Despite the fact that I have not yet begun to decorate for Christmas, I’m having a party at my *house*. You know a blog is like your home away from home. And I don’t have to clean for you to come here. So, join me this Friday for a Christmas cookie linky party. We’ll all link up here and make our favorite Christmas cookie recipe to share with others. If you don’t have a blog, you can leave your recipe in the comments section. Then, we’ll have the weekend to bake and freeze, so that Christmas week is a little less stressful. That’ll leave more time for stressing about crafting with your children and finding just right gift for Uncle Homer. If Thanksgiving food is about pies and cakes and then Christmas is about cookies and bars. Do you have a recipe to share? I hope you’ll join me in a virtual cookie exchange this Friday (and hopefully I can figure out how to use MckLinky, it’s been awhile). Tell me in the comments what you *think* you might make for our party. Pretty please. Maybe if I know you’re coming *over*, I’ll at least put out some festive trinkets. We’ll see.

31 comments on “The Great Christmas Cookie Freeze”

  1. i’ve got a great recipe–chocolate chip gingerbread drops. how will we link up? i can post the recipe on my blog, for sure, but how does it all work? i’m new to this kind of this. up till now, blogging has been a solo endeavor. thanks!

  2. Thinking of either my grandmothers famous molasses recipe or a top secret toffee recipe. Now, I know that toffee is not a cookie or technicaly a bar but oh my glory this one will have people pounding at your door begging for more. I also have a chocolate cream drop cookie that is so soft and moist. Oh my, I think I am hungry.

  3. I’ll be there! I make some great Ande’s Candie’s cookies!
    And some sugar cookies from my “special recipe”

  4. Hmmm, I will have to hunt up a cookie recipe. It’s been a few years since I made cookies (usually it’s cake or banana bread). I love how you are tossing a party without all the cleaning! giggles.

  5. How fun! Really, no cleaning before a party? Sure can’t beat that! I’ll gather up some good recipes and join you on Friday.

  6. I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time now, and the cookie recipe linky is going to make me a very happy girl!!
    Can’t wait!


  7. Oh…love making cookies at Christmas. I generally go a wee bit overboard so I look forward to finding some fun recipes. hmm…my fall back isn’t freezeable, but it’s so super fast and easy. Made them yesterday in a pinch in fact for a “Cookies with Santa” party at church. It’s Norwegian Rosette’s. I learned to make them when I was in 3rd grade and have been making them ever since. So fun and impressive looking when they are super simple!!

  8. Mmmm…just reading the comments makes me want some sweet nothings! Hoping to join in and at this particular moment my crazy pregnant cravings say to go for “Buckeyes.” yummo!!!

  9. My kids favorite was always Peanut Blossom Cookies. You cant really go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate kisses! Coincidentally, I am baking some now to post on my blog. I would love to share but might need to be coached through the link. Great idea Edie!

  10. I don’t have a blog, so I’ll be posting my favorite Christmas cookie here in the comments! My favorite is definitely mincemeat cookies. Lots of people are scared off by the name, but my Gran always made them and they are truly delicious!

  11. I am going make some icebox cookies!! Very easy and yummy!! And great for shipping Christmas cheer to our favorite doorstep!!
    ~Molly P

  12. Oh Mrs. E we’ve got kindred taste buds, i may or may not have eaten peanut butter fudge for breakfast, it’s possible i also dream about fudge…now i can’t promise to don an apron and keep up with these cooking greats, but i promise to come and drool and will graciously offer my services as taste tester.

  13. I sure wish I could come over but we will be tiling and grouting our kitchen floor starting tomorrow. No stove for me~ Maybe I’ll just share a recipe.

    Can’t wait to see all the goodies everyone else shares.


  14. Darn! Haven’t got the hang of this yet, as I posted my cookie swap comment under the giveaway post (collar of shame, as my son would say.) Anyway, I’m posting a Molasses Ginger cookie recipe in comments (somewhere!) for the cookie swap on Friday. 😉

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