When I decided to homeschool, I knew right away where the homeschool room would be;  the GARAGE!  I had already,  four years earlier, painted the floor and the walls and converted it into a playroom, so the transition to ‘schoolroom’ was inevitable.   I bought bookshelves and the most darling sofa EVER from IKEA and bought an old antique desk from my neighbor Leigh Ann for $5.  My mother and I did all the painting, even the somewhat tedious job of painting the garage floor.  And I conveniently positioned the bookshelves over the GINORMOUS holes in the sheetrock that my Excursion made when I apparently tried to park in the dining room.  Turns out, Stevie didn’t mind so much losing a garage;  it probably seemed better to him than losing the whole front of the house to my perilous parking habits.  That car is big, people.  Like you need a special class in parking big. 
We supposedly had some help from these two, but everytime I looked into the garage, they were decked out in bedazzled cowgirl hats and jammin’ on the Hannah Montana guitars. 
 I guess your success with The Verity may very well have started here, boys.
This room has been a place of wonderful memories , has changed a lot over the last year and at this point needs to be ruthlessly de-cluttered.  But one of my favorite additions was the large letters that I decoupaged onto the walls.
And my very favorite addition:  the vintage Swingline stapler.  It’s very teacherly.  Who needs a cardigan with the A-B-C’s on it when you have this stapler?
The most commonly asked question about my choice to homeschool in the garage:  How do you keep the temperature regulated?   First off, in the fall and spring, I keep the garage door up and it’s kinda like indoor-outdoor school.  I LOVE having the outdoors inside and fresh air ‘does a body good’.  In the winter, we use a space heater and in the heat of the summer, we’re usually not having school.   Or we do school somewhere else.  Like by the pool.   I LOVE this schoolroom.  It greatly extends our living space and keeps our books and schoolwork from taking over the house. 
Join me in a new series I started this week on Creating an Environment of Learning,
as I talk about inspiring and showing love to our families by the environment we create at home.   
I’m linking with Kimba in her DIY party and with Kelly 
for another episode of “Show Us Where You Live”.  Check out other fun ideas here
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The Verity is now in Bushnell (near Chicago) at the Cornerstone Festival and are reported to be safe and happy.  They played at the new band showcase today and possibly may even have showered!!  I can’t wait to see my Taylor on Monday.  Keep praying for their safety!  

45 comments on “Room Makeover: from Garage to Schoolroom”

  1. I'm a teacher and I have to say- you're garage is amazing! I would love to have a wall dedicated to the alphabet! It's great!

  2. I love it. I want to spruce up my garage. I can't imagine that it will look like your though.
    P.S. I grew up in those East Tn mountains. Fell in love and moved to Music City

  3. i love it! i wish i had a special space just for homeschooling, but alas, my dining room will have to continue double duty for now.

  4. You did such an outstanding job. You and your mom should be proud of yourself for all that hard work !! Your kids are very lucky to have such a dedicated mother who cares about their education.

  5. I love your school space. It's absolutely darling! I'm a teacher and I got some ideas for my classroom! Thanks.

  6. Looks great! I have big plans for our school room/dining room. But they'll have to remain plans for a bit (But I AM painting the cabinets! At least the ones in the school room)

  7. Fantastic job! Your children are very blessed to have such a great space for homeschooling! We use our breakfast room.

    Have a happy and safe 4th!


  8. love yor space… i live in ET as well and love being in the "country" and mountains in East Tennessee

  9. What a nice place for homeschool!! Back when I homeschooled my kids, the dining room did double duty and it was a battle to keep the "school" from taking over the house!

  10. FAB-U-LOUS!! Amazing space. I love your design/decor style. Thanks for your post "creating an environment for learning". I agree with you wholeheartedly and it was a good refresher/reminder for me. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  11. Hey Edie…I have just stumbled across your awesome blog this morning. To introduce myself, I am a homeschooling Mother of two, Joshua (8) who is full of adventure and has a gift of Mercy, and my darling Grace (4) who is funny and caring. We live on the beautiful East Coast of Victoria, Australia where my husband and I have a Luxury self contained Bed & Breakfast apartments and fully love it. I woke up this morning just a little bit cranky and your blog has lifted me and inspired me. You look amazing too by the way! I look forward reading more of your posts.
    Sarah xxx

  12. OMG! What style you have! I love your kitchen, so bold 😉 I will be back to check your blog regularly.

    Can you give me a list of some of your favorite shopping spots for Decor/Inspiration? I live in Oak Ridge and have been on the look out for some good East TN shopping. XOXO

  13. I'm in the process of doing the same thing… what about the computer? I've been plugging up my laptop but I want to use the kids' desktop. Do I dare? Will it ruin it?

  14. That is fantastic!! Absolutely wonderful and all that space is great!! I would love to have that space!!
    Have a blessed school year!

  15. I have always admired your school room, Edie… INSPIRING!

    We're working on a new learning space — a room (outbuilding) — all of its own…

    Yours sparks some ideas…

    Indebted… as always…

  16. I love what you did to that garage! I homeschooled my kids for 21 years (they were slow learners?) 😉 and so it’s fun for me to see what the younger generation is doing. I’m also just enjoying your writing. Thanks. Judy

  17. I love that room and…..that couch! i have eyed that couch in my IKEA catalog for quite some time! 😉 IKEA and I are buddies.

    I am just beginning the journey of homeschooling. My kiddos are still little and my oldest will soon be turning 5 so we are very much just beginning!
    My friend passed along your blog to me today and i can tell that I will enjoy reading it! 🙂

  18. What great photos! Are you going to put them on stretch canvas and hang some on your walls? I think you should! Just gorgeous.

    Congrats again on the house, surviving the move and having that to die for view!

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  20. Hi Edie…I keep coming here for inspiration and the “knowing” of all it takes to do this. I look, read and receive great great
    Encouragement to keep on keepin on with my two. I desparately need a room and am SOOOO praying for that. This is
    I let me boys hear your two recite their memorization!! WOW! I am challenging therm with those clips.
    QUESTION: Do you have an “official” list that you go by that tells you what is next to commit to memory? Or do you just
    Kinda pick those things yourself? (We are beginning to move in the Classical direction shortly)…. I am reading, reading,
    AND…reading. All is well.

    God bless your every endeavor as you impart yo your angels..

  21. Hi Edie! I just recently found your blog (through the Nester) and I am so happy I did. I love how you’re sharing your faith and family’s journey. I love this homeschool room and I can’t wait to hear more about your journey in this…I’m currently a public school teacher with no children (I’m a planner 🙂 ) and we’ve recently seen the idea of homeschool just laid out in front of us and I’ve become so intrigued. So excited to learn more from y’all!

  22. Hello! I just found you on Pinterest… We are getting ready to convert our garage into a homeschool classroom, and I was so happy to see how well yours turned out! You did a great job! It gives me much hope. 🙂

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  25. we are converting our garage into a schoolroom so my hubz can have his office back, my only fear is the bugs, we live in the south and have VERY LARGE BUGS that I do not want to deal with, but im going to try. 🙂

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