March 2011

Caiti’s Senior Pictures

by Edie Wadsworth on March 29, 2011

We tried every way in the world to get a ‘real’ photographer. Unfortunately, most of my favorite ones aren’t that easily accessible.   So, alas, she’s stuck with me. At least I have my new great camera, the Nikon d7000, along with Karen’s photography class, which I’m currently auditing. Those things along with Jody’s MCP […]


not alone

by Edie Wadsworth on March 21, 2011

Today is the 3 month anniversary since our house was destroyed by fire. Today is the 9th birthday of my baby-child. Today, we began our journey to rebuild. Today is a  precious gift to us from our Father. He will move this mountain for us. And He will move your mountain too. Timshel by Mumford […]


Lent {for the newcomer}: Learning from my Father

by Edie Wadsworth on March 7, 2011


**Edited to add:  This podcast on Lent with Pastors Todd Wilken and Heath Curtis is one of the best I’ve heard.  Blessed Lent to you. Thank you for those who came to the live chat last night! It was fast and fun and maybe we’ll do it again some time. You can view the transcript […]


Fireside Chat Vol I

by Edie Wadsworth on March 6, 2011

1. Hello everyone. Welcome to Edie’s First Fireside Chat. I’m a moderator for tonight’s session. (


can we talk?

by Edie Wadsworth on March 5, 2011


Edited to add: Live Fireside Chat tomorrow evening Sunday March 6th starting at 7pm. here’s the 411: There will appear at approximately 7p a small box in a new post which is a live chat box. You must sign in to the chat but you can use facebook or sign in as a guest. The […]


Minutiae in March

by Edie Wadsworth on March 1, 2011


I can’t remember if I showed this to you yet.   The first few times I looked through the rubble, I missed this little jewel. Pretty neat, huh? Are you ever burdened by big issues and find comfort in the minutiae?   Me too.  Join me in my numbered list of minutiae. 1.  I’m reading […]

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