This post is dedicated to the ever talented and wise Todd Wilken: who is a self confessed lover of cats and fish tacos.   We owe a debt of gratitude to Todd, Jeff and Craig for their tireless committment to ‘equipping the priesthood of all believers‘.   You can subscribe to their podcasts on iTunes or listen directly from They faithfully proclaim the gospel every day through a variety of current issues and theological topics and have a highly qualified panel of guests.   Todd posted a very funny facebook stream about fish tacos and it inspired me to write a little tutorial.   So here ya go.  Fish tacos ‘for the thinking christian’.

I first had fish tacos in Des Moines when Stevie and I were visiting Malachi, Savannah, Marcus and Nicholas. As we walked into the little dive by the water, I was skeptical. I like tacos and I love fish. But fish tacos? Really? But I’m a professing foodie so I’ll try almost anything. They were absolutely divine and I’ve been working on my fish taco skillz ever since. If you’re beginning to wonder whether or not this is a food blog, just know that I want to post a recipe everyday and often restrain myself. Everyday when I’m making dinner, I think, “Oh how my friends would love this recipe.” But then my children start whining about how hungry they are and beg me to stop taking photos of the food. Maybe I need a food blog. And maybe you need to try fish tacos.

Oh and give this a listen while you make them!

Here’s what you need:
Lime cilantro cole slaw
Seasoned black beans and rice
Beer battered and fried fish
Pico de gallo or homeade salsa

Lime Cilantro Cole Slaw:

Mix one bag of angel hair coleslaw with the zest and juice of one lime,  a handful of cilantro chopped,  one large tablespoon of miracle whip,  1/2 t. sugar,  1/2 t vinegar,  and one large tablespoon of regular mayo or sour cream and salt to taste.   Mix well and let sit until ready to use.   Before you serve it, taste it and reseason if needed.


Seasoned Black Beans and Rice:

Drain two cans of black beans.   To the drained beans, add salt to taste, 2 t. of ground cumin, 1 t. of garlic and herb seasoning, and 1 cup of cooked rice.   Mix well.   Top with 1 cup of cheddar cheese and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Beer Battered Fish:

I use Paula Deens’ recipe for the fish.   I buy frozen tilapia, thaw it and cut it into small-ish pieces.   And I fry in peanut oil.  It makes all the difference.   Besides seasoning the fish before I dip it in the beer batter, I also sprinkle it with a little Lawry’s seasoned salt after it comes out of the fryer.   Keep everyone out of the kitchen when the fish comes out or it’ll be all gone before you can assemble the tacos.

Homeade salsa {winter version}

Salsa is not quite as fun in the winter without fresh tomatoes.    But here’s a pretty darn good version of fresh salsa without fresh tomatoes.

Drain one large (28 oz) can of Cento roma tomatoes.   These are whole romas.   Add them to your food processor or blender along with 1 seeded jalapeno (or less if you don’t like heat), 1 peeled avocado,  3 cloves of garlic peeled,  the juice of two limes,  1/2 red onion, 1 T. honey, salt and pepper to taste, and a big handful of cilantro.  I also added a little squirt of sriracha for more heat.   Pulse until it’s well mixed.

You’re almost there. Take small soft taco tortillas and heat them gently in the microwave and then layer all your yummy ingredients; fish, black beans and rice, slaw and then salsa. Serve with your favorite beverage to your favorite people.  And enjoy!

38 comments on “How to Make Fish Tacos {on Friday during Lent}”

  1. We sometimes do our fish tacos unfried, and they taste great that way too- but not quite as great as when it’s fried- yum!

    We like fish tacos too much to eat them on a Friday during Lent- it would not be any kind of fasting! Oh, super yum! Oh, the power of cilantro to make things taste good, right! Enjoy your tacos!

  2. I have to say I’ve never tried fish tacos. It looks like something my husband would LOVE!

    And I have to tell you I tried your Angel Wing Biscuits. My son packed the leftovers in his lunch bag and enjoyed them without heating them up. That’s saying something! Delicious.

    I love your recipe page.

  3. Edie, I am a devoted groupie of Life in Grace. Thank you for your thought-provoking posts alternated with the lighthearted, “quirky” ones – love them all! I’m making your tomato soup for lunch today…we’ll have to try the fish tacos – they look delish! Enjoy the day.

  4. Edie, I have to say I think you’ve won me over! For some reason, I always thought of like tuna sandwiches with taco accompaniments when I hear ‘fish tacos’. I never considered it would be beer battered fish. That’s yum!

    I’ll have to try these one time (after Craig’s heads out, he’s not as adventurous as I!) in the near future.

    Great post!

    p.s. As long as your kids don’t mind, we’d love more recipes!

  5. Thinking about that Salsa recipe. Is it good with plain ol’tortilla chips? Not sure if it is just a topping for the tacos? We love salsa in my home! Fish…not so much. Thanks for your great ideas!

  6. i love fish tacos…i just had some a couple nights ago in fact. it was also fried tilapia, with a jalepeno coleslaw and a black bean relish on the side. mmmmm, you are making me hungry for them again!

  7. These sound so very yummy. I don’t know if my family would give them a chance. I’ll definitely have to give it a try. I will need to block them from the kitchen when that fish is frying or they will come running and eat it all up.


  8. I just had fish tacos for the first time a few weeks ago! Was unsure of them until I tasted and instantly fell in love! Hubs is taking me out for them tonight! I’ve had them with grilled fish! YUM! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I adore your blog!

  9. Living in California, fish tacos are a mainstay. I admit I have never had one but since yours looks so darn good, well, I just might give ’em a try.
    Wish me luck!

  10. Great seeing you last week! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It’s always a joy! The recipes look fabulous, can’t wait to try them. Take care!

  11. I’ve never had a fish taco but I’ve always wanted to try one. I’m totally bookmarking this one under “recipes to try.” Thanks Edie!

  12. I triple love fish tacos! Living in California, they are easy to come by! My mom lives in Mexico & I eat them all the time down there as well. You can grill the fish and make sure to have lots of lime to drizzle on top to get the best flavor. Shrimp is a great alternative to this recipe as well. Yum 🙂

  13. I don’t like fish. nope, not any kind any flavor or any preparation. As much as I wish I could enjoy some healthy salmon, it’s just not happening. I also shiver at the mere mention of mayo so this recipe is just not for me.

    That said, I do love that you even put honey in your salsa!

    • – Tessa, you have done it again. Such beautiful puitcres of such an obviously loving family. These will be treasured for years to come. I hope you both succeed in being chosen for Extreme Makeover and get the home that your angelic daughter, Skylar so dearly deserves. God Bless you All!

  14. Sent you a little bloggy love over at my site, shared your link to your taco recipe on a blogging bee at Homestead Revival. super yummy healthy giongs on over there.
    Hope I quoted you ok, about chris farley, if not, you’ll forgive I’m sure, as my 3 yo was seriously distracting me.
    again, just trying to send folks over to enjoy your great sense of humor, insights & yummo tacos! I’m making right now!
    have a super week- btw, enjoyed so much your bilssdom posts, especially about the ‘innner circle’. That really helps when you feel so far out of the loop. Blessings to you and yours- Laura

  15. You have inspired me to attempt coleslaw for dinner:) I am also listening to Issues and getting all enthralled untl alas, my children are whining for me to come join them for lunch:)

  16. Hi Edie — I haven’t commented before, but I just wanted you to know how much I’ve enjoyed the last two recipes you have shared! We live in Minnesota so I’m going to try our fish tacos with walleye or crappie that my husband and son have caught while ice fishing. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


  17. the first time i ever heard of fish tacos i was almost thirty and i started laughing so hard…because i thought it was a joke. “who would ever eat fish tacos?!” then no one else was laughing and they seriously liked FISH tacos. it was shocking to me.
    i still haven’t tried it.

  18. Dear Edie, I made the complete meal (Fish Tacos) for my family and we LOVE it.
    I truly enjoy your blog. I find it inspiring and comfortably quirky.
    Sincerely, Trudy
    PS I made it through the Great Divorce, but when I attempted the Abolition of Man I found myself quickly submerged in dialog. Submerged as in drowning, and thus gave it up.

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