Because I think you’re the cowboys’ boots……..

One of the fun things I did  {or, I should say my girls did in the sweat shop}   for Caiti’s graduation was make these CD’s for everyone to take home.

There are about 20 songs and it’s a great mix of tunes Caiti and I love including some Brandi Carlile, Mumford and Sons, Jewel, Tim McGraw,  The Dixie Chicks and more.

I knew people would forget to take them.   So I have about 10 left and I’d love to send you one.

Just leave a comment and tell me the last band you saw in concert and what year it was and we’ll pick some winners tomorrow.

I’m hoping for a “Rod Stewart 1988”  but I’d die of jealousy is you say  “Avett Brothers 2010”  or “Mumford and Sons 2011”.

And two more things:

1.  I promise you that the square dance pics will be worth the wait.

2.  My super talented designer, Darlene and I, are working feverishly on my living room.    Like mad, I tell you.    I can’t wait to show you but I feel I must warn you that her debut pricing is about to expire.  You simply should take advantage of her special prices—–that will end in one week.   Before I publish this post, I’m reserving her for one more slot because I know how y’all are.   She has been such a joy to work with.    She takes my millions of colorful ideas and reigns them in and makes sense of them for me.    I love that about her.

Last week,  I sent her an email that said this:

this lamp=i die”

and she responds with praise and adoration and  27 exclamation points.

See why I love her.   She gets me.    And she is  in that stage of growing her business where she’s still excited and fresh and not too overwhelmed.

You’ll be able to say you knew her back when.

Okay, so now tell me about your sketchy concert goings.   Or your perfectly respectable concert goings.

I’ll let you know tomorrow who gets the CD’s.


  1. I’m stretching my brain, trying to remember. It’s been so long since I went to a concert. I think it was the Grateful Dead in 1986. That was during my preppy mixed with deadhead phase. That was the last time going to a big stadium for a concert….the rest were small venues. Ok, just thinking out loud here :)

  2. I’m stretching my brain, trying to remember. It’s been so long since I went to a concert. I think it was the Grateful Dead in 1986. That was during my preppy mixed with deadhead phase. That was the last time going to a big stadium for a concert….the rest were small venues. Ok, just thinking out loud here :)

  3. OK, how about Tim McGraw 1997?  A bunch of us (college freshmen) piled in one car to drive an hour to see him.  We sat on the lawn, and it was definitely a new experience for me.

  4. The last concert I went to was the Dixie Chicks.  Loved every minute of it!  Has many moons ago.  Maybe 2002 or 2003?

  5. Mmmmmm, April of 2010, Carrie Newcomer in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been listening to her for over fifteen years, but had never been able to see her live before. It was a wonderful evening. 

    “Holy is the place I stand To give whatever small good I can The empty page, the open book Redemption everywhere I look
    Unknowingly we slow our pace In the shade of unexpected grace With grateful smiles and sad lament As holy as a day is spent
    And morning light sings “providence” As holy as a day is spent”Carrie Newcomer

  6. Last Concert maybe Switchfoot 2010
    Sketchiest concert Lynyrd Skynyrd 1996ish (I was about 15 – lets just say I got an education in areas I wasn’t quite ready for)

  7. Yikes….last concert I saw was at Lake Area Discovery Center preschool of Miss Shannon’s class…..:) But before that, it was U2 a good decade ago (1999, maybe?)! Sad!

  8. Yikes….last concert I saw was at Lake Area Discovery Center preschool of Miss Shannon’s class…..:) But before that, it was U2 a good decade ago (1999, maybe?)! Sad!

  9. Yikes….last concert I saw was at Lake Area Discovery Center preschool of Miss Shannon’s class…..:) But before that, it was U2 a good decade ago (1999, maybe?)! Sad!

  10. I would LOVE a CD!
    Last concert I saw…Hmm…Trace Bundy, but it was a small show. 
    Last “real” concert= Sarah McLaughlin. That was way too many years ago. Sad. 

  11. I would LOVE a CD!
    Last concert I saw…Hmm…Trace Bundy, but it was a small show. 
    Last “real” concert= Sarah McLaughlin. That was way too many years ago. Sad. 

  12. I would LOVE a CD!
    Last concert I saw…Hmm…Trace Bundy, but it was a small show. 
    Last “real” concert= Sarah McLaughlin. That was way too many years ago. Sad. 

  13. Being 46 and the mother of 18 and 21 year old girls I can’t remember the last concert I went to! I did see Rod Stewart in the early 90’s in Charlotte…took the kids to see Hanson and Brittany Spears 15 years ago when Brittany was a good thing.  My 18 year old saw the Avett Bros over New Years in Asheville.. and the two sisters went to see Hanson again about 10 years after they first saw them together.  Not sure what all that says about us! lol! My youngest graduates from high school next Saturday so I am loving the CD idea! Thanks a bunch!

  14. The last concert I saw was in the summer of 2009 – Keith Urban, with Sugarland opening.  Awesome show!  (And for the record, the first concert I ever saw was Barry Manilow, 1980…oh the shame!)

  15. it was definitely before my daughter was born… i am going to go with kenny chesney in 2006…  i tried to go to tim and faith in 2007, but i had my daughter the week before.  i thought i should maybe sit that one out!

  16. About 5 years ago I surprised my husband with a Tim McGraw concert and night at the hotel in Atlanta where we spent our first honeymoon night.  Our beloved song was by Tim McGraw so there was lots of sentiment and nostalgia that evening.  Such a special memory we’ll remember for a long time.

  17. Well, this is really telling my age, but here goes:  The Doobie Brothers at the Milwaukee Summer Fest on July 16, 1973!  I guess I don’t get out much, lol!

  18. Would love a CD!!  Saw Zac Brown Band a few weeks ago and going to Jimmy Buffet tonight!!!

  19. last concert… it was either Brooks and Dunn or Allison Krauss sometime in the early 2000’s, before we had 5 kids, when we could occasionally afford such luxuries :)

  20. The last concert I saw was, Disciple in 2010 in Denver Colorado. Love them!!! Favorite song right now is “Dear X” 

  21. Hi! The last (and best) concert I saw was the reunion concert with James Taylor and Carole King. Was ahhhh-may-zing. So, you should pick me. Because the last last concert I saw was New Kids on the Block! Love, Emily

  22. My hubby and I just went to hear Zac Brown Band in concert, here in Virginia earlier this month!  It was a great show! 

  23. We have four girls, yes four (age 13, 10, 8, and 10 months (but we didn’t take the baby)) !  We decided to take them to their first concert ever this year and we chose Sunfest 2011.  We checked the schedule and saw that the Avett brothers were playing so we arrived 3 1/2 hours early and spent the evening in the front row and as a family for the best concert!  Our daughters sang along!  We will never forget this special night.   We were so happy that their first concert ever was the Avett Brothers who were the BEST!!!!!!!    

  24. Last summer I work at a concert series for the summer and got to see Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert, The Celtic Women, Lynard Skynard and Jason Mraz (my favorite).  Before last summer I hadn’t been to a concert since I was in HS when I saw Aerosmith.  Oh…. and the first concert I ever saw……The BEE GEES ( I was only 9)! 

  25. My husband took me to see (his fave) Bruce Springsteen last year.  Born in the USA!

  26. I think the last concert I saw was Linda Eder in 2009… a little before my first son was born.  Nothing since then. :)

  27. I went to see Chris Young with my sister just a few nights ago at the Taste of Addison fair. Amazing food to sample and great music with my little sister! Doesn’t get better than that!

  28. Brandi Carlile and the Avett Brothers, September 2010 at Chastain Ampitheatre in Atlanta. My husband and I had just moved from New York City to Atlanta and it was the best welcome ever to our new home!

  29. My SIL got us free tickets through a radio station to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill back in 2006 (?).   We don’t get to many concerts.  CDs are more our style.  😉

  30. Many, many years ago, I heard Willie Nelson singing “Blue Eyes”. He did an impromptu concert at a local hotel bar after his concert.he just came in, dragged up a stool and started singing. No accompaniment, just Willie and his guitar. Think of that everytime I hear that song!! 

  31.  At the risk of causing jealousy: Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons, 2011. My husband and I made a spontaneous overnight trip to Jazz Fest in New Orleans in April, and it was as awesome as it sounds. If you ever get the chance, both bands are maybe even better live than they are on CD (and that’s saying something). Can’t wait to see more party details! :)

  32. What a great idea!  I just saw The Civil Wars this past Saturday (5/21/11) in Annapolis, MD.  They were AMAZING!!!

  33. Taylor Swift in Moline, IL – May 2010.  My sister and I took my 2 little girls on a road trip from the Chicago ‘burbs for their first concert!  We had a great time.

  34. The last concert I went to was Jason Aldean last summer.  He played ON the beach in Virginia Beach and it was the perfect concert.  :)

  35. My husband and I went to a “Third Day” / “Tenth Avenue No.” concert this past Saturday night. Awesome! 

  36. Hello, my husband and I were given free tickets to see U2 last September, 2010 in Zurich and it was out of this world. 

    I would love a CD – great music and so pretty, too.  Thanks!

  37. Oh, this is very sad, but here goes…Chicago in ’89. I love music though. Really I do. :)

  38. Little River Band – July 2010 at a small town festival. They were Awe-Some!!! I’ll be seeing them again this summer when they headline our towns Ribfest….

    It’s so fun to read the comments of other concerts!!

  39. My last concert was Bruce Springsteen 2 years ago.  We took my then 13 yo daughter, thinking what a great first concert for her and it was!  I have been wanting to see Mumford and Sons.  My niece’s boyfriend opened for them last summer and I have been in love with them ever since first hearing them.  Amazing and inspiring stuff!!

  40. The Dixie Chicks, in 2000! I was pregnant with by son who is now TEN! Such a fun concert!!

  41. I think the last concert I went to was Carrie Underwood in 2009.  Feels like forever ago!  But man is that girl good in concert.  And her opening act was Lady Antebellum. Before they were famous.  And they ROCKED even back then!

  42. Dixie Chicks-before I had kids- maybe 2002? Oh wait-while pregnant I saw Madonna-2006!

  43. It wasn’t Avett Brothers 2010.  But it was Avett Brothers April 2011!  It was great!!  They did play a good mix of old and new and they always throw in a cover of someones song.  Their energy is just amazing and all the foot stomping.  They just performed with Mumford and Sons a month ago in New Orleans.  Wouldn’t that have been fantastic!

  44. My last concert was Billy Joel, in 2005….yes, that long ago.  So, you should take pity on me and send me one of your cd’s.  :)  Thanks!  :)

  45. It was a triple header….Counting Crows, Michael Franti & Spearhead and Augustana.  Summer 2010

  46. My husband took me to a Josh Turner concert at Sea World Florida for our 13th Wedding Anniversary in March. It was so fun! The concert was open-air and beautiful! Love that he sings about Jesus too, and love, love that his wife is in his band, and in his romantic music videos with him.

  47. Lincoln Brewster- February 2011!! 3rd Row and he rocks!! I also love country and love Mumford and Sons!

  48. My husband snagged a babysitter and took me to a Derek Trucks concert in Atlanta in 2009.

  49. “Don’t Tell My Heart, My Achey Breakey Heart…..”  Go ahead and laugh it up!  It’s terribly embarrassing, but 

    Billy Ray is the only concert I’ve ever been to!  

  50. last concert: carrie underwood in 2010.  best concert: alison krauss in 2002 at the Tennessee Theatre!!!!  Who wouldnt love a great mixed a CD!  I sure would!!! thank you!

  51. An Irish band on St. Patty’s Day in 2006.  Knee-tapping good time.

    You’re so fab, Edie.  Thanks for the chic confessional Lutheran blog to stalk.  You’re like a Lutheran PW.

  52. What a great idea! I bet it was so much fun to make those CDs. I would love to get one. Some of our church members took us to see The Trans-Siberian Orchestra just before Christmas. I had never even heard of them, but the show was fantastic. I do have dreams, however, of seeing Josh Turner in concert at the Opry. 

    I love that lamp! It makes me want to redo my entire home! Love it!!!

  53. Harry Connick Jr., outdoor concert in the spring of 2005, while pregnant with my 2nd baby.  It was heavenly!

  54. Alison Krauss (my all time favorite-soooo talented!!!) 2007.   My husband surprised me with tickets and even had the sitter lined up for the kids!!

  55. I went to Bon Jovi last year!  He put on a great show.

    I used to love mixed tapes, now I love mixed CD’s!

  56. Sadly, my concert life has been curtailed since having kids. The last concert I went to was Nickel Creek in 2003, with the exception of the Pacific Symphony in 2008.

  57. My husband took me to Nashville TN on July 5, 2009.  We saw (in order)  Gary Allen, Sammy Hagar, LeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban and last but certainly not least KENNY CHESNEY.  It was the most fun ever!!

  58. I must start out by saying I am the only girl child in my immediate family, my mom got my whole family tickets to see New Kids on the Block.  So that meant my stepdad, my older brother (16yrs old) and my younger brother (7 years old) all had to go too, I was 13 and loved it!  ha ha ha  My brother still talks about the torture he endured that evening! 

  59. Wow, I don’t think I’ve been to a concert since becoming a parent 3 1/2 years ago!  So before that, I’m thinking it was the Newsboys, back when my husband and I could be spontaneous together.  Now it’s a little hard with 5 kiddos to consider!  :)

  60. Like forever..
    Jimmy Buffet for real..
    would love a CD..
    one of the most awesome concerts ever?
    James Brown at the forum in LA. in 1970!!!.
    Dianna Ross had the Jackson Five in tow..
    Michael was just a tiny tot..
    the cutest ever!!!
    Warmest sandy hugs..

  61. Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band – late 80s.  Thanks for the kick in the pants – music feeds my soul.  It’s time to start hitting the concert scene again.  You and my son turned me onto Avett Brothers in the last six months.  When are they coming to Atlanta? :)

  62. Edie, the only concert I have ever been to was in 1990 at Thompson Bowling Arena to see NKOTB – New Kids On The Block. I went with my best friend. She passed away 3 years ago of colon cancer. 

  63. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant- June 2008 Jimmy Buffett concert!!  It was great, but very hot!  I made a t shirt with two parrots, a nest with an egg on it.  It said future parrothead, with a arrow pointing at my belly.  Corny, I know, but it was so much fun!

  64. Ooh, that CD is full of artists I love!  What a great collection.  My daughter’s wedding mix has some great Tim McGraw and Dixie Chicks on it.  I love to listen to it even though it’s scratched to death.

    Officially my husband took me in 2003 to see The Eagles Farewell I Concert Tour for Mother’s Day.  Unofficially I’ve been to a few venues where Christian bands were playing since then.   Does hearing the Avett Brothers sound check, then seeing the stage from the chairlift at the State Fair last fall count?

  65. well, the last show i caught was at sxsw here in austin and was a lovely band called “lanterns on the lake.”  i think you’d love them!  plus, it was free! 

    i’d love a CD–i keep meaning to listen more intentionally to brandi carlile–everyone here in austin loves her!

  66. My favorite band, Sister Hazel!  I’ve seen them many times but the last was in September 2010.

    That CD sounds fabulous! :)

  67. ok…don’t laugh but the last concert i saw was justin bieber.  i took our 10 year old daughter.  it was actually a lot of fun watching her dance and sing!

    i would love one of those cd’s :)  Thanks for the chance! kimmie  (

  68. ok…don’t laugh but the last concert i saw was justin bieber.  i took our 10 year old daughter.  it was actually a lot of fun watching her dance and sing!

    i would love one of those cd’s :)  Thanks for the chance! kimmie  (

  69. Garth Brooks in December 2010.  We’ve been to LOTS of concerts & this was the BEST ONE YET!!

  70. I have never really been a concert goer, I always had to spend my money else where. so when I tell you the last concert you may laugh! now keep in mind I am only 32 but the last concert was Chicago. I used to love them when i was younger i guess i still do. Ha I think I need to start going to concerts again. 

  71. The last band I saw in concert was The Rolling Stones.  I heard ticket bands were about to be distributed, drug my poor little 5 month up old from his nap, grabbed his 3 year old brother by the hand and went to stand in line for a wrist band. I wore the band for a week *then* got my mother in law to babysit while I went back down to get in another line and buy our tickets.   That 5 month old is now nearly 18, and that was in 1993.  Evidently I don’t see a lot of concerts! :-)
    So glad your new home is going well.  You’ve been in my prayers! 

  72. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Music Festival in San Francisco, October 2010. Perfect fall day filled with biking, popcorn, and AMAZING music including my favorite, the Avett Brothers. SO good.

  73. I think my last concert was Dave Matthews Band some time at the beginning of this century!  I am so lame!  Maybe your CD will help me be a little more hip!

  74. does a home concert count? i went and saw mindy gledhill just this year!  but, for something more “professional” i saw missy higgins and joshua radin about 3 years ago in seattle. it was heaven.  i just love both of them!!

  75. Wow!!!!!, that makes me have to dig waaaaaaaay back.  It was before my daughter (our first child) was born 12 years ago.  I cannot remember who it was (but I am sure my husband could) but I know it was country as we were in Nashville.  We lived close to the amplitheater and could hear the music play on the summer nights if we had our windows open and the wind was blowing in our direction.  However the above formentioned concert was actually us being there and not listening to it at home.  But if a cd release party and concert counts then it would be my brother’s band, The Sounding, and their release party in the fall of 2010. 
    So glad that you had a reason to celebrate during this time and a graduation party none the less.  The preview posts looks like it was so much fun. Can’t wait for more pics.  Blessings, Wendi

  76. I have never been to a concert.  Gonna be 30 this year and I’ve never had the opportunity.  Unless you count the band concerts that I participated in in junior high when I played the trombone.  (The boys were cute!)

  77. Hi,  George Strait at the Anaheim Stadium i’m guessing it was in 2000, with my friend Carol who is no longer with us!  It was a great time!   I enjoy reading your Blog!

  78. The last concert I saw was just a few weeks ago, the Zac Brown band.  I know some of y’all are thinking that’s mighty low-brow, but it was honestly one of the best concerts I have ever seen.  I love his live version of “Free” where is goes all Van Morrison and inserts “Into the Mystic”.  Next concert, Allison Krauss!

  79. Dixie Chicks in Detroit, 2001. Before that it was LOVERBOY 1983. Not.Even.Kidding! lol The party looks like it was a blast! Great idea!

  80. Avett Brothers 2010! I met them that day too! I also live very close to where they are from, I’m hoping for a run in one day. I know a few friends who have!

  81. My awesome friends, more like sisters really, took me to the Celtic Woman concert last week in Houston. It was so beautiful! Being a former choir teacher, I love all sorts of music. My little angel girl loved Celtic Woman as much as Stevie Ray Vaughan! Go figure! The square dancing party sounds like tons of fun!

  82. Derek Webb 2011. My husband’s birthday gift! But I do love some Mumford and Sons…would LOVE to see them live!

  83. The last concert I went to was Fiction Family 2009 (collaboration of Jon Foreman from Switchfoot & Sean Watkins from Nickel Creek) and it was awesome!  A very intimate venue.   My husband got to go see David Crowder and Switchfoot (my favorite live band!) at the Alive Festival.  I couldn’t go b/c my i had just had our son six days before.  We are going to go see Brad Paisley on June 11th for my husband’s birthday and I am SUPER excited!!

  84. Cher 2003 after having bladder repair surgery.  Worth all the pain of walking to and from the arena.

  85. Aerosmith-1997-Freshman year of collage! Wow I feel old, that was 14 years, no husband and three kids ago! (ps. I think I flashed them, all the other girls were doing it, and NO that is not how my mama raised me).

  86. Amy Grant in 2008 – 3 weeks after my 3rd baby.  Loved it.  Before that it was probably George Strait in the 90’s.  Mama doesn’t get out much!

  87. I can bet you wont get anything better…Mullet festival 2003. Yep, mullet fest. Mullet, like the fish- not the hair:)

  88. Kenny Chesney was my last.  Tom Petty was the most fun.  George Straight was the sexiest.  :)
    Going to U2 in July.

  89. Can’t wait to see those square dance pics! I am anxiously waiting.

    Ok, this was sad when I stopped and I thought about it. I believe the last concert I went to was in 2003 while my husband and I were in college and still dating. It was John Mayer and it was before John Mayer was super well known. Really small venue and we were about 3 feet from the stage. Side note: If you’ve never seen John Mayer perform live he has very quirky characteristics when he sings. Almost awkward to watch.
    Ok, thats all! 😉

  90. Brad Paisley 2007.  It was a blast.. went with all the ladies for a bachelorette party!!!!

  91. What a cool giveaway! The last concert I saw was…Poison in 2001. Geez…I need to go to another concert…and soon! LOL!

  92. Wow, that lamp is gorgeous and the best part . . . .  I live in UTAH.  I think I must go see it in person.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you when I last went to a concert.  It’s been so long ago I don’t even remember.

  93. The Rockin’ Worship Road Show, Phoenix, AZ, 2011.  ah-mazing!  (My first concert was DC Talk and MWS ~ rock on!).

    One of my favorites was Billy Joel and Elton John, Dallas, Texas, 1993.  

  94. Love that picture, and Caiti’s beautiful face just showing through at the back…

    Last concert I went to was Depeche Mode back in 2006 when I was pregnant with my oldest.

  95. Oh my goodness, the last concert I can even remember was some fad-dy youth group concert almost 7 years ago.  My husband and I hung out in the lobby the whole time.  The only redeeming part of the concert was that Charlie Hall performed.

  96. Last concert was Bon Jovi 2007! Too long! Would love to hear so
    E of you favorite tunes! Thank you!


  97. Sounds like an awesome CD! Thanks for the chance to win. My last concert was Chicago in 2008. :-)

  98. U2 in Denver, last Saturday night. The world was predicted to end but instead I got to sing along with Bono…

  99. The Black Crowes and Darius Rucker from Hootie at Daniel Island in Charleston, SC where I live in 2011!!! They both rocked!

  100. i just saw Justin Moore and Kellie Pickler on Friday night. such a good show in a small intimate theater.

    and i just saw a sign last night that the Avett Brothers are going to be in my town soon. maybe i should check them out!

  101. LOL: seriously? Peter, Paul, and Mary, probably 1969 or 1970 when we were in college. The only professional band concert I’ve ever been to. We work for a non profit so such concerts aren’t in our budget.  But we do enjoy life to the fullest!

  102. me me me.
    tim mcgraw on thursday!
    maybe i get a prize for being the most recent concert goer!!!  :)

  103. Most recent?  Steven Curtis Chapman and Mercy Me Christmas Tour 2005. 

    But I have to tell my first, too – Lionel Richie, circa 1981 or 1982! 

  104. Please don’t die of jealousy….Avett Brothers @ SunFest in downtown West Palm Beach 4/27/11.  Absolutely awesome!

  105. thank you, sweat dear, for this post and for your kind words! YOU, my love, are such fun to work with.

    I totally want one of those, because if you love Mumford and Sons, then I trust ya.
    soooo…. is it bad that I CANNOT remember our last concert.

    It was definitely pre kids. Oh dear.
    oh dear.

    I think it was Indigo Girls, like, a long time ago. Does the Symphony or an Opera count??? no. Live bands in bars??
    ok. clearly I need to get a life….

    • checking with Matt. we are thinking Indigo Girls 1998, 1999. wow. NO WAIT {I am on the phone with him}, we are now remembering: John Melloncamp!! Greenville, S.C., approx. 2002.

  106. Elton John – 2011 and I still am listening to “Tiny Dancer” on a daily basis! I love your Square Dance idea…very cool! :)

  107. What does it say about me if I don’t remember who I last saw or when it was? I have probably been to 5 concerts in my life. The most recent that I can think of was Barenaked Ladies back in… 1997-ish?

  108. I’d DIE to see Rod Stewart. I have a mad crush on him….and I’m 29. :) The last band I saw in concert was The Newsboys.

  109. Sheryl Crow 2009.  Outdoors.  Booya.

    My friend would write, Avett Brothers 2011.  I made her tell me every little detail.  She said it was the bee knees.

  110. LOVE this idea of a square dance/graduation party!
    Last concert, Justin Townes Earle 2011 ( the night the power came back on after 5 days without). Awesome!!!
    Selling my tickets for Avett Brothers for  this Saturday in Columbus, OH because I stupidly bought them and planned a trip on my  middle school daughter’s birthday. Bad MOM!

  111. Chris Tomlin 2010 – It was amazing!  It was the first time he’d been in our area.  2+ hours of praise and worship – absolutely amazing.

  112. I saw Elton John & BIlly Joel (the Piano Men tour) at Wrigley Field the summer of 2009.  Sang along to EVERY song!!

  113. Oooooo I just knew you’d have a lot of comments with such a tantelizing treat up for grabs! Let’s see, well, the last concert I saw was Harry Connick Jr. at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium in 2007. I was 8 months pregnant with my sweet Sophie and sweet hubby got me on the first row! He (Harry that is) was so dreamy! I don’t think Dora Live and the Backyardigans counts for a concert so I am sticking with dreamy Mr. Harry. so there ya go Miss Edie. Thinking of Harry Connick Jr .makes me think of the movie Hope lfoats where Mr. Dreamy did a mean two-step with co-star Sandra Bullock. I bet y’all’s hoe-down was just as fun!

  114. The concert I saw was the Newsboys in 2008.  We are doing Dave Ramsey and paying off bills now so concerts are on the back burner for now.  Cheers!

  115. Casting Crowns at the Women of Joy event in Sevierville, TN, in April 2011.  Before that, though, it was the Forks of the River Jam in Newport back in 1992 or 1993?  Billy Ray Cyrus was the headliner in all his power mullet glory!  Haha

  116. Last concert was “Celtic Woman” in 2010… thanks for the giveaway, and congratulations to the graduate! :o)

  117. Norah Jones, 2010 – My sweet husband surprised me for my birthday!  I had NO idea where we were going.  Even as we approached the arena, I was desperately looking for signs, and finally her name flashed up on the big screen out front.  I loved the fact that he did that for me more than I actually enjoyed the concert (which was great)!

  118. It’s terrible how hard I’m having to think about the last concert I attended. I saw Billy Joel and Elton John together in an outdoor stadium in 1995. It was truly awesome! Then we had our first kid in 1997 and I don’t know if I’ve been to any more concerts.  Sad?  

  119. Does Sesame Street Live count as a concert???? Probably not, so I think it was Zac Brown Band last March. 

  120. I’ve never been to a real concert. I did see Blue Rodeo at our local music festival back in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I keep meaning to go again but I haven’t. Thanks for turning me onto Mumford and Sons, you posted a video awhile back and now I just love them!

  121. Bread. 1972….baby Im a want you…..hahahahahaahahh!   No wait, I take that back…it was Carmen in 1990 something. I run the gamut!  Cant wait to see the video and the plans…press on mama!

  122. I can’t even REMEMBER the last concert I went to…New Orleans Jazz Fest in 1999 is the last one I remember. 😀

  123. Tina Turner, with my dad…first concert ever (he took each of his three girls to see Tina for their first concert)

  124. not sure if my first comment made it.  But, the last concert we saw was probably Sha Na Na and the Dooby Brothers in the late 70’s or early 80’s.  I am so dating myself, oh well!!

  125. Indigenous (Native American Blues/Rock with Jonny Lang (Blues Blues Blues)
    Met Jonny’s new wife, got autographs & pictures, could die happy at any moment :) oh yeah, 2005

  126. Hi Edie,
    Boy i bet you didnt think this many people would comment on one post huh??? I have only been to a few concerts in my life and I am cracking up that someone saw Sha Na Na back in the day because that was my very first concert and I was like 5 yrs old (went with my mom!) However, it didn’t take me long to think of my last concert because it was one of my two favorites that i have ever been to…loved it cuz i took my daughter and we had a blast! We saw John Mayer at the Hollywood Bowl in 2008…great concert! 

  127. Hi Edie,
    Boy i bet you didnt think this many people would comment on one post huh??? I have only been to a few concerts in my life and I am cracking up that someone saw Sha Na Na back in the day because that was my very first concert and I was like 5 yrs old (went with my mom!) However, it didn’t take me long to think of my last concert because it was one of my two favorites that i have ever been to…loved it cuz i took my daughter and we had a blast! We saw John Mayer at the Hollywood Bowl in 2008…great concert! 

  128. I think it was Chris Tomlin in 2007. I am such a non concert goer for someone that LOVES music!

    • Oh, for what it’s worth, I did see Rod Stewart in Knoxville back in 1982! 😀

  129. hi Edie, the last concert, Me and my LOML (love of my life) was James Taylor, summer of 2009 in Lenox, Mass! Had the time of our life…  Have a great day!

  130. Will be going to see Steve Martin play his banjo with the Steep Canyon Rangers this Thursday for “an evening of bluegrass and banjo.” (I know… how cool is that?)  Before that, guess it was Lynyrd Skynyrd 2006-ish. :)

  131. Will be going to see Steve Martin play his banjo with the Steep Canyon Rangers this Thursday for “an evening of bluegrass and banjo.” (I know… how cool is that?)  Before that, guess it was Lynyrd Skynyrd 2006-ish. :)

  132. Alan Jackson 1993!  My senior year in high school!  I bought cowboy boots just for the occasion. I can’t believe i just admitted that!!

  133. My husband and I saw jennifer knapp and jars of clay in 2002 at a county fair in Pennsylvania.

  134. The last concert I went to was Mercy Me in 2004.

    I’d love a CD – sounds like a great mix

  135. I love all types of music and before kids, I went to concerts all the time.  Now, I mostly just sing along in the car!  I think the last concert I saw was The Eagles, Piedmont Park, Atlanta 2010.

  136. Avette Brothers 2011….I learned about them through your blog! The David Mayfield Parade was the opening act. If you don’t already know them you will love them! He has mad guitar skills, the girl who played the fiddle was unbelievable, and the girl who played the stand up bass was awesome.

  137. Avette Brothers 2011….I learned about them through your blog! The David Mayfield Parade was the opening act. If you don’t already know them you will love them! He has mad guitar skills, the girl who played the fiddle was unbelievable, and the girl who played the stand up bass was awesome.

  138. How lovely! That CD sounds delightful and perfect to kick off the summer! The last concert I saw was KD Lang and Lyle Lovett at Chastain several years ago. It was incredible. The temperature, the crowd, the music was that perfect mix of lovely and nostalgia that evoked long forgotten yet lovely memories of childhood.

  139. i went to my 1st concert in MANY years just last week! It was Xavier Rudd and he is AMAZING!!!!  Super cool surf, indie, Australian folk  music.  <3 it!!!  he plays a TON of instruments at once and is just a fun lil' hippie guy. It was really powerful to hear the digerrii-doo in person! :)
    Thank you SOOOO much for introducing me to Mum&Sons – they are a fav' now too!!!!
    xoxo, renee'

  140. one of my all time faves Jack Johnson 2010 San Diego. Sweet hubby surprise me with tickets, a sitter & the best ever date night :) Thanks!

  141. I love your blog! This is my first time commenting. I have to because the last concert I went to was the Avett Brothers 2010. Brandi Carlisle opened for them. My husband and I saw them on October 1 at the Nokia Theater in LA, CA for our birthdays…Seriously the BEST concert I have ever been to. We are going to try to get tickets to see them here in San Diego in July! Thank you for writing an inspiring blog about family and faith.

  142. Wow, that’s sad that I can’t immediately remember my last concert!  I believe it might be Kenny Chesney’s “Back WHere I Come From” night in Knoxville, TN, SEVERAL years ago.  Google says it’s 2003.

    That can’t seriously be my last concert.  Can it??  Yikes. I need to get on StubHub and find one pronto! :-)

  143. Edie- My most recent concert was Lady Gaga in Atlanta…BUT my most recent band /group was Jonathan Sexton and The Big Love Choir…
    HOPE I am lucky enough to get a CD- hootnanny, good idea to make a keepsake CD!
     Bring on SUMMER!!!

  144. Kenny Chesney 2011…Phoenix, AZ. 
    I love love LOVE your blog so very much!!!

  145. There loss is so our gain! :)
    Last concert…Brad Paisley, Summer 2010, Toronto.  It was AWESOME!! (and $10…got CHEAP tickets a month before @ a Sugarland concert…also AWESOME!!!)

  146. I believe my last concert was David Crowder Band in NYC in…2007 maybe?  It’s been a while.

  147. I went to Winter Jam with my hubby and teenagers last month………News Boys, Sidewalk Profits, Franchesca Batastiillee (awesome) and 7 more bands!!! AWESOME!!!!!!

  148.  Last concert I saw was a few months ago when The David Crowder Band came to our church with Chris August!  It was great!

  149. I saw Jason Aldean with the Jane Dear girls and Eric Church…April 2011 :)

    can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

  150. My husband begged me..BEGGED ME…to see RUSH with him last fall. But my favorite was Shania Twain!! It was spectacular. I also regret terribly never seeing Dixie Chicks in concert. Oh please let them reunite for one big sha-bang!

  151. Paul Revere and the Raiders……sometime in either 1975, 76 or 77….at Six Flags no less…..I’m old, what can I say?

  152. I saw Lady Antebellum last September with 2 of my kids. It was so much fun!
    Thanks for sharing your life!

  153. I’ve never been to a concert.  Sad, I know.  The one time I was gonna go, I woke up that morning with a 104* temperature.  There was no way I was getting out of bed.  I really need to see a concert!!

  154. Sheryl Crow with Brandi Carlile in the summer of 2008. My sister and I were both very pregnant with our baby boys, we hope they will always have a unexplained love for chick rock! I had never heard of Brandi before that night, bought her CD at the concert and loved her ever since!!

  155. What a great idea! I want!!

    Most recently, I took my son to a Waverly concert at a nearby church. Without kids? Indigo Girls at the Santa Barbara Bowl circa 1992.

  156. Hi Edie!  I love your blog!  I’ve been following for a while now!!!  First off I have to say how beautiful your girls are – Caiti is MODEL-icious! 

    Secondly I’d love to win one of her grad party CD’s!  My last concert WAS Tim McGraw and I want to say it was 2007 in New York City but I’m kinda shaky on the year!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  157. Shooter Jennings, Missoula Montana, I think it was 2006 or 2007.  GREAT concert, he rocked the casbah!

    • My FIRST was Kool and the Gang, outside of Philly, PA somewhere around 1986.  Also had my first alcoholic beverage ever that evening, a strawberry daquiri. THAT was a great concert, too, but VERY different from Shooter Jennings!     

  158. Believe it or not, Justin Bieber – 2010! By I love Mumford and Sons and country music so I hope I win! Been praying for you since December, Edie

  159. I saw U2 in Belfast in 1987. I was travelling abroad during my junior year in college and my girlfriends and I met some Irish boys who helped us buy some tickets. It was a small venue and the boys put us on their shoulders in the front row…Bono was two feet from me. Joshua Tree was their new album at the time. Oh the memories…it was such a magical time!

  160. The one and only concert I went to was the Dixie Chicks… waited in line for tickets (2nd in line) and just got tickets, right before they sold out in 4 minutes.

  161. Steven Curtis Chapman, March 22nd, 2011 @ The Rock Church.  It was amazing, I have been a fan of his forever!  We took almost all our children, and it was wonderful!

  162. Edie, I would just love to receive this cd, the music that you post on your blog inspires me, and I really enjoy listening to your choice of tunes, it is all music that I really enjoy.  

    The last concert I went to was Jesus Culture in Belfast in the Autumn, before that I was at a music festival in the middle of Ireland, Oxegen where I heard –  Mumford and Sons, Pablo Nutinin (who I think you would love) Faithless, Earth Wind and Fire, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga,, and Enimem.  It was a brilliant day.  My sister, and one of our oldest friends travelled down to Dublin, and we stayed with a pal of mine in the city.  The next day we headed off to the concert, where we listened to some amazing music, danced, and laughed, jumped around, avoided the mud, eat some great food, had some tea, and the just had an all round brilliant time.  It was one of those days that will live in our memories forever.  

    Here’s a link to one of my favourite Pablo songs – I hope you enjoy it.

    A little thing about Mumford and Sons – the founding pastor of my church knew the boys when they were growing up because one of the guys, his dad is a pastor in London, and these boys were grounded in grace.  That makes me smile – alot

    Edie your party looks and sounds amazing, I hope you guys all had a brilliant time, and that the memories will bring smiles to your faces for years to come.  Thank you for inspiring me on your blog.

    Be blessed,

  163. Andrew Peterson…..April 2011….Elmhurst IL.  Edie you HAVE to go see him….he going to be in Franklin TN may 26.  Is that near you????  You also would LOVE to read his books to your girls, or have them read them….the third in the wingfeather saga just came out and….well……you just GOTTA!~!!!!!  

  164. The Black Crowes here in Atlanta back in ’92….i think. I’m a native of Atlanta and they went to my high school, so I’ve always been a follower.

    • oh but here’s an embarassing one i’ve been to.
      CULTURE CLUB!! back in 1984! my gracious, I can’t believe i just admitted that.

  165. The Beach Boys, circa 1992.  They played after a USC football game at the Los Angeles Coliseum that I had gone to with my family.  The best part?  The entire cast of Full House was there, with a guest apperance by Kirk Cameron.  And John Stamos played drums with the band.  It was a 12-year-old’s dream!  I will going to see Sade in August with my husband to celebrate our anniversary.  Then I won’t have to tell people that my last concert experience was in the early 90’s!

  166. Last concert… hmmmm… that would be Garth Brooks in 1997!  I was 8 months pregnant with our oldest.  My husband insisted I call my OB/GYN before we went to make sure the loud music/noise wouldn’t hurt “the baby.”  It was only after she gave the OK that he’d left me (and the baby) go.  It was great too!  :)

  167. I just went with two of my girlfriends to see Bon Jovi on Sunday night!  We had the best time and Jon Bon Jovi just keeps getting cuter.  I just blogged about it yesterday.  If you are interested in hearing 40 year olds scream like teenage girls, check it out :)  And I’m with you on the dream concert being the Avett Brothers- I hadn’t found your blog at that time so they hadn’t entered my world yet- here’s hoping they come back soon!

  168. Ok, my last concert was LAST NIGHT!  The Hubby and I saw James Taylor!!! He was (as usual) AMAZING!  I can always count on him to pull out all of the stops.  Can you believe he is 62?  I wonder if he thought He would still be performing 43 years later when he played “something in the way she moves” for Paul McCartney and George Harrison in 1968 and they signed him?  Still sounds as smooth as butter after all these years. I grew up on JT so it was like an evening with an old friend (i let my husband tag along :)

  169. HEY!  Fun to think about the concert I went to with my parents in 1995!!!!! Alan Jackson (and at the time I didn’t even like country music) Its time I go to another concert! Unless the festival at The Appalachian Museum counts with its 5 stages and bluegrass on all of them.  Great thing to do in october!

  170. Bette Midler (love her!!!!) at Radio City Music Hall in NYC in 2004.  Awesome!!!!

    Love your blog!!!  You are truly inspirational!

    Kind Regards,

  171. August 2010 in Denton, TX – my son’s band Archeology (based in Portland, OR) – as they were doing an independent band tour across the US in an “old van.” Love to hear them play, listen to their music in the recording process, and cheer them on in their endeavors.  BTW it has been so interesting reading everyones response that I’m going to copy the idea on my facebook page :)

  172. Michael Buble, June 2010. I would love to win one of your CD’s–after an abnormal mammogram, I got a clean bill of health yesterday on a sonogram, so I need some good music to kick up my heels to!

  173. Don’t want to make you jealous but it really was the Avett Brothers 2010! They played in October at our State Fair, in South Carolina. 

  174. I think it was Fleetwood Mac in maybe 2001ish.   If not, it was the Four Tops with the Knoxville Symphony.  I think I need to get out more.  Either way, both were tickets given to me at the last minute.  I did see Rod Stewart in the late 80s or early 90s.  Great concert. ; )

  175. I did see Rod in ’87, ’88, ’89ish!!!!  I loved him and his hot pink pants oh so much!!  Oh how the tides have changed…last summer I saw the American Idol concert with my daughter and in a month we’re going to see Taylor Swift!  Hilarious, my life!

    Caiti’s graduation party makes me want to have a party BADLY!  How fun!!!

  176. I do fundraising at an arena for my daughters cheer so I am lucky enough to get to listen to the concerts that I work. Most recent was Tim McGraw with Luke Bryan and The Band Perry. The week before that was Usher. Such a variety. I love it.

    Stephanie M.

  177. The last concert/show I went to was Cher’s FINAL show in Las Vegas in February.  It was truly AMAZING!!!!  I cried and she rocked the house.  :)

  178. Celine Dion, 2010.  My friend wanted to go and she talked me and our darling husbands into it.   Think Matthew Mcconaughey in How to lose a guy in 10 days. :)  They were thrilled (sarcastically speaking).

  179. quite honestly, i’m zero for zero.  unless you count my local school’s choir concert in decemeber wherein i missed half of the concert because i was supervising the little kidlets!  :)

  180. Prince–April 2011

    He’s putting on a 21 day tour in Los Angeles and the tickets were only $25!!! He is an amazing artist and performer! 😀

  181. Prince–April 2011

    He’s putting on a 21 day tour in Los Angeles and the tickets were only $25!!! He is an amazing artist and performer! 😀

  182. Okay so I’m late to the party as usual or in this case the concert….the last and only concerts I have been to for the past decade would be the annual Catalina Island Jazz festival.  DH takes me Bi annually.  Jesse Cook and WIllie and Lobo are the best!

    samba in sac

  183. I DID see Rod Stewart…not 1988, but 1984.  Last person I saw was Harry Connick, Jr. in April 2011…love him!

  184. it’s been a very, very long time since i attended a concert. i’m gonna say it was jimmy buffet circa 1989. and i’m a little embarrased to admit that. :)

  185. 2011 …my hubbie is a professional I get to see him perform on a regular basis!  But just last night, I had the chance to hear my 2 kids (7 and 4) perform their violins for the first time in a violin group class.  I was SO proud.  Its moments like these, that make all the practicing worthwhile!  OK, so they are not officially in a band, but hearing them play brought joy to my heart!

  186. Songs of Water. They’re a local band here in NC and they are simply amazing. Mostly instrumental with some lyrical songs. You should look them up. They are super talented. The concert is more like a time of worship and it will leave you wanting to be in the Throne Room a little longer!

  187. I am thinking it was Michael W. Smith in August 2003?  Wow … I haven’t been to a concert in almost 8 years?!?  That can’t be right … do I get bonus points cause I have met Darlene … and we have a mutual friend?  We even met up while walking on a trail one night and she gave me husband a baby wipe because he had wiped out on our son’s scooter.  Now that is a funny story … :)  Okay, just trying to get bonus points!  :)

  188. I saw Rod Stewart too. Chicago in the early 80’s.  Last Concert Pink Floyd – Madison, Wi  – U of W Stadium 1988. Yikes!

  189. My hot hubster and I went to see U2 in Dallas, TX in 2009. It was AMAZING!!!

  190. The last concert I went to was to see Heart this summer. They were at the Nebraska State Fair and Ann and Nancy rocked it! They were a part of my growing up years, loved all of their songs. And it makes me feel soooo good to know that they are 60ish and still belting it out!

  191. David Wilcox 2009 or 2010?  It was pure entertainment.  He has a captivating story to tell with every song.  We sat in an upstairs coffee shop with wine and David.  It was awesome.

  192. Alabama 1983… wow that’s a day or two ago… I believe raising a family of 6 has kept me busy.. 

  193. The band I last saw was U2. It has ruined any future band enjoyment cos they were amazing and I was so close up the front that I fear any band I see from now will plae in comparison. However I would like to go to some smaller venue bands cos it would be totally different and difficult to compare! I’d love to enjoy one of your CDs.

  194. ummmmmm…I think maybe Dave Matthews Band in 1999??

    I’m coming over from Darlene’s site…she’s pretty awesome, isn’t she??

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