This guy’s had a pretty exciting week. 
Happy Birthday Taylor! You have brought me joy unspeakable.

*a few pics and a song from Taylor’s graduation video

11 comments on “Happy Birthday Taylor!”

  1. That was so sweet Edie! I did one for my daughter’s 16th birthday and I think now that her 21st is coming up…I’ll do another.

  2. Oh that was wonderful!!

    I did one for dd#1’s graduation a few years ago, now I wish I would have added to it for her 21st a few months ago.


  3. Wow Edie. That was so well done, and I know it was only a portion. I bet you cried the whole time you made it. Taylor is one lucky kid!

  4. awww, edie! it’s such a sweet life, isn’t it?! what a beautiful tribute to taylor… love the song. and love the one photo of him w cap on and elli in the background, looking pensive…
    happy birthday to taylor!!

  5. Oh Miss Eddie… You are such a good mommy! Your love for your sweet boy is precious. You have done a fabulous job raising him. The exciting part now is watching them fly. It is a bit scary at times, but when they go solo you will find a whole new pride and joy in them.

  6. Edie… that comment from Ashley is really from me…Ruthie…I am on my Ashley’s computer and for some reason it is loged in to her account.

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