Someone  (ahem, I won’t mention any names but she loves Loretta Lynn and knows all the lyrics to ‘Satin Sheets’) had the bright idea that we should go spend Mother’s Day in the mountains with Grannie (my dear mother whom we’ve called Grannie since I was in high school).

Steve and I have a 40 acre farm in the Clinch Mountains that we (insert Steve) turned into a little slice of heaven by building a 2 acre lake on an area of wetlands that was home to 7 natural springs.  We then built a cottage by the lake and spent many a weekend there when our kids were smaller.  As the kids grew, we found it harder and harder to make the hours’  drive for weekends away.

Then a few years ago our slice of Eden was ransacked.  Everything was taken except the ‘Count Your Blessings’ sign.  We were sure we’d be forced to sell it until Grannie and Gary decided to retire and make it their home.   They love it there and we are thankful that they can enjoy it and care for it.   Spending the weekend back on Sweet Creek  made me miss it terribly though.

This land has soul.  Have you ever been on land like that?  It’s just the neatest thing.

The air is cool, the wild life is fascinating and the mornings on the mountain will have you whistling dixie.     Steve stocked the lake, very strategically over many months, with bluegill, small mouth bass, walleye, grass carp and koi—-so it’s  a great place to fish and actually catch something!   We took our kiddos and enjoyed every minute of the country life, four wheelers and all.  It was a memorable Mother’s Day in the mountains.

I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the week.

The sis’ and the Grannie—-the best company in the world.

We loved watching the Eastern bluebirds fight the tree swallows for the martin house.   After a very brief  lesson on aperture and shutter speed, my sister turned her camera to manual and took some amazing photos.   The bluebird in flight is my favorite!

Marlea caught 5 five fish!!

J.R.  and Nick were our token men and were just dandy to have around.   They dug the worms and took the fish off  the line and just in general took perfect care of the ladies.  Shea-bug is just about the cutest little thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  And sassy with a capital SASS.  I took 47 pictures of  her eating a cupcake.

And see what I mean about the mornings?  {Big sigh.}

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow and I hope you were reminded today how special you are.  You are doing sacred eternal work with those babies.   May God richly bless you for it.

15 comments on “Mother’s Day Weekend, part 1”

  1. Wow! Heaven can’t be much better than that. Simply peaceful, happy & fun. Eastern Bluebirds & Downy Woodpeckers are my favorites. What a treat to get a Bluebird to nest that close to you!

  2. So glad you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day! Those mountains do look dreamy and definitely have a soul! I’m looking forward to hearing all about the rest of the story in Part II.

  3. Edie-it sounds like a beautiful weekend. The area is just gorgeous. My soul yearns for a place like that to retreat to. How wonderful that your mom can live there and take care of it for you. Again your photos are breathtaking. So glad to hear you had a lovely weekend and Mother’s Day. You deserve it!!!!!


  4. Thanks to my children and grandchildren for a lovely weekend and a big thanks to Edie and Steve for allowing Gary and I to enjoy the farm on a daily basis. Love to all of you,Grannie

  5. Your slice of heavens looks beautiful! My family has its own special place in Pennsylvania. We’ve been traveling there since I was a mere 3 weeks old. It brings such calm and settles my soul! We all deserve a place that we can feel our true bliss!

  6. Edie, I don’t know whether to be jealous of you or to feel sorry for you! Two catastrophes later and you are still loving life. Thank you for sharing your Mother’s Day with me. It’s so beautiful. We have a small cabin up in Door County, WI and I too, love the morning mist. Its so transformative to be up there. I am so impressed with Steve’s abilities to make a paradise for his family. You fill the family with love.

    Thanks! {Please keep me and my husband and our son in your prayer. Would you?} {Matt, Andrea and Oliver}


  7. Great pictures! Looks like a very peaceful place! My husband and I hope to have a coutry home one day after our girls are grown. Have a lovely afternoon!


  8. Type your comment here.

    First – I had no idea you married a super
    genius!! Wow. And that bluebird reminds me of your logo. And your new house – I
    am so glad it’s coming along. Every. single. time. Every single time I read you
    I come away blessed. This was awesome, smiling from ear to ear.
    Thank you Edie. God Bless and keep you and all of yours.

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