Steve’s parents left yesterday and it was a whirlwind of fun; cooking, baking, knitting, and enjoying family time.
I was thrilled to learn to do cables and LOVE this yummy tiffany blue yarn.
Which brings me to the point of this post.
What if we all made an effort toward a more handmade Christmas.
Less stuff, more meaningful.
Not that we could go ‘cold turkey’ because last time I checked, noone was making handmade legos.
But you know what I mean. A little less Walmart, a little more from the heart.
So, to support and encourage us in our quest for more meaningful gifts, I plan to host
12 days of Handmade Christmas-Tutorials
beginning November 1 through November 12
here on my little old blog
with guest posters for 12 days straight.
Sounds like so much fun to me!!
I have been asking some really awesome bloggers/crafters to join me but I have some slots left
so if you want to show us how to make some Christmas-y craft/food/gift/etc
then let me know all about your ideas.
Or if you know someone
who knows someone
who knows someone
who’s really cool and crafty
then by all means
tell a sista.
Y’all may be so good that it turns in 28 days of Handmade Christmas Tutorials!
And why in November?
Because I don’t know about you, but I only have two hands.
And I’m working on some giveaways for that week too.
And I’m making wassail
And singing carols
And in general annoying all the people who hate the mention of Christmas
before Thanksgiving.
Let’s change things up a bit.
How ’bout it?

36 comments on “Calling all Crafters”

  1. I'm already starting on those gifts around my house! If you are still looking for hosts, I'd be happy to be of service! My ideas?

    A trio of baby gift – homemade blocks with a surprise inside, quilted bibs and easy baby blankets with matching burp rags for a new mother.

    Or, a series on old-fashioned Christmas candy. I make all of my grandmother's recipes and could share a few new favorites (one or two are already on my blog from last year). One of my favorite "gifts" each year was a big coffee can full of homemade chocolates!

    Looking forward to the 12 days of Christmas!


  2. I had the same thought for Christmas. Less commercialism, more from the heart. I have some ideas I'd love to share, mostly sewing related.

  3. Great idea on the 12 days. And Christmas should be celebrated as long as possible.

    One year I made every last present. For those who I could think of nothing else, it was home made granola.

  4. I'm so excited for this segment. I hope there will be a good mix of simple, quick ideas. Those seem to be the ones I"m always in search of. =)

  5. Absolutely LOVE this idea! Can't wait to see what ideas arise. It would be great to have some easy tutorials for the crafty-challenged too! Ummm… not that it describes me or anything. Ha!

  6. Oh…I just LOVE this idea!! I was thinking about wanting do do more handmade for Christmas, but it is so easy to get sidetracked. This is definitely going to help get me motivated in time to get 'er done!!

  7. Most excellent. I've done handmade stuff for awhile as gifts. I'd be willing to host if you need anyone else…I make handmade soap from scratch, but have other less caustic crafts I could share. :o) I'm using the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to gather supplies for wooden name boards, burlap bulletin boards and chalkboards too.
    peace to you. cindy

  8. I love that idea! It's so much more budget friendly and more thoughtful too!

    I'm doing my cupcakes in a jar with home-made jam in all kinds of holiday flavors for friends and family this year. I'll even do special little labels for the jars all tied up with pretty ribbon.

  9. This sounds awesome! I am looking forward to this. I would love to participate, if you still need posters. I'm good at making girl-y gifts: lavender sachets, corn bags (heating pad), tie-dyed kitchen towels, etc. 🙂

  10. I'd love to be a poster for your 12 days idea! Sounds like SOOOO much fun. I'm sure I could come up with at least one great idea. I'm really excited to see all of the great things you have lined up.

  11. I think that it is such a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see all the tutorials! Thanks for the great idea!

  12. We did a homemade Christmas last year. It was the best Christmas ever. Everyone's gifts were so thoughtful and just beautiful and cherished. What a great idea, I love this!

  13. Wonderful idea! Last year was the first year I gave handmade gifts, and it was a fantastic Christmas, but I am in need of some fresh ideas this year!

  14. I knit and just casted on the second sock for the pair I'm making for my sister for Christmas. We are on the Dave Ramsey payoff plan and this will be our 2nd year of homemade gifts for family and friends.

  15. I suggested our family do that when we first got married 21 yrs ago and it didn't go over too well. Guess my sisters in laws were way more materialistic than I was. Anyway, I still think it's a terrific idea!

    On a side note: I see that you knit! Do you sell your creations? I am wanting some cableknit pillow covers.

  16. Love, love, love this! I cannot wait. and I AM one of those annoying people who start the Christmas flutter in June. Seriously.

    I would be honored to submit one of my tutorials for a guest post. That would be so fun! I'll e-mail you a couple, if you're interested.


  17. I'm not an awesome crafter–I wish!–but I do have a pretty good Christmas gift that I make each year. I make awesome fudge. Every year, I make seven pounds of chocolate fudge and seven pounds of peanut butter fudge to enjoy and to give away. I've been thinking about sharing my recipes with my readers. If you're still looking for guest posters, I'd be willing to do one on fudge for you. Feel free to look around my blog to see if you think my style would suit you. I realize hat you might have 12 much more interesting ideas, so I won't be offended if you don't choose me, but I just thought I'd offer. I think this is a wonderful idea!

  18. Oh I love it. We made homemade marshmallows two years ago and now I have to make them every year. I give baskets to the older people of our church filled with homemade cookies, pralines, marshmallows and items from the garden.


  19. I absolutely ADORE this idea. One year my hubby and I gave one another a $15 limit to spend on one another for Christmas. . . not b/c money was tight, but b/c we'd have to be extra thoughtful and creative. . . it was a super fun year. I can't wait to read these posts!!

    If you need anymore hostesses I sew and bake and decoupage. . . in fact, I just recently started making aprons for my girls' friends' birthdays, having their names embroidered on them and providing them with cookie ingredients in a jar with a recipe attached. These have been a big hit. They get a cute apron and time in the kitchen with their mom. . . I'll be glad to post on something like that:). . . if you want me to:) I have several other items looming around .. . email me and I'll be glad to share!!

  20. Great idea! A few years ago, we pretty much eliminated all presents to (and from) everyone but our kids, thanks to an abundance of blessings year round! No one wants or needs anything! Instead of exchanging gifts on Christmas, we carol around the neighborhood, visit a nursing home, etc.

    We're also going to participate in the Advent Conspiracy –

    Here's the short promo video. The statistics are unbelievable.

  21. My second post sorry. I'm making my own Christmas dishes this year. Let me know if you need a guest poster. I'm starting this weekend and will document all of the steps. Cheers.

  22. It seems like every year the ladies in my family say that we're going to have a handmade Christmas…and we end up getting too busy I suppose or forget about it and before you know it…No handmade Christmas.
    Anyway, I hear what you mean. I'd love to have/do a handmade Christmas and I have so many many ideas. I have got to start writing them down so I don't forget some of my plans.
    Great idea Edie, cannot wait to tune in and hear what everyone else is doing or making.

  23. This is a fantastic idea! I've got tons of ideas stored away in my busy little brain for crafted Christmas gifts and I'm just ITCHING to get started on them. Alas, I am sticking to my guns and pushing through Socktoberfest first! If you need anymore crafters, I would love to contribute. If not, I'll be checking in through November on all the lovely Christmas crafting craziness!

  24. good for you! I'll be tuning in. we're almost all handmade gifts for all occasions, and i'm not talking about decorations, but utility stuff — magazine racks, arbors for the garden, bowls, etc.

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