Just to be clear and to set the record straight, we weren’t looking for a house.   We love our house.  And our neighborhood.    And our pool.   And our trees.  We’ve lived here since we were married and our two littlest have lived their whole lives here.   I’ve made every single inch of this house  my own.   Neither of us are people who like the thought of moving.  And besides, when you collect as much wonderful stuff junk as I do,  the thought of packing it all up drives me (in a really fast car) to the brink of insanity.

So why did this house hunt us down and leave us no other choice but to buy it?    All the forces in this sweet little southern town seem to be working together to make sure we move to this house.    We were minding our own business when one of our wonderful friends—- some call her Martha, I  call her Fate’s right hand man—–begged and pleaded and then forced us under duress to ‘just go look at it’.    And when we got there, this is what we saw………


That’s so not fair.   To take us there at sunset.   It’s like we’d been taken hostage——by a lake house.

So, we’re moving.  And we may take ‘homebody-ing’ to a whole new level in this house.    Could you blame us?

And I’m a big bag full of mixed emotions.   There are so many things to love about the new place:   the lake, the sunset, a house full of windows, a dock and water toys,  a fun kitchen re-do,  having ‘school’ by the water,  teaching the kids to ski and sail and fish,  and did I mention that my husband grew up on the lake?  so he’s kinda like a kid in candy store right now.

But there are also many things that make me sad:  leaving this house, my friends and neighbors, my comfort zone,   not to mention trying to purge and pack and sort through all our stuff.      Then there’s the staging of this house to sell it (which I’m not thrilled about doing) after I’ve spent ten years making it our own personal cozy space.   It may kill me to try to make it generic for selling it.  Anyone wanna buy it as is? Turquoise cabinets and craft room and all?   How generic do you think you have to make a house in order for it to appeal to the masses?

In short, I’m a little overwhelmed.   I’ve starting the purging/packing process but it seems daunting.   {We’re supposed to close in one month.}   There are so many things that I don’t think will fit in the new house.   Did I say it’s all windows?    Which leaves little room for big furniture and wall decor?    Steve reminds me that the lake is my decoration.

And I remind him that I love my stuff.

And he reminds me that big open floor plans were meant to accomodate the sparse look.

And I remind him that I’m anything but sparse.

Then he goes back to looking at boats.

And I go back to looking  at kitchens.

OH do I ever need your help.  You’re gonna have to hold my hand and remind me to breathe.  I have so many wonderful memories here.  I’m gonna take pictures of every nook and cranny—-as if I haven ‘t already.   And then at the new house,  I think we’re gonna go for a beach/cottage look so flood me with your ideas and inspiration.   I’ve been scouring the latest issue of  Coastal Living magazine, drooling over Erika’s kitchens.   That may be all the inspiration I need but I’d love your input.

I’d also like to know from those of you who’ve moved recently, do you wish you had purged more or do you regret not holding on to some of your stuff?  Should I have a yard sale in the next few weeks or wait until we move and then have a moving sale with what’s left?  Maybe I’ll list stuff on Craig’s list or eBay?   Maybe I don’t have time for any of those options.

See the chaos that ensues when a house takes you hostage?

The Times They Are a Changin’

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  1. I definitely understand your emotions! Yes..purge …you will not regret getting rid of alot of junk! We moved across town after living in a house for over 26 years. The neighbors we had were like family, but things really changed. New neighbors have been more private. I do not regret moving but it was a big adjustment. It is fun to get to decorate a new home now. For us it was better because our children were grown and gone so we got to purge many things…ha!

  2. purge, purge and then purge some more, my friend! Oh, but keep all those special things…the toys that your kids played with for hours and hours…you can’t get rid of those. Am I any help??

    You can do it!…that’s me being a cheerleader! I CAN’T wait to see the cottage/beachy look that you give a new home….

    praying that house sells QUICKLY!!!

    Tara @ between you & me

  3. Things you have made that house a cozy home may not make your new house feel that way. I would definitely purge. (I’ve been in the same house for almost 20 years and would LOVE to move just to get rid of the stuff in the attic, etc.) But hang on to those things that you just love not the things that fit your house. Does that make sense?

    The lake! How wonderful. We grew up with a lake house and spent every summer there. Your children will love it and so will you.

    Kitchen ideas. The ones you linked are fabulous. If you’re still looking for other ideas may I suggest going to a beach realty site and looking at pictures there? We get catalogs every year and then go to the website to take the tours of homes online.

    A book! I’ve written a book in your comments! I’m sorry.

  4. Moving is stressful. But wow, what a lovely view. I’ve always thought it would be great to live on a lake. I definitely think you should purge. If there are things you haven’t used/worn for 2 years or more, get rid of them. I hope your house sells quickly. And you have every right to feel the way you do. You had a lot of special moments in your house. Just think of your new house as a brand new place to decorate. How fun is that? 🙂 xoxo

  5. We are in your same boat. We are moving 6 hours south of Chicago to a smallish city by the Ohio river as we start a new chapter in life at a smallish Christian radio station.

    We painted our kitchen neutral, arranged our furniture in a ‘roomy’ way, moved some furniture to the garage. Packed up books and lots of knick knacks, used fresh green apples for our kitchen island decor, and opened the windows for 5 minutes before each showing. God sold our home in 12 days after 6 showings. We were breathless! Went down to our new smallish river city over the weekend and were again breathless…we are buying a nearly new home in a pretty neighborhood for $110K less than we sold for here. Which means a 15 year loan so we can pay it off before retirement.

    So I will also be purging, packing, taking pictures of all the special things here, ordering a photo book of our most precious Chicagoland photos, and then adjusting to a new life and new style of home with 2 less rooms in it. We have to get rid of a whole room and a half of furniture. All the while continuing to home school our 6th grader and leaving our 2 young adult children in the area. God’s grace will be all the gets us through. 🙂

  6. Boy, do I ever know how you feel. We just put our house up for sale two days ago. The house I’ve lived in for 16 years. The only home my two youngest have ever known. The yard where two of my daughters held their wedding receptions.
    I might feel better if a new house would take us hostage. I can see how a beautiful sunset like that would seal the deal.
    Happy new journey!

  7. I think living on the lake would make up for all of the other worries you are having! Except, maybe the turquoise kitchen. I love the turquoise kitchen and have been trying to convince my husband to let me do the same with ours- no such luck. I would definately go ahead and purge. Then, there is less to move. Good luck!

  8. Hi there. Im a recent follower and loved this post. We are in a similar boat. While I haven’t lived in this current house forever, it’s still special to me in many ways. We are moving in 2 weeks and redoing everything in the new house. We have moved over 4 times in the last 5 yrs and have just collected out stuff and brought it to each new place. I’m going thru the process of purging and organizing now. Just like u see on those HGTV shows – piles for save (sentimental), PURGE, donate, maybe sell etc. I’m trying to be super strict and real with myself and the way I do it is to keep reminding myself that I dont want to collect crap or clutter or make more work for myself in the new place. Just keep thinking like that – u want ur new home to be just as much of a gem as ur old home was. I think as women we KNOW what we need to hold onto and what we dont. Listen to that little voice inside ur head saying for some reason, I just cant let go of it. If u havent touched it in 6 months to a year – dont feel bad about letting it go. Best of luck! and congrats!

  9. Purging is worth it to live on the lake. I grew up on a lake as well, and I miss it dreadfully. Fortunately, I have the mountains to look out upon. But if you have both? Heaven!!

    And purge. My parents just moved from our lake house in NY and did a lot of purging but not enough. They have boxes and boxes that need to just be tossed.

  10. I think moving is a great way to purge through your stuff (and what better time than during spring?), so I say go for it! Also, just as a word of encouragement, I love your house! I’d buy it FOR the blue cabinets, not in spite of. 🙂 Someone will fall in love with it, just like you did!

  11. There is something Fresh and New about a fresh start…in all ways. In your heart AND in the hearts of your family. I pray that this is a place your older ones will LOVE to come home to…because I sense THAT is where your heart is. Praying with you to that end.

  12. Oh Edie, you crazy gal. This move has God written ALL OVER IT! I’m super excited and tired for you all at the same time. I know it’s gonna be a huge process but when you are weak, He will strengthen you.
    I can’t wait to see pics of the new home. Oh and thanks for the details. Staying in suspense just drives me bonders! ;>
    My one word of advice?? If something is sentimental to you (even if it’s hideous) hang on to it. Then, if you decide later to purge it it’s no big deal. So, don’t spazz and sell everything you own… but if you do, call me first! 🙂
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah 😀

  13. What an exciting new adventure Edie!!! What a wonderful thing to show your children as well, that family isn’t tied up within a house and to embrace change. {Um, and will you remind me of this in two years when we’re packing up and moving?}

    I can’t wait to see the fun things this brings!

  14. That’s so exciting Edie. Hard too though. We are actually selling our house too, but only to downsize. We are purchasing some more land and plan to build in a few years. I too have mixed feelings, but can’t wait for more space. It’s no fun when you look up from the breakfast table and see your neighbor hovering above and waving from her bathroom window. :/

    My advice would be only get rid of the stuff you are positive you won’t use. I made the mistake of giving away SO much stuff then when I got to this house I regretted some of it and had to replace furniture and expensive items. I wished I’d have waited until after I moved to decide what I should give away.

    Can’t wait to see more pics of your new house. It sounds dreamy!!

  15. We moved a year ago with four children under the age of 7. I purged so much and I am still purging! I wish that I had gotten rid of more.
    And yes, if your house were closer I would totally love your house cabinets, garage schoolroom, and chalkboard wall and all. 🙂

  16. Congratulations on buying such a great looking house Edie! I can’t wait to see more photos. Is it far from where you live now? Just think, you will be in, in time for summer and then autumn will be gorgeous overlooking a lake. You lucky thing.

    Don’t panic about the packing, it will all come together, and from reading your blog I am sure that friends and family will be more than willing to help.


  17. Oh wow. Your house now is so beautiful….. don’t worry about making it appeal to the masses. My hubby sells real estate. If it’s clean and gorgeous, it doesn’t have to be neutral. I think your turquoise kitchen is 10 times prettier than the one in Coastal Living. Imagine all the new post opportunities you are going to get. I predict your house sells QUICK!!!!!!! Good luck!

  18. Wow, big changes ahead. The view is breathtaking.
    Having moved twice in the last 6 months, I would purge everything except decorations. You want to have all of your beautiful decorating items, live in your new house a month or two and then purge those items. It is hard to know exactly how stuff will work in your new house, you may change it all up and it would be wonderful to be able to shop your own treasures. But moving is a great time to purge, clothes, Christmas stuff, kid stuff, etc.
    I love your idea to take pictures of every corner of your house. 🙂
    Personally I love your craft room and kitchen, but not sure what the masses will like.
    Keep us posted.

  19. we are in the middle of the same season…it is daunting to say the least! But how exciting is the new adventure that is beginning! I am so happy for you guys. You better take lots of pics motivate/ inspire me to keep going 😉

  20. Edie,
    I read your blog from time to time and love it, but I think this is the first comment I’ve left you. It’s 100% natural for you to be a bag of mixed emotions right now, but you are strong as nails and this will be such amazing journey for you and your family. Best of luck getting through the tough stuff and settling in. I can’t wait to follow you in the lake house. Excitement and beauty await you!

  21. Oh! To live on the water like that and take in God’s beautiful creation each day. That will we so awesome and awe-inspiring. But I would feel just like you….grateful and blessed but overwhelmed and a little sad to say good-bye to that chapter of your life.

    I am sentimental and always have trouble saying good-bye even when the new chapter is something I am really looking forward to. I recently wrote about similar feelings as I was purging the house of bottles and sippy cups. “I know the tears come because I have such fond memories of that time of my life. But I also know it is time to fully appreciate and embrace where we are headed.”

  22. Oh how exciting! I know most people think I’m crazy, but I ADORE moving. Planning paint schemes for a whole new home, getting rid of the junk you no longer want, the excitement of reorganizing everything you keep, meeting new neighbors… Yes I know I am insane, but I LOVE the adventure of a new move. 🙂

    Good luck!

  23. We moved a year ago and I say sort now (i.e. label some boxes “purge”), but move the boxes with you. Decorate and rearrange and decorate and rearrange. Six months, or whatever your cut off is, get rid of any stuff you haven’t decorated with. And, you’re right, moving is the perfect time to tweak your style. Go for it!

  24. Oh, what exciting news! If you want my honest opinion as someone who’s moved often…. PURGE, PURGE, PURGE!!! It’s easiest now, before you move (and before you pay to have all of it boxed and trucked to the new place), but expect to do it a bit again after too. Sometimes things you think will work/fit in your new place just look weird, so you gotta go through things again. Get the kids to help! You’d be surprised what they are willing to donate.

    You’ve made this current home beautiful and welcoming for your family, and I have no doubts that you’ll do the same with your new home! 🙂 Soon you’ll be making new family memories at the new place & making it your own, and it’ll be feeling like home in no time! 🙂


  25. Congratulations. I can not wait to see what you do to the new house. ( I also added Erika’s kitchen to my style file.) I would purge as much as possible, but do not stress, some of the best purging can come after a move when you realize what you do not unpack.

  26. I do remember seeing on one of the Better Homes and Gardens’ emails I receive a kitchen with a canoe hanging in it … see boats and kitchens CAN most certainly intersect:).

  27. How exciting! Well, we just went through a big move last week. We left our big country house on 5 acres and moved to a small townhouse/apartment in a metro area. After seeing your lake picture…umm…I’m wanting a private, lovely, homeschool friendly (and homebody friendly) house again. Thankfully, we are renting and can move again in a year.

    I wish I had purged more! We moved to a smaller place and there is no storage. We actually rented a storage unit to hold antiques and treasures that we would not be using, but did not want to purge. You will be in your new home before you know it! Enjoy!

  28. Hey Edie,
    I saw your blog post that you are moving to a new house. How exciting and yet how overwhelming all at the same time. I have an idea for your extra stuff. Just lately I have been asking God how I can use all of my passions and gifts for his glory. The thing besides youth ministry that I am most passionate about is decorating, which I know you love it too. Its the thing I sit up at night perusing through blogs and new ideas. The thing is though, I only really decorate for myself and my home, I wonder how can I use this for others? We work with some single moms who have nothing, so I have decided to go through my stuff that I am not using anymore and see how they can use this for their houses. So many of us have way TOO much and more than enough. We have recently downsized so we have lots of stuff left over that we have recently given to a yard sale that benefitted refugees, but I have extra stuff I am trying to get from people who are getting rid of stuff to redo some of these single mom’s houses. I am sure the stuff that won’t fit in your new house would be a jewel to someone who would love to have something matching or extra special in their house that can’t afford it. Just a thought. I go and look at our first redo house single mom’s house this weekend. I hope to have some ladies from my church donate some of their stuff they are no longer using in their house to spruce up someone elses.

  29. The location of that house is a dream and if it is only nearly as good as it looks it is going to be a wonderful house.
    I have no advice except try and enjoy the process! (I love moving can you tell).

  30. My husband and I finally settled down after our 9th move in 9 years, so I feel your pain & mixed emotions about moving, but I can also say with confidence that it will all come together. I say purge, purge, purge! Also, I don’t think you should make your current house “generic.” Someone will *love* it the way it is! I know I would if I was closer!

    Good look! The new house looks amazing.

  31. I would say do not re-paint or make the house “generic”. People like buying unique homes – and especially homes with style. And a big plus to buying a house is not having to repaint it. If your colors flow and are beautiful just leave it!

  32. 2 years ago we moved from our first home. The home that I made EVERY square inch ours. The home that I brought both my children home to. We moved to a bigger house, with a bigger yard in a better neighborhood. It was our dream home. I cried for 3 weeks straight after we moved in. I had to stop myself from driving by the old house and crying. I didn’t throw out or sell a thing! Did I mention that the new house has a wall of french doors. 9 individual panels of windows. 3 sets of french doors that basically open the whole entire living room up to the outdoors. NO room to hang anything. I still can’t get rid of anything! That view sure is gorgeous!!! Teaching school by the lake sounds like a fairytale.

  33. I have moved 9 times in 12 years. Purge everything before you move and don’t look back. It is just “stuff” and you will collect new “stuff”. Trust me, do everything up front.

    A Zen parable tells of a wanderer on a lonely road who came upon a torrential river that had washed out the bridge. So he built a solid and heavy raft, which carried him safely across to the other bank. “This is a good raft,” he thought. “If there’s another river ahead, I can use it.” And he carried it for the rest of his life. How often do we hang onto things that served us well at one point in out lives but are no longer relevant or useful? If it no longer serves you, get rid of it.

    Good Luck, everything will workout because it is FATE!


  34. I love the feeling of letting things go! There’s nothing better to me than a good relieving trip to Goodwill to drop off a box of stuff. However, I understand that you have an attachment to all the things you have. They are sentimental. But do what you gotta do for this new house! And prepare a room for me! One upstairs, overlooking the water. 😉 Just kidding. Have fun!

  35. Oh, bless your heart. What a gorgeous sunset. No wonder your hearts were captured. But now your heart is breaking a little, too. Mixed emotions are powerful forces, aren’t they?

    I’ve moved 10 times in 25 years, and here’s my advice to you:

    Do purge. You’ll be glad that you got rid of some stuff before you have to move it.

    Do NOT try to make your house too neutral. You know how shows like Designed to Sell always urge people to make their houses less personal? I’m convinced that’s just a nice way to say “Clean out all this junk because it looks awful.” Your house looks wonderful. So DO clean out some of your stuff, but don’t “neutralize” your house–it has so much personality, and I’m betting that buyers will love to see it full of personality.

    My last house had lots of color, including a big kitchen painted a very bright, apple green. I mean VERY bright. But it looked great to me. I cleaned it up beautifully and packed away a lot of junk, but left all the decor in place. We got a contract at full asking price the very first day it was for sale. I really believe the decor made the difference, and I think it will for you, too.

    By the way, I think your stuff will translate beautiful into a relaxed, beachy vibe. Your look is already eclectic and casual, it seems–I would think it’ll work great in the new space!

  36. Edie, right there with you, girlfriend! We built a house we loved-and are now putting it on the market to move across country. I ping pong between ecstasy and fear. I’ve made a bazillion trips to the dump and Goodwill. Our new house will be in beach town in San Diego County-so I’ve been pouring over decorating blogs-which is how I found you! I’m saying a prayer for both of us!

  37. Wishing you all the very best!…we JUST sold our home (in two weeks!) and are beginning a WHOLE new adventure! building on the land we had always dreamed of…with two lakes, pastures and woods…things moved a little (ALOT!) faster then we EVER dreamed! I too had spent the last seven years creating our “nest”- and I didn’t change one thing for the sale!- and like I said- TWO weeks! and it was gone! now I am trying to remember to breathe too! Your home is beautiful and I just know someone will LOVE it as much as you all have!
    Best wishes!
    Many Blessings!

  38. We just went through a very similar move, and right after putting a brand new beautiful kitchen in our old house. It was exciting, sad, and bittersweet all at the same time, so I know exactly how you feel. It looks like your new home’s location is breathtaking and it won’t be long before you make it your own and have memories between those new walls. We also closed on our house before we sold our old one, so I believe God makes it happen when the timing is right. Definitely take lots of deep breaths – you will get through it!

  39. Gosh, I feel you! We just moved, & I hate moving. Let me say it was worth it, though because we LOVE our new house! We’re just getting started, I’m nowhere near finished decorating, & going through all my stuff made me feel (just a smidge) like I should be featured on ‘Hoarders’. Okay, not really, but I have a lot of stuff. The pic of the new place is beautiful, I hope it all goes well for you!

  40. So excited for ya’ll as you embark on this adventure! Take lots of before/after pictures of the new place so we can be inspired by your progress!

  41. Purge, purge, purge. Purge now. Sell now. Purge while UNpacking too. Then sell again. Seriously, purge!! (I’ve moved 10 times in the last 11 years, trust me.


  42. Wow, what an amazing view! I don’t think I could pass that up!

    I would love to buy a new house, but I can’t imagine packing up all my stuff, either. I’m not looking forward to that day! But, it all sounds incredibly worth it for you!!

  43. i would feel the same way. excited and sad about leaving my old house. i tend to hold on to things too tightly.

    if you have time, come over later to my place and look at my cousin’s kitchen update. she loves your blog.

  44. Edie,
    Do you ever visit this blog? http://www.abeachcottage.com/my_weblog/
    You’ll love her story–tiny home, cottage beach decor, decorates on a shoestring, loves “found” well-used items.
    I’ll be praying parts of Psalms 16 for you as you find contentment in the chaos–
    5 LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup;
    you have made my lot secure.

    6 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
    surely I have a delightful inheritance.


  45. Oh, it’s hard leaving a home filled with memories, no doubt about it. I won’t lie to you, it will be tough when you walk through the rooms the last time. But then, remarkably, a half hour later the clouds lift and you realize that you’ve made the best choice you ever could have made. And you are SOOOO glad you decided to sell.

    On the purging bit, I would suggest pulling as many late nights as you can in the next month to just get through it. Go uber-lax with the schooling for the short term. It’s totally worthwhile. I am speaking from experience on this one as my last move happened with a 2 month old baby and I am STILL (3 1/2 years later) sorting through the boxes of junk that overtook my basement. I’m not kidding, you can barely walk down there. My blood pressure rises every time I descend the staircase. So yeah, do it now. As much as you can. Yard sales and all.

    On the kitchen part, I get a bit giddy. I have a design business and the thought of a fresh canvas like that makes my heart race in all the right ways. Oh, the fun you’ll have!

    Ooh, a long comment. Sorry! The subject gets me goin’. ;o)

  46. Congratulations – that is so exciting! Your single photo has me wanting to see many more photos of this house as you move in and make your mark on it. Hopefully, with a view like that, you will be inspired every day!

  47. hey!
    honestly, i’m glad we got rid of so much stuff before we moved………..BUT………….i wish we had had the room to move it here, then sort, and give away/yard sale or whatever. . .

    there is SO MUCH STUFF that i think. . .you know? i could have done this, or put this here or there. . . i love junk, too, so i really wish i had waited, but hubby insisted, and i gave into what he wanted!

    so so so happy for you!!!
    i’m wondering what lake you are moving on???? douglas????

  48. What a jewel that found you! I can certainly relate to your emotions and mixed feelings! I recommend you ask yourself this-is now the right/safe/best time to make a firm decision about which of the things that you love you’re going to get rid of? I’ve learned the HARD way to live in a place for a while before making decisions that I might regret later. Is there a place where you could simply store things until you’re confident that the decision you make won’t be something you’ll regret later? Blessing to you whatever you decide!

  49. Edie, I devour your blog! I secretly want to audition to be your best friend. You are such a talented writer and you inspire me and remind me of how deeply I need to express myself with the written word. It must feel so cathartic to have that release! We’ve met and share many mutual friends, and now that I am a devout reader of your blog; I seriously feel like I have spotted a celebrity when I see you out in Morristown. Girl, hopefully you know I’m not creepy, but you rock and I would love to buy your house exactly as it is. Thanks for the daily dose of fun.

  50. Wow! What a view! The last time we moved I thought I did a good job purging. But after being in the house we are in now for four years, I still have boxes to unpack. Obviously, I could have gotten rid of that stuff, too. When you start to pare down, it becomes addictive, and you want to see how much you can get rid of. Honestly, it would do me well to move every few years to help let go of the junk! Good luck sorting and purging!

  51. Edie…congrats! Oh how we would love to live on the lake! I’ve been following your blog for some time but I think this is my first comment. Two things…1) Once you decide what you are selling, maybe post them on your blog first. Some of us might want to buy something. I think my sister lives near you. 2) we are trying to sell our 22 foot pontoon boat. It is a 2001 model and is in excellent condition with very low hours on the motor. It is currently docked on Center Hill marina. I’m dying that we are selling it but we haven’t be available to use it as often as we would like as we have three children that are 2 years and under. Anyway…if you are looking for a great pontoon, we have one! Congrats again on the move. The house looks absolutely devine!

  52. I wouldn’t worry about making your house look generic… some buyers are looking for someone else’s great decorating ideas! As for keeping vs purging… hang on to it if you’re at all doubtful about getting rid of it. Then, put it in storage or in an attic or garage – if you haven’t needed/wanted it within the first year, then have your garage sale!

    Oh… and if you’re interested in selling any great stuff, post it on here!

  53. Wow Edie! So exciting. I so understand those emotions you are going through. Maybe you can find a reader who wants your adorable house as is. It pains me to think of you generic-ing it.

  54. Oh, Edie! WOW!!
    That is HUGE! I am excited and scared for you. Good gravy!
    And I do love Erika’s kitchen’s- divine.
    I say go with a garage sale, then eBay/ Craig’s list the big stuff.
    Or just call me and I’ll haul my cookies up there because I love all your stuff! 🙂

  55. I would buy your heart as is in a heartbeat! And I haven’t even seen all of it. And I miss trees and hills and mountains and lakes and streams like my home state, especially after living in the flat lands of Texas for too long now. Yup, I would move into the space you’ve lovingly and thoughtfully created. I know there is a sweet, sweet spirit there. If I could only convince my husband. *Sigh*

  56. Om my! I must be really tired from work. I meant “I would buy your HOUSE in a heartbeat!” And congratulations on the wonderful lake home. There is something wonderful about being close to a body of water. I know you will make this new home just as special and unique as your former home.

  57. Oh my…I have to admit I’m feeling sad…those beautiful turquoise cabinets!!! Your adorable kitchen alone makes the first house priceless…but I can only imagine that the next will be even more amazing! And those sunsets on the lake…congrats and good luck!

  58. Congratulations Edie!!! This is a wonderful new chapter! As you know we are in the process of building also, and it’s overwhelming when I think of all my junk too! My advice is to keep everything you LOVE and get rid of the rest. I am downsizing things that I dont’ care come with us or not. The rest is coming. And remember, some furniture looks SHOWCASED in front of windows. Our new house has LOTS of windows and I can’t wait to have all that sunlight with NO blinds in “da country”, LOL!
    Can’t wait to see your new home! And I wouldn’t worry about “neutralizing” your home. People will walk in a be blown away! Don’t sell yourself short! Remember, most buyers aren’t decorating crazies like us bloggers! 🙂

  59. Purge, it will refresh you, it’s great for the soul and you will find new passion in it.

    Also the house is peaceful and inviting…if I were a house that’s where I would want to be, facing the water and listening.

    Great move.

  60. Congratulations! I have never lived in one place for more than six years, so here is my advice! 🙂 Purge honey purge!! Personally I think Craigslist is great and here is my homeschooling spin on that: it is a great lesson in preparing things to sell, setting price, negotiating, etc! It is also a great opportunity to remember that earthy things don’t really matter and that our true treasure is in Heaven. You will be so glad to have lightened your load and won’t likely regret it! Best wishes to you and your family through this transition-how exciting! Hold on tight and take a leap!

  61. Definitely wait to purge. You may find a spot for that certain something that doesn’t work right in your current home. Plus, it feels good to purge at your own pace. I sold a TON of stuff on Craigslist after our move, and it felt good. Doing it beforehand would have been too pressured and too rushed and a bit sad. Afterwards, I took my time, and made a lot of extra cash.

    Good luck!! Sounds like a dream…

  62. It seems most are saying purge, purge, purge, but we’ve moved a few times and I still regret some of the things we got rid of!! So I say only get rid of stuff you are absolutely sure you don’t want anymore. I think moving is hard enough without the added stress of debating with yourself (or others!) whether you should keep/give away/whatever your “stuff”!!

  63. Hey! I would definately wait until I get where I am going to have a yard sale. That way you do not sell something that you will regret selling and that you may have to buy again! Your house will be beautiful and I know you will love it!!! :}Have fun with it!!!

  64. We just moved before Christmas, and still have plenty of boxes of things to unpack. I purged enough to make sure that our last house was de-cluttered enough to be marketable (but I didn’t worry about it being generic – I figured that people would either love or hate its strong coloured feature walls). I then ditched a few more things when packing, then have been ditching things here as I unpack and see what does and does not fit in this space.

    We have major renovations yet to be undertaken, so I’ll be watching your blog with (even greater) interest!

    All the best -deep breaths – and let me reassure you that although we also left a much loved family home, we haven’t looked back 🙂

  65. I’d say to purge stuff, but keep the kitchen and craft room basically “as is.” Even bold colors, if done well, can translate easily into a sale. Your house is beautifully decorated, so I would keep the decorating as you currently have it. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with the packing, and dreaming!

  66. more pictures of the new, and DONT make your existing home generic. someone will LOVE it! God will provide a buyer for whom it is a blessing……tiffany blue cabinets and chalk walls and all. This is not to say you are not unique, just that your gift of style might be just what someone else is looking for. Show as is and see if it sells before you destroy all the beauty you have added by making it appeal to ……i dare say we who love LIFE IN GRACE are not the mere masses….but there are masses of us, and we all love it I’m sure! If it doesn’t sell quickly, then give a second thought to making it more generic…..but I’m pretty confident you won’t have to! 🙂 CANT WAIT TO SEE THE NEW ONE!

  67. Hi! Have never left you a comment before…but have followed…for awhile…just started a blog this week. I grew up in New England-cape cod and Marthas Vineyard were regular inspiration…my only suggestion as you decorate is to search those areas…a trip would be ideal:) (tell your husband I said so:) … great finds along A1A…think of using sails as curtains…a boatting store will inspire…cannot wait to see what you do! So glad for you what a blessing!

  68. Susan Miller’s prayer for Moving:

    Thank you, God, for the opportunities this move will bring. It is a comfort to know that you have gone before me and prepared this place for me. I am excited about my new beginnings; yet I am fearful about the unknown. Calm my fear, Lord. Help me to put my expectations in you and not in people or places. I give you the glory for the great things you will do through this transition in my life. Above all, Lord, use this move to draw me closer to you.

  69. Edie, I think I remember you writing that you were looking for a turquoise lamp. I saw one today at Marshall’s in East Knoxville. (You know the one next to the Target?) It would be perfect. I would have called you to see if you wanted me to pick it up, but I didn’t have your number. It’s not bright or large, but its really pretty!

  70. I know that this move is probably bittersweet! As a young mom who’s moved every year for the past three, i know a thing or two about that. I just wanted to let you know that if you decide to purge before you move, it’s kind of refreshing. That’s the approach we have taken every time, and it’s worked for us. We never part with anything we absolutely love, unless it doesn’t work in the new house. We purge what has been unused in way too long, things that just clutter, things we know people we love can use. It’s nice to know only what i need and love will be finding a place in the new home.
    I can’t wait to see what you do with the new house! I *love* everything you’ve posted on your current home! Good luck & God bless!

  71. One of the most important thing God taught me through the 26 plus moves was it IS just stuff and there is always more to be had. “Trust Me” , He would whisper.

    Now some practical. Don’t scrimp on the paper or tape and “dirt moves” meaning of course, don’t sweat the small stuff. If you can afford or manage it, keep those items in question ,throw it away later. If in doubt ask husband or oldest child. Be tender and generous with the kids and their desires and wants. Even moves in town are are tough on the heart. Yours too.

    Your new place makes me home sick for East TN lakes.

  72. How exciting and stressful at once. Moving, purging and change are not always fun but keep focused on the future. The fun of a new home. The excitement. The gorgeous view from all your windows. Go with it and expect surprises and blessings.

    We moved 6 years ago and I purged so much before we moved. Anything we didn’t love and didn’t use we sold, tossed or donated. Somehow, we accumulated so much stuff once we were here and once I decided to stay home and homeschool I couldn’t stand the clutter anymore. I began purging and am still doing it to this day. It is so freeing. I love stuff but what I don’t love is gone in an instant.


  73. YOur question about purging and keeping is a double edge sword. I say if you have the time (which you probably don’t at this point) you should have three piles, Keep, purge and undecided. THere is alot of stuff that we got rid of that was undecided and now that we have finally settled (4 years, yeah it took us awhile to get back in the groove) we are missing some of the things. I hate to rebuy things that I have already spent money on once. Good luck and have tons of fun;) If you lived in Cali I would snatch your house in a second.

  74. I hear every word you’re saying. And if I was local, I’d want to move right in and cozy up to that turquoise cabs. I think I’d leave them that way. De-cluttering is good but I’m with Richella–it’s so awesome the way it is! Blessings on you and yours as you let go and embrace the new.

  75. Oh Edie, what a grand new adventure! I love moving, the purging, the energy you get from abandoning the old and embracing the new.

    And when the whole prospect feels overwhelming, just think what great blog material it is!

  76. I moved a couple of months ago and I went through the same thing. I decided (only because I procrastinated and had no time left) to wait to sell all my nick nacks afterwords. Which I have yet to do. But I love going into my garage and shopping through all my old stuff that looks new in our new home. And for those of us who can shake a mean can of spray paint, or better yet some chalkboard paint, anything can be repurposed. So I still have not sold what is left since I am still finding spots in my home that need some tlc. I will get there soon enough.

  77. I’d keep everything you love. You never know how it will all fit until you get it in there, plus you can always store things and rotate them. Esp if you’re nostalgic about leaving, you need your old stuff to feel more at home in the new place. I’m about to move too, so I know how you feel!

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