To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly… all days holy, all men divine. R.W. Emerson

Our homeschool starts almost as soon as we get back from vacation. I’ve been reading and searching and making our final selections. We’re making some changes this year, mostly in literature and math. In literature, we’ve decided to follow the Charlotte Mason approach, introducing more difficult classic books at an early age. Our list for this year for my 2nd and 3rd grader includes Pilgrim’s Progress (which is read very slowly over 1-2 years), Tales from Shakespeare, The Jungle Books, The Adventures of Robin Hood, English Fairy Tales, and Heroes, just to name a few. That list seems a little daunting but reading Charlotte Mason this summer has convinced me that children are much more capable than we think and tend to rise to the level of expectation. We’ll continue to use supplemental literature from the time period we’re studying which will be the middle ages through the Renaissance— from Story of the World.

I’ve also been feverishly working on our timeline. I couldn’t find not ONE free wall in this house for our timeline. Not ONE. I was sitting in the school room (ie. garage) mulling it over when it dawned on me that the perfect place for the timeline was right in front of me—-the garage door. So, I quickly got to work and couldn’t be happier with how it’s turning out. There’s something just *inspiring* about a physical timeline right there in the open where everyone can see it—study it—digest it. I used black cardstock cut into strips to make the actual ‘line’. Then I just printed off the dates and events from my computer. I basically followed the Veritas History Cards—with some of my own additions and omissions–to decide what events to include. Then to make it come alive, I’ve been printing off famous classical paintings or sculptures of that event or person and taping it above or below the timeline. It will take me a while to catch up, but once I do, I don’t think this will be that hard to maintain. I plan to use the other garage door panels to hang maps. It’s just perfect. There is literally ZERO wasted space in this schoolroom.

Other changes include substituting Singapore Math for Saxon and implementing Andrew Pudewa’s Poetry Memorization program. We’re also working on possibly hiring a Latin/Spanish tutor—-which would definitely warrant a series of hitchkicks on my part. I sorta drop the language ‘ball’ last year. Apparently, I can’t do it all. And although I say that we ‘start’ school soon, I’m trying to change my paradigm—-we’re always learning—school doesn’t start and stop. So, on our little excursion to our farm this weekend, we learned about blackberries and ruby-throated hummingbirds……..

……..and that fishing is extremely difficult without worms.

I can’t wait to get back to our little cozy routine. And if we can manage this reading list, these girls are gonna be smarter than me by next year.

Spelling–Spelling workout C, D and Charlotte Mason’s Spelling Wisdom
Grammar–Shurley Grammar and Daily Grams
Writing–Writing with Ease by Susan Wise Bauer
Literature–Charlotte Mason method reading list here.
Math–Singapore and some Saxon supplements
History—Story of the World 2
Science—Considering God’s Creation and Nature studies
Latin—Prima Latina and Latina Christiana
Memory—Andrew Pudewa’s Poetry Memorization program + our history and bible catechism
Bible–Veritas Judges through Kings—-also finish the 10 commandments and start memorizing the articles of the Apostles’ Creed from the small catechism
Art–Study 3 artists: Raphael, John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet
Music—Study 3 composers: Beethoven, Handel, Brahms

I’m joining Darcy’s Back to (home)school bloghop. Click below for a peek into wonderful curriculum ideas!


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  1. Hi Edie! When I homeschooled my 3 older kids we ALL LOVED Story of the world!!!! That was our favorite part of h/s. We all learned so much. Much much more than what they were learning at their previous public school. There are days when I wish that we were h/s again. It just isn't our season right now. I know you will have a wonderful year with your girls!

  2. Hey Edie…great books you have! I have been looking at 'The story of the world' for a while now, but we have been doing some Australian History first! Well done on your time line, we will start one next year when we move into our home!
    Looking forward to your upcoming posts on how your term is going implementing more Charlotte Mason style!

    Love Sarah xx

  3. i remember how great it felt to homeschool, and the timeline on the wall was a great feeling for me too! we homeschooled for one year and it changed my kids lives forever i believe. i would have loved doing it longer. i am so happy for you that you get to. πŸ˜‰ love your blog, you have a precious family and i have enjoyed hearing your son's band!

  4. We also use The Story of the World, Prima Latina and Latina Christiana (took a break when I had my 'second set' of babies) I STILL have not found a spare wall for our timeline πŸ™‚ LOVE the tags that you used!! We are still happy with Saxon, but Singapore would be my second choice..Andrew Putewa lives near me…Dont you think you need a field trip?

  5. Wow – what a complex program. I'd love to send my two over for a couple of subjects on that list. Love your timeline idea – may have to copy that & love the creativity of using the garage door. How clever.

  6. Hi, Edie! I LOVE your timeline. πŸ™‚ I saw A Little Princess in your book stack…that was one of my favorite classics (even more than The Secret Garden!) growing up. πŸ™‚ I can't imagine planning a program like yours…I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. Praying something great happens so we can send our girls to the private Christian school we attended growing up. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, I noticed you all are reading The Saturdays. We found this gem of a book and I am reading it to my boys. I love that I am finding all these wonderful books I have never heard of !

  8. Good for you, getting the girls to read some more difficult stuff! Even though I'm the primary homeschooler, my husband has had my 3rd grader reading many of these books this summer and, surprisingly, he could do it.

    We start our homeschool on Sept. 1 and I reeeeaaaaallly need to get in the mindset again. Back to the routine! I have everything purchased, it's just the discipline of it all that needs work. πŸ™‚

    We started Prima Latina to see what it was like, but will be returning to it full speed this year. We live in a Big Ten university town, so I'm hoping that finding a Latin tutor (should I need one … and I probably will) won't be a problem.

  9. All right Edie, we have decided to homeschool now what? Your curriculum list and approach ring truest to what is in our hearts for our kids but I am not finding support groups that roll this way. When I read Charlotte Mason (per your suggestion) and tjed (also per your suggestion) I can barely contain my excitement … It is exactly my husband and I's vision for our family. Then I look for support groups or talk to moms and just blank stares? How quickly the excitement and peace fade to FEAR! So Edie I just need to know how to get started:)

  10. Okay Edie Just realized my son is logged in not me…so my name is Micah and the e mail is the correct one for response…Now to figure out how to log in not using my 8 yr old's account:)

  11. I have never homeschooled, but "afterschool" my three kids when I am really panicked about their public school. The singapore/saxon combo is a good idea. We use both. Your kids will be way ahead of the rest of the kids their age who are still being dumbed-down by the silly 'reform math' prevalent in public schools-like Connected Math and Everyday Math and TERC (NONE of which are actually math – just a warm fuzzy language arts curriculum created by non-math-minded people to placate non-math-minded people who became math educators). Can you tell that I feel strongly about the lack of math education, out there? Thank you for reminding me that my kids need to read Pilgrim's Progress.

  12. "I can't wait to get back to our little cozy routine…"

    I love the way this sounds. Summer is so much fun around here, but there's something so helter-skelter about it. The cozy routine around here is most welcome too!

    I have also had a difficult time finding a place and a method for our timeline. Still thinking on that one…

    CM and TJed make so much sense to me. Teaching a boy to think, rather than what to think. Not so profound, but…

    Keep us updated. I love to hear how and what others are teaching.

  13. I also have decided to CM my boys. I studied the AO website after you posted about it, and I am in love. Although my boys are definitely rough and tumble boys, they love literature and love to read, so I have been assembling these great books for them. We will be trying math mammoth which is said to be a combo of saxon and singapore, we will see. Since this is our first year we are all a little nervous. My boys will attend one day per week of the blended school available to HSers in our county. They will do science and P.E. on the day they attend. I will still do science through apologia. Thank you for all of your inspiration. I may be calling on you for moral support, b/c as some others have said, I have yet to find anyone local who has even heard of CM. Still not brave enough to start my own blog, maybe soon. Molly

  14. Love your timeline, I didn't get around to actually doing ours last year, I should have because I had it all printed out and plenty of wall space! Good job!

  15. Edie,
    We use a lot of the same curric. We are in the same time period for history, only using Mystery of History. Have you seen all of the great historical fictions on the Veritas Press website? i think they recommend this time period in 4rth grade. Any way, great read-alouds. This time of year is so exciting when everything is being ordered and planned. This is our second year and I am excited to start again.

  16. Edie ~ I've been reading your posts for weeks now and just love reading about your thought-provoking reading material, your homeschooling and family journey in general. We will begin our 7th year of homeschooling soon. I'm intrigued by your conclusions and would LOVE to chat. Began The Well-Trained Mind too and had found AO but still have questions….more research, more reading. πŸ™‚ Thank you so very much for sharing your heart here. Blessings to you all!

  17. Hi Edie!

    I recently discovered your post and have been a faithful reader since!

    I am still in shock that your schoolroom is your garage! I would have NEVER guessed! In fact, all your talk about redecorranging inspired me to do the same and I linked to your blog on my post.

    You can check it out here:

    Also, my hubby is a Latin teacher at a classical Christian school so if you have any questions, I'll volunteer him to help! πŸ™‚


  18. You could write a book on being a good mom, I don't know any as dedicated to their children's well roundedness as you. And you're probably to humble to even accept that compliment. But I mean it nonetheless.


  19. Love the start of new things- season, school year, etc- so invigorating!! Love your ideas and your time line looks great!!

  20. Wow! Just found your blog and HAD to become a follower. I checked out the info on CM and the AO website. If I could be in "love" with a curriculum, it would be this one. My daughter recently got into acting and modeling which will interupt her normal public school routine. We wanted to homeschool her, but are kind of scared to start. She will be in 5th grade this year. The CM program sounds better than any of the other ones I've found. Of all the HS moms I know, none use CM. Thanks for the awesome info and I look forward to hearing more about your HS journey.

  21. I stumbled on your blog researching curriculum and I'm quite certain we live near one another based on "scenery" I see in your photos and places you've visited. πŸ™‚ Beautiful family, the the way. We will be homeschooling this year and there's no other way except classical in my mind. I was wondering if you used an umbrella school or went through the school system. I am having a very hard time narrowing it down and thought I would ask the opinions of some local homeschoolers. I have looked at some in Knoxville, but also like some in Nashville (much further for me).

  22. Hello everyone! I'm greeting you from vacation, in which I am frantically knitting a beanie hat for Taylor and reading a great book (The Centurion's Wife) and eating lots of good food. I feel like I'm cheating by being on the computer, but I wanted to say HI to all you new friends who introduced yourself! I am always humbled and delighted to know that you're out there somewhere, somehow finding time to read this very eclectic mix of posts that is my blog. Thank you for meeting me here, thank you for EVERY kind word. I can feel 'the love' and it means a lot to me.

    And 'braiden', I am so happy for you, that you've decided to embark on this very treacherous but wonderful journey. I wish I had more answers for you, but what I can recommend is that you start with The Well-Trained Mind. I started there and then bedazzled my curriculum from there. Yes, you can bedazzle curriculum. You can bedazzle anything. But I digress. And if you look at the stats, even if you do a very mediocre job homeschooling, your children still get a better education than almost anyone else. So, don't sweat it so much. If all else fails, Read a lot of good books and make cookies alot. And blank stares? Yeah, I just don't talk about it too much in public. It took me a while to realize that in general, most of humanity is not smitten with classic literature of the importance of Latin. This is for sure, a road less traveled.

    So, hugs and blessings to all and I'll be a little MIA for a week or so.

    Maybe this should have been a post.

  23. Your homeschool plan looks like a great one! I must say I love your blog~I peeked around a little while I was here and will be back~ and your pictures are amazing!

  24. The wall timeline looks great, but I was taken back at the beautiful blackberry and hummingbird shots. What a beautiful place you are at. Thank you for sharing on the Blog Hop.

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