I’ve been wanting to re-upholster this chair since I first bought it on clearance at T.J.Maxx. There was a rip in the upholstery which I disguised for 5 years with a throw. Finally, I painted it (a bright yellow from Valspar, whose name I’ve currently forgotten) and sent it to be recovered with a darling little fabric I found on sale online (bought quite a while back from I’m not sure where). I’ve had it in the bedroom and living room and kitchen. Currently it’s in the kitchen (which unfortunately may never be done) and provides the perfect respite when the coffee is taking too long. I’ll probably move it back to the bedroom but either way, I love it’s new look.

I should also confess to you that I’m taking an online sewing class at the Freckled Nest. I blame this all on Ruthanne, whose life and interests are so like my own. She’s such an overachiever and made eighteen napkins for the first project.   Show-off.   I’ve made a measly four so far. They extended the sign up until tomorrow so if you feel like you could add one more thing to your life, I highly recommend it. So far, I’ve made a few cloth napkins and a library bag. The girls want to follow along on some of the projects so they’ve made napkins and plan to make bags today.

And one more thing,  I’m having a little open house next Friday (kitchen complete or not) which will be combined with a brunch and a CABi party and a bookclub organization party.   It’ll be at my house from 10-12 and if you live in the area and can convince me you’re not an axe-murderer, you’re welcome to come.  Email me for details.

If all goes as planned, I hope to do a little video tour for you internet lovelies who can’t make it.

Now, you have a happy weekend!

Post Edit:  I listened to this segment of Issues Etc on church music and thought you might find it interesting too.  Is church music just a matter of personal preference?  Hmmmm…. this guy makes me rethink that.

21 comments on “Queen Chair Before/After and a Fair Little Brunch”

  1. Are the sewing lessons for beginners? I mean super de duper beginners, that maybe own a sewing machine, but ummm might not know what they are even doing with it?

  2. Oh geez, I’d love to take the sewing class but I can’t add one.more.thing. to my plate. Lets just say the online photography class I took was great but I still have 3 of the 6 assignments to do and have almost forgotten everything I learned due to not practicing. The chair’s a beauty…great job! Can’t wait to see your kitchen and sewing projects.

  3. Good luck with your online sewing class… it looks great, but I don’t have the time for that because we’re moving!

    I can’t wait to see your video of your home… I’m trying to convince my hubby of adding some color to our new kitchen (like your turquoise kitchen)! And tell me about CABI – how do you host a party cause I love the clothes!

  4. Fun! Looks just like you. (even though I don’t know you:)) And the church music thing … I have to listen to that when I have a minute. I’m just breezing by right now. We had and entire summer sunday school hour devoted to this topic. It is something to consider.

  5. i love it! the yellow makes it look more like a fun queen than a stuffy one.
    ruthanne IS an overachiever. i suspect you are too. i’m not an overachiever. i’m a very lazy, “good enough” person. i have to keep you type A’s balanced.

  6. I LOVE the chair! LOVE it!!! I have a chair that I’ve been thinking about painting HOT pink and doing some sort of seat cushion for it to have in my hair boutique. I’m so eager to see your kitchen and I’m sure its not plain. As long as it meets your needs and you love it that is what matters. I’m working on a bathroom project myself. You can check it out on my blog at http://acharmedlifeat30.blogspot.com. Hope you have a FAB weekend and I look forward to seeing your home tour video. Lots of Love, Chavala

  7. love that you’re doing the sewing class..I struggle so bad that I’m afraid I need a “go and sit down and have someone there with me to show me EXACTLY what to do” sewing class.

    the chair is beyond amazing…

    you’re bold. with everything. and i love it about you!

    can’t wait to listen to the issues segment on Church music…think I feel a conviction coming on. 🙂

    so wish i could come to your fashion party/open house/book club organizing thingy…

    we could so be friends in real life. i just know it.

  8. Holy Cow! You made that chair shine!!! I adore it now that it’s all dressed up. If I could come for your book club,it would easily be my favorite chair in the house. I can’t come though. NOT because I’m an ax murderer, but because I live far, far away. 😉

    Seriously, you did a fabulous job.

  9. I love how the chair looks now.

    Oh How I wish I could be there for your open house. I am in awe of your reading list and would love to participate in your book club. The CABi party seems great!!! Love those clothes and colors. Why do I have to be so far away.

    I feel your pain over the kitchen. It is so difficult living with an unfinished kitchen.


  10. Oooh, church music! I love that subject. Last summer my husband and I partook in a theology and music class/group at this church we love, where many of our friends attend. I learned some nifty tidbits in the group and I am wishing I could remember what Luther said about it … I can only think of Augustine’s views. darn. Wish I could figure out how to play the Issues show.

  11. Edie, LOVE this chair! I have a “thing” for chairs. And can I tell you I’m SO jealous your having a open house! I’ll be here for the internet “vlog” version!
    I have a BRAND SPANKING new sewing machine that has never been used (and I have had it for 4 yrs). How sad is that?
    I am listening to issues as we speak! Thanks! And I lllooovvveee that the “bump” music is Coldplay, seriously I HEART THEM! 🙂

  12. Love the chair! Spunky. ;D

    I’ll have to check out the link on church music.

    Our church service is liturgical {really . . . every church has a liturgy IMO} and all our music is from the hymnal, Cantus Christi.

  13. Oh how I wish I lived in your area! Oh well, I’ll just have to wait to hear about on your blog posts. Keep us updated!

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