winter grace

In all my desolate,

Above every dream

And throughout the cold parched  night

You stay.

Wild and fierce, flaming light.

Winding every piece of this mess  into hope.

Crushing these doubts with water and wine.

I see You like this only in suffering.

Pain has clear eyes.

I am learning that there is only one kind of gift that comes from Your hand.

You twist everything into love.

You burn down walls I build and  card-houses too.

Your streams of mercy rush in

Tear it clean down, wash it all new.

Because You know how to love your children.

And your best gifts come strange.

Teach the stone heart  to say thank you for this winter-grace.

And bend it broken again.

And again.


Video of Mat Kearney singing ‘All I Have’, taken by yours truly in Nashville

my favorite line, dedicated to my valentine
“Tired of the same song everyone’s singing
I’d rather be lost with you instead.”

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