My life has become a dichotomy of old house, new house.

At the new house:

The girls and I have been making tissue flowers and sugar and salt scrubs for Mother’s Day.   The ladies in my extended family are coming over for high tea on Saturday.    And I’m making this frangelico cake (I love Ruthanne)  and I’m eating a ginormous piece of it.   And because you are just like me and I know you’ll ask, the labels for the scrubs are available here for printing.

Stevie and I have date night every night on our back deck for a little star gazing.  There’s a cool app on his iPad that gives you a real time replica of the night sky.  You hold the iPad up to the sky and the smarty pants thing knows which direction you’re holding it and gives you an accurate picture of where the stars and constellations are!!!  It’s the coolest thing ever.     Right now, the brightest star in the sky,  Sirius,  is perfectly situated due West just above the horizon.   It’s my new favorite star.

At the old house:

My life has become one giant yard sale.    My car looks like a yard sale and my purse definitely looks like a yard sale.

Don’t hate me but I’m having my final moving sale at the old house this Friday from 8-12.

Why would I torture myself in such fashion?   Because I love a good yard sale.   And yesterday, when my sainted mother was turning my basement into a virtual K-Mart and I was tripping around in broken flip flops,  I ‘bought’ some flip flops from my own yard sale.  Yes, in fact, I did.    So, y’all better hurry and buy the rest of this stuff, ’cause I love it all.   And there’s a TON of Christmas stuff for sale this time.   A TON!   Except everytime I walk through, I remove some other cute item that I just can’t live without.

And here is part of the beautiful patio furniture that I bought with my yard sale money last time.   So comfy, perfect for sipping coffee or knitting or snuggling sleepy children or star gazing with your dreamy husband.  And it’s from Lowe’s.  I looked everywhere and ended up buying this from Lowe’s.   I love it.    And I take back all the times I called them


My old house.   This Friday.   8-12.    Be there and buy lots of stuff.

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  1. Wish I lived close so I could attend your sale!!! I’m sure you’ve got lots of goodies! Love the new patio furniture you purchased!

  2. Wish I could be there for no other reason than to say hi! Goodness knows I’d spend our mortgage on your cute things and I REALLY need to fix our mower.

  3. You make me want to buy new patio furniture:)

    Everywhere I turn someone has an iPad with a cool app. I may have to get one for my hubby:)

  4. LOL LOL S-lowe’s!!! I have said worse than that 🙂 But I LOVE your new patio furniture and I cannot WAITTTTTTTTTT to have a porch swing!!! I am so jealous I am missing yet ANOTHER yard sale!!!!! Have fun! One idea is, towards the end (or depending on how motivated you are, lol) or toward the beginning of the sale you can tell people to “fill up a bag” for a $1. You will have NOTHING left, I assure you, LOL! 🙂

  5. Wish I lived nearby, cause I love a good yard sale too! can’t believe you’re making hand made gifts right after moving. You’re supermom! Best of luck on your sale this weekend.

  6. Thanks for sharing your life with strangers! I looked up your scrub recipe and I’m feeling stupid. What is essential oil and carrier oil?? I’m a missionary and thought I could make these for gifts – but I’m thinking that I’m not going to be able to find these things. Also, just curious, where do you live? My husband went to school in Elizabethton and I worked in Kingsport.

  7. How I really, really wish I could have been there and bought lots and lots of stuff and trucked all home.

    Glad to see that you are not being affected by the nasty floods in your state.

    I love that furniture. It seems so comfy~makes you want to snuggle up.

    The Ipad app sounds so fun.

    Wish I could have some of that yummy cake. Hoping your high tea was fabulous.


  8. edie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m so upset. i just read this. . .i would have been there! ahaha!!!!

    oh well…you don’t happen to still have that metal chair that was in the last one for 5 dollars? do you have lots left from friday? oh well. i’m sad…..
    i rummaged all day today….and i got quiet a few cool things!!!

    hope you are good…..i need to be a better blog reader and i would have seen you yesterday!

  9. EDIE@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! I pray that you are great and are acclimating to your wonderful new lake home! It looks rockin’ awesome!!! What a view!!!

    I also pray that you get some REST on mother’s day and that you feel cherished and loved!!!!


  10. Im with Jennifer! I want to sit in thsoe chairs and have coffee with you, then sweet tea, and then wine at dusk. Offer me one and I amy never relinquish it. How do you go and go and go? I wonder if it due in part to you slowing down and looking at the starts with your hubby. I dont think to do that:) DUH. Moving is one big yard sale. My purse embarasses itself:)I want to make salt scrub NOW. except that it is almost tomorrow and there are still dishes to do and babies that wake up before roosters….

  11. I’m so sorry I missed this post yesterday- but I was walking through the streets of Jamestown enjoying the colonial life with a school field trip so….what day can I meet you to grab that dresser? Let me know.

  12. I wanted an IPad before. NOW I really want one. For my youngest. She has so gotten into stargazing her dad and older brother have taken here to astronomy meetings and Dad admits to dosing through them. We are on the look out for a good heavy telescope.
    Hope you are finished with yard sales soon. I find them exhausting! How do you have tim for painting?!
    Happy Mother’s Day late


  13. That’s the hard thing about yard sales….we love our stuff but we also know it’s time for it to go to a new home!

    Can’t wait to see what wonderful things you do to your new home!!!!


  14. Hi Edie: I’m a faithful reader of your blog. Dig it. I’m also a yard sale aficionado. I’m visiting my parents this week in Sevierville and would love to come to your yard sale. Will you publish the address on Craigslist or elsewhere?

  15. hey there Edie, I am BRAND new at blogging and I just started learning the ropes. I love your blog, its so creative and you love Jesus and all things pretty like me! Im a East TN neighbor….just wantedto meet you and say Im a fan!!

  16. Can’t wait to see what amazing things you do to your new house.I have just saved this web page so I do not skip any more of these.I would never have normally come here to study the weblogs but I’m really grateful I did.I will definitely be returning.

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