I’m HERE listening to great speakers like her and him—- hoping to gain some inspiration for this, my  journey.

I’m lucky enough to be traveling with this hottie and these two cuties.

I’m utterly ecstatic to meet these wonderful people later today and can’t wait to watch them do this.

Aforementioned hottie drove us here safely while watching this from his iphone.

Tomorrow, we will visit here and I will be giddy.   Almost as giddy as when I got this.

You really should get to know my friends here and watch their new video.  I can’t wait.

Sorry I’m so annoying.   I’m gonna blame it on this.


20 comments on “I speak in riddles”

  1. Girl, you had me clickin’ up a storm. Our homeschool group purchase IEW tapes years ago and still offer the seminar every year for those who are interested. And who isn’t interested in teaching your child to write and write well? Have a great weekend!

  2. apparently you can’t leave a hyperlink in a comment. boo! so i’ll just have to give you your compliment straight up,
    you’re……….(click here, not reallY) adorable! nuttin beats guud writin i’m sure they’ll learn you guud.

  3. Edie,
    You amaze me!! I don’t know how you do SO much!! Can I be just like you? OK OK I know that isn’t possible….could I just come stay with you and learn from you? I love to paint!!
    Hope the house is coming around to what you have dreamed it would.
    Looking forward to your next post….always waiting with baited breath….so I can run with what you have shared! Loving Issues etc!! Thank you!!!

  4. Can’t wait to see what you do with this blank canvas 🙂 Sooo excited for you!!! Good luck with all those boxes. We moved last year…and yikes! It’s sooo overwhelming, but sooooo worth it 🙂 Happy Weekending!

  5. Welcome to Cincinnati!
    Make sure you eat a Skyline Cheese Coney, mustard + onions please! AND treat yourself to a scoop (or two) of Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip icecream! Yum!
    OR after your visit to IKEA go one exit further on 75N (Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.) and go to The Cone, the building is in the shape of an ice cream cone. They serve soft serve and other yummy treats!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I am absolutely looking forward to our homeschool convention. We will be there on April 23-24. It is such a time of refreshing and encouragement.

    I hope you have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear about your new home.


  7. I want to go, too! Next year. Don’t forget to go to AIG’s Creation Museum. And yes, my husband’s name is really Tim Hawkins, and he’s funny, but not that funny. Have fun!

  8. what a surprise to see you in ikea today & what a pleasure to meet you. hubby looked pretty amused that you are such a celebrity!

    i don’t live in cincinnati, either. i’m the leader of our women’s ministry & we did a little “shop til you drop” trip to ikea. i live outside of columbus.

    looking forward to seeing all that you will do with your new house.

    blessings –

  9. Hello Dear! A late Happy Easter to you!!!

    You were on my “forbidden Lent” blog lists that I refrained from…

    I enjoyed catching up at Easter/this week!

    Congrats on the new lake house! That is BEYOND MEGA WONDERFUL!

    I pray that the move is not too difficult. It is always somewhat difficult, but I hope that it’s not as bad as it could be.

    We bought the house across the street from the one we were renting and I thought moving would be a piece of cake given the short distance. HA!!!! God finds new ways to humble me every day!!!

    How’s being 40 feeling thus far??? Might I just take this brief moment to say that YOU LOOK AMAZING in all these photos and you look a decade younger. I’m a very bad liar, so you know I’m telling the truth!!!

    I’m 39 now so 40 is “knockin’ on my door.”

    I have so much more to tell you (as in going back to full time homeschooling and not attending the classical school 1/2 time any more) and homeschool questions for you, but will email later, in a few weeks after you’ve moved!!

    I will be keeping you and your beautiful family in my prayers as you start this new chapter in your life!!!

    Again, I am thrilled for you to be able to move to such an amazingly beautiful location where your whole family will soak up God’s creation and be more inspired than you could ever imagine; even if the getting there/moving is hard, it will be IMMENSELY worth it!!!

    Love, blessings, hugs and turquoise joy,

  10. Missed you at Cincy this year. But had to save my pennies. You know CS5 comes out today and I am ALLLLLL over that. 😉

    Please post some of that inspiration for those of us who are sooo burned out.

  11. Hey There Mrs. Edie,
    I left a little award for you on my blog today! Feel free to stop by anytime and pick it up! I appreciate your sincere approach to blogging, your heart pours through the words on the computer screen to so many! Thanks 🙂
    Blessings ~ B

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