I am exhaused from the weekend, thrilled to be home with my family and anxious to share my thoughts about Blissdom. I have so much to ‘show and tell’ that I think it’ll take more than one post. But since today is Super Bowl day, I just had to share my little video of Harry Connick Jr singing, “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In”. I’m not a Saints fan but when Harry sings for you, it makes you want to be. I’m still lamenting the fact that my Vikings–and their fearless leader, Favre—didn’t make it. Our good friend, Mike, who is a die-hard Saints fans, is in N’awlins as we speak; so even though we’ll be cheering for Peyton and the Colts, we dedicate this little video to Mike and all you Saints fans. Who ‘dat?!
And this is a cute little picture of my roomies at the concert!

19 comments on “Oh when the saints….”

  1. I love love Love Harry! *sigh* he’s just dreamy!

    We too are Viking fans and are so disappointed to be sitting here without our team in the Bowl! (How’d you get to be fans being such a good southern gal?)

  2. Glad you had a fab time. To think I could have been roomies w/ you three…then again I didn’t have a ticket! I’ll bet that was a totally fun concert. Can’t wait to hear all about it. I was going to boycott the Superbowl but I’ve snapped out of in (kind of) and we’re joining some friends for a party. Go Colts, Saints play dirty (hurting Favre and Warner)! However, it would be great for New Orleans if they won, I’ll be happy either way.

  3. like the way you added your music link under your header….beautiful ladies you are….your killing me with that billy joel song – now I will think of my girl and it will grad at my heart in a different way.

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