I was over at Nester’s today,  visiting like I always do(virtually, of course),  and she’s talking about chalk boards.  I wasn’t even gonna post today but how can a woman who has 3 chalk WALLS in her house not post about them?  I may have an inner 8 year old doodler  in me that refused to grow up but what’s not to love about chalk walls?    Chalk walls are inspiring and beckon you to sit and write a while.  I have a hallway of chalk walls between my kitchen and dining room….


and an entire chalk wall in my craft room.   It’s perfect because when the littles grow weary of crafting, they can craft on the chalk wall instead.   And for teens, it’s the perfect place to smatter graffiti.  The chalk walls in my house are well used.   And I’m gonna go ahead and  blame my dust problem on chalk.  I’m sure the surfaces in my house would be completely spic and span were it not for all the chalk dust flying around.   That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

{oh and by the way,  my friend Jessica sent me the most wonderful L-O-V-E banner a while back and now it hangs on the craft room chalk wall.   Isn’t it perfect?]

And all that got me to thinking about whether or not I’m quirky.   People have called me quirky before.   I’m sure I’ve called myself quirky.   So I went on a little jaunt around my house looking for oddities.   For things that would make people call a person quirky.   You might be interested in what I found.


Exhibit A:

My kitchen cabinets are turquoise.    The most wonderful cheerful joyous shade of bluish green that I’ve ever seen.   I painted them one year ago and I love them today more than ever.   I’m certain that my cooking has taken a more joyful turn.


Exhibit B:

After attending to thirteen years of post graduate education ,   I  quit my job and homeschool my children in my garage. {Everytime I say that  it reminds of Chris Farley and his ‘living in a van down by the river’ motivational speech.}   Granted, it’s painted and cozy and inspiring but it’s still a garage.  Irony of all ironies:  I feel very unqualified to be doing this.


Exhibit C:

And oddly enough, in aforementioned schoolroom, there is no chalkboard or chalk wall.     There is however, a sofa.


Exhibit D

My friend Shawna pointed out to me when she was here this summer for Taylor’s Graduation Party that I have dressers everywhere…….


except in the bedrooms.


I guess I’m gonna have to go ahead and  plead guilty to quirky.

Visit Nester for more chalk surfaces than you ever seen in one place.

37 comments on “Chalk Walls and Quirky”

  1. Pretty much everyone I like is at least somewhat quirky. Who else is going to give spice to life?

    The photos in this post are absolutely smashing. Just smashing.

  2. LOVE it Edie! Quirks and all, because boy do we ALL have quirks over here, LOL! We are on 6 weeks of homeschooling and can’t BELIEVE the leaps and bounds!!! There are days when I think I’m not doing enough and days where I think I push too hard! But somedays are just right. 🙂
    Oh and I LOVE me some chalkboards!! I want either a chalkwall or a chalkDOOR to the pantry in the new house! Can’t wait! Making exterior decisions right now that are making my head spin……………………………………………

  3. Quirky or not, if you were in West Tennessee instead of East Tennessee, I’m certain we would be buds! Love your blog for lots of reasons 🙂

  4. You’ll be happy to know that I have a small collection of white wood and I am currently “testing” paint ideas for my kitchen cabinets.

    I am relatively sure they will be an antique white with ebony glaze and eventually I’ll have an ebony island (quite aged). We shall see.

    By the way, I doubt any of us homeschoolers feel prepared to teach, 13 years or 2 years of college (ahem) under our belts!

  5. Love this post. I would love a chalkboard wall. Maybe someday. They seem like so much fun.

    I love all your quirkiness. It’s part of who you are. I think we all have our different quirks.


  6. Edie, I just love you.

    First, I’m crossing my fingers every day that we can sell this house so I can have my dream kitchen with my dream chalkboard wall.. In the kitchen, ‘cuz, why not!?

    I love your cabinets, but I’ve said that before. LOVE.THEM.

    and, c’mon who doesn’t enjoy a pretty dresser, in the living room.. 🙂


  7. I just think you are so so very creative! I would have never thought of just one huge wall of chalkboard paint for the kids. I posted my first chalkboard project on the Nester’s site today also!

    Your colors and your home and your clothing all speak of “LIFE” to me! I love it! Blessings,

  8. i LOVE this post! i love your real posts and your decor! i just love it. i’d like to come in and load my super dirty van up with some of your things and bring them back here!


  9. I feel so honored that you wrote my name on the board…Mrs. Taylor. 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE your house…and the fact that you are a cool homeschooling momma!!!

  10. Quirky means never dull 😉

    I have a question about your “clothesline” that hangs in front of your chalk wall. I’m a (new)homeschooler and looking for something to hang our work from without putting holes in our walls. This might be the answer. Can you elaborate?

  11. I wanted chalkboard walls, but my husband vetoed the idea. He didn’t want the chalk dust everywhere, so I settled on a little square on our door going out to the garage.

    In a van down by the river! Love it!

  12. Quirky must be the word of the week. Everyone keeps mentioning someone who is quirky. You are a different kind of quirky than the others. I like your kind better. Chalk and dressers and turquoise I can relate to.

  13. I am always amazed at the number of people that feel that are qualified to teach yet have little to no training. I am not necessarily talking about you as you are a professional with many years of college. However, I am not trained as a doctor so why would I operate or prescribe medicine for my child? I spent several years training as educator, including graduate and post-graduate work. What’s the difference? Then there are those women who barely graduted high school and decide to homeschool. How are THEY possibly qualified to teach their children? Putting children in front of a computer and allowing it to instruct is not teaching a child.

  14. Well, I’ll just jump on board with your quirkiness… (word?) or in my case just plain oddity. We are just about to break ground to build our first house… yet somehow in storage I already own 4 wall size chalk boards. (2 for the wall and 2 on wheels) My husband brought them home from the last school auction at the district he works at and I couldn’t say no. I also took a box of microscopes, 6 brightly colored retro chairs, and brightly painted library shelves that are meant to sit in the middle of the floor.

    Now if I only had a house, lol!

  15. I know this is an “old” post…. Old is getting relative as I just turned forty and honestly still feel 17 (except for the days I feel 71), BUT I just found your blog and feel like I made a friend. I’m also a good southern girl residing in East Tennessee about to embark on homeschooling my dyslexic son. My friends think I’m quirky or crazy or both. I have a Master of Science in Education but have spent most of my mama years at home, volunteering at the local food bank and advocating for my son. My career friends don’t understand how I can be satisfied with my life. I can’t imagine not being satisfied. I have chalkboard or spray paint splashed on just about every surface in this house (except for a penny backsplash. I never want to spend that much time with Abe Lincoln again!) My fave chalkboard areas are an armoir/chalkoir – where we post birthdays and happy quotes. I also have a chalkboard wall in my kitchen with quotes like “Make Dinner Not War” – Thanks for the beautiful blog.

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