I’ve said it before, but I have a strict policy in my house. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TURN ON OVERHEAD LIGHTS. My children faithfully abide by the rules ’cause if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy’. Nothing puts me in a worse mood than someone turning on my Walmart-style flourescent light in the kitchen. So I was so happy to find out that the Nester was gonna host a party to celebrate lamps. I believe I currently have over 40 lamps or bookshelf lights in operation in my house. Lighting is everything. Next to lip gloss, lamps may be my most cherished earthly possession.

This is by far my favorite lighting project.   Once I removed the doors from my kitchen cabinets and painted them white, they needed to be shown off.  So I bought these bookshelf lights for $4.95 each at IKEA.   They are all plugged into extension cords which run behind the cabinets to plug in under the counters.  I know..I know…a little jerry-rigged ( or is it jury-rigged), but noone sees it.   And they look fabulous!

And this is my favorite lamp!  I added the starfish to him to  cultivate a little whimsy in what could have been a snobbish little  lamp.  He’s like a college professor.  Of  botany.

Then there’s the tall svelt mantel lamp.  She’s all form and very little function.   But we love her, just the same. 

……and my 2nd favorite lamp, the picture wall lamp.   She’s very matronly and can nearly light this whole room herself.  Sorry, but my lamps are definitely gendered.   I haven’t named them though.

And who couldn’t love these patriotic twins.   They work tirelessly day and night and are the only lamps that you can see from the road.   I love them.

And last but not least, the IKEA lights in my homeschool room.   

That was certainly a Lampalooza of a  good time for me.   Click here for more lamp fun!  Thank you to my friend the Nester for hosting.  I’m contemplating a ‘Painted Patio Furniture’ party in a week or two, so let me know if you’ve got old stuff you can rescue!   It doesn’t take much creativity to buy new furniture and it’s much more rewarding to rehab stuff you already have!

26 comments on “Lamps are a girl’s best friend”

  1. I just love those Ikea lights! I have some red ones as bedside lamps. Your homeschool room is beautiful too! I’m drooling over it. 🙂

  2. Your kitchen makes me smile whenever I see those lovely pics of it (whereever they might pop up — you are just so clever!) Your whole house is soooo pretty. Can I just vacation there this year? 🙂

  3. love all of them! your blog is quickly becoming my very favorite to come and stare at all the eye candy.

    nice job with the ikea lamps in the kitchen. very genius.

    Remodeling This Life

  4. ahhhh. I am in 100% agreement with your lamp doctrine. They are all lovely. I especially like the rigged ones in the kitchen.

  5. Oh, I love your spotlight on lamps! 😉 I’d never thought of it that way, but they really do each have their own personality! Makes me want to go find some cutes ones to dress up the icky ones I have!

  6. I love that your lamps have a gender. And I love, love, love your lamps. I love the open cabinets in your kitchen & the Ikea lights above. Fabulous!!!! I'd be soooo afraid to take the doors off my cabinets. I don't think I could stay that organized & tidy. But yours looks great.

  7. OK so now you have me getting ready to redo a lamp my hubby brought with him when we moved in all of our stuff when we got married. Its ugly and could use some spray paint and some kind of seashell or something on the shade. Thanks so much for inspiration in decorating!!!! Have you ever considered interior decorating cause I would so hire you!!! Have a great Friday!!!
    ~Molly P

  8. I own no lamps. The rental we live in had shoddy lights and I never decorated this temporary arrangement. You can bet that will change know that we are moving! Love your light ideas!!

  9. You are hilarious woman! I am really diggin your snobbish botany professor lamp! Your house and your lamps and your style are AMAZING.


  10. Such a great idea for the ikea lights. And amen on the overhead lights~they just make me grumpy as well. I love them all, Miss Edie!

  11. I love your kitchen lighting, Edie! So cool … love IKEA too.

    Sorry, haven’t visited you in a LONG time! Great blog:)

  12. I love my lamps too!!

    I have an Eiffel tower lamp I got from Target when I was in college that I simply can’t part from…it’s been spray painted and packed up and knocked around but it has always been close to my heart and now it sits on my desk in the office right next to my computer.

    It makes me dream of the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Montmartre and the Rue St. Michelle…

  13. wonderful lighting – that cracked me up about not turning on the flor.overhead lights – once one my kids friend turned on the switch in the kitchen and my son said “no you can’t do that, it is illegal”….I guess I have really gotten my point across 😉

  14. Just found you. What creativity you display here! I too hate overhead light. We have at least 35 lamps in our 2100 square foot garden home. Hate that glare of overhead lights. Like a hospital.Lamplight casts just the right amount of light and is so much cozier.

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