We gathered around the table and prayed a Thanksgiving litany–written by Pastor Bill Cwirla.

The food was served buffet style—-and if I do say so myself—it was pretty yummy!
Some of the crew (my brother was sick this year and we missed him dearly—-he always does the dishes!)
Let the feasting begin!
The ‘teens and tweens’ table and their beloved sparkling grape juice.


A sneak peek at myspace….
…and a whole lot of football!
Apparently my sister has rescued her husband from his ten year old worn out Carhartt (?acid-washed) jeans—I thought it was picture-worthy.


The cute couple Marcus and Katilin (and a sneak peak at my freshly painted tiffany blue door)

I was a little disappointed with my performance on desserts this year. Pride comes before a fall and I sorta pride myself on serving a plethora of yummy desserts. They were just ‘ok’. Next year, I promise to bring back ‘chocolate crusted creme brulee’—-and red velvet cheese cake. Accept my sincerest apologies.


It was a glorious day altogether and we counted our many blessings.
Friday I took the kids to see Blind Side and cried through 75% of the movie. Steve was 95% sure I’d come home with a 250 pound homeless football player. I seriously pondered it and may be in an adoption ‘funk’ for weeks. Today, I’m thinking about resurrecting the fresh Christmas tree tradition. Hope your weekend is marvelous.

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  1. Edie, had a nice time reading your Thanksgiving post. Oh, man cannot wait to watch the Blind Side and yes…hear on adopting a big guy…I will probably feel the same way. What a neat story. Have a great weekend.

  2. everything looked lovely, edie! can't wait to see that movie, too.. been trying to buy the book and can't find it anywhere. right now, i'm trying to decide between nixon, and edward. pLLLLLLEeeeeeaaassse! the first time i read a 500 page book, and did so in 2+days!!! ha! found my genre!!

  3. I just did a T Day recap post too… 😉 And it's so fun to see others. It looks like a lovely time with your beautiful family and lots of good food! Thanks for sharing.

  4. what a gorgeous time! i just love how you always have so many people in your home.:) and at least the desserts looked pretty! (although i'm sure they were amazing).

    sidenote: with the amount of people in your home at any given time, i'd love a post about the size of your rooms, how you host big groups, how to maximize seating, etc.

  5. Looks like it all turned out fabulous. It's good seeing your family pics…can't believe we've been blogging together this long. Your kids are sure growing. 🙂

  6. Oh my family wants to SEE that!1 I weant to adopt- just from watching the previews!!!!!!

    Your day looks amazing- glad your holidays were happy. Love your tiffany blue door. 🙂

  7. What a beautiful day 🙂 I went to see the Blind Side, too, and was looking for someone to pick up on the way home. I cried, and so did the big guy who was sitting next to me, which made me cry more. So good!

  8. Adoption, obviously, is a hugely personal thing for me and after salvation/redemption/grace from my Savior and the birth of my children/my marriage, I consider it the greatest miracle & gift of my life. Most people just don't adopt older kids (my brother and I were both older when adopted) and Tom and I are on the adoption journey because we know on a core level how it changes kids' lives. My best friend in VA just adopted, too, quite possibly the most beautiful Vietnamese baby boy in the whole world. Even if the Dr. doesn't give me the okay, we work with an orphanage in Costa Rica to help other people adopt who feel called (and also in Guatemala, etc.). If you're ever interested…I can send you details. And we know people through the SCC Foundation. But maybe God doesn't want you to adopt, but simply to pray and raise awareness?!?!? That's where I'm in prayer right now. I'm so grateful to God that a movie like that was even made and I pray that it does HUGELY well and that sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people are affected by it and either adopt themselves or find more ways to support it.
    It doesn't surprise me that it affected you so much. Isn't it funny how even via a blog we can tell these things about people.
    Thank you for caring so much.
    Love, hugs and turquoise joy,
    PS The door color rocks. I painted my daughter's room that and it's just an explosion of happiness, isn't it?

  9. Your desserts look pretty amazing as they are! Yum! We saw The Blind Side this weekend, and it was very hard for me not to cry during it. It's nice to know that our actions can make such a difference in others lives.

  10. I so want to see that movie. I think there should be a documentary on how many children find a home because of that movie. One of my friends has been BEGGING her hubby to adopt…he always said NO< NO and NO….After watching that movie he brought it up to her by asking if she was still interested!

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