I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed my blog.  And I’ve dearly missed my computer.

I’m just poking my head into blog world briefly to say hello and to tell you that my life is like a snow globe that has been turned upside down.

Except instead of raining snow, it’s raining boxes.

I miss my quiet life of reading and crafting and cooking and blogging.    {Big sigh}

And it looks like it’ll be awhile before I get to live that life again.

So here are some pics from my week.  I hope you had a blessed Resurrection Day.

keylimepie key lime pie

emmezesting zester extraordinaire

lambcupcakes lamb cupcakes with caiti

donnabday happy birthday donna! you’re the best! and so is my ginormous flower pin.

living room/kitchen from dining room perspective

hazy sunset from my deck

first communion on Easter Sunday

my favorite Easter food


my favorite Easter peeps

Hope this little update finds you and yours well.    We close on our house today and move to the lake in  just over a week.   I’m really gonna miss my neighbors and the girls are starting to realize what moving actually means.    I’ve had a VERY difficult time settling on the colors for my kitchen and I’m still working on finalizing it all.    I decided to go with the Dacor range because of the price and the fact that I got a free ventilation hood with it.   I also love how the griddle sits on top of the burners instead of inset in line with the burners.  And it has a very schwanky mechanism for oven rack extension.    I need to pick out carpet today for the upstairs.   Any suggestions?  Feel free to include model numbers.  I’m very ambivalent about carpet.    What else?  Oh yeah, JamieKnoxville is in town visiting which means I’ll likely laugh alot.  I spent the night with my sister the night JK came into town and the three of us argued about discussed cabinet colors for hours.   I’m so thankful to have had their help because even I was sick of looking at color swatches.

In a nutshell, think snow globe.   But with boxes.

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  1. Edie, I’ve missed you… sorry to hear about the snow globe effect. I know it all too well and it comes with every SINGLE move! The girls are PRECIOUS in their linen on Easter Sunday/First Communion!! That pie looks soo good and so does your new view. Just keep thinking of that every time the globe gets turned upside down! Can’t wait to see what you do with the house… I know it will be BEAUTIFUL!! Hugs to you my friend! I’ve been thinking about you and was so thankful to hear from yoU!

  2. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend – it looks like you did. I love key lime pie so much and those eggs look divine. Good luck moving to the lake – the house looks amazing! We’re moving in May (not to the lake though, but near-ish the sea) and picking our carpets tomorrow. Hope the move goes well.

  3. Good to hear from you Edie! Missed you like crazy, in fact, I kept rechecking my google reader to make sure I was still subscribed! Happy moving and making of new memories!

  4. Edie….miss hearing from you in blog world! We’ve moved several times in the past 10 years so I get what you are in the middle of…BOXES, BOXES, and MORE BOXES!!! Praying for you and the family..

  5. We’ve missed you in blogland! Just remember, the snowglobe eventually settles back down. And you’ll be settling right beside a lake, just in time for summer. Bliss!

    (P.S.~ Where did your daughter get her floral sweater? Love it!)

  6. You have such a beautiful family! Where did Caiti get her cardigan? Love it!

    Love your blog and have been following it for about a year now. Keep your chin up and pray a bunch! It will give you peace.


  7. Edie, It was so good to see that you had posted! I have missed you like crazy! I can’t wait to see you get “plugged in” again and back to sharing your life with us peeps! The best advice I can offer in your snow globe world is to just breathe–deep-breathe–and know that all will be right in your new world very soon.

    Change is difficult whether it is for the better or the worse. I remember that from a magazine article I read almost 30 years ago and still try to remember it. AND this change is definitely for the better judging from the pics I’ve seen. Here’s a (((hug))) from me to you. Can’t wait to ‘see’ you again! xoxox Mott

  8. so a dacor is what you chose. by the fancy oven thing, i guess that means you went with the dacor oven too? thanks karen

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter….Love all the Easter pictures! And the Key Lime Pie looks awesome…The weather is getting just right here in south Alabama for that! The new house looks wonderful~even though moving isn’t. But you will be so happy when you’re moved and settled into that wonderful view of your new home!

  10. Awww the kids all look so cute. The food all looks so delicious. Best of luck to you with the move and all of the decorating decisions. I am sure everything will turn out great. 🙂

  11. i really like the cut berber(think that’s how its spelled) and i can’t remember color but im thinking safari. we have wood everywhere but upstairs and in my bathroom we have slate, but the cut berber feels good and doesn’t show stains. good luck!

  12. Hi Edie. Glad things are moving along for you (pun intended…) Carpet: is it that much more expensive to get pre-finished hardwood–or don’t you want that? We did hardwood upstairs and never looked back. Then we put down large rugs. We love it. BUT if I had to go with carpet I’d choose a nice low-profile such as berber in a neutral color such as stone. You can always put an area rug on top of it to anchor the room.
    Late Easter blessings… and happy moving day!
    (btw, your family is beautiful as are you!)

  13. The picture of the kids at the top of your blog is beautiful…oh what Gorgeous kids!!!!!!!!!

    I am confused when I see the pic of a room in your house looking in from the dining room. What is up those stairs? Is that the kitchen? I didn’t see a refrig, stove, etc.

    I DO have a carpet suggestion. We got it at Lowes a few months ago. It is Sonoma Hills. Item # 135868 model# PL040-13.5-L008 (I am getting these #s off my invoice.) It is the BEST carpet we have ever had! Hope this helps! Let us know what you choose!

  14. praying for you friend. Loving the linen Easter dresses and lamb cupcakes. Moving is horrible but it will be worth it. Cant wait to see the lakehouse all Edie-fied…i’ll work on a better adjective.

    LOVE ya

  15. we miss you too! can’t wait to see your stamp of individuality on the new digs…won’t be long now and you’ll be all settled in! can’t wait to see the progression!
    praying for you guys! 🙂

  16. Edie,

    I just had to tell you that I LOVE reading your blog! I have just recently started my own and came to yours by way of Darby’s blog. I have to be candid, I am recently divorced (well 7 months now) and you give me hope that ONE DAY my life will be back to normal again!! I’ve wanted so much to think that I will have a “family unit” again despite all of the “talk” and such that comes with going through this….. I have been a teacher for the last 9 years and have two daughters that have always been by my side in the schools where I teach. I stayed home for three years when they were little and I MISS those times at home reading your blog! : ) Though I love, love, love my students, sometimes miss the homemaker in me!! Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your openess about your life and I love reading your posts!! Take care!


  17. It’s not really fare of you to ‘tease’ us with the pie pic and then leave out the recipe. Can’t wait to see what changes you make…it’s a beautiful house already but I’m confident you’ll make it even more fabulous! Hang in there, I’m sure you’re pooped from all the work a move requires, thank goodness for that expresso machine. 🙂 Oh and all the pics of your beautiful kids are just lovely. That Caiti is SO pretty!

    Loves, Jess

  18. All your Easter pictures are gorgeous! And your little girls look so darn cute in their sunday best for their first communion! Hope all goes well with the move and can’t wait to see your new place! The little glimpses we’ve gotten look awesome.

  19. What beautiful pictures of your beautiful children, each.and.every.one.of.them!!!!!!! I can so sympathize with how you feel. So happy to be moving yet DREADING it at the same time!
    Glad you looked at the Dacor line! It’s a beautiful line!! Cannot WAIT to see your kitchen!!! 🙂
    SO happy you posted a picture of the of the kitchen/dining/living room!!! Now I can understand better! A few options come to mind. The easiest being either paint it all white (I think that was one of the things you said before) OR you could stain it all a darker color than the floor so you don’t have to have a sea of wood. On the other hand, you know what would be gorgeous too? Wrought IRON! We have put it in a few model homes and it’s gorgeous. Pricey, but you don’t have alot there. And I hear in the south it’s cheaper than here up north.
    Carpet, I would choose a Frieze (It might be freize, I forget) or a textured plush. It will wear like iron, NEVER show a traffic pattern, yet still be squishy and soft under your feet. We had it in the family room (LOTS and LOTS of use) for 7 yrs and it looked like the day we put it in. My advice is, get the best one you can afford (well not insane, lol) because it will be worth it and not have to be replaced for awhile. You also could go all beachy and have wall to wall seagrass put in. But it’s not soft. Check out http://littlefrenchgardenhouse.blogspot.com/2009/12/seagrass-heaven.html it really looks beautiful. But I’m a squishy under your toes type a gal! 😉
    Just try to relax and not stress out. Is your house on the market yet?

    ps- are you proud I actually read to the end of your post? 🙂

  20. Edie,
    Hang in there! I will be praying for you and your family during thsi time of snow! 🙂 I can’t wait for your return! Can’t wait to see all the creativity that comes with this new house! Be blessed!

  21. Oh, it’s nice to see you back for a bit. (i need to do the same over at my blog) hope your moving is going well. I absolutely love LOVE love the girls dresses w/ the orange sweaters…just divine!!

  22. Oh Edie, I’m sorry things are so topsy turvy. But, I’m glad you stopped in. 🙂
    I’m loving the new header. The girls look beautiful in their Easter dresses! Please tell me you didn’t make them in the midst of packing and moving?! But something tells me you did! ;>
    Thanks again for checking in. Come back soon!
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah 😀

  23. sorry i haven’t even gotten to a phone… let me know if you need help, particularly transporting girls! 🙂 hugs to you during this transition.. i know change is stressful from my recent blog experience-can’t imagine at this level. looks like a happy easter & i sware donna looks younger every time i see her!

  24. Big hugs to you during this big change! Moving always bites, but even moreso when you’re leaving a place you love so dearly… but for every memory you leave behind, there is another waiting to be made at that beautiful lake home!

  25. Moving is rough that’s for sure! Still excited to see the tranformation take place and wow I can only imagine how nice it would be to wake up, pour myself a cup of coffee and sit on the deck and gaze at the Lake… 😉

  26. I am so excited for you, I can hardly stand it!

    Link up this post to my Home is … Day today! Perfect for Easter!

    Love you Edie. I found your bookmark today and it made me think of YOU!

  27. What a beautiful view from the deck!

    Hang in there with the packing, moving and picking out… It will be worth it before you know it.

    Your peeps are precious!

  28. I feel for you on the moving front! I moved continents about seven months ago and I still don’t really feel settled — but I think you’ll probably settle in a little more quickly than I have since it’s not such a journey! Hopefully! May the Lord give you peace for this season as it moves into the next!

  29. We went the Dacor when we moved, too. I think you’ll like it. 😉 The Dacor oven is smarter than me. I seriously love love love it.

    I cannot wait to see what you do to this new place to Edie-fy it.


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