We started out our holiday extravaganza by picking up Mal from the airport. He’s the oldest of this large brood of children and we feel so lucky that he took time off work to come and visit. We know that these times of most of us being all together will get fewer and farther between.

then we wasted no time heading to the water to play on this……

and this

and this……

Our sweet neighbor invited our gang for dinner!?!    We enjoyed wonderful food and company  and then went back to the lake to watch fireworks from the boat.

The boys enjoyed some ceeegars.
The girlies got excited about the fireworks.

And the dogs went a little crazy.

BTW, dogs + lake = stinky.

stayed tuned for part 2.

17 comments on “Tales from the 4th of July, part 1”

  1. Oh wow that looks amazing, I love the idea of living by a lake, ok we do live beside the sea but it’s the North Sea and it’s Scotland and it’s pretty darn cold!

    Glad you had a great 4th July!

  2. Looks like lake living is a blast! On a random note, where did he get his hat? My husband is a little hat crazy and this one is right up his alley. 🙂

  3. I just LOVE every single post you do!! lol…It looks like such a warm and enjoyable family time together. I’m extra happy I found your blog. 🙂

  4. looks like a wonderful holiday, edie-filled with family, fun, {and good food!}. and also, happy anniversary to the two of you… and many, many, many more!! :))

  5. Awww LOVE IT, I just posted our 4th pics too! And I just bought almost the same wrap you have on, LOL! Banana republic outlet baby!! 🙂
    Happy Anniversary to you love birds! 🙂

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