March 2010

the 411

by Edie Wadsworth on March 29, 2010


We did a traditional processional into church yesterday waving our palm branches and singing “All Glory, Laud, and Honor”.  It was such a beautiful way to begin Holy Week.    The little girls paid close attention to communion yesterday in anticipation of their first communion on Easter.  These palm fronds (leftover from our Palm Sunday […]


I love this picture…..

by Edie Wadsworth on March 25, 2010


I love everything about it. There’s nothing quite like little girls and their daddies—how they so easily undo what looks to be a solid wall of raw-edged masculinity.  And oh how I love to watch him with them.   They walk in the room and his eyes light up, his tone of voice changes, and […]


Packing, Planning and Praying

by Edie Wadsworth on March 23, 2010


I know it’s somewhat necessary when you’re moving but I really don’t enjoy packing up my stuff.  Books should be on book shelves.   I’ve got three or four large baskets of books already that I’m sure I can’t live without until the move is done.   When exactly do I think I’ll have time […]


Happy Birthday Elea!

by Edie Wadsworth on March 22, 2010



Homeschool Nitty Gritty Update

by Edie Wadsworth on March 18, 2010


I think I’ve been a little gun shy about posting on our schooling progress without even realizing it.   Because I am a person who avoids conflict to a fault,  I don’t tend to deal well with snarky comments and emails and thankfully, they’ve been few and far between.   When they come, however, they […]


The House That Found Us……

by Edie Wadsworth on March 16, 2010


Just to be clear and to set the record straight, we weren’t looking for a house.   We love our house.  And our neighborhood.    And our pool.   And our trees.  We’ve lived here since we were married and our two littlest have lived their whole lives here.   I’ve made every single inch […]



by Edie Wadsworth on March 14, 2010


Where have I been? For starters, I’ve been a little preoccupied with life.   I had a wonderful visit with Taylor and Caiti.   We found Caiti a gorgeous prom dress and despite my desperate pleas, Taylor did not let me cut his hair.   The girls and I went to see Alice in Wonderland, […]


and the winner is……….

by Edie Wadsworth on March 10, 2010


cherry picking last summer with Grandma at Uncle Jeff and Aunt Vicki’s farm. The winner of the Pleated Poppy’s yummy stuff is…… Mott from the The Courtyard Gate. If you will send me your address by email,  I’ll make sure you get your ‘loot’. Congratulations my friend! In other lifeingrace news: 1.  I’ve been spring […]


Lifeingrace Loves the Pleated Poppy!

by Edie Wadsworth on March 8, 2010


This is the best giveaway ever. I say that about everything, don’t I?   “The best beef stew ever.”   “The best chocolate chip cookies ever.”    Okay, so I’m a drama queen.   Maybe I just get a little excited about stuff.    Is that so wrong?   Anyways, my friend Lindsey from The […]


How to Make Fish Tacos {on Friday during Lent}

by Edie Wadsworth on March 5, 2010

This post is dedicated to the ever talented and wise Todd Wilken: who is a self confessed lover of cats and fish tacos.   We owe a debt of gratitude to Todd, Jeff and Craig for their tireless committment to ‘equipping the priesthood of all believers‘.   You can subscribe to their podcasts on iTunes […]


Chalk Walls and Quirky

by Edie Wadsworth on March 4, 2010


I was over at Nester’s today,  visiting like I always do(virtually, of course),  and she’s talking about chalk boards.  I wasn’t even gonna post today but how can a woman who has 3 chalk WALLS in her house not post about them?  I may have an inner 8 year old doodler  in me that refused […]



by Edie Wadsworth on March 3, 2010

holy experience

We all have them.  I think I’m going to coin them Psalm 38 days;  days when skies are gray and tears fall easy and breathing seems hard.   So I read Psalm 38 over and over. Then I listened to this.   And I prayed. I woke up today and I can breathe.   New […]

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