As most of  you know, I’m remodeling my new kitchen.   Since my other house hasn’t sold, I left a LOT of my stuff in the old house so I don’t have to move it twice.   When I needed to make a cake for a dear friends’ birthday, I lamented the fact that my cake decorating supplies were still in my turquoise kitchen.   So, I improvised and as it turns out, I think this is the best cake I have ever made.   I know I know, you’re feeling like I’ve ditched mocha cake for the tantalizing seduction of fresh strawberries.   Emme thinks it’s just because I’m on this high protein diet that I think it’s so good.  What does she know?  She’s only 9 and likes Justin Biebers’ music.

Never mind the fact that I can be a little dramatic.  This is without a doubt the best strawberry cake recipe I’ve ever made.   Period.


Here’s what I did.    I baked a white boxed cake in two 9 inch pans.  I baked those per box directions.   Then I mixed 3 sticks of butter with one stick of Land O’Lakes margarine.  Do not, under any circumstances, substitute just any ole margarine.   You must use Land O’ Lakes and if you don’t, I can’t be held responsible if you don’t think this is the best cake you’ve ever eaten.    Next, add 2 pounds plus 2 cups of powdered sugar and 2 T. of milk.   Add the sugar slowly and mix as you go.  Alternate the milk so that you don’t end up with powdered sugar all over your face.   Then—and here’s the key to the perfection—-add 1/2 cup of homeade strawberry freezer jam.   If you don’t have HSFJ then you must make some.    Strawberries should still be fresh and easy to get and just follow the directions on the sure-jell box to make the jam.   Besides being the best jam you’ve ever eaten and the best cake you’ve ever eaten, your sister will offer to keep your kids for the weekend just for a jar of the stuff.  I promise.

Now, add the jam to your icing along with a pinch of salt.   Take a deep breath and then taste it.    Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.   Just relax.  You’re not dreaming.  It really tastes that good.    Now, spread this fluffy dream of heavenly perfection onto your cake, add a layer of fresh strawberries between the layers,  and then have your cute little 9 year old make strawberry flowers for you.   If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic about your 4th grade memories, you can pipe LYLAS onto the cake using a ziploc bag.
Picnik collage
And that, my friends, is how I made the best tasting cake in the whole entire world without my cake decorating supplies.

p.s.  I went to all this trouble to write this post for you stat because I want you to have time to make it for Memorial day—and I really do  LYLAS!

(love ya like a sister)

pss.  I’ve lost almost ten pounds on the Ideal Protein Diet.  I’m taking the weekend off for Memorial Day and have every intention of making this cake to eat all by myself for my family.  I ate a small sliver of it today and almost hyperventilated.   It will not disappoint.

psss.  I know, 2 posts in one day.  Don’t faint but that’s how urgent it is that you make this cake.

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  1. That does look tasty. When I read the first part about how you made the cake for your friend I thought your friend’s name was Lylas. And then I thought how funny it was that someone named their kid the LoveYouLikeASister acronym. So I was a little disappointed that it was actually the acronym and not the friend’s name, but it makes more sense that way. 🙂

  2. Okay, I am not a buttercream fan, do you suppose it would work with homemade cream cheese frosting or am I out of luck? (Sigh,I’ll go with the buttercream if I HAVE to)

    Oh and I swear you said your mocha cake was the best cake ever. MMMHMM…

  3. u r so funny, & it took me to almost the end of your post to remember what lylas was, but i did. i’m not dead yet. ;o
    ps: my birthday is in january and i promise to think whatever cake you make me is the best in the whole wide world. ever. ;;o {dbl wink}

  4. good gracious!!
    why do i say that?
    three reasons…
    that cake sounds amazing. of course with 7 lbs of butter & 12 lbs of sugar, it should
    10lbs off…woohoo
    because that is the cutest blog header i’ve seen in ages.
    you go girl

  5. Emme could be right Edie. 🙂 I was doing the hcg diet and cheated w/ a slice of $5 pizza…thought it was the motherload!

    Really though, this cake looks divine. I love strawberry anything. Thanks for the recipe. 🙂 Hope you are good.

  6. I get so excited when I see a post from you–so you can imagine how excited I got when I saw this cake! Double whammy!! right between the eyes! I’ve got to make this and am thinking of incorporating some blueberries in it for Memorial Day! Wouldn’t that be pretty?!? And I do think I could hide in a closet and! LOL

  7. This cake sounds so very wonderful. Now to go shopping and get everything I need to make this beauty. Thanks for sharing this little slice of goodness with us.


  8. So very true. Many of the churches today preach deeds not creeds. Most Christians do not even know about Martin Luther, the Reformation or the Creeds. We have moved away from our true foundation.


  9. It even looks like perfection. Since I’m in the middle of packing up my house and packing the kitchen is on my schedule for today, I think it will have to wait a few weeks but I am for sure making that cake. You are sweet to share. Of course I’ll curse you when I gain 5 pounds eating it all myself.

  10. Edie,
    You are hilarious. Thank you for the laughs (and for your inspiring posts as well). I dig all of them, equally.


  11. Edie,

    I am so completely tickled that you are successfully using the ideal protein weight loss method!

    I recently opened a business called “A Better Weigh”, and we are proud to bring Ideal Protein to Baltimore, Maryland! I have been reading your blog for about a year, and for whatever reason, seeing that you decided to take the plunge and try out Ideal Protein gave me all the affirmation I needed that I had gotten into the right business!
    Congrats on your current weight loss and I hope that you feel great!

  12. If you have not made this cake yet….you must stop reading these comments and get to making this cake ASAP! I made this cake the same night you posted and you were absolutely right! This is truly one of the best cakes I have had in a long time! The strawberry freezer jam gives the icing that extra pizzaz. It was delish! Now I’m going to make cupckaes with the icing….maybe I’ll throw some strawbwerries in the cake mix!
    Thanks for posting Edie!

  13. Edie, this looks amazing, but I have a huge question. I do not eat ANY margarine EVER. Could I use all butter on that frosting or wuold it ruin it?


  14. That looks really, really yummy. But I’m too lazy to make my own. Wish I could eat yours right off the computer.

  15. I laughed out loud when I read the part about “…she likes Justin Bieber’s music…” I will add this to my cake file to make soon!

  16. We made this cake yesterday with my 11 yr. old pumkin who wants to be a baker. It was soooo yummy that we will make it for birthdays from now on. Thanks bunches for sharing the recipe! Hugs!

  17. Edie, I think you’re my new best friend! Not that our friendship is only centered around the most amaaaaazing strawberry cake icing recipe ever…but that sure is a good START! 🙂 Girl, I just made your icing–and you’re right–it’s the best cake EVER!!! Wow. I must admit that I felt more than a little uppity that I HAD some homemade freezer strawberry jam in the freezer from last summer. (I’m sure God will take care of my pride soon!! Ha!) Anyway, thanks for such an amazing recipe. I am very sure my mom will want to thank you later tonight when she bites into her birthday cake. (I did make a strawberry cake part, just because she requested a traditional strawberry cake. I used the Strawberry Cake I from

    I took pictures of the process–would you mind if I post all about the cake, and give your recipe next week on my blog? Don’t worry–I will be linking up to you, giving you FULL credit, and RAVING all about you!!! My cake didn’t turn out as pretty as yours–I didn’t go fancy on the decorating. I just spread on the icing love.

    Sure hope ya’ll are having a happy Friday. I don’t always comment, but I sure do LOVE your blog. I’m sure if I knew you in real life, I’d love you, too! 🙂 Now…back to homeschooling these chill’uns…and at some point, I WILL have to face the mess in the kitchen…

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