I had every intention of showing you my ‘redecorranged’ bathroom today.  It’ll have to wait.  My son, who is JUST FINE, was hit by a drunk driver on the interstate late last night.   He walked away unscathed from a potentially life-threatening accident.   That kind of news changes your plans.  It changes the way you look at your children.  It changes the color of the dogwoods.  It makes  all things new.  


May I never take for granted the strum of your guitar,

the strength of your beliefs,

the things that remind me of the little boy in you,

the amazing songs you write,

those baby blues,

and the sweet sound of your voice.

God has given me a gift.  I am blessed beyond measure to be your mother.  And I see you with new eyes today.  I will pray for you from a vulnerable heart.   I will cry tears of joy and purpose to be thankful.

And when the time comes—- and it’s coming very soon—-to let you go……..

I will remember that you are the Lord’s planting……entrusted to me but for a little time.   May he multiply the days, restore the years, keep you safe and give the growth.  And may you become ‘an oak of righteousness’ for His sake and His glory.  Strong and true.

I couldn’t be more proud.  Love you long time,

I’ll end this emotional day by playing this song for Taylor and Caiti that I used to sing to them every night before bed.

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  1. God is good… I am so very thankful that Taylor is fine. Nothing can bring you to your knees faster than your child being run off the road. It changes your perspective of the world and of your child. Wrap your arms tightly around him for a bit and then loosen them again so the two of you can continue to grow. Much love to you tonight Edie.

  2. I’m so thankful all is well – I’ll rejoice with you.

    And thank you for the beautiful prayer from your heart.


  3. I’m so glad he is alive and well. Things like this can sure change the way we look at life.

    • Oii! Bela lã e belas unhas! No Mão Feita, vc aparece com uma luvinha sem dedos muito simpática. Há algum tempo estou procurando uma as3m0&#82si; E essa é a minha sugestão de PAP! bjim!f

  4. Oh Edie! I am praising the Lord that Taylor is okay. Bless your heart, and his too. . . how scary, how very, very scary. Life is all about perspective isn’t it?

  5. Oh, my goodness–that is so scary. I’m so glad he’s okay and you’ve found the joy of being his mama all over again.

  6. I can only imagine the relief and gratitude you are experiencing at this time. Praise the Lord Taylor is going to be fine. Because of your scare, I will hug my ‘babies’ a little tighter today.

  7. Thank goodness you still have that awesome son of yours to hug every day. I had a dream Jaxon and I were in a horrible accident last night, it’s shook me all day. I can’t imagine how you must feel! Beautiful post, give him extra hugs from all your blog friends who have been blessed by his music.

  8. So glad he’s fine physically. The emotional side may take a little longer to surface/work out after a traumatic car accident, but I have no doubt that you can guide him though it.

    Take a breath- I know if I were you I would have been waiting to exhale for a while with worry and angst.

  9. Edie, I don’t know what to say. I am thankful right there with you. I will take this tragedy turned miracle and weave it right into my perspective today. Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Thank the Lord-Wow…Life can change without warning-and I am so glad it didn’t in this circumstance…

  11. Thank you Heavenly Father for Your protection over this family. Please keep Your presence ever-so-near them as they process and heal from this scary situation. Amen

  12. I’m so glad God was watching over your son 🙂 My daughter was in a car accident on Thursday going to soccer practice, very scary to get that call. Let’s both be thankful today. God IS good 🙂

  13. oh my goodness, I’m so glad he’s okay! i love the song you posted at the end, so pretty, oh and I love your writing as well!

  14. I just found you through The Nester..I love you!! 🙂 Love the thoughts on home-schooling, on parenting with grace…love it all. Oh, and the kitchen, too!! Especially the honesty with which you write. I'm listening to "Breathe In, Breathe Out" and boo-hooing. I am due any day now (my actual due date in May 6) with son #2. Our other son is 3.5 years old and we are desperate to meet our new son. This pregnancy has been a tremendous blessing–I am due on the very day I miscarried my last pregnancy, so God's goodness is soooo evident…but there are moments that you think, "What am I DOING??" Adding to your family takes such a leap of faith. To read this post, I was deeply reminded. Children…oh, they are a gift. My little boys will be big soon and I don't want to miss a thing!! Thank you for the reminder to ENJOY them and savor the time–I'll be a faithful follower of yours now! 🙂
    Roots & Wings

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