Post Edit:: Y’all are so bossy!  I love it 🙂   Now, let me do some more explaining on the 47 doors in the pantry.   My designer has this computer program that let’s you ‘walk around’ in the house in 3D.  It’s so cool.   I thought I wanted all those doors but because everyone was up in arms about it, I had him change it in the computer in every conceivable way:  one door into the workroom,  double doors into the workroom, no door into the workroom and on and on and on.   What I ADORE about the two doors where they are is that when you’re sitting in  either of the rooms, it adds so much visual interest to be able to see into the other room.  I would almost rather close off the pantry from the living room than remove one of the workroom doors.  {The door from the lr into the pantry will be a pocket door if that helps your door angst!}   But since  you’re all so adamant—–and I’ve been wrong before—- I’ll continue to rethink it.

About the laundry.     One of the things I’ve tossed around is the sliding barn door concept.  If I do that, I’ll have to move them away from the window—which would be fine.   We will either have a central island in the workroom or a central table so there’s not nearly as much available space in that room as it looks.   And now that I’m down to two kids at home, I don’t do as much laundry as y’all imagine and I think I would just hold off doing a load if we were in the midst of some school or craft project.   This was the first inspiration picture I found of the workroom concept.  Visit the Hemlock Springs House Tour at Southern Living to see more!

Also, I love your one-island, two islands discussions.   Did you see the two island concept in this Martha Stewart kitchen where one of them has all this open shelving underneath and  is on casters???  I die.

Two more things:  1) I now have a sewing machine!  I bought the same one from eBay that I had before after a down to the minute auction.  I’ve bid on a machine at least ten times before this and lost so I’m considering it a small personal victory.  It’s a Viking Designer One.   I would sew something today but I have no thread.    2) The footers for the house were poured yesterday!

Thanks y’all!

I’m starting a new series here at life{in}grace.  I want to purposely document our journey to restoration by forcing myself to weekly (possibly more) write about the process.

Let’s start with the plans.

You can’t build a house without a plan and this one has taken a lot of tweaking to get (almost) perfect for us.   We had to rebuild on essentially the same ‘footprint’ which greatly limits the type of house that will  fit the bill.   This is basically a story and a half cottage with about 1800 sq. ft. on the main level,  a bedroom and reading loft upstairs and a fully finished walkout basement.   One thing I had to give up was a formal dining room.  I’ve ALWAYS had and used a formal dining room so it’s taken me a few weeks to come to terms with a dining room/kitchen combo.   But what I gained instead is what I’m calling the workroom.  This will function as a laundry/craft/sewing/school/home organization room.  I’m full of all kinds of anticipation about this room and I’m currently accepting any and all inspiration photos!   I plan to have some built in desks in that room along with a built in sewing table.  (Basically countertops with open space underneath).

Main floor layout

This is a close up of the kitchen/scullery (female version of a butler’s pantry!/workroom area.

Here are some things to note about the current/ever-evolving plans for this space.  Check out my tumblr site for pics of Martha Stewart’s kitchen, which provides ample inspiration in all categories!

1.  I’m currently still pondering whether I should have one big island or two smaller ones.  Your thoughts?

2.  There will be open shelving beside the refrigerator and built in shelving/bookshelves/open shelving on the kitchen wall that is shared with the living room.

3.  There will be a prep sink in the scullery, along with a wine refrigerator and an additional ice maker.

4.  The so-called scullery (pantry) will also funtion as a mudroom/prep area.   Accepting ideas for this space as well?!

5.  Yes, you see that right.  My draftsman asked me more than once if I realized that the washer and dryer were open to the workroom.   I like it that way—at least in theory.  It’s a workroom so the ‘tools’ of the room can be showing, I think.

6.  Study these and get back to me.   But only minor changes can be made now so don’t go moving walls and such 🙂


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  1. Ive looked at so many house plans over the last two years that my eyes automatically glaze over when I try to read one these days! I will tell you that in our new home, we have the laundry room, e-space and library all open to each other and I love it…it’s my special suite to work/read/blog in! I can close it off from the kitchen and eating area if I want and we have a bathroom right next to it all so that someone can actually sleep there when the whole family comes home. Keep tweaking things until you get it right…well you know that! Can’t wait to see the front view…Dreams in bloom!

  2. I am so excited for you! I am loving what I am seeing. As a homeowner who too has ALWAYS had a formal dining room, I know you might miss it for a minute, but that is all. My brother, after seeing our home, chose NOT to have a formal dining area but rather a larger family style kitchen. I wish I had his kitchen!! I think with the right settings, a dining area in a kitchen can be just as formal. My only opinion on the island is the width. We for the most part are tall, however, my sil is short and has a large island and has trouble reaching the middle. She would have preferred two smaller ones. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!

  3. I love the plans Edie! Is your plan to have two islands like the ones shown in your tumblar site with one being stationary and the other on wheels. I like that look but I guess it just depends on your space. I do know that this is going to be as awesome as you are and I can’t wait to see the process as it takes place. I love what you have already chosen as jumping off points for your home. Awesomeness all around!

  4. I love the plans Edie! Is your plan to have two islands like the ones shown in your tumblar site with one being stationary and the other on wheels. I like that look but I guess it just depends on your space. I do know that this is going to be as awesome as you are and I can’t wait to see the process as it takes place. I love what you have already chosen as jumping off points for your home. Awesomeness all around!

  5. I’d vote for one large island, but I think I’d need to mark it out on the floor with masking tape to see how it feels in real life. My biggest wish-I-could-do-it-over in my house is the laundry/mudroom. It is never big enough for all the shoes/coats/bags that my kids are constantly using. I’d visualize how that will work in your pantry/mudroom space, especially the shoes!

  6. a couple of things i noticed right off (but do you really want advice?) do you really want 6 openings from your pantry? those double doorways could be extra wall space. also, maybe if the guest bath opened from the pantry instead of the living room. more privacy and easier access from the workroom which is where you will spend a lot of time. also a solid wall space from the living room for a piece of furniture or photo display.

  7. I agree that there are a lot of openings in the pantry. I don’t see how a pantry/mudroom combo would work, because my kids drag mud and dirt in constantly and I wouldn’t want that in the same area as my groceries and small appliances. I LOVE that island – I make all our own bread and am coveting that much space to work.

    As for the laundry, is the workroom going to double as the school room? If so, the only think I can think of is it might be noisy. I tend to have piles of laundry all over the floor in our laundry room, and don’t know how much I’d want to look at that all day.

    I’m almost tempted to suggest building a half-wall across the middle of the pantry, with a nice wide counter top and deep cubbies on either side. Store coats and shoes on the side nearest the outside door and pantry items on the other side. With a big counter, though, you could still bring in groceries and set them on it to be put away later, without dirt getting blown into the pantry side. And maybe eliminating the doorway from the pantry into the living room.

    I love houses! Can’t wait to read more of your journey.

  8. The comments from Melissa Stover nailed my thoughts on the door placement/wall space on your plans.

    When I designed my house I was so focused on windows and maximum natural light. In the end I left myself little wall space for furniture and art.

  9. I have a friend that has a similar kitchen/workroom layout. The workroom/laundry space is great! Her washer/dryer are open like you have it and it is wonderful. She also put an island in that room. I also agree with the person who said you would not miss a formal dining room. In two of our lakehouses we didn’t have one…just a larger kitchen eating area and I liked it so much better. It is less formal entertaining but it looks like in your plans the dining area is towards the lake so with the view no one will care. It will also get used so much more than a formal dining area.

  10. I love house plans!! Just one comment: our plan called for 2 kitchen islands, but we chose to go with just the one, & I am so glad I did. More space to move around in the kitchen, more space for overflow dining, etc.

  11. We rarely used our formal dining room and converted it into a lounge area. I think you’ll end up really liking it. Also, you might want the option of closing off the w/d. It’s nice having options.
    Beautiful plans – can’t wait to see it all come together!

  12. I am so happy I don’t have a formal dining room. I like the coziness of one open space. One thing I do wish for is just a tad bit more room. I recently went on a home tour and there was an open concept kitchen dining area. The space allowed for a HUGE long table in front of windows. There were bench seats under the windows and chairs across the other side. The end chairs as well. It sat 20 comfortably. I would LOVE that. Enjoy the process. I love looking at home plans.

  13. Edie!! This is so exciting! I am so glad for you and your family after all that you have been through. I am agreeing with others who say you may want to rethink all the entries into the pantry. You will probably want every little nook and cranny for storage. And I think stick to the big island. the bigger the better! Also is there anywhere else that you could put the washer/dryer?? Closing it off to me wouldn’t work because there would be no space for sorting clothing, folding, ironing, or whatever you do. And also very true about the noice if this will be the school room. Plus you wont want the distraction of laundry piled around while you are schoolin’ or craftin’. Again so exctied for you! I am so glad to be able to follow your journey!

  14. Well I think you are going to end up with a home very close to the one I dream about. I don’t want extra rooms………… So one large eating area is my dream, one large family room–no formal living, Are very user friendly work area that I can work from easy and then walk away from and leave any mess that is still there. Hmmmm you get it finished- tell me how it works and then one day when we build………..years from now- I can copy you. I do hope you are enjoying this process, breath deep and enjoy.

    Cha Cha

  15. I’m so going to enjoy following along and watching your creative genius mind at work. It’s so exciting!
    I’m just the opposite of creative genius so I won’t be giving advice…

  16. Love looking at house plans! It reminds me of when we built our house 15 years ago. We took our time, and we are still satisfied with the results. Here is my 2 cents worth: one big island–and once your subfloors go in, make a “mock-up” of your island size from cardboard. See how it feels to walk around it. We ended up making sure we had 3 feet between our island and the counter opposite it after we “tried it out”. As for the washer/dryer being open–we have supposedly one of the quietest brands on the market, and I am still glad that we have a pocket door between them & our kitchen. Sometimes it’s just too noisy when they are running & it’s nice to be able to close things off. Good luck! Take lots of pictures!

  17. LOVE them!!!- I went back and forth on one or two islands too- I went with one HUUUGE one!! – and I LOVE it!! I also finished it in a different finish than the rest of the kitchen- Oh! and matched the finish on the hood over the cooktop to the island, (to tie them together) and because I like “threes” visually- finished a chair in the kitchen in the same…goodness, that’s probably waaay too much info!- anyway I’m so excited for you! I know it will all be just beautiful!!
    Many Blessings!

  18. First of all love the plan. How about one door into the workroom, this would allow for more wall space. Then build a 4 ft. high wall built the same length as the sink and washer/dryer about 5 ft. out from the washer then if you have any laundry sorted or soaking in the sink you dont see it from the workroom area but yet you dont make the room smaller you just hide laundry with your short wall and then on the workroom side of that same wall you could have open shelving for all your craft stuff. You would have the big room feel but yet hiding laundry. Have fun !!

  19. Yay – houseplan fun! The first thing I noticed in the back entry/pantry was the absence of a closet. Where are the coats/boots/etc. going to go? (I am on a farm in MN, though, so my perspective may be different than from where you live.) I agree with other commenters that there are quite a few doors in that area. I assume you had a specific reason in mind when you planned them, though. 🙂

    As far as the island goes, I would have one big one. If you go with two, and had to make room to walk around each of them, you would lose storage and prep space. (Any thoughts of a second dishwasher or refrigerator/freezer drawers in the island?)

    That workroom is going to be wonderful!!

  20. The washer and dryer seem to be located very close to the window. My only concern would be seeing them (and laundry folded on top of them 😉 through the window from the yard, street, etc. Depending on the elevation maybe this won’t be a problem. I definitely agree with the idea of one large island. We use ours for everything from food prep, baking, serving, and school work.
    Plans look great! I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Thanks for keeping us posted.

  21. Your plans look so nice! My friend lost her home to a fire several years ago and once she got over the shock of it all…planning the new home was so much fun! I agree with many of the posts, there are way too many doors in the pantry/mudroom. I would suggest one less door to the workroom and like some others have suggested if there was a way you could open the bath from the workroom instead of the living area, I think you would be much happier and it would be more “private” for those who would be in there and you would not see the toliet/basin when sitting in your living room. I like the idea of cubbies for coats etc in the pantry. You might consider closing off one door from the kitchen….of course that is from someone who has a VERY messy workroom and I would not want everyone seeing my mess! I am excited to see how things progress…..Oh yea…and one large island in the kitchen would be my preferance.

  22. Nice work, very cool and functional design. Lots of great ideas here. I think you will love your new house.

    I would consider moving the wash area of the work room to the pantry wall adjacent to the bathroom (assuming you want the plumbing close to the bathroom). You would loose one pantry door but you would be able to have window access to the porch.

  23. i have two questions

    1. where’s my room?
    2. can we have an edition post dedicated to turquoise?

    and for the love of all things holy put in tons of windows and a window seat. they’re dreamy. who are we kidding. i am of no help and am one of those commentors who should learn to stay on task, huh.

    i love it!
    it’ll be magazine worthy-i know it.

    p.s. paint something turquoise

  24. Hi Edie, I don’t often comment, but my heart has hurt for you all in this time of loss. It looks like you all have some wonderful plans for a new home–praise the Lord! I am with you–I would want my laundry “tools” very accessible, too!

  25. Edie~this must be exciting and fun. The house plans look amazing. I love the pics of Martha’s kitchen. Personally, I think I would go with one big island in the kitchen. I do agree that there seem to be a lot of doors in the pantry. It’s all up to you, though. Whatever works best for you and your family. I know that whatever you decide it will be gorgeous when it’s completed.

    Looking forward to future posts on your exciting journey.


  26. It’s wonderful Edie!! And to pull it all together (just about anyway) in this short amount of time is miraculous! It took us two years to figure our floorplan out initially, and after our fire, we kept almost everything the same, just minor changes here and there, but the same footprint. By just looking at your plans…I’m wondering which counter you’ll use when cooking at the range…the sink is on the island directly behind, correct? If having two islands would give you a bit more cooking/working space then I’d go for it…otherwise, I think you’ll get a ton of use out of the one. Our dining room is just like yours will be…right off the kitchen and I think you’ll love it. You’ll make it so pretty, warm, and inviting…I just know there’ll be many very special moments created there.
    Plans can be tweaked to no end…you’ll know when it feels right…all and all I think it has a very nice flow. Just imagine yourself living there, moving around and doing daily life…you probably are already, but that’s what helped me tremendously, and I have to say, now, I wouldn’t change a thing (except maybe get rid of a few pot lights and make the dining & living room door stiles and rails a bit smaller…they have glass doors and I wish I had more glass than door…didn’t listen to my gut on that one…which leads me to say…go with your gut!!!)
    Blessings to you and your new home…
    Big hugs,

  27. You have a lot of doors swining in or out of that pantry. Perhaps one could become a pocket door? The one by the bathroom would work well because it actually opens up into the walkway from the kitchen. Another idea is a bit of counter next to the utility sink. A place to set things while you are cleaning, or washing out artist brushes when painting or doing school crafts. I would also have the doors to the work room swing opposite of each other so they both open into the room and not one facing the wall. This can be tricky when carrying things into the space. I know because I have one like this and I so want to switch the hinging. I love the plans! We are currently looking for a new home and it would be so nice to find one laid out as nice as this is.

  28. You have a lot of doors swining in or out of that pantry. Perhaps one could become a pocket door? The one by the bathroom would work well because it actually opens up into the walkway from the kitchen. Another idea is a bit of counter next to the utility sink. A place to set things while you are cleaning, or washing out artist brushes when painting or doing school crafts. I would also have the doors to the work room swing opposite of each other so they both open into the room and not one facing the wall. This can be tricky when carrying things into the space. I know because I have one like this and I so want to switch the hinging. I love the plans! We are currently looking for a new home and it would be so nice to find one laid out as nice as this is.

  29. I recently just added a mud/ laundry to our house by taking one bay of our garage and coverting it. It has worked out great, but I would definetely do some things different. One thing I did not plan for is where to put laundry baskets when they are acutally empty, which is not very often, and space for sorted laundry. I right away noticed all the doors in the pantry area as well which other people have commented on. My feeling is in the type of space there is no such thing as too much storage.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us, you are ever graceful as always.

    Take care, Laura

  30. Oh I love house plans! I dream of the day I can build my own house just the way I like it! I’m loving your plan. I would definitely go with one big island! The bigger the better in my book. I dream of a HUGE island one day! I’m back an forth about that washer and dryer in your work room. I’m leaning towards making is a separate room….Laundry can get out of control and sometimes it is nice to to shut the door and not think about it! It might feel a little more organized and contained that way. So excited to follow you through the whole process!!!

  31. I am so excited that you can have such a major part in deciding exactly how you want your new home. I wish I could give you some wonderful advice, but I have no talent whatsoever at this sort of creativity. I know it will turn out absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see the progress.

  32. I think the sink on the island across for the stove will bother you. You want to be able to chop and turn and drop everything into the pots on the stove. Good luck and happy designing.

  33. Is that a his closet and then your closet? I like the plans. We don’t have a formal dining room (or any dining room) but it looks like you have room for a lovely table overlooking the lake. I love the plans actually. And how quickly it all got done. If you lived over here, it would be at least September 2012 before anything got sorted! Let me know if you need help painting! xx

  34. I have no comments on your plans, other than that I love that you are having plans and getting underway! And that I would love to come visit your house, because it’s going to be beautiful. And that I think the kitchen/dining room will be just perfect. And that I’m jealous of the workroom. 🙂 Okay, I had a few comments. But nothing that I would change, because I’m terrible at thinking through those types of things.

  35. I like the idea of the laundry room open to the “work room” but …. sometimes laundry piles up and I dont want to see all the dirty clothes sitting there…even if they are in nice baskets 😉 I like the layout of going into your workroom, looks like that hallway pantry area will be full of light. It also means that your workroom could potentially be a dining room if you ever needed a formal space again (or were to ever sell) another reason to put up a door. Im in love with barn doors these days that could always be an option to close of the washer and dryer… not so formal as in a door closing off the space, but more of a discussion piece, element of surprise. I really like the plans. My one other thing is the stove… do you like having a place to put things next to you on the counter while cooking. If so then if you are going to have it on its own wall then I would flip the sink right behind you so that you can move back and forth easily… and if someone is at the prep sink and you are at the stove… too many butts in the way. LOL..I would flip the prep sink to be on the right side of the island.. just enough so its not right behind you and someone can use it if needed. just my 2 cents.. maybe more. LoL. Sorry my dad has a design build company and I have looked a plans for YEARS (since I was about 10). We always talk about how the person living in the house will move inside it. Things always look great on paper but you need to visualize yourself in the space and how it will work.. everyday, holidays… the light and how is moves in the place. I’m very excited for you! I pray that it goes smoothly.

  36. I love it, edie!!!!! how very exciting. {particularly coveting the pantry and workroom. how awesome!!!!!
    hmmm. my vote is for a small closet surrounding the laundry. but that is just me… I stink at getting focused on a project when I am staring at my daily “Uglies.”
    love your plan! Can’t wait to see the upstairs!
    p.s. I have an email coming your way 😉 must be a good girl now, and start our homeschool day!

  37. I have two island with the part of the second island facing the table arched and at a higher level “hiding” the kitchen messes. I think 2 islands give you more usable storage space and easier to cut through the kitchen.

    In the pantry/mudroom I would have cubbies for each kid with room underneath for shoes/boots and a basket above for hats, mittens, etc.

  38. I love it. My favorite part is the two closets in the master. What a luxury! My only thoughts are that a. I would definitely conceal the washer/dryer/utility sink, perhaps with sliding doors and add floor to ceiling shelves next to the dryer between it and the wall. And b. in the panty/mud room along the wall opposite the built-ins I would add bench/cubby units will pull-out drawers (I think I’ve seen at Pottery Barn) so you can sit to take your shoes off, store them in the big drawers, and hang coats in the cubbies. Alternatively I’d love to see a hall closet there that encroaches on the workroom a little, or closes off the entry to the livingroom. We enter through our back door into our kitchen and our dining room is a perpetual mess because the coat closet is in the living room by the main entry.

    • And a question: what is the reasoning for the two door into the workroom? I live in a small house and always trying to maximize storage space, minimize hallways, and eliminate as many doors as possible (freeing up wall space for more storage).

  39. why split the islands? I huge, big, open, flat space at waste level is awesome. Dividing it would only make me sad.

  40. It looks wonderful! My little comment is rather silly but…

    Is there a way to rework your powder room? Perhaps switch the sink/toilet to the wall on the left with the door opening the other direction with the toilet behind it? I am just thinking that currently the toilet will always be on display from the living room and the entry area. We did something similar when we built our house. Anyhoo, just my two cents:) I love your kitchen/workspace!

  41. SO excited for you to be rebuilding! I am not qualified to offer comments (horrible decorator) but I would offer this- Have you thought about the noise factor from the washer/dryer? I might suggest a cased opening around them (so that doors COULD be added if you want to later- either from noise or to resell on down the road) but then you could just leave the doors off of them if you want to have it open. Does that make any sense? Whatever you decide- I know it will all be fabulous!

  42. How exciting! I’ve never had an island, but always wanted one! For it to be large enough to really use–like roll out dough, whatever would be really important. My daughter has an island; on paper it looked like there was plenty of clearance, but in actuality, it is cramped. I think the upper shelf on the island made it “visually” take up more room–does that make sense? So I like waist height, flat surface islands in kitchens.
    Also I agree that positioning the workroom so it could be converted into a formal dining room would be great for when your kids grow older and other rooms in the house are freed up (boo hoo empty nest) and/or resale value for the future. Anyway, I’m sure it will be lovely–I would definitely get the opinion of someone (FEMALE) who you trust in decorating and design. Men do weird things like build houses without linen closets!

  43. I don’t know posting these links is allowed, but I’ll try! First, what a great space! How I would love to have the laundry close to the school room! I immediately thought of some pictures I have save from houzz like: (This is supposed to be the turquoise pegboard if the link doesn’t work) How perfect for the school/sewing area!
    Also–Inc–eclectic-laundry-room-dc-metro (An open laundry room)
    I love this when I saw it. I think it is hard to visualize having a laundry room open to something else since we are so used to them being a closed off room of their own. I would love it personally! I think it would really work for our family.
    I would probably do pocket doors with all of those doors, at least with some of them, I just have a thing about doors opening all over the place.

  44. It will be fantastic! can’t wait to see it unfold! Great seeing you last week. Your smile has regained its brightness.

  45. Wonderful project!!! Really looking exciting. I love Martha Stewart kitchen inspiration. I will not comment on the kitchen space or island even though, I am myself in a kitchen design phase, because my space is a Lilliputian version of yours 😉 However, let me just tell you that i love the dinning/kitchen space combination as we have a formal dinning room that we use so rarely. We are a “kitchen family” and even if I set a lovely talbe in the formal dinning room when having guests we all end up having desert/coffee in the kitchen…. Please, don’t ask me why….
    Looking forward your nest posts on this project!

  46. I love your plans – we have a story and a half Cape Cod and love it. Just a couple of suggestions, things to consider – the aisles in your kitchen seem on the small side. We have a 3.5 x 8 foot island, and I love it. On one side the aisle between cabinets is 3′ 9 inches, the other is just over 4 feet – it can and does get tight when you’ve got more than one person working in the kitchen, especially standing in front of the stove (where you’ve got only 3 feet clearance on your plan). If it were me, I’d got for a narrower island and give more clearance on either side. And I’d add my vote to eliminating so many doors into the pantry area – if you got rid of the right hand doors from both the kitchen and into the workroom, you could build a big corner pantry inside your kitchen in that corner – just frame it instead of cabinets. Then you’ve got more wall space in the mudroom/pantry area for cubbies/shelves for totes, shoes, jackets, etc.

  47. This is a fun, creative process, getting to design and furnish a new home! I’m glad the process of rebuilding is going so quickly for you and your family! It will get “hairy” at times! Gotta keep a daily,close eye on subs work when your new house is under-roof. They can make decisions and take shortcuts without you knowing! We lived through a remodel type process almost 2 years ago because of Hurricane Ike damage. Got a new kitchen out of it, but some of the work on the cabinet installation, due to unusual angle of the wall, left something to be desired in the quality of craftmanship dept. But that’s okay, I remind myself this isn’t heaven, there’s nothing perfect here, my kitchen is a vehicle to serve others! Also, if this is the house you and your husband plan to “age-in-place”, this is the perfect time to think about how you might incorporate universal design into your existing plan, i.e. wider doorways for wheelchair access (may not be possible at this point), placement of lightswitches, plugs, etc. These are things that you maybe can plan ahead to make changes down the road easier, if that need should arise! Have fun with the process, just take a deep breath on the challenging days when you’ve got to make alot of last minute changes, and remember this isn’t heaven, but it’s wonderful process for refinement, but you already know that! Enjoy your blog!!

  48. for what it is worth: I LOVE the multiple openings to the room. LOVE! If I would consider doing away with anything, it MIGHT be the swinging doors. Pocket might be the way to go here? Or no door at all?
    thats it for my bossy self. 🙂

  49. Hello Edie !!The kitchen that you are showing us on the blog looks to be a very pretty kitchen ……Pretty is always in a womans best interest and so is funtional and practical that is why I would go with 2 smaller islands ….. I am not sure what kind of appliances you had in your home previously but if you have the budget to get appliances (or at least a range )by VIKING……. My son and his wife have them & they are simply the best ( and I know you like to cook )………..Speaking of the work room , for some reason I think you will be sorry in the long run if you don’t place a doorway from the workroom into that bathroom since I think you may spend quite a bit of time in there and it seems so practical to do that….. maybe a pocket type door that you can keep closed this way you don’t have the space or the look of an open or closed door …… Well that about does it for observation and advice …….Oopps!! One more piece of my mind : Pray on it and enjoy your weekend

  50. edie, i love that you are continuing to share this journey with us. 🙂 i just have one idea. what about an interior window in the wall from the workroom to the pantry? it could be a leaded glass, or salvaged piece. or a big round divided window? if you eliminate a door from the pantry to the workroom a window might allow for the visual interest you’re going for.

    you’re doing a great job! oh. i do have one more thing. i for sure vote for one big island!

  51. love seeing what you’re doing for the new house…what a beautiful cottage it’ll be! I love the idea of your washer/dryer in your workroom..makes sense…but without a door to cover that space, will you be forced to look at dirty laundry in piles all day long while you work away in your gorgeous room? Please say no. 🙂 okay, that’s it for my bossy”ness”.

  52. Edie, you will not miss your formal dining room. My husband and I built our house 1 and 1/2 years ago. Always had a dining room before. But in this one, we have kitchen, dining and living all open. I have 4 kids and 2 granddaughters, 5 brothers and sisters. When we have family get togethers we are all in the same area together. We also have a screened back porch right off of this area so that doubles as another living, dining area. Can’t wait to see the progress.

  53. Ok, I never comment with disqus cuz it doesn’t like me, but I had to join in and say I too am cracking up at the comments. Don’t you love when people jump in? So fun to hear, and it will be so exciting to watch as you take us along for the journey.

  54. Thanks for inviting us into the process, Edie. Can’t wait to watch it unfold. I would re-think the sink at the end of the island. If you have a big one in the kitchen already, and one in the scullery, I think the island would look better as a blank slate. I love the doors to the work room as-is! Also, I echo myeverydaygraces with the powder room being open to the living room. Maybe change the opening to be on the wall that touches the sink? And have it swing open towards the deck, so it’s available but not on display.

  55. Hi! I have been following for a while now, but this is my first comment. I have no suggestions for the pantry / work room area, but I DO have a suggestion for your master closet. We have a master closet in our house and I wish wish wish wish it had a pocket door instead of a regular door. By having the pocket door as opposed to a regular door, you would be able to fit additional shelving or a small piece of furniture (chest of drawers or small dresser or a larger free standing jewelry box or if you are short like me a cute step stool.) Just my thoughts.

  56. i know that WHATEVER you do it will be fabulous.
    blueprints make me sleepy so i skimmed over that part.
    i will so enjoy your progress on this exciting process. 🙂
    congrats on the sewing machine. ebay makes me angry….i turn in to a real mean person when i lose last minute.
    so i just quit.
    craig is obsessed with craigslist now so he gets everything from that.
    enjoy your rainbow print!

  57. great plans. I love one massive island..that’s what I’m dying for anyway..I like the idea of having different areas on each side….I would regret having the washer and dryer out in the open…I love the fact that I have them inside but I also love that no one else but me has to see them.

  58. EDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so psyched for you that the house is coming along–I know it’s not the same…..but there’s such promise in this new place, too–RESTORATION, INDEED!!!!
    We’re getting sort of settled here. It’s very humbling living here as opposed to just visiting, but we’re keepin’ on keepin’ on and choosing to focus on all the great parts, not the hard parts. Some days that’s easier said than done, though!
    We continue to keep you in our prayers,

  59. edie,
    when we built our addition, we engraved the words: “Psalm 127:1” into the drying concrete.
    when looking at the pictures in your most recent post, the beginnings of a new foundation… it made me think of that day again. It brings me an odd joy and comfort, knowing that that verse is actually carved into our very walls.
    thought you might like to know.

  60. I just got the tail end of one of HGTV’s green home programs. I saw and fell in love with the “DO ROOM”. It’s the room where you do laundry, crafts, studying, etc. It is lined with cabinets that open up to hide all the clutter. The desks are even hidden! They have pull out work tables that you can roll to the center for larger projects. You can have a sewing area, a gift wrap area, even a sink! There were two slipper chairs to sit and have coffee…and ponder all the creativity and laundering we are meant to do.
    You might google it or search on HGTV for more of the specs. I think it’s pretty brilliant to have all that together in one room…wish I had a room!
    Bless you!

  61. Hi Edie, I’m not able to leave a comment on your latest post which touched me greatly, so I’ll post one here for you. I know the heartbreak you’re feeling in the loss of your beloved home, the feelings of what am I supposed to learn from this, how am I to honor God in the midst of it all…I know the confusion, but just remember Edie, confusion is from the enemy, God offers comfort in the sadness,the loss, the heartache…but not confusion, at least where He is concerned. I recently heard a description of how in Job, when God finally speaks to him, he never explained why, he just explained His majesty, His power, and His glory…that was all Job needed to know about according to God, it was what Job could rest in and remember. All along, God never was angry with Job, He thought very highly of him, yet even in this, Job still had something to learn, complete and excruciating trust in the Creator amidst suffering…Jesus learned this also in the Garden of Gethsemane when he said “Thy will be done”, in circumstances such as these dear Edie….as yours, as mine, it’s all we can do. I’m still waiting…it’s been three years since our fire, we re-built, moved in, and then there was a flood, we now have to start over AGAIN…I don’t understand…and after a total of five years, I want my home to be a home again, so I keep trusting, waiting, hoping, and perservering. The need for familiarity is so ingrained in us nesters, I think God wants to be even more ingrained, even though it’s not a bad thing…I’ve learned to let go a bit, it’s a process, but He’s with me, and with out a doubt, He’s with you also. After the battle we’re called to just still be standing though all lay in ruin around us, standing means we fought well…so continue to stand strong Edie (which you truly are by the way!) and may His peace be with you and your family every second of every day!!!
    Much love and big hugs….xo J~

  62. Hi, Edie, I have been a kitchen and bath designer for 22 years and so I hope I can help. Love the pantry and work room. Love the sliding barn door idea for the laundry area. Suggestions: Seems like one too many sinks… Kitchen, prep, pantry, laundry and powder room. Here is what I would do. One large island, no sink in it. Consider a sink on the common wall between the kitchen and the living room-it might be a better placement for entertaining as well as kitchen prep. The pantry sink might be too far out of the way to ever get used. I would also agree with other comments that you do not want the powder room opening into the living room. If you made the work room about a foot smaller (and thus the pantry mud room a foot wider) you might have room for a powder room door to open into the pantry instead. Plus then you might have enough width in the pantry for cabinets on both walls and the traffic could go through the middle. Finally I would not have the base cabinet to the right of the dishwasher. I think it will cramp your dining area. I would have the base cabinets on the sink wall line up more with the island. We had a fire in the house I grew up in and I still remember the pain but even more the kindnesses shown to our family. Good luck and God
    bless you and your family. Erin

  63. Edie, I’m so happy to hear the house is going back up! That’s exciting news. I’ve been through my own wilderness, instead of a fire taking everything, it was a person’s actions that I thought I could trust. Trust is a tangible too. But, I too will survive and grow from it, as I know you are too. I’ll be glad to watch the transformation and rebirth of your beautiful home.

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