanks for your sweetness! I’m registering for the design service today. so excited for your new abode and the amazing home you will make it into! xxoo

  9. Holy Cow you are going to be living in a mansion!!!   I love it already!!!!   Thanks for sharing the progress  with us!  All of your fans are so excited for you!!!   We are all still hopeful of pictures from the Square Dance Party!!!   (YOU PROMISED!!!!)   

    Love you blog!  

  10. Holy cow!!  I’m a winner!!  I’m Liz Comment #123.  Comment # 123 Liz—Elton John and Billy Joel!!!!!!!
    You can send the CD to liz chatwell 367 coyote trail Kouts, IN  46347

  11. Oh my gosh– I never win ANYTHING!  (I never even thought you’d read my lil’ ol’ comment, you have sooo many followers!)  You can send my CD to John & Carrie Parker, PO Box 558, Great Falls, MT 59403!  Ohhhhh, thank you thank you thank you!  I’ve just had the demon week from hell, so this is just a nice little surprise!  (BTW… your blog has really touched me.  You seem to be a shining example of a faithful, good-hearted woman and well,  I’m working on it…so thanks.  A lot.) 

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