Where have I been?

For starters, I’ve been a little preoccupied with life.   I had a wonderful visit with Taylor and Caiti.   We found Caiti a gorgeous prom dress and despite my desperate pleas, Taylor did not let me cut his hair.   The girls and I went to see Alice in Wonderland, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  And if you missed it, Nester has a hilarious post about slipcovers which you should read.  I was supposed to go to her house and help with the slipcover-fest and couldn’t make it so she photoshopped me in at various places.   And then complained that I was absolutely no help whatsoever.    I missed seeing Kristi and missed meeting Tiny Twig.   I did however, upon inspiration from my friends,  begin a little slipcover party of my own.  I’m about 3/4 of the way done and I love it so far.  It’s such a great solution for thrift stores chairs that need rescuing.


I also have a great story to share with you soon.   I’ve given sneak peeks on Twitter.   Hope you have a great Sunday!

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  1. Edie, I love your slip cover. I said something on the Nester’s post, but I guess I should say something here too. You were lookin’ a little rough that day. I think you should get some rest. 😉 Then maybe you’ll be more helpful next time. 😉

    Wish I was brave enough to give the slip cover thing a try. I may start with my ottoman and see how that goes.

  2. Your slipcover is looking very nice! And I would suggest you return the favor to the Nester. I bet you have a couple of great pictures you could photoshop her into. That will teach her to complain about your lack of helpfullness 🙂

  3. Oh my…Edie CAN slipcover! It looks divine, I must say! And that little pleated skirt is to die for! You do know…that wing chairs are one of the hardest pieces to cover…besides a sectional sofa. You have earned your slipcover wings! Fly!

  4. Wow, Edie! That’s awesome! I so want to get up the nerve to try this. Right now I only have about 10 books explaining the process!! LOL My blogging buddies give me so much courage to try things I normally wouldn’t. Ain’t God good??? He surrounds me with friends through my computer!

  5. Ok priss, the slipcover’s fabulous and all but what’s this your tweeting about? Moving to the lake?? I want DETAILS ASAP!!! Enough baking bread and you can worry about the prom shoes later. Tell us about moving! I’ve followed every-last-detail you’ve blogged about in the past year so don’t start holding out on me now! ;>
    God’s blessings on your afternoon,
    Sarah 😀

  6. cracked up that ‘you were no help at all’… hahaha.
    How funny, I have 2 chairs that are in need, I’m inspired. Can’t wait to hear the story..

  7. Hi Edie-I have bee a reader for awhile now…just started my blog yesterday, have never left a comment-but now feel like I can… now that I have joined the blog world. Thanks for being you, and your blog inspiration!…last slipcover I “made” became painters cloth…ugh!

  8. hey there, stranger! i finally posted on our luncheon and included a link to you… hope that’s ok!
    love your slipped look… so crisp. and yet, i’m seeing a dyeing party in the not-so-far off future, because i know how you like change.
    lots of catching up to do, but looks like i’ll be keeping you company on mondays at dance whenever possible… a story in itself.

  9. LOVE IT!! Can you imagine that I cant’ find anyone to PAY to make them around here???? I may have to try this, although I’d have to learn how to thread the needle on my sewing machine first!!!
    Quick question, what brand is your sofa? We will be in the market for one soon. I have a Thomasville that is big and filled with down, but the middle of it hasn’t held up as I would have liked it too. Although my little upholsterer friend is coming to look at it to see if he can help me! 🙂

  10. Great work on the slipcover, even though you were no help at all for the Nester! LOL! Can’t wait to hear the big news – maybe I’ll just hop on over to see what you’ve been tweeting!

  11. your blog is a breath of fresh air on dreary, cold Monday mornings, thank you! Hope to get to catch up soon!
    p.s.- I just slip covered a sofa in the guest house, was intimidated by the sewing part so I cheated and ordered from pottery barn, was impressed with the quality..

  12. Life does tend to take over and time goes by so quickly. I find the same thing happening here. Glad you had a nice visit.

    Loved the post over at the Nesters. Your chair is great!!! I would love to try this on my couch.


  13. I know what you mean about life happening and slipping by. Can’t wait to see your finished slip cover. When you’re done with yours, can you come on over and help me with one, too?

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