I’ve  been continually singing  the praises of confessional Lutheranism since the day it discovered me.

We must thank brother Jeff and Issues Etc for that.

Confessional Lutheranism is intensely Christ-centered, historical, traditional, sacramental—with a rich hymnody and well-educated clergy.
It has rescued me from legalism , from fad driven American evangelicalism and from my own unique brand of mysticism.

It’s theology is intensely gospel-driven and it’s mantra is–

grace alone, faith alone, scripture alone, Christ alone.

If that weren’t even to convince you of its appeal, consider exhibit A.
This is the gift my beloved retired  Lutheran pastor brought to my house a few days after the fire, in a ‘Lutheran Disaster Response’ bag.

There were 3 items in the bag.

I rest my case.

Be ye converted.

That’s funny stuff.



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  1. Ha ha ha ha I love it! Be ye converted, I can’t wait to see how many you win in the name Christ and Scotch! 🙂 I love it… your disaster relief bag looks similar to my garage band changing table! They sang Model Church while sipping straight whiskey. Love you and miss you and I’m always glad when you pop in… even if just for Scotch and Lutheran Study Bibles! Hugs sweet friend!

    • oh my dear sweet darby!
      i’ve been stalking that picture of your garage (band) and see some goodies that i’m sure don’t belong in a garage. as for the band, i’d most certainly be a groupie. and if that garage is any indication of a future sale, i’m on the road to bama. love you so and hoping you have a great weekend!

  2. Yes, it is!

    It’s also funny you should mention legalism. I’ve been involved in a study on the balance of grace and truth and it has greatly influenced my way of thinking. I tried to share a little in my last post. I’m off to listen to some Issues, Etc. Thanks!

  3. Love it! I may steal this idea…you know…instead of sending the traditional southern baptist casserole {which I’m not knocking…I grew up on some yummy casseroles}. I may have to sub out the scotch for a six-pack of Shiner Bock though. Us Texas folk love us some Shiner. 😉

  4. Hi Edie, I’m curious–how is Lutheranism different from reformed Presbyterianism? We attend a PCA (Pres Church in America) and everything I’ve read on your blog about Lutheranism seems just about the same as what I’ve been taught…

  5. this is great ha!
    just wondering, in the USA (because I know denominations are different depending on the country, at times), is Lutheranism one of the only denominations that allows the drinking of alcohol? In Canada, most do, but we’re a more liberal country. Canadian Christians often don’t struggle with legalism (no drinking, no dancing, no movies, etc), but with their freedom (going too far in their freedom and causing others or themselves to stumble). Thoughts?

    • i think lutherans, catholics, episocopalians, and reformed churches tend to be on the same page with those things that are not strictly forbidden in the scriptures. and yes, there will always be the tendency to abuse our freedoms. we live in repentance!

  6. Like Anne, my family attends a PCA church. Sounds like Confessional Lutherans are a lot like Reformed Presbyterians. There are side issues that differ between denominations but faith in God through Jesus is key.

    Love the post!

  7. That is funny Ediie! I needed that little relief bag last night whe nI thought our 15 year old dog was going to doggy heaven. Turned out that she was having vertigo. Really? Didn’t know dogs could get that, and it was scary to say the least. I will be missing you all today because I need to stay with my sweet canine friend and make sure she doesn’t have another “episode”. Goodness me! Sending happy thoughts your way.

  8. Oh! Edie~ This has made me laugh. I have struggled so much with American Evangelicalism and legalism. At times finding myself consumed with guilt for not following the “latest thing” that could save me from all my troubles, take me closer to God, make my family perfect, etc. When I did try whatever latest thing that was proposed and it didn’t work, I felt like a failure, that God was unhappy with me, I must be living in sin and God won’t bless me or my family. It is a long road to recover from this mindset. To realize that it is not in what we do but what Christ did on the cross that we are saved.

    Thanks for another amazing post.


  9. I plan on checking out everything you linked to. (when time permits with a 3 and 1 year old). I grew up in a very legalistic type of environment, that I hated. Then as a young adult I swung in the opposite direction. Now we are just want to keep it simple. We’ve been considering a Lutheran church in the area (have heard podcast from their minister, and love him). Was that scotch a personal inside joke, or is that really the contents of their relief bags? Or, is this an April fools joke?

  10. There are a whole host of troubles this could “fix”. And in that same vein really mess up. Heeheehee Guess it depends on just what needs “fixin”. Sorry I’ve decided that I love that word “fixin” today. A good southern word that can apply to almost everything every time. It really would be a nice addition to the southern casserole. Love it~thanks for the laugh and the many funny thoughts that have come to mind since reading it.

  11. LOL that’s a good pastor right there!! He knew what the essentials were! Still amazed at the grace of God in protecting you all through that tragedy. He is so faithful!

  12. Oh my goodness I love it! I love reading all of your posts and your information about Lutheranism. Born and raised a Southern Baptist, I love learning and exploring other denominations…. You always have such strong faith and I admire you for that.

  13. I had to link to this in my facebook page. I’ve had the honor of being raised in Lutheran church and this is so fitting. Acceptance of our humanity and encouragement to have faith in God who’s grace and love have freed and sustains us. “Sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly.” -M. Luther

  14. Funny! Yep, it would be beer for me too! With lime!
    For those interested in the differences between conservative Lutheranism and reformed (Calvinistic) theology, on revfisk (you tube channel Worldview Everlasting), you can watch “Most Magisterial Tulip” in which with his characteristic humor, Pastor Jonathan Fisk explains the differences in his inimitable way!!! I DO like him!

  15. You make me smile. God must have led me here tonight, too, because just a moment ago I found a lovely and new saying (for me) on a new blog (again, for me) http://myheartwithpleasurefills.blogspot.com/ :

    Happy moments, Praise God ~ Difficult moments, Seek God ~ Quiet moments, Worship God ~ Painful Moments, Trust God ~~~ Every Moment, Thank God

    Blessings to you, yours, and your new home. 🙂

  16. I, too, have been rescued from legalism, and now understand that it is grace alone, scripture alone, Jesus alone.
    What a sweet reminder this post is to me this morning.

  17. brilliant! not sure if you know or not but i work for the baptists the south-urn baptists
    bless their little hearts it’s just too easy to poke fun-: ) no the pastor has a rather reformed baptist heart but i assure you our care packages are none this good-next time i hear um lamenting lack of return visitors i’m going to suggest they “try a little scotch”

    big grin lots of love to you as always oh and bottoms up!

  18. Matt is a lifelong Lutheran. As I read this post to my hubby, I kept “exhibit A’ below the fold. Matt knew exactly what was in the bag! {except he guessed beer. German Lutheran, and all}. We had QUITE the laugh over this one.
    This post meant a lot to me, as I am struggling with our place in the Lutheran church.
    thanks edie!

  19. I absolutely LOVE this!!! I grew up in the Lutheran church and this fits our life and beliefs to a T! Thanks for sharing, my family is making these from now on!

  20. 🙂
    I’m a silent reader but couldn’t stand quiet after reading this. Loved it.:)
    I had to share it with my husband.

    Big hug from the other side of the Atlantic ocean!

  21. That is most definitely my kind of pastor. 🙂

    One of my favorite people in the whole world was a wonderful Lutheran pastor, Bill Vaswig. He passed away this January, just two days shy of his 80th birthday.

    I emailed you awhile back about a book I want to send you; I really do think it’ll feed your soul. And it’s an easy read. I just need to know where to send it. Should I send it to Patty’s house or can I have an address for you?

    I’m off to the hospital with my husband tomorrow–he has to have open-heart surgery on Tuesday. (His aortic root is dilated to 5.1 cm, so they’ll replace about 6″ of his ascending aorta with a cloth graft and replace his aortic valve.) But once I get back home, I’d love to catch up with you! It’s exciting to see your house plans. I hope all is going well with the rebuilding!

    • thanks so much Richella, for thinking of me. i’ll be praying for your husband this week. i pray all goes well. you can use my current mailing address: 1480 darbee drive morristown TN 37814
      blessings sweet friend:)

  22. Love it! We have the “Treasury of Daily Prayer” and really like it. I grew up LCMS Lutheran my whole life, married a Catholic, went to the Catholic Church for a couple of years before we BOTH decided that was not what we truly believe about Christ and Christianity. So we found an LCMS church where we half-heartedly attended a couple of years before “being found” by our current confessional Lutheran Church. It is truly Christ-centered, sacramental, and Gospel-driven, just as you have said here, and something that my former Catholic husband (and I) finally “got”. We rue the day that we move away from this church and have to find another church (which will inevitably happen since we are both from TX, but currently living in Indiana), but we are glad for the teachings at our current church that will continue to lead us in the future and allow us to teach our young children about our beliefs. Anyway, I DO so much enjoy your writings on your faith and have intended to leave a comment telling you so before….there’s no time like the present though!

  23. I come from a long line of social drinkers turned alcoholics. Abuses. Beatings. I hated my parents drunk. I hated my grandparents drunk. I never had any desire to touch alcohol because it ruined my young childhood years, robbed me of really knowing my grandparents, left physical scars on my grandmother, emotional scars as well on my father. I am not legalistic because I chose not to drink. I am sparing my children a life that I hated. All of the alcoholics I know started out as “social” drinkers. I don’t drink because I think it is sin. I don’t drink because I don’t need to drink. I love your blog, but I don’t think drinking gives freedom. I think it leads to bondage.
    On a side note, I hope your house plans come together for you. I love your decorating and think it would be WONDERFUL to have a nice big work/school room I don’t know if I’d want two islands or one in a kitchen. Sounds like a hard choice. 🙂
    I hope I’m not too offensive. I just felt I had to speak. I ignored my feelings for some days, and it wouldn’t go away.
    God bless.

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