Thanksgiving Banner, Take Two

I think I’ve got a crafting hangover. I need some motrin and a day to sleep it off. But what do I do instead? I make us (you and me) a pdf file of last years’ Thanksgiving banner.  I liked it so much, I’m using it again.  And I wanted to share with you.    Because that’s the kind of girl I am. You can call me Edie McCraftster.  Just say it softly.   Only, when I tried to make the documents, Google Documents wouldn’t let me share the file with the world wide web. It’s as if Google Documents is in cahoots with my sewing machine trying to make my life miserable. Why don’t things work like they’re s’posed to? But then I figured out the problem and all was right with the world again. So here is my early Thanksgiving present to you.

{Make sure you continue to visit my lovely friends who  brought us the wonderful tutorials.   Tutorials are a lot of work and I’m so thankful for all of them.   I’m thinking of having a linky party in a couple weeks where we feature the stuff we’ve made using the tutorials, so get busy!}



The pdf files for the letter are here for you to download and print.
G in Give
I in Give
V in Give
E in Give

T in Thanks
H in Thanks
A in Thanks
N in Thanks
K in THanks
S in THanks

Disclaimer: These pictures were taken in the ever sentimental  turquoise kitchen, partly for Elizabeth’s sake (I don’t think she’s forgiven me for moving!), and mostly because I can’t find my stapler to hang them in my lake cottage kitchen.   My Thanksgiving preparations are well underway.  I made Paula Deen’s pumpkin pie, along with Martha Stewart’s red velvet cupcakes this weekend.   I’ll be making more desserts this week along with some casseroles this weekend.  I hope to share my some of my goodies with you.

I’ve also dyed my tablecloth an alluring  shade of blue for the festivities.   This is the year of blue in case you haven’t noticed!   And I’m working on getting my dessert table (which is presently loaded full of school books) presentable along with my makeshift bar  re-stocked.   I’m making the final changes to my menu and will print it sometime this week (I’ll share) and plan to gather  the supplies to make my placecards.

Why all the flurry now?  So that when the day comes, I can truly enjoy my family (all 20 something of them) and take a deep breaths and be thankful.

Hope your week is off to an enchanting and thankful start!

lots of love,

ms. edie

ps.  I’ve listened to this sermon three times—well, four counting the first time I heard it live.  The whole thing is amazing, the last 7 minutes is epic.  Unbelievable delivery of the gospel from an Old Testament passage.   The perfect illustration of Jesus’ own words,  ”These are the scriptures that testify of me.”     How even the  Old Testament, every book, is about Christ.   The Bible is not a book primarily about how we are to live.  It is a story of redemption.  Won for us all and freely given in Christ.     It’s worth a listen or four.   Credit to Pastor Paul Bushur from First Lutheran Church Knoxville who knows how to bring it.

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