Christmas Cookie Exchange 2010

{fingers crossed that MckLinky works}
Welcome to my virtual Christmas cookie exchange! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us. If you’ve never done a linky party before, here are the basic instructions.

1. Click to ‘add your post’ to the party. Add the permalink for the specific cookie post and not your’s blog’s permalink.
2. Add a link on your blog back to the party.
3. Visit the other blogs and let them know you appreciate their recipe.
4. Double check to make sure your link works by clicking on it. It should go directly to your cookie post.

It’s easy as pie so don’t be intimidated. And it’s fun to learn something new, right?

And since it’s still 2 weeks til Christmas, here’s a few tips for freezing:

1.  Wait until cookies are completely cooled before freezing.

2.  Freeze in airtight containers using waxed paper to separate your layers.

3.  Containers can be bulky so I also  often use large ziplock bags.

4.  Store each different kind of cookie separately for the best flavor.   Mint flavoring will ‘spread’ to everything.

5.  Don’t overbake cookies to begin with.   They will be almost exactly the same consistency (hardness/softness factor) as when you froze them.  Freezing them will not make them hard.

6.  Let them sit out at room temperature to thaw.  It’ll only take an hour or so which is perfect for Christmas parties and family gatherings.

7.  Some cookies freeze better than others.   When I made red velvet cupcakes for Thanksgiving, I froze the cupcakes and then frosted them right before the meal.

Iced cookies can be frozen but for best results, ice them the day you’re going to use them.

8.  Label things well so they’re easy to find and make yourself a master list of what you’ve frozen.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found Christmas cookies at Easter.

9.  Use frozen items within 6-8 weeks although some things will *keep* much longer.
Enjoy the party!
P.S. My cookie post will be added to this post later tonight.

P.S.S.  Be very afraid.  My cookies look like a head shot of the incredible hulk.  You’ll be amused and the cookies in fact will make you turn green and burst through your clothes.   A little added Christmas bonus.

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