I love any reason to hunker down.   If for nothing else than just to  relish in saying the words ‘hunker down’.

And this is what I see just outside my breakfast room this morning.

It’s not the 6-12 inches of snow they predicted,

but 2 inches of slush is enough reason for hunkerin’ in my book.

And I have no trouble filling the weekend to the brim.

Let me break it down for you in a small numbered list.

1.  I’ve been looking for a dress to wear to the Blissdom Cocktail Party.

I’m picky and don’t have much time to shop.

Which left me in my craft room hacking up a vintage dress—

and a shirt that fits well—-sorta like

Project runway.  Except it’s Project Blissdom.

And it needs work or I’ll be stopping to shop in Knoxville

on my way to the meeting.


2.  This particular weekend of hunkering down also involves a little eating of crow.

Remember this post? where I rejoiced in the

lack of electronics at my house?

Well, the little girls have been saving their own money for almost

two years.   They finally talked their daddy into

letting them get iPods.

So as I sit by the fire reading a brand new book,

I look across the room and feast my eyes on

this bit of irony.

{complete with TAylor , home from college for the weekend}


3.  A good blog friend introduced me to a new blog where this book happens to

be the topic for a book review over the next 3 weeks.

Several of you have asked me if I’ve read it.

So, I ordered and read it in a few hours.   And loved it.

I don’t think I’ve read a modern writer who reminds me more

of C.S.  Lewis than Thomas Howard.  AFter I re-read

parts of it several times and ponder it, I’ll be back for a review.

He’s catholic and I’m Lutheran.

This book is for everyone.


4.  Lent swiftly approaches {it begins on February 17, Ash Wednesday}

and the above book only makes me

more anxious to settle into the penitent season with

some of my worldly affections stripped away.

Last year,  I ‘fasted’ from comments on my blog.

It was a harder than I thought it would be.

It opened my eyes to how pitifully attached we become to certain things

in our lives.  Dare I even mention fasting from

blogging/media altogether?  I don’t think

I could do it.  But I’m pondering it.

Have you ever tried any version of the

modern media fast?  What are your thoughts?

I’m not trying to sound overdramatic but the thought of

forsaking my blog for 40 days

sounds about like leaving my favorite pet out in the snow with

no food and water for 40 days.  Drama queen, I know.

5.  Last but not least, there’s been playing in the snow,

sewing, cooking, cleaning, movie watching

laughing, snuggling, husband-kissing, dog-feet drying  and various other hunkering down activities.

I could do this every weekend.

Hope you were lucky enough to be snowed in!


34 comments on “Hunkered Down”

  1. blog fasting?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t to that… to us =)

    Not sure if I could do that myself, except that I know that “I could” but really really wouldn’t like it – which I guess is the WHOLE POINT?

    The last couple days I haven’t been able to blog in my hotel room when the wi-fi wasn’t cooperating. I was bummed. Blogging spices up the nights away from home being a lonely homesick traveling pharmacist 🙁 GLAD IT’S WORKING AGAIN! I have two more days here!!!!!!!!!!

    ahh. sweet realief. I even LOVE commenting… thus, the never-ending comment here.

  2. I gave up TV for Lent a couple of years ago. It was harder for my family than for me. Last year they whined and begged me not to do it again! The great part is that I still haven’t gone back to watching as much TV. 🙂
    God’s blessings,

  3. I gave up facebook last year, and the routine was the hardest part for me. Just waking up not turning on the computer…nothing. I was able to get so much done though, that I do remember! Good luck!!! I have given up caffiene and TV too. Such an eye opener, but here I sit addicted to them all.

  4. Y’all are brave to give up Facebook! I guess that is an idea–I never thought about giving that up. I usually add something (I’m Catholic) like rosaries or daily Mass…I gave up drinking anything but water one year. Was that tough!!

    We’ll see what I end up with this year.

    Edie, have a great time at Blissdom. I wish I could go!

  5. Edie, So glad you already got the book and devoured it! And I’m so glad you liked it… I hate to out myself but I’m so not in love with the title… as if something has to be added to the gospel but I imagine if you loved it he’s not implying we need to add to the gospel! 🙂 I may have to add it to my short list to read this year! 🙂 And oh the snow– I love it! We never get any down here so 2″ is definitely reason to celebrate. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Blissdom. And a fast… oh if you choose any modern media let it be tv or facebook… not us! 🙂 But I’ll leave that up to you and the Lord. I did just post pictures last January {but it didn’t really work because I ended up using words… lots of them and then laughing at myself that I really thought I could not talk for a month!} Ok, stay warm!!! xoxo

  6. I did a facebook fast last year…it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Even now I don’t frequent it as much as I once did. And boy was it amazing how productive I could be when not typing away at the keyboard all day! The Lord also convicted me of the time I was investing in online socializing vs. the time I was devoting to quality time of learning with my children…He reminded me of the responsibility He has entrusted me with.

    I have actually been praying lately about a Blog Sabbatical…not from posting on my own blog so much as reading others…Don’t get me wrong..I LOVE blogging…love the writing process…love my readers…love the blogs I read…cherish the friendships I’ve developed. They inspire me, make me laugh, keep me sane at times as a mom and wife…

    BUT recently my eyes have been opened to a disturbing discontentment that can begin to creep in when I see other blogs and their Pottery Barn houses…their sewing…painting…baking…turning a roll of duct tape into a bomb…oh wait, that’s McGyver…anyhoo, sometimes it is just plain ol’ inspiring…and that’s wonderful. But if my spirit isn’t right…well, that’s when I start to look at my house and think nothing is right or the way I want it. And I can easily become dissatisfied with what I have been so graciously blessed with.

    It sounds silly I’m sure…but it’s the ugly side of Talysa… and believe me I’m a work in progress. 🙂

    PS. Yes, you fall into all of the above…except for bomb making maybe. But I absolutely adore all of those things that you do!
    😉 And maybe I should now add dress shredding!

  7. Oh how fun to be SNOWED in and hunkered down!
    Love the Blissdom Cocktail party outfit…you’ll look great in that…what shoes?
    So funny the girls with their ipods…my niece…11 got one too this year!
    Have you made any SNOW ICECREAM? Grew up on that stuff…oh so good!

  8. Iced in and loving it…as long as the power holds out. No snow cream, but that’s OK.

    Your skirt and blouse are beautiful.

    You fasted from comments? Like you didn’t look at them? Interesting. A media fast would be difficult for me. I’ve never really tried it though so I don’t know that for a fact.

  9. Hey Edie…sounds beautiful! We (hubby, son(9) and daughter(5) have been exploring our local beaches today (it was quite hot) and we found heaps and heaps of rock pools, like pools surrounded by rocks, deep ones where we all did bombs (jumping in off rocks! It was a cool day before we officially start school on Monday!

    Cheers matie! xxx

  10. You are so clever with your Project Blissdom dress & I’d love to experience being snowed in and hunkered down with snow. Sounds right up my (introverted) alley!

  11. I fasted from secular music one year. I think it was harder on my poor husband than me. But I found there was very little reason to go back, and I am happy to say that is one less thing poluting my brain today. Now I do have some “safe” favorite on my ipod, and I do enjoy a ride in other peoples cars from time to time. Blogging don’t know if I could do that without a pout. Good luck on the dress, loving what I saw.

    Cha Cha

  12. Thanks for the book suggestion, Edie. I’m going to look for this one.

    Are you familiar with Renovare’, the ministry founded by Richard J. Foster (author of Celebration of Discipline)? The focus of Renovare’ is Christian spiritual formation, and one of the unique ways in which the ministry fosters spiritual formation is by providing resources for learning from the various Christian traditions. Much more than simply being ecumenical, Renovare’ encourages Christians to celebrate the strengths of the different Christian traditions and to learn from one another. To that end, the Renovare’ Board/Ministry Team is very purposefully inter-denominational (including two wonderful Lutheran pastors!). Let me know if you’d like to know more about the Renovare’ ministry–it has enriched my life and faith in countless ways.

    Blessings to you this snowy Sunday!

  13. I think I approach lent a little differently than most. Very likely because I see myself as more spiritual than “religious” these days.

    I don’t give things up for lent. Nope, don’t do it. Instead, I add things. Instead of no facebook for 40 days, I may decide to re-read a collection of favorite books for an hour a day. Or add in a daily walk around my neighborhood with no iPod to enjoy nature. Now, if these new additions crowd out time on other things, then so be it. If my walks and reading mean I have to skip social media, that’s just fine.
    This year, like the past few I am also planning on 40 days of 40 random acts of kindness- which also finally coincides with my 40th year. Finding one little thing to do each day is both fun and challenging. It can be gestures as grand as being tested as a bone marrow donor or as simple as paying the toll fee for the next few cars behind you. (For those of you who live in a land of no toll roads- rejoice!).
    My hope is that my 40 random acts will inspire others in a pay it forward type situation ensues.
    And part of this process usually involves blogging or at least twittering about the 40 random acts, so no social media would be a challenge for me.
    With all that said- I have gone on “off the grid” weekends to recharge and usually am aching for the warmth of my laptop by the end of 48 hrs.

  14. edie-LOVE that skirt {well, the whole ensemble, but especially the skirt!} and your photos are beautiful as always.
    if you need a reason to NOT give up your blog for lent, i’ve got a few, the biggest being…
    you are an amazing inspiration spiritually and emotionally for all of us readers… we need those 40 days of blog-love!

  15. Believe it or not, I was actually going over (in my mind) the things I’d be forsaking this year several days ago. Last year I pretty much did Lent secretly and had a great experience. Like I mentioned to you on Twitter yesterday, I will most likely ditch Facebook. I am still thinking of what else. Yes, I’ve also thought about no blogging or even worse NO ELECTRONICS at all…but not likely. It should probably involve chocolate since that’s a current problem, let’s take it a step further and say carbs in general. I’ll keep you posted. BTW, do people of other faiths practice Lent? Or just Lutherans? You should repost the details you shared last year as a ‘refresher course’. 🙂 You are going to rock that vintage number. Not to get bossy on you (again) but take lots of pics AND notes, mmm K?

  16. Sounds great, we had quite a lot of snow here too so it’s been a similar excuse not to go out. Catch up on Google Reader etc. it’s good just to be in your own house sometime and not have the pressure to go out and do something.

    Looks like a great combination you are creating for the cocktail party – enjoy it!

  17. I may just have to order this book! Since I grew up Catholic and now attend a non-denominational church. However, I do not miss Catholic mass, but you have got me curious to catch a Lutheran service 🙂
    And please, Please, PLEASE do NOT take a break from blogging (unless you physically or mentally need to, lol) or comments for Lent, PLEASE, lol! 40 days is just WAY to long! 🙂

  18. Not technically, but it was cold enough to keep us in cooking a roast dinner, making crafts, enjoying the company of good friends.

    Love the picture of your outdoor table, heck I like the table.

    I went a year and half without blogging. I missed and felt relief at the same and alternate times.

    Just last Spring we went a bit over a month with no TV’s in house – right before we moved. LOVED it. Maybe we’ll do it again this May- like fasting and getting our souls ready for the inspiration of summer- too much fun to be had out of doors!

    My girls all have iPods- I was the last one to get one, last Mother’s day. The older two have cell phones, my 12 yo has a little dell, three of them have DS Lites,we have a family computer, two TV’s with DVR’s and DVDs and we all have a Wii and yet we spend most of our time reading, playing games, hosting company, being outside, playing with AG dolls, crafting and just being. That’s irony!

  19. Wow! That dress is beautiful!

    Here in Utah we get lots of snow but with plenty of plows and lots of shovels we are rarely, if ever, snowed in. One Saturday I will have to use the slush idea and declare that we can’t go anywhere!

    Hope that Blissdom is wonderful!

  20. Sounds like a nice weekend at home. We have not had snow but some very cold temps with highs only in the 20’s. Unfortunately, we were not able to stay home, warm and cozy. My hubby and son both needed new shoes, I needed new sneakers and of course my daughter always finds a new pair of shoes she must buy when she sees them. LOL~After shoe shopping we went to visit my bil’s dogs. They aren’t living with us yet. We took them for a nice walk/run. It was fun even though we couldn’t feel our toes or noses when we were done.


  21. Edie, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and enjoy it so much!When I read about your consideration of giving “blogging” up for Lent I was moved to comment!Of course you must do as you are led, but PLEASE consider this:Your commitment to writing thoughtful, inspiring, educational and warm posts serves not only your own need to journal, share, entertain, etc. but OUR (your readers)need to be inspired, convicted, and encouraged by relating to your experiences and learning from them.So…I’m praying that the Lord will lead you to something else to give up!Have fun at Blissdom…I can’t wait to “hear” all about it!

  22. It’s worth noting that the kids were all together while playing on their individual electronic devises. It used to be that people would watch in separate rooms or fight over channels and be exposed to lots of commercials. I just helped my 8 and 9 year old daughters get netbooks and have facebook and it’s great for helping them connect, be comfortable with technology and do research. Yes, I monitor their use and there’s a possibility of overutilized but I notice no lack of togetherness. And everybody is really good about pushing pause instead of asking for somebody to wait until a commercial, so we have no diminishment of conversations.

  23. Fun post as always! Can’t wait to see if the dress is a go or if you stop in Knoxville. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend while you are meeting new friends and connecting with old ones. Enjoy!

  24. I have thought about giving up my FB for a while to see if I can live with out it….which I can! I was on there waaaay to much. Now I spend a healthy amount of time on there!

    I LOVE the dress! Great job Edie!!!


  25. I laugh when you use the term “hunker down”. It reminds me of the time several years ago when tornadoes were popping up all over the place. We were watching the news and the weather man kept saying, “if you live at so in so, take cover, “YOUR UNDER THE GUN”. Although the situation was very scary at the time, we still laughed at the saying that popped up every 45 sec. it seemed. We still laugh about it occasionally and use it. I’ve never heard anyone else do the same thing! LOL

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