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I’m so thankful to be off to such a wonderful start so far this year in our school-at-home.   I’m feeling a little more organized and relaxed, the girls are much more content and willing to work.
And there’s just so much great stuff to learn.
I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I thought I’d remind you of what a great resource the Lutheran Prayer book can be for your family.    It has prayers for every occasion and four weeks of daily prayers.   One of the girls will read the prayer for that day of the week aloud as a wonderful way to begin our day.    Before coming to Lutheranism, I distrusted written prayers and felt that all praying should be ‘from the heart’.    But often, excordate prayers start to all sound alike too, with  groups of familiar phrases strung together with a lot of  ‘we just want to….’.
We are not infinitely creative creatures and despite our best efforts,  we sometimes struggle for new and different and meaningful words.   Why not lean on our church fathers, who have provided us with ample, theologically sound material to express our yearnings to our Father.     We learn best by imitation.
It’s nice to have a prayer book, a plethora of prayers for almost every occasion imaginable.  I often print them for others who need encouragement.   Today’s prayer read by Emme:

Again, O Heavenly Father,

You have granted me strength to rise to the tasks of the day.

I thank You for Your mercy and love.   Without Your power upholding me I should be unable to live.

Give me a spirit of gratitude for all Your gifts.

Above all, dear Father, keep me grateful

for the gift of forgiveness of all my sins through the merits of Jesus Christ, Your Son and my Savior.

Grant that whatever need, whatever sorrow beset my day,

my faith in this forgiveness may remain steadfast and firm.

Let no grief of pain, no doubt or gloom,  come between me and the certainty of Your love.

If  it is Your purpose to try me this day with difficulties for the body or the heart,

grant that I may, by Your spirit,  conquer in this trial and hold fast to Your mercy,

knowing that the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the glory You have in store for me.

Make Your Word my joy,

Your counsel my guide,

Your presence my peace.

In Jesus Christ, Your only Son and my Savior.   Amen

You can purchase a copy of the Lutheran prayer book here.
Or, you can leave a comment telling us the city and state in which you live.  This is a great way to introduce yourself if you’ve never commented.
From those commenters, the girls will choose a few winners from the commenters who are multiples of 8.   So, if you’re the 8 or 16th or 24th (and so on) commenter, you may be chosen to receive a copy of the prayer book as a gift from us.   Not all multiples of 8 will be chosen because I still have groceries to buy this week!   And you can leave multiple comments, but…..
each comment must tell us something NEW about you.   Besides your city and state that is.
Now, go.
My girls are standing by, reading to count by eights.

152 comments on “Talking to God”

  1. Hi Edie,
    My name is Kim. I am 45 years old. I live in a little town called Maineville Ohio. It is just north of Cincinnati. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 28 years. We have a 26 year old son and a 24 year old daughter. We also have a 6 year old grandson from our son. I work as a teacher’s assistant at a local high school. I help kids with all kinds of disabilities ranging from mild to severe. I love my job and I get such a kick out of your blog. I used to have my own, but have abandoned it for a while. Hmmm, that’s probably enough about myself, huh? Thanks for the opportunity, I love the prayer book!

  2. Edie, thank you so much for this post. I am rather in agreement with you about the “we just want to” and you have really motivated me to go to my own prayer book and explore it a bit. We have never used it outside of Church, but I bet it has plenty of prayers to be used at home. I just never looked! Thanks for a kick in the right direction!

  3. Edie, thank you so much for this post. I am rather in agreement with you about the “we just want to” and you have really motivated me to go to my own prayer book and explore it a bit. We have never used it outside of Church, but I bet it has plenty of prayers to be used at home. I just never looked! Thanks for a point in the right direction!

  4. love this post. you are so right about the value of written prayers….i use “valley of vision” for the same purpose. your girls are so cute!!! (i looooooove that photo!)

  5. This is so nice of you! We are Episcopalian so we have the Book of Common Prayer but I would be so curious to see the Lutheran one. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  6. I read your blog all the time but I rarely comment…just don’t always have anything of value to add! 🙂 BUT….knowing those little sweeties in the picture are reading, I feel more compelled to respond.
    I am from Wichita, Kansas. I have two children of my own. My daughter is a freshman in college. She plays volleyball. My son is a freshman in high school. He loves the guitar.
    I hope you all have a wonderful school year. I admire your Mom so much for the love she is pouring into your lives through homeschooling. What a gift she is giving to her sweet girlies.

  7. beautiful photo!

    You know I won your prayer book a while back and I love it. I was raised that prayers should come from the heart also, but I feel that these prayers speak what’s IN our hearts. Great giveaway to all of those who win!

    By the way, did you ever read Silas Marner?

  8. sorry something weird happened to my link so I am commenting again, maybe it will help your girls a bit with their multiples of 8. Do NOT pick me! LOL I already won the book!

  9. I am currently in a tiny little town called Colfax (pronounced – per my husband and those “born local” – “Call-fax” not “Cole-fax”) in North Carolina. I’m a transplant from the North and am still learning the delicate intricacies of southern living. I love your blog and the rich authenticity you provide in sharing your life. Its blessedly refreshing.

  10. I am the mother of 5 beautiful kids, we live in Sugarloaf, PA. My husband and I own/operate a portable toilet rental company…We would love to read this book:)

  11. Thank you for that prayer. I needed it this morning. I just put down “What Happens When Women Pray” by Evelyn Christensen, an old book but never outdated. It is a wonderful prayer resource for pray-ers. I read it alone almost every morning, though I’ve already read it through. Last night I orderd 15 copies to share with friends and family. If you don’t have it, I highly recommend it.

  12. i’ve known of martin luther since our days at asbury seminary from 1997-2000, but i realized how much i relate to him just this past year through your blog, edie. 🙂

  13. Like Jeanie I read your blog all the time. Actually don’t know how I happened upon it, but thoroughly enjoy it. I’m from Nashville, NC and have 2 grown children and one 18 month old grandson who filled a hole in my heart I didn’t know I had. Girls, you have a special mom. Treasure that always and have a truly blessed day.

  14. this blog is a daily read for me & seeing as i am starting my very first year of homeschool with my twin daughters, sophie & ella this year, i would love for us to read this book as well. we currently live in rocky point, nc which is very close to the sea but i grew up in knoxville {and miss the mountains tremendously!} thanks for giving me such great ideas! blessing to you all!

  15. hi girls! my name is judith and i live in somerset, nj. i just wanted to say hello and wish you a fun and successful school year. =) enjoy the time with one another… i am one of five sisters and miss them when we’re not together!

  16. Hi Edie and beautiful daughters! I currently live in Filadelfia, Paraguay but I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I would love to have this beautiful resource.

  17. hi edie and hello girls. i live in madison, alabama–not too far from you lovely southern gals. i’m originally from new jersey but now i consider myself to be a southern gal too, pridefully so. i hope y’all have a wonderful day together. thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest!

  18. Hi girls! Thank you for posting this lovely prayer today, it’s just what I needed to read! I live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, home to THE Ohio State University! Football season is just around the corner and in Ohio, we are crazy about our Buckeyes! I am a mom to my fantastic son and daughter and a lovely stepdaughter. I work 3 days/week as a writer in a corporate communications department, so I can testify that reading great literature and writing have served me well in my career! Blessings to y’all!

  19. Im from Albuquerque NM and this is our second week of home school for this year. 🙂 I might have to go searching for a prayer book as I think it would be a great thing to help us get our day started on a good foot. Thanks for the suggestion!

  20. Thank you for the prayer this morning Edie, it’s amazing how I was “retaught” not to pray written prayers, but how natural it feels to pray them again. 🙂
    I live in Guilderland NY right in Albany (the capital)county. I’m not sure what is “new” about me, since I can’t remember what I have said here, lol. I worked in the building industry until I had my twin boys in 2001 and have been a SAHM ever since.
    I love your blog and am thankful that it has taken me back to part of my religious roots and seeing the other side. So nice to see the perspective from the opposite way! 🙂

  21. Lovely post. I live in Rockwall, TX. I am a product of homeschooling, but have chosen public school for my 2 boys. We read a family devotion, put on our armor of God & pray every morning before we leave. Thank you for this fun blog to read. I have also now been reading my children biographies & other books from your list.

  22. Hello Ladies! I found our blog about a year ago, when the Nester featured your beautiful cabinets on her blog. I’ve been hooked ever since and can’t wait for the detailed post about your new kitchen.

    I live just north of Knoxville, TN. I have an 11 month old little boy who has been such a joy to his father and I this past year. Thank you so much for posting the beautiful prayer. It was just what I needed this morning.


  23. I wholeheartedly agree. I want to say something smart and fancy but the truth of it is there is so much wisdom to be gained from looking to those who have gone before us in faith and undistracted zeal.

    I live in Columbia, South Carolina, also known as the hottest place ever.

  24. Like Monica, I first found your blog because of your amazing former kitchen (googled blue kitchen cabinets). But I’ve continued to lurk because I love how passionate you are about your faith and that you are a homeschooler. 🙂 Your thoughts about written prayers really struck a chord with me. One of my goals for this year is to guide my son better in prayer (he has autism and his prayers are very rote). I think reading written prayers would be a wonderful help in this area. Thank you for the idea.

  25. Edie and girls, thank you so much for the prayer. I am 36 years old and I live in Spartanburg, SC. I am a mother of 3 children (10,6,&5) and a wife. We are Episcopalian and we have a Book of Common Prayer which has similar prayers to yours. I have been thinking myself that we need to start our day before everyone leaves for school and work with a prayer. Thanks for the inspiration! We will have to pull out the Book of Common Prayer! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

    PS. Where did you get the cute headbands in the picture or did you crafty girls make them? My 5 year old little girl is refusing to wear her bows anymore, but loves headbands! She would love those!


  26. Hi! I would LOVE to have a prayer book! I had a Mother that was a prayer warrior, and I’m always trying to teach my children the power of prayer.

    So, I live in Seattle and homeschool our two children, using Sonlight, which we all love.

  27. I am new to your site. I love your decorating style so much. I am really wanting to learn how to be a better christian. I would love to make the prayer book a daily thing at our house. I have a 4 year old daughter and a wonderful husband. God Bless, Leah

  28. Fayetteville, Georgia

    If you come visit us we’ll make you peach cobbler
    I am giddy that you posted this, you posted a beautiful prayer recently from the lutheran prayer book and i’ve been meaning to email you to see how i could get my hands on a copy and now I know! thank you, winner or not I need that book. those baby girls look like j crew models, that’s a compliment times eight or so!

  29. Hi Edie. I am a homeschooling mother of 4 who lives in Columbus, Ohio. I really enjoy reading your blog, as we have a few things in common (Lutheranism, homeschooling…) Your blog is a nice place to find uplifting and edifying commentary and beauty. Thanks for taking the time to keep it up, and may God richly bless your family this year, in all you venture into! <

  30. Oh my, what a cute idea – the multiples of 8 thing, love it. I am pretty new to your site, but have enjoyed your take on things a lot. We just moved 4 states east from the my home state of Texas. Can you girls figure out where we live now? 🙂
    Anyway, NEEDED that prayer today, feeling overwhelmed w/all of the emotions of moving, and trying to help my kiddos navigate their feelings too. Have a blessed day!

  31. Thank you for this today, Edie. I copied it and sent to on to a friend who is grieving over the recent loss of her husband (at age 53!) She is a Christian, but there are some days she just doesn’t feel the presence of Jesus. I hope this brings her some small comfort.

  32. I have been reading your blog for a few months- I don’t remember how I found you! You have a beautiful, creative family and I so admire you and I am inspired by how hard you work and play together! I am a mother and grandmother, I love my family as much as you love yours, and I also have a craft room that I love! I am a former Mormon who is a practicing Christian, and I love the prayer that you just recited. I would love to have a copy of the Lutheran Prayer book! I can afford to buy my own, so if someone says that would like one and can’t afford it, I would gladly give my “number” to that person. Thanks for your wonderful blog- Jane Kreidel, Rolla, Mo.

  33. Ok! Do comments in succession count or is it cheating? Well I hope not. This prayer book sounds wonderful and the prayer you shared today is so powerful and amazing!! I would love to be one of the winners.

    First thing I’ll share is my city and state~ Warwick, RI~the teeniest, tiniest state in the USA.


  34. Ok~here goes nothing~Can you tell I would really like a copy of this book. I know by now I could have already ordered it from Amazon but what fun would that be? LOL

    Another fact about me~This is a good one~

    My hair started turning gray when I was just 20!! By 25 it was almost all gray. It is the only physical feature that was passed down from my father to me.


  35. Last one~ I just had to be a multiple of 8!!

    One more tidbit about me~

    I am absolutely petrified of the dentist. Not only when I go but also when my kids go. I don’t know why but when my daughter had to have four molars removed at the same time, the dentist decided it would be fun to show me how big the roots were on her baby teeth and I passed out. Sad, I know.

    I worked in a hospital for years and saw many tragic and gruesome things. I never passed out but show me a tooth and I’m down for the count.

    I felt terrible for my poor daughter as everyone was now trying to take care of me and she was the one bleeding from her four extracted molars.

    This is probably more than you or anyone else ever wanted to know.

    By now I’ve probably lost my place as a multiple of 8 while I type out this book. LOL


  36. I love this prayer… And though I do not think I’m hitting on a multiple of 8 I just want to say I would love this book :O) and if I don’t win i think I might just add it to my list of books to own.

    Smiles from rainy Kansas!!

  37. I%20love%20this%20prayer…%20And%20though%20I%20do%20not%20think%20I’m%20hitting%20on%20a%20multiple%20of%208%20I%20just%20want%20to%20say%20I%20would%20love%20this%20book%20%3AO)%20and%20if%20I%20don’t%20win%20i%20think%20I%20might%20just%20add%20it%20to%20my%20list%20of%20books%20to%20own.


  38. I’m Candace and I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over here in Jefferson City, ha ha!! 🙂 I have just recently come to love written prayers…I am enjoying the Valley of Vision prayer book right now! I’d love to have the book you suggested as well!! The prayer you posted is just beautiful. I may print that out as well!!

  39. Hi Edie and girls! Thank you for sharing the beautiful prayer with us this morning. I love it. My husband is a pastor here in Clearwater, FL, at Skycrest Baptist Church. I love your blog and would LOVE to have a copy of the Lutheran Prayer Book. I have 4 sons ages 11 down to 2. So fun!!

  40. Love, love, love your blog. Your posts are thought provoking and I have become much more interested in Lutherism since reading your blog. You almost always make me think!!!!

  41. Representing KY here!! Bowling Green exactly I am about 45 minutes north of Nashville, TN. Have 3 children and 1 grand child! I would love to have a copy of the prayer book!! Love your blog!!

  42. We live in Lorane, Oregon, a tiny unincorporated village about 45 minutes from the University of Oregon town of Eugene. We homeschool our five children and this is my first delurking 😉 here.

  43. I live in Independence, Missouri—a suburb of Kansas City and hometown of Harry Truman. I teach at an alternative high school, married to a minister, mother of three, new mother-in-law of one, adjusting to an emptying nest, but enjoying every season (both life and weather!). Your writings have been a blessing to me– the Lutheran prayer book gift opportunity pushed me over to the comment side.

  44. Today is my daughter’s 20th birthday–she is a “typical” middle child: very social, a wonderful friend, and an amazing peacemaker.

  45. My eldest was married 38 days ago in a beautiful ceremony. He and his new bride are both nurses: she on the oncology unit of a suburban hospital, he in the pediatric intensive care unit of our city’s children’s hospital.

  46. My youngest is starting sophomore year of high school tomorrow. He is playing hockey this fall—I hope the mouth guard works.

  47. Hi Girls! I don’t know if I’m a multiple of 8, but I wanted to comment anyway because I thought this was such a sweet idea. I live in Xenia, Ohio, but because my life is in transition, my husband and I spend a lot of time where I grew up, in Orlando, FL. I am a writer for a ministry to college and professional athletes, and it makes me glad to read about all of the wonderful books that you girls are exploring. Hugs to each of you!

  48. I feel the same way about our school year so far. The boys are a little older and willing to stay on task. They are even more eager to learn and Soph is definitely easier to keep happy and occupied during the day. I like your Lutheran prayer book, bought it last year or so and though I hadn’t used it much, my sis in law found a prayer she used to uplift her brother who has a sweet young family and was batteling cancer. Glad to say he’s doing good now. Hugs…Jess

  49. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and your honesty is refreshing. I am a homeschooling mama to three girls 3, 6, and 7 and I love homeschooling. I enjoy your home school posts and your commentary about curriculum. We live on about 70 acres in a tiny community in rural North Carolina. It’s called Bonlee…but our post office address is the “big” town of 8,000 just eight miles down the road since we aren’t technically a town…So our address is Siler City. We have laying hens that free range in my yard, rabbits, a dog and way too many cats. We grow soybean and wheat. Thanks for writing your blog and encouraging and inspiring all your readers. May God Bless you all!

  50. My name is Cindy and I am from Henderson, NV. I actually found your blog from our mutual friend Cindy Dibb. We both lived in the same town in CA for a time, we homeschooled together and our daughters are friends. Love your blog and the prayer from the prayer book was just what I wanted to pray today but couldn’t find the words for myself. God Bless!

  51. I live in Demopolis, Alabama. I was tremendously overchurched growing up and grew away from Christ. Since my son was born last October, I have started to regrow my relationship with Christ. Thanks for your encouraging words on Christ each week!

  52. I am from Columbia, SC. I enjoy your writing, decorating skills, and your encouragment. Are the girls still king of the raft?

  53. I am from Columbia, SC. I love reading your blog…your deocorating skills, your words of encouragement! Are the girls still king of the raft?

  54. I have commented before, but I live in The Woodlands, which is just north of Houston, Texas. I’m so encouraged to see you share your faith boldly on your blog!

  55. I have been a follower for a while and always really enjoy your posts. We always have devotions after supper and use a much loved second generation(it was mine) Little Visits with God when our grnadchildren are here. I am a Lutheran pastor’s wife, and my husband’s sermon series this month is on parenting and this past week he talked about the importance of family devotions and also about doing service activities WITH them instead of just telling them to do things…We have a copy of the Lutheran Book of Prayer (or 2), so don’t need the gift, but it is a sweet offer. We are in Palmer,Alaska, where it is 53 and cloudy and has been a rainy cool summer. I am a mother of 4, our youngest 17 year old son is a senior in high school, 2 sons and a daughter grown and 3 grandchildren. I am a nurse and love to sew, quilt, and embroider. Thanks for the day-brightener!

  56. And here I am again. I intended to say also that when I was a hospice nurse, people didn’t ask for “heart prayers” nearly so much as they did for memorized prayers, scriptures, and familiar hymns. Words they knew and could repeat with me. It was a lesson to me about hiding those words in my heart, too.

  57. We are in Milwaukee, WI, we’re Lutheran and I home-school my kiddos too. I actually gave this book to a young lady at our church on her confirmation day last spring but don’t own this book myself :).

  58. I live in Charleston, SC: beautiful, quaint, and historic (not my house necessarily, but my town). You should see the colors of the marsh in August! It would inspire a furniture color for you, I am sure.

  59. I live in eastern NC, and I always enjoy the little things you all share about your homeschooling days. I have a 7 year old son that we homeschool classically and a 2 year old. I love every bit of the experience!

    Also, I totally agree with you when it comes to the richness that well-written prayers can add to our prayer lives. I haven’t ever read the Lutheran prayer book, but I do find the prayers from Valley of Vision to be especially beautiful.

  60. Hello from beautiful California…… Love your blog – the photography and encouraging words warm my heart and soul… Thank you for sharing your ideas, thoughts and testimony… Have a wonderful and productive fun filled day

  61. Okay, would I be really weirdo, stalker-ish if I left six comments, just so I can be in a multiple of 8? 🙂 (Or would I just be terribly cheap?)

    Either way, maybe you’ll pick me! 🙂

    I’m Sarah, and I live in Fullerton, CA . . .

  62. . . . and I have four children. They are 7, 6, 3 & 2. We also homeschool, following in the example of the genius Susan Wise Bauer . . .

  63. . . . I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog & your journey. We have much in common, on several levels: decorating (I first found you through the Nester, when you revealed your amazing turquoise kitchen); homeschooling; and faith (not necessarily in that order).

  64. I was raised in the Catholic church, but my family didn’t go much past my elementary years (or should I say my “grammar” years?!)

  65. I came to realize the powerful love and grace of God in high school, but in the past few years, I really believe I’ve come to a new place of … ? … depth? insight? Realization of how very little I know. For that reason, I have a new appreciation for such prayers as you’ve written in your blog today. There is wisdom and power and connection . . . an admitting that God is supremely greater and vaster and wider and deeper than we are even capable of beginning to fathom . . . and that is, in part, revealed in the Church Fathers, don’t you think?

  66. And now, for my sixth comment – making me a multiple of 8 (and perhaps a big geek!) – my two older children are both girls, and I am quite certain that, although mine are a couple of years younger than yours, they are indeed kindred spirits. !!

    Blessings on you, and on Logos School!

  67. ok, are the comments numbered somewhere or do I have to go back and count each time?!?! 🙂 My fact for this comment: I have lived all over the southeast (and Indiana) but have now been in Tennessee the longest.

  68. I live in Phenix City, AL. Something new….how about my 10 week old gorgeous baby girl who loves to smile and giggle at her momma?

  69. Hi i live in Charlotte, NC and am mother to two grown boys who I homeschooled. I enjoy your blog, and, I will admit, am always checking for the kitchen pics. 🙂 I’m so thankful our church is going more and more back to the formal prayers and readings.

  70. Hi Edie,
    I’ve never thought about owning a prayer book before, but just reading your post has convinced me! We are in Australia though, so I’m thinking I may have to go out and buy my own 🙂 Thanks for being so inspiring and fun! Love visiting here with y’all (that’s right isn’t it???) 😉 Mel xx

  71. Hi, I come here from time to time and although it started out as loving home and decorating ideas I now find I come hoping for spiritual ideas/nudgings! Today was one of those! I love the prayer you shared and the idea of the prayerbook. I grew up Presbyterian and am now Mennonite – my struggle is to make myself read scripture and pray daily.. balancing life with three young ones in Blacksburg, Virginia.

  72. Thanks so much for today’s prayer – love how simple it is but how much it spoke to me after the day I had. Just wish I would have read it 12 hours ago!

    Madison Wisconsin (and I think I might be commenter #96 – a multiple of 8!)

  73. Hi Edie, Emme, and Elea!

    I currently live outside Washington DC in Northern Virginia (we call it “NoVa”)but I grew up in Maryville, TN and have known your Mom since gosh, 6th grade I think? Even before her blue eyeshadow phase, if you can believe it! I think it would be fun for you to use this comment section for a map plotting geography session since the posters are from all over.

    Let’s see, something about me. No kids here, but we do have five, yes five cats-
    2 boys: Remy Dib and Sixer Doodle (like Snickerdoodle)
    and 3 girls: Circle Marie, Luna Jane, and Phia Bean (short for Sophia and the Bean is because she looks like a jellybean if you are looking down at her). You can tell they are true southern kitties because they all have middle names that I can use to let them know when they are in trouble.

    I love checking the blog for inspiration to be brave in my paint choices, to justify my love of Loretta Lynn and southern cooking, and just to see how life is going for ya’ll out on the lake.

    Good luck with the “crazy eights”.

  74. HI! I have been inspired and encouraged by so many of your posts. I’ve homeschooled my 3 kids with a blend of Classical/Charlotte Mason style for the past 10 years or so. I would love to incorporate this prayer book into our day. We are members of a PCA church near our home in Lenexa, KS. Like you, we are also big fans of Dr. Rod Rosenbladt. Do you ever listen to the White Horse Inn? He is one of the co-hosts. I think you would appreciate and enjoy it. Thanks for your post and the give away!

  75. Hello ladies
    I enjoy visiting and reading your posts. I read the Well Trained Mind. I don’t forsee homeschool in our future, but I did learn many interesting things.
    I especially enjoy your fearless use of colour and accessories. I just wish you would post more often.

  76. Hello from the other side of the state — Memphis, TN. I do not recall what blog pointed me in this direction, but I have been following your blog for several months. I appreciate the honest, sincere writing you share with all of us in the blogging community. You are a source of strength, inspiration, and encouragement.

    My birthday is on the 8th day of the month, so it is one of my favorite numbers. I hope you girls have fun learning multiples of 8. 🙂

    — Becky Ann

  77. Hey Edie & girls 🙂 What a perfectly lovely prayer for today. I can only imagine how my day might have gone had I begun with this prayer. We are homeschoolers, too, in Austin, TX.

    I look forward to following along and hearing about your year!

  78. It’s me again:)

    My favorite way to drink coffee is with a yummy creamer mixed in it and topped off with Redi-whip…my splurge each morning!

  79. Threes a charm, maybe?

    I’m the oldest sibling…I have 3 younger brothers + 2 younger stepbrothers + 2 younger adoptive sisters…lots and lots of love all around:)

  80. Gosh….here’s something: this year I’ve lived in the OC, in Pittsburgh, and in Anchorage. Our base is OC. We love seeing new places. I think we’ll finish out the year in Anchorage if my So Cal blood can thicken up a bit!

  81. This has been a year of medical insanity for us: I had a ginormous blood clot after taking Yaz, my middle daughter was biopsied for lymphoma (ended up being cat scratch fever), and my husband was also biopsied (negative, thank God). A year of “red alert….no, never mind” is wearing a mama out. Bless those that have health issues. We feel spared.

  82. We wanted to move out of California…until my parents said they wanted to build a little house in our yard. We are grateful that we have the space and the desire to care for them.

  83. I feel creepy commenting until I get to a multiple of 8. But not THAT creepy! : )

    We just joined our local Lutheran church a few years ago. My husband grew up Catholic and I was raised Episcopalian (sort of). We flopped around from church to church until we found Messiah Lutheran. Ahhh….home. I have become more and more interested in our church’s history and have even attended the traditional service AND enjoyed it (*gasp*).

    I am encouraged and stretched by your entries that focus on the Lutheran church. Thank you!

  84. I feel a little creepy writing a comment just for that multiple of 8 comment (but not really!).

    Thanks so much. As a newer Lutheran, I am encouraged and stretched by your posts about the Lutheran church. Love it!

  85. Ah…man….it said there was an error so I resubmitted the abridged version of my rejected comment.

    Oh well.

    Here’s one more tidbit, we have mutt named Trysti that is a serial killer of squirrels (lures them with kibble and everything). We also have a sweet pug that responds to Fatty (he is a little “content”). We have another mutt that thinks I’m a rockstar and a cat that growls at coyotes (I wonder how long we’ll have said cat!).

  86. don’t think 115 is a multiple of eight, but I live in Wheaton IL and this isn’t really new but I love to read what you are doing in school and the Lutheran Prayer book sounds phenomenal. Now, to…..(but I’d really rather have one from you!) 🙂 Press on ladies!

  87. Hi Edie and Girls! I am Johana and live in the teeny tiny Alaskan town of Gakona with my husband, Johnny, our awesome lil’ son, Rowan, and our rad golden retriever Porter. Happy Counting!

  88. Hi. I’m pretty sure I have commented before…I know I read your blog enough. 🙂 My name is Sherry Williams and I live in Severna Park, MD. I always know I will be inspired in some way coming here. craftiness, decorating, advice, or something new to help my spirit grow. 🙂 thank you. have fun to the girl with their math skills….another great idea.
    I find that I agree with the prayer book ideas. We are a Catholic family…and I have numerous prayer books to help me along my way. I love the one you posted.

  89. Hi.%20I’m%20pretty%20sure%20I%20have%20commented%20before…I%20know%20I%20read%20your%20blog%20enough.%20%3A)%20My%20name%20is%20Sherry%20Williams%20and%20I%20live%20in%20Severna%20Park%2C%20MD.%20I%20always%20know%20I%20will%20be%20inspired%20in%20some%20way%20coming%20here.%20craftiness%2C%20decorating%2C%20advice%2C%20or%20something%20new%20to%20help%20my%20spirit%20grow.%20%3A)%20thank%20you.%20have%20fun%20to%20the%20girl%20with%20their%20math%20skills….another%20great%20idea.%20

  90. oh goodness…i posted in a rain storm and look at all those %20 thingys in the second comment…so sorry. how silly.

  91. Hi there! I’m Kate from Colorado. I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time now. My own little lady turned 2 yesterday, and I can’t wait to begin the schooling process with her someday. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life. You’ve been an inspiration and encouragement to me on more than one occasion!

  92. I am from sunny Southern Ca. Love that prayer, going to share it today with a friend. Also love the strawbery cake you made with the homemade freezer jam. I am now completely addicted to the jam and can’t stop making and eating it. The iceing on the cake about brought me to my knees. Thanks for the inspiration, my jean size however is a little cranky with you.

  93. Edie –

    I have read your blog for a while and appreciate your perspective on life, homeschooling and reformed thinking – you challenge me to think deeper and I share your passion for good literature and reading…I could be addicted.

    kelly noonan

  94. holy shmoly!! (my daily prayer!) just kidding!! mine usually involve the phrase (over and over again) “please help me to” … you are sweet and are all these folks lurkers?? 🙂

  95. Well I think I am a little late in the game for a prize but I have been looking for the prime opportunity to post to your blog and you lured me in with this one;) I have been a faithful follower for about a year and am very inspired by the way you live your life. I am a mother of three (5,3, and 5 months)and a wife to an amazing husband and father. We live in a small community of 8,000 with the nearest starbucks being 30 miles away…..and yes, I have driven 30 miles one way ONLY to get a good cup of coffee;) We also have a lake house on a beautiful lake here in Oklahoma. We literally move to the lake in May and come back home in August. Our hobbies are wakeboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, and scuba diving. We have decided to homeschool our children and my first day EVER was 2 days ago. I am glad to report it has been very successful so far. Thank you for all of your inspiration…..homeschool, writing, creativity, spiritually, etc.
    Also, a BIG thank you for turning me onto Anthropologie!!!

  96. Due to the information in my last comment, I’d love your prayers 🙂 I’d also love your prayers that my hubby and I could swiftly choose the best name for this little girl! We are deciding between Virginia Louise, Holland Elizabeth (Holland is my middle name), and Mary Graham (would be a double name). What do you think?

  97. The name Mary Graham is in honor of my youngest brother, Graham who has a very rare chromosome disorder called Ring 10. Basically, he’s developmentally delayed, but he has a handful of other challenges as well. He’s charming, hilarious, stubborn, and the fact that my mother is still sane after 18 years of raising him is evidence of God’s grace!!

  98. Being a mother is the hardest thing I have ever done. It has not come nearly as natural to me as I would have hoped, and it has been a really challenging past year and a half.

  99. I recently read something on a friend’s blog whose mother passed away of cancer several years ago that has really impacted me. Her mother lived a life full of joy and gratitude even until her last day on earth, and her husband (my friend’s father) said this was because she believed at her core that she deserved nothing (save condemnation from God apart from the work of Christ) and so she was free to enjoy any and all gifts that God gave her. This also prevented her from dwelling on the things she didn’t have or the blessings she wouldn’t get to experience (like holding her daughter’s first baby one day).

  100. I struggle with feelings on entitlement and self-centered expectation that easily give way to anger and bitterness. Constantly re-telling myself the truth of the Gospel–that I deserve nothing and was given everything in Christ–has really been helping me recently.

  101. yay! I made it to a multiple of 8! I love the prayer you posted. I especially like this line: Grant that whatever need, whatever sorrow beset my day,
    my faith in this forgiveness may remain steadfast and firm.
    I also love your blog, Edie. Thanks for all your heartfelt sharing.

  102. Love, love, love your blog. The prayers you’ve posted recently have been so meaningful to me. My name is Tracy. I live in Oak Ridge,NC and have homeschooled my 11 kids for FOREVER!!

  103. Love%2C%20love%2C%20love%20your%20blog.%20The%20prayers%20you’ve%20posted%20recently%20have%20been%20so%20meaningful%20to%20me.%20My%20name%20is%20Tracy.%20I%20live%20in%20Oak%20Ridge%2CNC%20and%20have%20homeschooled%20my%2011%20kids%20for%20FOREVER!!

  104. Hi Edie!
    I already have a Lutheran Prayer Book (and I do love it)! When I was ten, we had Lutheran (MO.Synod) neighbors and she took me to church with her. I remember sitting on my bed reading a Concordia tract concerning Lutheran beliefs and saying to myself “I believe that, and I believe that. I believe all of it”! When my husband I married we joined a Lutheran church and that’s been many, many years ago! Although, some of the churches I’ve belonged had problems, I still believe the teaching. Have you read “The Fire and the Staff” by Klemen Preus? It is a great book that explores the shallow teaching of “me” focused trendy spirituality we see today.
    Thanks for sharing your faith!

  105. Hello, Edi! My name is Kathleen and I love your blog and love the prayer. Thank you for printing it out. I am putting it up for my family to enjoy. I am a homeschooling Mom of three (boy 5, boy 8, girl 10). We also enjoy some Classical homeschooling with memory work, plus some Charlotte Mason thrown in. We love nature studies!

    I also want to thank you for mentiioning the Home Ec class at the Freckled Nest. We gave our daughter a sewing machine for Christmas when she was 8. She has had to sew on her own, making her own patterns so far. I showed her the cute dresses that you helped your girls to sew. We both look forward to the day that she can sew her own clothes, too. She is definitely the creative type, with her own fashion sense. I hope that the class will help me figure out what I am doing, so I can give some guidance to her! I haven’t heard anything back from Leigh Ann (no access yet), so I am anxiously awaiting access to the class!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  106. I would love to have a copy of the Lutheran Prayer Book. I was confirmed as a Lutheran and then after high school went several different directions. Reading the prayer you posted brought back powerful memories.

  107. Hi, it’s ye olde friend, Ruthanne. I make my home around Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s lovely here ~ especially in the fall. 😀

    Not that you asked this question, but I just feel like sharing.

    The kids and I are going to be studying about the Reformation this year. {Have I already told you this? If so, ignore my lack of brain cells.} I’m so excited. It’s my favorite time period to study. Sooo many fabulous resources and living books. Really, I want to just camp out on this time period for a good two years. I might. Maybe.

    We did a short study on the Reformation about six years ago. I remember reading this book about a group of children being sent out on a pilgrimage. For the life of me, I can’t remember the exact name of the book. The Children’s Crusade, maybe? It used to be part of the Veritas Press curriculum, but it’s not listed anymore. I borrowed it from a friend all those years ago. I *so* wish I had bought a copy of it back then. It was a phenomenal read. Truly! So moving.

  108. We are using the 1928 Anglican Book of Common Prayer for many of the same reasons as a start to our homeschool day. I was never disciplined enough to read the daily office EVERY day but the family prayer section and a daily reading from Proverbs seems ‘doable’ while we ask for a blessing on our endeavors.

    Blessings to you all on your homeschool journey!
    Orlando, FL

  109. Just ran into your blog today… LOVE your turquoise & white kitchen; thinking about doing one myself!! I also was home schooled along with my three older sisters (well, my twin is seven minutes my younger). And, I’ve lived in Las Cruces, NM my whole life!


  110. i am sure i stumbled on your blog by some devine intervention for sure. i am not religious, but i am very spriritual. i would love to find a religious organization that i can embrace, so far i am searching. i love that you yourself seem to have struggled with those same things and you have found your way into a religion that you can flourish and grow not only for yourself and your own journey, but that you share with your children, family and all of us in blog land. you are an inspiration. thanks for sharing this beautiful prayer.

  111. This may not be new, but I have a 9 year old girl named Emmy! She is in 4th grade and has always been homeschooled. We love hearing your adventures. The homeschooling just gets better through the years.

  112. Edie this was a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on written prayers..I had never really thought about how important and meaningful these prayers could be within our everyday lives. Thanks so much for sharing.

  113. I love their headbands and sweaters… actually their entire outfits. Did you make the headbands? If not is there a place where I can find those clothes?

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