You might find this strange,  or just strangely amusing, but although I haven’t yet unpacked my socks or all of my pantry items or my underwear drawer for that matter, I don’t waste anytime hanging my wall decor.  It makes me feel like it’s home and gets a lot of stuff off the floor.  I think I hung these items on day 2 or 3.  If your memory is fuzzy, they were hanging exactly like this at the other house but against Hershey’s chocolate walls.
My stuff looks so different in this house.

And for some reason, I didn’t feel quite settled until I bought eggs.  Apparently, having eggs in the house means it’s official.  Otherwise, I’m just on vacation at a really cool lake house.   But with eggs, I can bake, which means I’m home.   We’re lucky to have family visiting this weekend so I think I’ll make chocolate chip cookies.   And then unpack my essential sundries so that I don’t have to retrieve undergarments and garlic seasoning from a giant box in my car.    (In my defense, I’m almost done unpacking what I’m going to unpack—about 6 more boxes to go!!!)

So, how do you unpack and what’s the one item that let’s you know you’re home?

P.S.  Moving sale at my ‘old’ house this Saturday from 9-2 rain or shine.   There’ll be something for everyone.   And we’ll be selling stuff from both the upper and lower garages.  Don’t miss it!

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  1. Love the way it looks over your bed! Love it! I am thinking about doing something similar!

    So funny that you think you need eggs…love it! It would be coffee for me. The smell of coffee brewing makes it feel like HOME!

    Hope your yard sale is successful!

  2. Welcome Home!!!

    I am sure I have ADD so I have no idea how a move would affect me… 😉

    I may never unpack or I would unpack everything and nothing would be taken care of…just looked at!!

    Can’t wait to see more of your new sunrise’s and rooms!!!


  3. The thing that most makes me feel like I’m home is having my pictures hung on the walls (similar to your wall decor). I have an obsession with pictures, and without them I too feel like I’m on vacation!

  4. Love the look of the room and the wall art looks super. Yes, I don’t feel at home until the art is up and the table top accessories are in place. The first thing I have to get unpacked and organized is always the kitchen. That seems to be the hardest and once that is done, then it all falls in place. Glad you are almost done. Hugs, Marty

  5. LOVE your new bedroom already and glad your feeling like your “home”! I’m sure it’s like a dream! 🙂 I haven’t moved in 9 1/2 yrs and I had 4 week old twins at the time (hello traumatizing, lol).
    And your killing me, I need to know 36 or 48 range? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂 (plus I am picking my own out right now and my eyes are bleeding from looking, lol)

  6. I absolutely have to unpack everything in the kitchen first. Eating out gets old fast when you have no other option. I work on the kids’ rooms second. We’re in our fifth place in six years, so it’s starting to become a science.

  7. Oh, Home, where art thou? It seems to me, throughout all the moving we have done and are currently in the middle of doing AGAIN, that the one item that makes me feel at home, is when EVERYTHING is out of the boxes. Yes, that is right, I don’t feel at home until everything is out of their boxes and into their new proper place. Let’s just say i don’t get much sleep the first few days a new home. But note: we rent furnished apts and only have about 3 suitcases and 4 bins to unpack (we are trying to prefect the art of “traveling light”). Read my latest post to find out where we are now!

  8. I haven’t moved enough to remember what item is essential in my feeling at home. I do know I still don’t have things on my bedroom walls and I repainted it almost two years ago.
    Wanna come over and put holes in my walls for me?

    I wish I lived close enough to visit your yard sale.

  9. i love moving and finding new spots for all my things. unpacking the kitchen makes me feel at home first…i love to cook. it only takes one holiday in a house to truly make it feel like it is yours. memorial day is yours for the taking, baby.

  10. Oh it looks great. And for me, it might be coffee, too. Gotta have it. BUT, don’t you love those first few mornings when you wake up, head to the kitchen and taking in the view of the new house as you head there…the freshness of seeing the new digs, the new way you’ve used your furnishings, etc? LOVE that feeling, even if it’s only a newly arranged room. It’s just SO FRESH!
    Take care!


  11. I place all boxes in the spare bedroom. I then tackle my kitchen and bathrooms first. Then I tackle the bedroom and living room. I found this to be helpful when we moved two years ago. Just three days after we moved my appendix ruptured and landed me in the hospital for seven days. I came home sick and unable to move and had to look at bare rooms, while my husband lived out of boxes and tried to find the cooking wares. But all is good now and I love my little bitty trailer in the country with my chickens and ducks out in the field and my aqua color walls.
    ~Molly P

  12. No, not strange at all.
    With me it’s craft stuff and books.
    See my priorities ??!!
    Luckily, I have a husband who grins and bears it!

  13. As a military wife whose moved quite a few times, I can smell your boxes way over here in GA:)!!
    I guess I do the kitchen first … eating and coffee make life much easier. We tend to get our bed up and never have boxes in our room (can’t take it at night), and then I guess we finish the girl’s rooms first so they have a place to be other than under our feet while we finish. But really, I just do it all at once, I’m not going to lie … and I think my “gotta get it done NOW” mindset has caused my husband to have more grey hairs than war has.

    And it never, never, never seems like home until the chocolate chip cookies are baked. Just a little something Momma said we had to do when we had our first home and it has stuck.

    Yes, your stuff does look different so far! Isn’t that kind of fun?! Can’t wait to see the progress.

  14. we’ve moved many times in 14 years….don’t feel like home until the stuff is on the walls either!!!! i put all the furniture in place and then immediately begin working on where things will hang.

    getting the pantry put together and buying groceries for the fridge is a close 2nd for me.

    love your bedroom…like it better against that color on the walls….can’t wait to see what else you do…a blank awesome.

  15. Hanging things on walls makes it say “home” so I try to do that right away. I can always move it if I decide whatever I’ve hung is needed elsewhere. Then the eggs.

  16. Wow Edie, You did it all Lickity Split. Seems like only yesterday you took Blog World by surprise in announcing the discovery of the Lake House.
    THANK YOU for recommending “Mere Christianity”. It is devinely perfect. I understand your passion for C. S. Lewis, as mine grows with each reading.
    Thank you for encouragement.
    I just started “A Thomas Jefferson Education”. SOOOOOOO grateful for your blog!
    Sincerey, Trudy

  17. hey. not sure at all what’s going on saturday morning, but if you get a chance, drop me the address and if i can, i’ll come up there!!!


    LOVE the cowskin ottoman!

  18. Hey Edie. lovin your new home so far. I am one who can’t go to bed until it’s all unpacked (except out of season stuff) if that takes all day and night, so be it.
    But it starts to feel like mine, when the coffee is brewing, my bed is made with fresh clean sheets, and my toothbrush is in it’s spot.

    Have a wonderful weekend. And I pray for God’s favor on your “moving sale”

  19. I take the pictures off my refrigerator & carry them to the new place. They are the first things to go up. It makes me feel like it’s really my place when I see familiar people on the frig 🙂

  20. Edie,

    Can I say I am addicted to your site? Never wrote in before…only lurked and smelled the coffee, sewed with your girls, sat on your porch and grew in my love for all things simple. We move every 6 months…we are snow birds…1/2 the time in Michigan and 1/2 in Florida. We just finished building our home in Michigan…took us 5 years all by ourselves. My husband is a builder. We “moved in” 2 weeks before moving down to Florida for the winter.

    I definitely had to have my kitchen in and fresh bread baking. Candles always lit…even in summer.

    We are headed back to that home in 10 days, after being gone for 4 months. Looking forward to actually decorating.

    You can check out my very humble and beginners blog at

    Enjoy your new home…Edie style!


  21. Hooray Edie, I’m so glad to hear from you! I know you’ve got your hands full starting up the new house and closing down the old one. The good thing is that helping to unpack boxes and arrange the house could count for the girls elective AND physical education! ;> So keep those precious girls busy. I can’t wait to see more photos of the new space!
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah 😀

  22. I have never commented but have been reading for awhile. I am glad to see you are settling in and posting more:) May you and your family be richly blessed in your new home.

  23. Edie, I just came back to your site yesterday after remembering that I had seen you photo-shopped in a photo that The Nester had. (Random, but true – I had been wanting to come back and visit for a while now!) I have had your blog up now since yesterday afternoon and keep stopping to read snippets when I have the chance! lol I just can’t help myself – I keep coming back! I will be following for sure. Oh, and I had to laugh when I read your page about Southern Women and you mentioned a hypothetical woman from Connecticut – we’re really not all uptight, I promise! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  24. I’ve been lurking for awhile but have decided to come out and comment! I love your blog and your decorating style! :o)
    And I have to ask, because apparently I am the only person in the world who does not know – where did you find the mirror above your bed? I keep seeing it but cannot find it anywhere!

  25. Glad you have your eggs so you can bake!
    For me, as long as I have all of my antique furniture, then I know I’m home….but of course eggs so I can bake too!!

  26. We’ve moved twice in 2 years and are about to do it again. Kitchen is always the last to get unpacked because it has the most stuff. Bathrooms are generally first. I usually get to organize the kitchen because I use it more and I’m good at it.

  27. You are funny you say the things we think about but don’t express. Mine is coffee too, if it smells like fresh made coffee it is home but maybe because caffeine makes me think that way…:)

  28. Well, we’ve been here since December, and there are still masses of boxes to be dealt with (put out of sight downstairs) – but they won’t be touched until we start our massive renovation overhaul.

    We feel at home though, and it wasn’t only the pics on the wall that did it – it was the books on the bookshelves! The day I put them up, things seemed so much more…..homely 🙂

    Enjoy your stunning view!!


  29. if you don’t care. . .
    will you send me an email and tell me where you bought your mirror above your bed?

    there is one that i want so bad at neiman marcus, but it’s huge. . .looks almost identical to that one, but i think i like yours better!

    thanks chicka!

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