Cousins, sisters, brothers, and sparklers….

art camp

teenagers, who love to have fun……..

and eat everything in sight (I see you back there, Nicholas)

smelly, adorable, water-loving, did I say SMELLY? dogs

fireworks and cul-de-sac bonfires

family reunions

Mr. Sandman

Shaving creams parties

with friends

or is it shaving cream fights?

pool side tea parties

neighborhood block parties…(in July and it’s even cool enough to knit—I never knit in July)



and food……let’s see there’s peach-blackberry pie

watermelon……lots and lots of watermelon

zuccini tart

rainbow cake (recipe here)

with friends to share it with…..

and plenty of time for home projects…….hmmmm….what shall I paint next?

On the agenda today,

1. Continue to ruthlessly de-clutter the school room. (It almost looks normal again)
2. Cousin Marlea comes to visit, plan to make these when she gets here.
3. Continue to pour over this website as we prepare for some curriculum changes.
4. Recover a chair
5. Read more of Plato and start The Secret Life of Bees.
6. Make chimichangas with peach-mango salsa for dinner.
7. Begin making the list for the 1000 things I must do before we leave for vacation to the MN northwoods.

23 comments on “What I love about summer…….”

  1. Hi Edie.
    Such great photos as usual. It looks like you are all having a wonderful summer!
    Have fun!

  2. Lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer! Wonderful pictures, fun time! It's been real cool here too! Sat on the deck the other night with a quilt around me!

  3. Love all the pics. Looks like you are having a wonderful summer. By the way, I finally took the plunge and painted something turquoise blue. I thought of you when I picked the color. Swing by and let me know what you think!

  4. You are so great at defining fun!! How did you manage to accomplish all of that before I even realized that Summer is upon us?

    I read a wonderful book about a combination of Classical Education and the Charlette Mason method…loaned to someone and never saw it again. I need to refer back to it!!

    The Secret Life of Bees was wonderful…I wanted everyone to read it…and then there is that blasted black Mary worship– ruined everything for me 🙁

  5. What a great post!! 🙂 Makes me wish we live in a neighborhood with some families with young kids. 🙂

  6. What great pictures. You've certainly captured an amazing summer in photos. I love your blog. I look forward to settling in and reading the archives soon.

  7. You are a becoming a pro w/ that camera of yours. I LOVE the Ambleside Online site…I've spent way too much time on it. Your decor looks fab, all the parties look like a blast! Glad you are enjoying your summer. Have fun on your trip. I'm heading to Utah for 10 days…should be fun. Loves ya, Jess

  8. Thank you for the warm fuzzy wuzzy feelings those pictures gave…absolutley delightful! It is winter over here in Mallacoota, Victoria, Aus, but you would think it was spring with how blue the skies are, how warm the sun is and the fresh smell of the sea air.
    Loving getting to know you!

  9. What a great summer you are having… many great memories…..and the armoire….to die for! I am in Illinois, but if you ever want to get rid of it….I love road trips!

  10. Hi Edie,
    Just found your blog and I'm hooked! I am about to paint the kitchen and now I've seen your pictures. I am wondering…am I bold enough to repain the cabinets like you did??? We homeschool and use almost the same curriculum. I saw that you are about to read The Secret Life of Bees. I can guarantee you that, from one southern belle to another, you might not like the feministic themes in the book. But you will love the way the author uses such beautiful language and imagery to describe the south. You'll feel like you're 10 again and visitin your Grandmom. And, I actually learned a lot about bees! Plus, the characters are all so vividly described and lovable. But again, the feminism is not my thing. You'll see. Looks like you are having a great summer!! When do you start school?

  11. Hey sis, Just wanted to let you know that Mark was raving about the dinner you fixed. He said your chimichangas were fantastic and the peach salsa was great. You know if Mark compliments you, it was good!!! Hope my Marlea is behaving and you all are having fun. Love you, Great pictures and post by the way…

  12. Loved all of your great summer photos. What a lovely family you have, and just look at all of those wonderful memories you're all making together. Precious!

  13. oh my friend – what a joyous day that was….feeling your tears as the kids begin journeys of their own.

  14. I wanted to like The Secret Life of Bees, but I just didn't (same for The Guernsey Literary … Society). I hope you'll post your comments on it. I do recommend Same Kind of Different as Me (nonfiction). Cheers! : )

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