These last two weeks have been birthday central at my house.    Do you have any idea how many calories I’ve consumed in icing?   Yeah,  I don’t wanna know.

But one thing is for sure.   I like making my own cakes because I am love with buttercream.    My girls?   Eat the cake and dutifully bring their mother the leftover icing on the plate.  Now that is well-trained.

We met my family for a birthday lunch at Cheddars.  Most of my pics were awful that day—too dark inside, too light outside.  But I did get this one cute one of the birthday girls.

And we finally caved in and let Emme have a sleepover.   We’re kinda anti-sleepover people.   In general, shouldn’t people be in their own homes in their own beds?

But we thought maybe if she saw that it’s really not as great as you imagine, she’d stop dreaming about sleepovers.   The girls were awesome.   I stayed up til 3:30, an hour or so after I heard the last peep.   I hope she got it out of her system because it took me all weekend to recover.

The funniest thing was what I overheard as the little sisters were playing American Girls.

Girl 1:  “Be careful with that Julie doll, her head came off  last week.”

Girl 2:  “Oh, that’s okay, we’ll let her be the mom and she can just sit around and knit.”

Where do  they possibly get the idea of a mom who’s lost her head and just wants to sit around and knit?    I have no idea.

And we’ve had a lot of these lately.   I could make a whole scrapbook of the various sunsets I’ve witnessed here on the lake.   Amazing.   The handiwork of one infinitely creative God.   And besides the fact that I can’t find my biscuit cutters since I’ve moved,  I’m adjusting pretty darn well to this lake living.   If I could just somehow twinkle my nose and make my old studio (aka craft room) appear,  I face it right to the this sunset and craft away.

And finally, a  little blogging housekeeping:

1.  My computer is going on a little field trip to the Genius Bar today.  {At long last, my lovely laptop will travel in her beautiful handmade case!} Which means I’ll be computer-less for a few days. Which means I’m already starting to break into a cold sweat.   Which means I’ll have to try to wrestle that iPad out of Steve’s hands.   Which means it could get ugly.   Pray that the geniuses haven’t lost their mojo.

I’m hoping to post on my recipe for chicken-and-dumplings while my computer is gone.   But otherwise, it’ll be sparse around here.   And even that could be questionable.

2.  Over the past few months,  I have tried  returning comments, answering questions etc by emailing people back from their comments.  (Your comments get sent straight to my email.)  That can sometimes get redundant if people ask the same questions but I also like doing that because it’s easier to get to know people.     Would you rather I ‘talked’ to people back and forth in the comments section or continue to send the personal emails?   Do you go back and read the comments section looking for answers or for other folks’ input?  I just can’t decide which I like better.   I used to interact more in the comments but frankly, since I changed to wordpress,  I don’t like the layout of the comments section and I read your comments from my email account so I don’t often actually go the comments section of my blog.    It’s kind of monotonous visually.      I have checked  into making the comments more visually appealing but I don’t think prophoto (my wordpress theme) has many options.   I know they don’t support threaded comments, which is too bad, because that’s my favorite style and I even like blogger’s comment style—where they’re broken up into shorter, easier to read snippets.

Interacting with all you great peeps is my favorite part of doing this.  Maintaining a blog is a lot of work and I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t have the fortitude to stick with it if it weren’t for you.   So thank you.   And I’ll miss you while the geniuses try to work a little apple magic on my mac.  I’m also in the market for some new perfume today so if you give me a suggestion before noon,  I’d appreciate it.   Scents I’ve loved in the past:  light blue by d&g,  one by calvin klein and most recently  mademoiselle by chanel.

Very truly yours,


p.s.  I’m making the perfect roasted chicken for dinner.   I’ve made it before.  It’s the perfect Friday night fall dinner.

47 comments on “frantic rambling before my computer is gone…..”

  1. Any which way you choose to interact with us will work just fine.
    It’s so hard to get back to everyone…and I’ve only got a handful of comments to respond to…can’t imagine your inbox!!!

    The sunsets are beautiful…I love the cake you made….and we’ll miss you while your MAC is being worked on!

    Enjoy the break…..

    oh! I’m looking for a new perfume, too.
    I tried “Chance” by CoCo Chanel yesterday at the mall….not sure yet. 🙁

    let me know what you go with….

  2. Oh, I hate it when my mac has to go in! Why can’t they just do immediate turnaround? I mean, they call themselves geniuses, but I’m not so sure. 🙂 Good luck with the perfume choice!

  3. I detest sleepovers! Always have. Always will. Did it. Didn’t like it. At all. Can you tell I don’t like sleepovers?

    I like Happy by Clinique…though I usually let my body lotion be my scent!

    You will be missed!

  4. I detest sleepovers! Always have. Always will. Did it. Didn’t like it. At all. Can you tell I don’t like sleepovers?

    I like Happy by Clinique…though I usually let my body lotion be my scent!

    You will be missed!

  5. Love reading your posts. They make me smile, laugh out loud or they can make me cry. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blog. It is appreciated.

  6. Beautiful birthday girls. I laughed out loud at the mom comment!

    My comments go directly to my inbox also and I’ve often wondered the same thing. I rarely go back to see if someone has replied to my comment on the blog. I don’t think about it. And just so you know I love your emails!

    Hope your computer is up and running soon.

  7. Hi Edie,

    I raised two boys–boy sleepovers are especially ucky. Somehow they can think of more ways to get into trouble. Did it a couple of times and that was the end of it.

    Perfume: I like Philosophy’s Amazing Grace. It’s light and feminine. They also have other beautiful scents. You can find it at Sephora or Penney’s (our Penney’s just opened a Sephora section in our mall).

    I don’t usually go back to the comments after I post one. I appreciate your personal email responses, otherwise I might not know if you read my comment (because I don’t go back to check).

    I have been very happy with Apple’s Genius Bar. I’ve used it a few times and always got a solution and fix. Good luck with yours.

  8. oh miss e

    i think i’d like to fail being an adult for awhile and be sent to remedial school at your house. then i could eat your yummy food and be read to, and maybe knit a stich or two. i’ll take my head feel off for $200, alex. you make it look peachy.

    the fact you love us is more than enough, any which way you choose we’ll take um. i have been a friend of mademoiselle. i also like london burberry and l’eau the one by dolce & gabbana. however, i don’t think you’ll be getting any complaints with roast of da chicken.

    the happiest of weekends to you.

  9. Hi Edie,

    I definitely, definitely LOVE the personal emails you send vs. you responding back in the comments. You’ve emailed me twice (so sweet, thank you!) and quite honestly, I don’t always have the time or remember to sort through all the comments. Thanks for emailing me back yesterday about Memphis. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

    P.S. I tend to go for very clean scents sometimes with citrus notes – I love Ginger Essence by Origins, Happy by Clinique and Eternity by Calvin Klein. For more of a perfume-y smell, Amarige by Givenchy or Michael by Michael Kors. Have fun!

  10. P.P.S. I forgot another great scent mentioned by another reader – Amazing Grace by Philosophy is very nice and what a great name, right?

  11. We don’t do sleepovers until they’re in middle school and only with friends whose family we know and trust and only on the rare occasion. Which isn’t exactly better considering what middle schoolers know these days, but I hope by then my children are mature enough to come talk to me about something they heard, or to call me if they’re uncomfortable.

    I’ve heard one too many horror stories about sleepovers, and I remember what we talked about in junior high. Yikes!

    I’m a Poeme by Lancome, gal. Of course with six kids I rarely make it to the mall, so who knows if they still make it 🙂

    Good luck with your computer!

  12. i was so thrilled when you emailed me:)….and I never go back to look at follow-up comments anywhere…just don’t have time:).

    also: i hope you get another craft space:).
    and, that cake is ADORABLE.

  13. Edie, I am “over 50” and have been wearing Aromatics Elixir by Clinique for about 30 years. I guess you can tell I love it! I can go into the bank in the afternoon and one of the girls will ask me what I have on and say how good it smells. I’ve long forgotten about my perfume but surprised that you can still smell it! I’ve also deviated out and tried Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana. I really like it, too!

    I don’t go back and read comments after I’ve read a blog on themes such as yours since there usually isn’t much interaction between readers and/or the poster (imo).

    BUT you know we love to hear from you! It’s one of the highlights in my day when I check Google Reader and see you’ve posted. Hope you have a great day and an even better weekend! Happy Friday!

  14. I like the personal email response!! When you responded back to one of my questions, I felt honored that you took the time to respond just to me. It shows that you do care about the people reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  15. The comment about the mom without her head gave me my first laugh of the morning. Thank You. Not sure how you have time to answer all comments but I do admire your fortitude. It has been a challenge for me to just post frequently. I have never received an e-mail response from anyone else so it isn’t expected, but it is a sweet touch. And as for perfume; I need to shop for a new perfume myself, so I don’t have any suggestions, but you just gave me an idea for a post 😉

  16. Edie,
    Love your blog !! A little guidance on a new cologne : I wear mademoiselle by chanel and like d&g. I have worn Aromatics from Clinique and turned so many friends onto that one. I was at the grocery store one day ( well in the wine store) and a gentleman asked me what I was wearing– (meaning perfume ) so I told him Acqua Di Gio and he said whatever it is it smells great !!! Obviously I said it wrong or something, but not to many guys would comment. It is by Georgio Armani. My two other faves are Tre’sor by Lancome and Unforgivable Women by Sean John — yes Puff Daddy or P diddy combs !!! You are going to come home with a headache just saying. Happy shopping !!

  17. I never ever go back and look at the comments after I leave one, since you have asked. I can’t even remember if and when I leave a comment anywhere, much less WHERE I’ve left it!!

    However, I realize that this does require more effort on the part of the blogger. And it might be that the loyal, doggedly faithful followers — or the ones with the vested interest in the replies — may not be as lazy as I am.

    Over the years I have decided that blogging out to be satisfactory, if nothing else. If I feel pressured to visit people in order to be visited, I’m back in high school. 🙂 I love the more relaxed version of graciousness, where I realize you’ll visit when/if you can, and if the mood strikes, you might even comment! But if not, I’m happy posting and reading to my heart’s content. 🙂 Posting is a way to clear your head, don’t you think? It’s a way to communicate with those you love. Beyond that, there should be no pressure, only gravy!

    … or should I say… buttercream frosting on that cake. 🙂

    So I guess the moral of this story is: do what you like, and like what ya do. We’ll keep coming around!

  18. Oh, and Edie —

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Pure by DKNY. But if you buy it before I get a chance, I will hate you. 😉 I am living off of the tiny sample I got at Sephora, and I plan to make it last till Christmas. 🙂

  19. oh edie, that cake is adorable!

    your girlies are gorgeous
    happy birthday week!

    spectacular sunsets!

    email response vs comment w/in the comments

    narciso rodriguze=heavenly

    good luck on the computer

  20. I’m not huge on perfume but I recently bought (for the second time) L’eau D’issey. I had it about 13 years ago and still love it. They also gave me a sample of Rita by Benefit…I really like it, and plan to get a bottle. I bought both at Ulta but I know L’eau D’issey is also available at Nordstrom.

    Great cake decorating and love the Barbie pics! Have a fab weekend. 😀 Hugs!

  21. I love getting your response via email. It is always a refreshing surprise in the midst of redundant forwards from well meaning family and friends.
    (I just mailed notes, on pretty, hand made stationary to 4 dear friends today…I still love the personal touch!)

  22. CUTE cake! Isn’t cake just a means to carry the frosting? I am going to search the archives for your buttercream recipe.

    Love the email responses.

    As for perfume, I like most of the Grace fragrances by Philosophy, but especially Amazing Grace.

    Have a great weekend.

  23. Edie – I usually train myself to re-check comments for the bloggers who respond in the comments – if I know that is how they will repond. But I have been thrilled to receive an email or two from you as well.

    One of the best compliments I ever received was from a shy about-12-years-old boy at the library whose mother came up to me and said that her son wanted me to know that I smelled wonderful. It was a citrus-y scent from Mary Kay from their spa collection.

  24. Good question…I personally like it when a blogger dialogues within the comments section. Just because sometimes I am wondering the same thing as others. The personal touch is nice though. 🙂 The lake views are spectacular! Must be fabulous to live there. 🙂

  25. i hope your sweet little computer gets fixed up good as new. i try to live a life without regrets, but i’ll always regret missing your little shindig awhile back. i appreciate you being willing to include me even though i couldn’t make it. would still love to meet up sometime in the sweet hills of east tn! xoxo

  26. ok first, i’m so anti sleepover too. so many of my friends have let the kids sleepover places starting at the shocking age of 3 or 4 and i was speechless. why even let them in on the notion of such a thing that young? i do let my older daughters have their very best friends who are also sisters sleepover about once a month.

    and second, stunning sunsets. i wish i could see one every night.

    third: disqus is your answer. i can send a reply through my email to a comment and it also posts on my blog. simple.

  27. I’m going to print out a picture of that cake for my Inspiration Binder!!

    Personally, I love when bloggers respond in the comments section so that I can see what other people have asked and how the blogger responds. I learn so much from reading comments!

  28. I love the “mom who lost her head and sit around and knits”! That could be overheard in my house. It also reminds me about my daughter’s American Girl who just came back from the Doll Hospital. An unfortunate incident with a 9 month old Golden Retriever that resulted in double arm transplant. But so funny – she came back with bandaids and wearing a hospital gown.

    As far as the comments go, I am always wondering the same thing. I don’t usually interact in the comments because I don’t know if anyone ever comes back to read them. I don’t re-visit sites where I have commented to see if the author responded. I usually just go visit their site. Love that you send emails but it seems like a lot of work. (Maybe that’s easier on WordPress)

    Good luck confiscating the iPad!

  29. loooove that you email back on comments!!!! i NEVER go back and check replies in comments. okay, love the cake too 😉 and i wear coco chanel in the fall and winter and hanae morie (spell?) in the spring and summer. you can get it at sephora….it’s the most amazing smelling perfume. ever.

  30. My 2 cents …

    – Test out replying to comments here in the comments stream- maybe just for a post or 3. It will likely lead to more interaction among your blog followers. It will also cut down on your email traffic which in my book is a glorious thing! Sure, it will take some getting used to which is why I suggest a trial run before you commit.

    – Perfumes- I highly suggest you pick out a few you may like then pick up some samples on eBay to test them out (they usually run about $3-5 and then you also have a travel size). I am picky about my perfumes, so the sample approach is great for me and has saved me from investing in a scent or two that smelled great in the store then managed to smell like cat pee 2 hours later. Not good. My personal favorites of the moment are Lola by Marc Jacobs and Armani Idole. I could go on and on about the high notes of the scents but I will just let you discover them on your own if you so choose.

    – Now I want buttercream icing on a red velvet cake.

    Hope your mac arrives home better than it was before post haste! I get twitchy when my laptop is with my tech team for more than a few hours. Be strong.

  31. I post enough comments that I don’t have time to go back and check, though occasionally I check the box to have follow-up comments sent to my email if I really want an answer, but then I get all the comments in that thread my inbox which chokes it up so I personally prefer the emailed answer. Love knowing the person took the time and I thank you for doing so recently on my comment about the book “What Happens When Women Pray.” Many of you in blogland are like rock stars to me because you have so many followers and do so many wonderful things to blog about so getting an email is almost like getting noticed by a celeb!

  32. What a fabulous sunset – I could sit here and look at that on my laptop all day! LOL!

    I like that you email back – I have little time for blogging and reading blogs in between my girls and my obsessive crafting so I wouldn’t go back to read comments. JMHO.

    I have two scents that I love – my every day is Pear Glace from Victoria’s Secret. I have worn it for the past 13 years and it’s my signature. For special occasions, I wear Stella by Stella McCartney. It’s divine.
    I used to wear a vanilla’y perfume call Noe a long time ago but I’m not sure if it’s still made.

  33. Email is nice. Or a visit to the blog. That is what I try to do. Of course, I don’t have the amount of comments you do. Stick with email. Who goes back and looks at comments later? Not too many I imagine. 🙂

    We travel for the hubby’s work. The next place in Iowa we will be at is beautiful. On an amazing lake. A vacation home actually. But guess what? No internet! Oh no…. what will I do. That coffee shop down the street will be my second home, or the library.

    Happy Weekend!

  34. Oh the cake looks so yummy! As far as comments, I love the personal emails I receive from my readers. I just don’t ever remember to go back and read the comments on my blog to see if anyone would respond back to me there, so I don’t leave comments on my blog. Does that make sense? Have a wonderful weekend!

  35. Edie-
    I love your blog & read it everytime I get a chance. I am one of those who does check out the comments for answers to questions & would love to see what you answer.

    Thank you so much for all of the beautiful pictures, comments, recipes, and family fun that you share with your readers. I love the relationship you have with your family and friends. My babies are all grown up so your little girls bring back so many great memories to me.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Pat B.

  36. 1) I’m catching up on my reading – been busy around here – got the house on the market this week! And showed it twice today – woohoo!

    2) I am a huge fan of homemade cakes also. Much better all the way around.

    3) As far as the sleepover thing, I have to agree. I am a homebody and like to be in my bed, so I just think that everybody else needs to be a homebody in their bed too! 😉 Glad the girls had a good time, though!

    4) I like the way you are replying to comments through email. I think I may try that (when I have time). I totally understand the redundancy (sp?) thing because I have ProPhoto too, and when the comments come to my email, I just read them there…too easy to do that, than go back to the site to read them!

    5) Beautiful sunset. Wow — how you must be so happy in your new home with such an incredible view.

    6) If you like Chanel, then you should try Chance. It sortof similar to mademoiselle, but maybe a little sweeter and a touch stronger. I love my Chanel Chance.

  37. I agree on the cost of a sleepover – it can be a great expense to all involved. But the girls sure look like they’re having fun. 🙂

    About the comments – I always respond by e-mail … it’s so much simpler for me. If I get a specific question, I’ll copy it onto the reply in my comment section. Not sure what’s the best etiquette, though.

    I so enjoy your blog and link in so that my readers can find you too!


  38. I like the email approach. I never go back and check the comments section…well, nearly never. Nice to hear of another Mum who doesn’t love sleepovers. I like all my chickens at home in our nest and everybody elses at home in theirs. I think we might do perfect roast chicken next Friday, even though it is Spring here, and not Fall (Autumn).

  39. edie:
    i love the comment about the mom and her head popping off-too funny, those girls! is it outta emmie’s system? i’m thinking not… i’m thinking they had a blast and can’t wait to do it again, you lucky mom, you! 🙂
    i rarely read other’s comments, so i like the personal touch. as a blogger, what i like best is comments back-i email only if it’s a specific question, or i’m moved to make a personal comment back. can’t wait to SEE you again! 🙂

  40. love the comment about the mom’s head popping off! too funny, those girls!

    i like the personal touch w comments, but you have so many to keep up with. i like comments back to their blogs, and only email if i’m moved to do so, or want to keep it personal… can’t wait to see what you decide or others think! can’t wait to SEE you again, either! 🙂

  41. perfumes: i cannot remember the name but i love sarah jessica parker’s scent. lovely, maybe?

    comments: i loved getting a reply to my comment in an email. i don’t often come back and comb through the comments to see if there’s a response to my comment. it was a happy surprise when i found an email from you! but! i can understand that the questions can be redundant. i guess if i ask a specific question in a comment then i do go back and look for a response. so. in summary, i like a little bit of both?.

  42. Edie, your daughter will have the sleepover bug if she is anything like I was. I loved it.

    I hope your Mac returns happy from its little jaunt to the Genius Bar. With regard to comments, I was overwhelmed when you thanked me for my comment and then replied to my question about comments – I hope you didn’t mind me asking.

    Sometimes I will come back and read through comments on a blog, especially a recipe one, but sometimes not. Enjoy the break from the computer.

  43. Edie, this particular post really spoke to me haha! My name is Julie. This week especially, I have lost my head quite a few times. Lastly, I would love to be the mother that just sits around and knits!

    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

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