Painted Kitchen Cabinets:: Retro Turquoise Style

I’m the queen of kitchen remodels. I’ve done 3 kitchens in three years.  My newest one was due to a house fire that destroyed our home and is my favorite.  Here’s a sneak peak but you can see the whole shebang here or just click on the photo below.

Now, onto painted cabinets!!

Welcome to my fresh new kitchen and my first ever Mr. Linky party.  I hope you’ll join us and tell your friends about all the painted fun going on here at lifeingrace today.  I’ve included way too many photos in this post, but Mr. Linky is somewhere at the bottom of this montrosity.  If you have any painted wood projects that you’ve done or are considering doing, take some photos and link up with us!
I’m almost ashamed to show you the ‘BEFORE’.  I am obviously not a professional blogger, as I forgot to take ‘official’ before pictures.  So, I dug through my photo archives and found a few illustrations of why ‘painted cabinets are pretty’…..and why you should take before photos.   Here’s a photo ofthe cabinets before:
and here they are ‘AFTER’!!!  I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.
And although the results look dramatic, it’s all cosmetic changes,
I like to paint, but I hired some help to keep it from taking a month to finish.  I painted while
he painted.  Then I painted at night.  And early in the morning.
And in my dreams.   Between the two of us, we painted nearly
every surface in this kitchen…..two or three times, including
the walls, the ceiling, all the trim , and all the cabinets.
This project is dedicated to Valspar primer, which claims to work
without sanding at all!  And I’ll vouch that it does.  I would
not have wanted to do this project without it.  This is what
the cabinets look like after a coat of primer.
I can hardly believe how much paint can change the look and feel of a room.  I
feel like the queen of all the world in this new kitchen.  This room
sings to me.   It inspires me.    I feel connected to
all apron-wearing, vintage tea-towel collecting, homeade bread making
women everywhere.
I had several kitchens that I used for inspiration.  I wanted a Nantucket/1950’s/Eclectic/Cottage/French look, with an ambiance of fresh, elegant and casual.  My genius friend and neighbor, Leigh Ann, gave me the fantastic idea of taking the cabinet doors that I had purposely removed from the upper cabinets and adding them to the back of the plain-ole-plywood island, for visual and architectural interest.  So I (meaning my painter Rick) did just that.
It may be one of the highlights of the project for me.  And I love the
contrasting colors of the island with the other cabinets.  It adds depth and character, along with the feel that the room has been done in stages.   It looks
fresh but feels old and new all at the same time.
Removing the upper cabinets doors proved to add just the feel of ‘open’ and ‘elegant’ that I was looking for.  Nothing is more beautiful to me than dishes.   I’ve seen other open shelving cabinets that are very sparsely and purposely filled with exactly the right amount and color of dishes, but we live here my friends! So all my dishes had to go in….perfectly matching or not.  I drew the line at the coffee mug full of bacon grease.
It’s safely hidden away behind closed doors!
The chalkboard walls that I painted a few years ago
flow seemlessly with the new color scheme.
This little corner is a favorite with the lamp and the bird prints…..and of course, the homeade cookies.  You will rarely find that cake plate
empty at this house.
And how much fun do I have pouring my coffee beans from
that flirty orange tin?  Oh yeah, big fun.
And coffee stirrers never had it so good….their own little urn! (given to me
graciously by my angel friend, Donna)

When you’re remaking a room cosmetically and on a budget, the details become crucial. I
love these vintage glass knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby.  And the white vintage milkglass compote (which has old fashion POWDER dish detergent in it), along with the splash of color in the potted fern bring just the right balance of
color, texture, old, new, and beautiful.

What once was dark and depressing…..

is now transformed to light and beautiful.

Speaking of ‘lights’, these bookshelf lights from IKEA could well be my favorite purchase at $4.99 each.  If you don’t have custom
lighting, fake it.
I hope you have enjoyed the tour!
The breakfast room is still a work in progress…..but it’s taking on the retro cottage look like a charm!
For those interested, here’s a list of the colors I used and where to find some of the items you see:
blue bottom cabinets:  Woodlawn Charm-Valspar/Lowe’s
white upper cabinets and trim:  Roman column–Sherwin Williams
dark green island:  Cliveden Forest–Valspar/Lowe’s
wall color:  Hemingway–Valspar
Ceiling color:  I’m too lazy to walk to the basement to look
Bookshelf lights:  IKEA
antique glass cabinet knobs:  Hobby Lobby
colorful tins:  IKEA
panels in breakfast room:  IKEA
bird prints downloaded from here
vintage milk glass–local antique store
chocolate chip cookies–homeade by moi
fresh dogwood blooms–God himself
Still on the wishlist:  white granite countertops, farmhouse apron front sink, subzero fridge, Viking stove, wide-plank walnut floors, one-level VERY large island, sous chef, and  ‘Alice’
from the Brady Bunch!
Oh, and I almost forgot.  You must paint the ceiling.   It’s a must do.   A shade or
two darker than the wall color.
Now I think I’ll just sit in here all day and listen to Little Richard sing “Good Golly Miss Molly”!
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  1. Oh EDIE!!! Oh oh oh ohohoh!!! I love IT ALL. Fresh and tea and vintage and apron-y and everything fabulously airy and open. You did a fabulous job.

    I linked to my painted cabinets post from last month with a link back and I also mentioned it on todays post. Can’t wait to see other peoples projects.

    You did a fantastic job on yours. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Hi Edie
    I’ve been a reader for awhile now, so I decided to play! I love your blog and I love your new kitchen. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

    I’m a mixed-media artist and I like to paint on scrap wood, so that’s what I linked to.

    Have a wonderful day, and thanks for all the inspiration!:)
    Chrissie Grace

  3. Oh Edie!!!! This is absolutely everything you said you wanted and so much more. It is just “you” all over. I can’t even begin to decided what my favorite part is, but the cabinet doors on the island is a stroke of genius, you must have great neighbors! I hope to link up to your party later today when I get a post together. Congrats on the re-do. It is really incredible.

  4. Oh my goodness! I’m completely blown away. Your kitchen is perfection!

    Fantastic job! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    I had grand plans to share my latest painted wood project today, but it was so windy this weekend that I couldn’t get outside to paint. So sad.


  5. LOVE, LOVE,LOVEEEEEE IT!! How fabulous! I have dreams of painting the cabinets in the new house but it’s not going to happen when we first move. I am painting some wainscotting and a bathroom cabinet however- so thanks for the tip on the Valspar primer- so using it!! I dream of colored kitchen cabinets- I love that you had the guts to do it!!!

  6. Dying, DYING to paint these rental cabs!!! Do you think the owners would notice?

    Your kitchen is LOVELY!

  7. I wanted to play along! Since we rent I haven’t painted cabs in a few years but I linked to an old post!

    Thanks hon!

  8. I’m afraid I can’t link until later today, but WOW is your kitchen fabulous!! It looks like you knocked out a wall and replaced it with windows!! That’s just how much brighter it is in there!! Such a great job!

  9. I love that kitchen. Wow. I don’t think a person would do anything in that room but float. It’s really beautiful. And IKEA is seriously one of the best inventions known to mankind. Your lights and canisters are perfect. Thanks for sharing your kitchen!

  10. Love it! Your absolute best project yet! I linked with an oldie and a new paint project. Didn’t have time to paint this weekend, what with all the gardening I had to do.

  11. Wow! I love it! It’s so beautiful. I think we need to take some cabinet doors down too….

  12. Edie – it’s breathtaking…all of it!! I just have the funnies blond moment to share with you. I will email you with it’s entirety. I have left comments at another blog thinking it was use – same title, and because I haven’t been jumping out of my reader lately, I thought you were leaving your faith. Seriously. OH MY GOODNESS! Wait til you see the email I was typing up about it. I kept going…no way, no way. I can’t believe this, and then realized WRONG BLOG! BAAHHHH. Yes, I feel much more at home now, and I am committing to jumping back out of reader more often.

  13. oh my…i’m in love with your kitchen! i just printed out the colors you used and i can’t wait to get busy re-doing my own new kitchen soon! BTW…been thinking about your fam and Taylor. xoxo

  14. Edie,

    How absolutely wonderful! A totally new kitchen!! Amazing difference. Love your use of colors.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I may be back to link later. My family needs me right now, but no matter what, I plan to come back and enjoy all of the links later.

  15. Also, have three pieces that are waiting to be painted, so I put in my oldie but goodie from last month. 🙂

  16. Your room is AMAZING! I linked a previous painted wood project, but I will def update my blog with this post b/c it just has to be shared!


    do you know is veneer is paintable?

  17. WOW. Incredible! If my cabinets weren’t brand new, I’d be painting them!

    Thanks for the linky party. I haven’t done anything brand new yet so I also linked to an older post of mine on a funky painted headboard project.

    Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

  18. I’ve never joined a linky party but since I had painted my kitchen table not to long ago I thought I’d join in 🙂

  19. Your kitchen is so.stinking.cute!!! Really, it is. And your neighbor’s idea about the cabinet doors on front of the island is pure genius!

    ~ Sarah

  20. I just found your blog.. and so glad I did.. your kitchen is beautiful! LOVE It.. love the colors!
    thanks for all the great pictures and inspiration!

  21. I decided to join the fun! My projects seem minor and low key compared to a kitchen redo..but made such a difference in our home.

    Thanks for the linky fun!! And, LOVE your kitchen!!

  22. Beautiful job Edie! As always I am totally inspired!!! SO much so that I dedicated an entire post to you. God bless you girl! 😀

  23. Edie~I can’t believe it! It’s amazing~I love the color on the bottom, the freshness, the cool accessories, the welcome feel~BRAVO! I’m going to link up to my bathroom I’m just finishing if that’s okay. Thanks for amazing inspiration

  24. Great job! it’s so unique, and I love that it makes you smile every time you go in there. That’s how it’s supposed to be! That’s fantastic.

    You did a great job!

  25. OH MY GOSH that is the most beautiful kitchen EVER! I am in LOVE!!!!! How incredibly brave of you and it is stunning. WOW WOW WOW!

    Honestly my favorite kitchen cabinets ever.


  26. I LOVE your new kitchen. I found your blog from a link on 320 Sycamore’s blog-she brags on your renovation-It’s awesome!!! I’ll e-mail you an address so we can schedule a time for you to renovate my kitchen in Mississippi as well:)

    LOVE IT!!!


  27. Your kitchen looks so pretty! Love the aqua cabinets! I wish I could show you my painted cabinets, but we are still working on them. Hope to be done with the kitchen within the next month!

  28. Love, love, love it! The bottom cabinet color is fabulous! I also love the idea of repurposing the old cabinet doors–they look great! Nice job!

  29. Your kitchen looks incredible! I know how tedious of a project it is- in fact we just undertook almost the same set of “oak cabinet monsters”! It’s so worth it though and it’s nice knowing we didn’t contribute more waste to the landfills!

  30. FABULOUS! I think the kitchen looks great! How daring to take off all the upper doors! I also admire you for NOT choosing just one style for the room. I just repainted my cabinets last month and linked to your party! I’m still waiting on counters and all the finishing touches.

  31. I have been thinking about painting my cabinets and kitchen. I have too much gardening right now to do it but Edie, I am going to squeeze this project in because of the transformation achieved in your kitchen. It is gorgeous as you are.


  32. Visiting you via chatting at the sky.

    What a fantastic transformation.

    Nothing painted at my house. But, wanted to leave a little comment.

  33. Love your new kitchen. I too painted my cabinets with the help of a friend. I will link up later.

  34. I’ve never done anything as bold as cabinets but I did paint an old chair just to prove to myself that I can and not to be afraid. I love it and want to paint everything now. Next up is an old barristers bookcase, woodgrain to white to hold my fabric in our new playroom!

  35. AMAZING! It is so YOU! I linked back to a post of mine from December and mentioned it on today’s post as well. LOVE IT ALL!

  36. I live in California and we do not have Hobby Lobby here but a few weeks ago while visiting family in Arizona I went NUTS at their HL and I got those same knobs! I have no plans for them but LOVED them. You have given me some inspiration on how to use them! I badly want to paint my kitchen cabinets and now I know I don’t have to sand them first – YAY! Thanks for your wonderful post, your kitchen is amazing!

  37. I am in love with your kitchen. It has that retro, vintagey feel that I adore. My kitchen is due for a makeover this summer, and I’m compiling ideas, so I was so happy to find your post today. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

  38. Your kitchen looks fantastic! I love the colors you picked and I love the fact that you didn’t have to sand anything!

    Great job and great post! I hope you include this in the Remodeling Guy Round-Up this Friday. I know that anyone who sees this post will be inspired!

    Have a great week!


  39. I just about had a heart attack when I saw your kitchen. Brilliant!! I would paint mine the same immediately if I wasn’t certain it would give Mr. Jones a heart attack. (In his world, you don’t paint bricks or cupboards)

    By the way, who designed your blog?


  40. WOWZA! That is one spectacular kitchen redo. This is my first time here, but I’m adding you to my blog roll right this second. I came over from Melissa at 320 Sycamore. so glad she linked to you today! Also~ thank you, thank you, thank you for posting where to find that gorgeous shade of auqa blue paint. I’ve been looking for just the right shade to paint a yard sale coffee table for months, and now I have it! YAH. Wish I could link up today. Maybe next time. Please do this again!

    Nice to meet you ~ Amanda

  41. Edie…I didn’t think that I could wait all weekend to see your kitchen redo….I barely made it and it was so worth the wait….Beautiful! When can you come and do my cabinets? Love the blue on your bottom cabinets! I linked too!
    Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

  42. Oh My goodness! Stunning and beautiful and perfect and amazing. did you paint the inside of the bottom cabinets too? Love that blue. I have a 1950’s ranch and want to create the cottage 50’s ranch look too. We have the ugly oak and it must be painted. Love it.

  43. Holy cow woman are you for hire? HEHE!! Your kitchen is beautiful!!! You need to be in some kind of home magazine or something. I just read your other post on Taylor and I am so glad that he was not hurt. I will keep you and him in my prayers. You are so talented chick!! Have a great day!!
    ~Molly P

  44. What a great party! How have I never seen your blog before today? Well, I. will. be. back! I love your kitchen! It makes me want to eat ice cream, or lick your cabinets or something! Lol! I would have never thought to put that island color with the other cabinet color, but I love it! The chalkboard paint is cute, too! I could never ever have open cabinets like that… my cabinets stay looking like a disaster zone! Thanks for hosting such a great party, and I’ll be back again soon!

  45. Absolutely, positively, most definitely am sooooooo jealous–of the whole experience! It looks amazing and makes me want to come over for a breath of fresh air. Everything here is just so stale and in need of a spring pick me up! My favorite photo is the one of you at the end–you’re the perfect accessory for that awesome kitchen!
    In the mood for company? 😉 Those IKEA lights sure look differnt in my house!

  46. Your kitchen looks just divine! So bright and cheerful, and perfect for cookies and milk :)!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, I loved the “tour”!!!


  47. You are amazing and your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I know you will enjoy it for a long time. Don’t you love it when a dream becomes a reality? Well done Miss Edie.

  48. chiming in here to say "you ROCK"!

    you really go for it… SO love that about you!
    a lot of REALLY hard work… my word… but awwwwe… you sit in that BEAUTIFUL creation of a room & marvel at it!
    way to go!

    gosh… wish i had a linky to add! next time! 🙂

    big hugs!

  49. Wow! I’m impressed! I love the White and teal cabinets! Reusing the cabinets doors was a great idea. I’m with ya on the stove and subzero frig girl.

  50. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I love it, love it, love it! The transformation is incredible! You did a wonderful job. I would just love to come over and sit in it and share a cup of coffee with you! Your kitchen redo makes a girl who doesn’t like to cook want to be in there and crank up the oven.

  51. fabulous, bright and everything you described. I love how “alive” it feels! great color combination! clapping for you! So excited and would love to hang out in your kitchen drinking a latte.

  52. My friend I am in complete love with what you did. It’s just beautiful!!! I have been wanting to do this to my dreary cabinets for a few years, and now you have inspired me completely. 🙂 I may just may have to paint them the same blue color on the bottom, it matches the rest of my house! 🙂

    Wonderful job!


  53. Oh. my. gosh. That color is BEAUTIFUL. Wow. I love the whole kitchen, but I’m seriously drooling over those blue cabinets.
    great job!

  54. Wow…I LOVE your kitchen! So fresh and happy! 🙂 The colors you chose are gorgeous! I love the cabinet doors on the island…pure genius! I’m wondering if I can do this on my lower cabinets…I’m thinking, I’m thinking! 🙂

  55. Oh…I’d love to join in…don’t have anything I’ve painted very recently but I have an older post I could share…hope that’s ok. 🙂

  56. Oh my!
    Seriously, I’m having a hard time finding words, and for me, that’s big!

    I am absolutely linking to this post tomorrow morning! I think that what you have created is so beautiful because it looks like a real family lives there and uses that kitchen every day!

    Bravo! Congratulations!
    I wish I was as brave!

    Thank you for the eye candy. I intend to come back and visually dissect it all again.

  57. I LOVE your kitchen, the blue is fantastic!!!
    And your curtains in the breakfast room are amazing, can’t wait to see what you do in there.

    So glad I found your blog.

  58. Edie, I don’t know where to begin.
    This is just fabulous.
    Truly fab!
    It is cheery, fun, clean……man does this look great. Wow!!
    I really like the idea of using the cabinet doors on the island, it really adds detail.
    GREAT JOB!!!!

  59. Your cabinets are TRULY fabulous. I love them. They are some of the most beautiful cabinets that I have ever seen!

  60. Very nice. I’ve been thinking about painting my cabinets for quite some time but just can’t take that permanent of a step! Maybe I’ll start with the china hutch…

  61. Edie, edie! I hate I missed your party, I have so many painted wood things too, but they are all old projects. WOW, did your kitchen turn out great, I just love the fresh aqua base color & what a perfectly charming cottage kitchen you have now. Can't wait to see what you cook up for your breakfast room. I'm getting granite next week, so kitchens are on my brain lately.

    I just LUV yours. Big hugs from me!

  62. This is just STUNNING! I think I would be in there all day baking and cooking! I LOVE the colors, the light, the open feel I love it ALL!!


  63. This is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been looking for a solution for my kitchen. I have gray tile,green counter tops with green back splash, brown cabinets and black appliances. When we bought the house the previous owners lay the new tile down and was going to finish the kitchen but then lost his job and they had to relocate. The cabinets are in good shape, painting seems like the smart thing to do. I would love to put my money into the counter tops and then budget by painting the cabinets. I love how you used different colors. If flows so well. You are very talented. I’ll for sure be checking your sight. I found you through another decorating blog. Thank you for sharing all the details and taking lots of pictures. Again, you’re awesome and terrific job. Blessings from Kalamazoo.

  64. longtime lurker, first time poster..
    So I’m absolutely swooning over….your kitchen!
    I had to post because not only is it beautiful but you can just feel all the love that went into it.
    And I can’t wait to see the recipes that come outta THAT kitchen! Loveitloveitloveit:)

    Where ARE my paintbrushes?!
    Well done girl..well done

  65. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I LOOOOOOVE your kitchen!!! AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! Wanna come help me with mine??? 🙂

    Great job!

  66. hi edie! your “new” kitchen makes me so happy! i swear if i lived there, i’d have some serious permagrin goin on! high five girlfriend!

  67. That aqua blue is so fresh! Beautiful transformation!

    I’ll vouch for that Valspar primer, too. I just used it in our remodel project and LOVE it.

  68. You have the kitchen of my dreams! I’ve always wanted a Nantucket/1950’s/Eclectic/Cottage look. That’s it exactly.

  69. I don’t have anything to link…but your “new” kitchen is lovely! And inspiring 🙂

    Oh how I wish I didn’t have a popcorn ceiling…I would so love to paint the ceiling…sigh.

    The lovely turquoise-ish cabinets are so cheery! And I love how you picked out the blue from the IKEA panels…stunning!

  70. It is FAB-U-LOUS! I love it! It looks like a totally different kitchen. No wonder you have a little extra spring in your step. 🙂 The idea of putting the upper cabinet doors on the back of the island was ingenious. They add such great detail!

  71. This is so cute! I once had an old kitchen with that scheme on the top and bottom–I dearly love those colors and using the panels is brilliant! You’ll even have them if you need to sell or decide you do want doors! We are moving into a new place soon and I may do that with the doors I plan to remove. Lovely!

  72. You made PERFECT colour choices. Love the blue! It’s all retro but modern… well done!

    My post shows my entire flip project but the kitchen was a massive paint undertaking!

  73. I found your link at Rhoda’s and popped over just to say how incredible your new kitchen re-do is. I love it!! ♥

  74. Dropping in from beautiful Rhoda’s and I am SO glad I did! Your kitchen is FABULOUS! Wow! Love it SO much… every delicious detail – like a breath of fresh air! What a fantastic job you did – awesome vision and creation!!!!!


  75. Wow, I would never have the nerve to paint my cabinets myself and in such a fantastic hue,but I sure do love yours. It looks like you need a little stool. My son made mine in Boy Scouts and it makes using the top shelves so much easier. 🙂

  76. I left a comment on post above, but wanted to mention more after seeing more photos! I love the colors and having a different island color. Your use of the cabinet doors on the island was genius! And, the edging on the counter top gives a nice way to unify the working areas to the dark outline on your appliances. I think with a new counter top you will lose that feature. I like the white backsplash color too, it brings the cabinets visual impact to the counter top.

    Really enjoyed viewing your project! Will come by often to see what is new!

  77. WOW! Its the kitchen of every womans dream! Its like a lil piece of heaven!!! I think these pics will help convince my husband to let go of the ugly oak kitchen cabinets! Lets pray it does!!! I absolutely love it! Way to inspire us women!

  78. I just “joined the party”- but it was my first time to “link”- not sure I did it right…was trying to link to my post…” A little blue..”…:)

  79. Oh my GOODNESS!!! I am SO sorry…I told ya this was my first attempt to “link”- the LAST link I did worked I think…well,maybe not…it does go to the blog but not the ” a little blue..” post- Oh, good grief! and I apologize for adding I think three or four “mess-ups” before my actual links!!! – lesson learned…maybe actually know what you are doing BEFORE you do it!!!
    So sorry!!!

  80. Love it! I posted two different links to Mr. Linky, hope that’s ok. One was the paint we gave to our kitchen, the other was for simply kitchen chairs.

    Love your transformation!

    Cowgirl in the City

  81. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your kitchen. It is totally awesome. What great color, I love the aqua and it is so fresh with the black and white. Just lovely. Hugs, Marty

  82. OMG your kitchen is gorgeous! I came here from Mabel’s House, and I am just ~*swooning*~ over your amazing transformation!

  83. Love the kitchen! I have been thinking of painting my basic cabinets. Haven’t found the time yet! I’m thinking of doing mine cream and the island black. We’ll see! My link shows updates we have done in our house on a big budget, but it’s the kitchen desk in that post that I’m entering in the party! It’s my first time using Mr. linky, so I hope I did it right!

  84. This is fantastic! What a difference! It look so fresh and cottagey. I came over from Southern Hospitality.

  85. Hi, Edie! Hope you are enjoying your big day & ALL the great comments on your fab kitchen. You deserve it.

    I went back & pulled up my old post on my corner cabinet reno that I just love, to add to your party. I'm sure you have some readers who haven't seen it either & it was a really good example of painting an old piece. If you haven't seen it, please take a look! xoxo

  86. I clicked over from Rhoda’s blog. I am really “hatin'” on my old 1968 boring white kitchen right now but you’ve inspired me to take a new look.

    Did you put a little monogram on your oven or is that just me?

    Really lovely colors.

    I am decorating challenged but I hope to steal some ideas!!! 🙂

  87. Hi Edie,
    Love your blog and love your new kitchen. Oh, it looks so fresh and airy. I don’t know how open shelves would fly at my house? I think I need a bigger pantry first 🙂
    You did a fantastic job and thanks for sharing!

  88. I love your HAPPY kitchen! The colors are bright and very cheery. I found you via Nancy’s blog. She was bragging about your redo. I love her.
    Your family is sooo cute! How fun to have 8 kids. Crazy, hectic but it has to be fun.
    Glad to have found your blog.

  89. Wow. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love every single thing you’ve done – the details are amazing! Great job!

  90. Your kitchen transformation is absolutely stunning and such an inspiration to me! We have the same drab cabinets as your before photos so I forwarded your post to Hubs in hopes we can get crackin’ on paintin’!!

    Thank you for sharing.
    AKA Junk Sophisticate

  91. You already know I love this! But I wanted to thank you for your kind comment the other day and for including this in the Round-Up!

    You had a huge turn-out for your first Mr. Linky! Fun huh?


  92. Such a pretty kitchen. I love the kitchen cabinets. It’s not a color I’d ever think of but I like it. Looks like a great place to hang out now. Connie

  93. I LOVE this kitchen! It is gorgeous & fun & totally livable! We just purchased a new OLD home that we are completely renovating & I'm going to bookmark this page for kitchen inspiration. Thank you, thank you!

  94. This is brilliant! Painting the cabinets is inspired. But I never would have thought to remove the cabinet doors. It really opens up the space. Well done.

  95. Hi Edie 🙂

    I found you via Rhoda’s feature of your kitchen and I was mesmerized… I love it! I have cabinets like yours and have been wanting to paint them. i can’t believe how much lighter your kitchen is! Great job!

    I also read your beautiful post about your son. I just went through that last year with mine, so I understand. It’s hard isn’t it? You’ll be okay, I promise 🙂

    Take care!

  96. Found you through House of Turquoise. LOVE your kitchen! We’re interested in doing something similar in ours. Approximately how long/how many days did it take you?

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  97. Love your painted cabinet! Your blue reminds me of the bench I just painted and posted here. Great job! My last home I really wanted to paint my cabinets, but everyone talked me out of it. Now I’m braver and others like you inspire me. Next time I won’t hesitate.

  98. Love the color you used on your cabinets!! I am going through an aqua phase right now and paint just about everything that color!! Who knows what color will be next! I love the open feel you achieved by leaving the cabinet doors off on the top. I would love to be brave enough to do that someday! Great job!!

  99. Oh my gosh I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it and you used ALL of my favorite colors except pink! Job WELL done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. it looks beautiful!!!!! love it and have been considering something similar so thisi s so inspiring!!

  101. I’m here via the Nester. Just wanted to say that I LOVE your kitchen. In fact, my cousin and I will be attempting to re-create it this weekend to surprise the Mr. Yours is my “inspiration kitchen!” I will definitely email you some pictures when we’re done. I can’t wait!

  102. I seriously can’t believe what you did with paint – it looks amazing. This NEEDS to be in a magazine!! Or maybe it has been already! Awesome!

  103. Edie.
    You've totally inspired my kitchen remodel! I think I might even start a blog…it looks so fun! As soon as it's done I'll post pics to the linky party 🙂

    Thanks for including a buyer's guide that helps so much!!


  104. I LOVE your kitchen. I am obsessed with blue lately so I am loving it. I am new to your Blog and your decorating inspires me. I spray painted a patio chair blue green just the other day after reading your patio chair story. So cute! Thanks for writing! 🙂

  105. Your kitchen is so beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration, and I'm glad I found your blog.

  106. So super cute! Love the turquoise. I'm updating my kitchen this week (new counters and sink on Tuesday, new back splash and faucet today) and I'm SO excited!

  107. I really like your kitchen! I am going to paint my cabinets too. Did you use an oil based paint? I searched the post but didn't see that detail. And is the Valspar primer still holding up to its claim? I dread sanding the cabinets. Thanks!


  108. I re-visit this post regularly and almost all of my hesitation is gone. Just wondering how the paint is holding up to daily wear and tear, any problems at all? And are you still loving the Valspar Primer…because I am on the verge…

  109. Loved the color of your kitchen cabinets. I have linked and added som pictures of it on my blog. I hope that is OK

    Kristin from Norway.

  110. Such a transformation! The teal cabinets is my favorite! I think it would make a great entry in our “Share Your Project” contest. You can win up to $2,700 just by uploading your project description and the before and after photos you’ve already taken. I hope you’ll consider submitting your project!

    For more details check out:

  111. Wow! What a transformation – and so beautiful! Your color choices are so brave — I love it!

    I have a question though… the curtains in the dining room area – did you make those or buy them? And my next question is – if you bought them, where from? If you made them, where'd you find the fabric? I love them!


  112. I just found your blog, Love your new kitchen! I have been searching for that perfect shade of blue/aqua and love the color on your cabinets!

  113. I am a huge fan of your kitchen!! I could stay in there all day!! Lovely colors!

    BTW, I'm a TN native as well. I went to college in Knoxville and grew up in Nashville.

  114. Hi, Edie! This is my first visit via The Inspired Room. Wow! What a fabulous first impression! I absolutely adore your kitchen, so charming and chic. I have just brewed my first cup of coffee, so I can continue to browse through your blog….Merry Christmas to ME!!!

  115. What an inspiration! I am thinking now, okay girl you can do this! Very refreshing colors! I am totally impressed. Beautiful,thanks for sharing it all!
    Love your blog, my daughter sent it to me said, “mom this girl is just like us, you are going to love her blog” and she’s right!


  116. You’ve recieved so many comments but I wanted to just add that your kitchen is wonderfulllll…fabulous job..I want to repaint our kitchen at our cottage and been kicking around colors – I think you may have made my decision for me…


  117. Edie,
    I want to link to this post to encourage my Mom to do this?
    Could I paste one(1) of your pictures on my post with full credit indicated, as a teaser? I’d love to inspire her…
    Your kitchen is amazing… and she has a ancient HUGE kitchen with PICKLED cabinets… black appliances & she is in dire need of inspiration.
    Thanks for stirring the creative juices!

  118. Wow Wow Wow. I seriously love it. I’m about to embark on a kitchen redo myself and I’ve been thinking about turquoise, but I didn’t know if I should put it on the walls or on the cabinets. I love that you painted the top white, and the bottom turquoise. That is the perfect harmony, not too overwhelming. I might have to consider that for my redo. Thanks for sharing.


  119. I fell in love with your lower cabinet color when I saw it. I made a quick decision, ran and grabbed a gallon, primed, and just finished the first coat. It looks nothing like yours! HELP! Yours look almost a robins egg blue online but the color is actually green. I just need to make sure I’m not losing my mind!

  120. Edie…did you worry about matching your cabinets up to your trim in the room? Painting mine and this is the dilemma I’m facing. Or maybe I’m just making it a dilemma when it really isn’t. 🙂

  121. Love the color scheme of your kitchen,great find!I love all the details, prints,designs,Your kitchen is sublime! I cant stop, gorgeous!thanks for sharing.

  122. Edie, I don’t know if you will read this anytime soon, I did see how you weren’t ready to look at your home yet, but I had to come see this kitchen, and totally can understand how stuff, can bring back such wonderful memories, and just knowing it’s gone, is painful, BUT, how lucky to lose only STUFF, right. You know it’s almost every diy girls dream to be able to keep redoing their home, I know it certainly is mine. I wish I would start over, all the time, and can’t. Try as hard as it is to look at this as a new fun project, and enjoy the process of trying new things, when decorating your new home. I am confident that you will do real good with your new kitchen, and THANKS to the blog, you have all these wonderful pictures to look back at, so you can duplicate your absolute favorite parts.

    I am thinking of you and your family.

    Bella 🙂

  123. Edie, I don’t know if you will read this anytime soon, I did see how you weren’t ready to look at your home yet, but I had to come see this kitchen, and totally can understand how stuff, can bring back such wonderful memories, and just knowing it’s gone, is painful, BUT, how lucky to lose only STUFF, right. You know it’s almost every diy girls dream to be able to keep redoing their home, I know it certainly is mine. I wish I would start over, all the time, and can’t. Try as hard as it is to look at this as a new fun project, and enjoy the process of trying new things, when decorating your new home. I am confident that you will do real good with your new kitchen, and THANKS to the blog, you have all these wonderful pictures to look back at, so you can duplicate your absolute favorite parts.

    I am thinking of you and your family.

    Bella 🙂

  124. Beautiful ! I’m getting ready to paint my cabinets. Mine will be plain and boring compared to yours ! I can’t wait till it’s done.i’m a new follower   I hope you’ll stop by sometime

  125. What a daring color choice, but the end result is so absolutely chic!
    Bravo to you, I’m inspired.

  126. I absolutely LOVE your new kitchen!  You totally mastered the vintage-chic-cottage-French look, and I am in love with that kitchen.  I want it.  I also didn’t know about the Valspar paint primer, so now I’m about to break out the paint. Thank you for sharing.  It’s fabulous.

  127. First off..I’m addicted to your blog and it has been very inspirational to me.  Congratulations on your beautiful home that you’ve created. 

    I was wondering when you painted your kitchen cabinets turquoise if you painted them with a brush or sprayed them? I’m about to begin my own cabinet painting journey and I’m quite nervous about it but I live in an 80’s house that really needs a little lift. After you painted them, did you put a layer of poly on them? Thanks for any advice/tips you can provide!

    Best wishes!

    • i painted them with a sponge roller brush and did not poly them. in retrospect, if i were gonna do it again, i would take the doors to a cabinet company and have them spray them with their special mix of paint (they put something in the paint that makes it more durable?). then i would paint the other parts myself. it would be worth checking into. good luck!

  128. NICE!  This is exactly what I’d like to do in our Destin condo (rental).  It gives me a Cape Cod type of feel and I can’t think of anything better when at the beach!!!  Thank you…now I have something to show my husband how it will look.

  129. I was just wondering how these are holding up now? I’m about to paint
    Y cabinets, and that no sanding stuff sounds awesome. I’ve been trying to explain to my husband the color scheme I had in my head and I’m thrilled to be able to show him the finished product!

    • Jessica,
      I didn’t actually live in that house THAT long after I painted the cabs. In retrospect though, if I were gonna do it again, I think I’d remove the doors and hire a cabinet company to spray the paint on. They can add something into the paint that makes it so much more durable. But I did so love those cabinets. It was worth the work 🙂

  130. When I came across your post, I spent hours staring at your kitchen. You’ve truly given me inspiration for my summer kitchen re-do. I can only hope I do it as much justice as you’ve done to this one. It’s breathtaking!!!

  131. LOVE this kitchen!!! What color were the counter tops and what is that stripe down the side of them? I like it 🙂

  132. Just found your blog. I love color, too. 🙂 How did you paint your kitchen cabinets without the wood grain showing through? Thanks!

  133. Edie, I am so encouraged. I’m a newlywed working on transforming a guys’ house (he was renting rooms to guy friends before we got married) to a family home. On a budget. Ha. I’m a particular girl, too… not too easy to please and I am INSPIRED by your kitchen. Thank you thank you! Of course I’ll wanna put our own spin on it… but there are several things about it that I needed help with. White appliances, for one. Also, not being super into all-closed upper cabinets. And how you went with different colors up top and on the bottom and even with the island. Shoot. And the ambience lighting! Way to go and thanks oodles for sharing!

  134. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  135. Not everyone can build up the courage to paint their cabinets turquoise but your cabinets turned out great! If you had to do it again would you pick the same color?

  136. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was curious what all is needed to get set up? I’m assuming having a
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  139. Hello Edie,

    I found your kitchen when I googled , “retro/vintage kitchen” and I have been looking at it for months and have finally gone to Lowes and purchased all the paint to do my kitchen too.

    If you could pick one or even a few things that will help make this project run smoothly, what would it be?

    I’m a bit worried how I will do this with my toddler running around, I did get him a paint brush to “help”, we shall see!

    Thank You for your great ideas!

    Shirl 🙂

  140. I have never written a comment on anything I have ever seen on the internet before, but I was just so completely GOBSMACKED by the transformation and your creative inspiration to choose that color that I just have to say, BRILLIANT!!!! You have a gift and I am so grateful you chose to share it. Now I have to go look at all your other creativeness!!!!

  141. I’m feeling so slighted that I didn’t know about your blog until just now!!! Thankful for the pin that sent me here, but now I gotta go cruise your posts like a blogstalker ;D! AMAZING WORK!

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  143. BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing step-by-step instructions. I am also about to refinish my cabinets and this is very helpful. Your kitchen is lovely!!

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  149. I realize this is an old post, but my mother and I are redoing her kitchen and painting her lower cabinets turquoise! LOL! We didn’t know anybody else had that idea! Anyway, we ran upon your blog and love the kitchen remodel. Our question is — How do you turn the lights on and off that are attached to the top of the cabinets? We love this idea but wanting to know the mechanics behind it LOL!

  150. This may of been asked in the comments, but by any chance do remember the brand and color of the turquoise? Thank you, they look beautiful.

  151. Thank you so much for this post. For a month me and the DH had been trying to find the right look for our original 70’s kitchen. And to no avail he could not agree with me until your beautiful kitchen post. So now mine looks color wise like yours. And I also am doing the same countertops as you. As soon as it gets done painting I will post my pics too. Thank you so much again.

  152. Did you seal the cabinets with anything? How has it held up over the years? Im torn between latex paint and the annie sloan chalkboard paint for my kitchen renovation.

  153. Hi there, I know this post was from awhile ago…but would you happen to recall the name of the bookshelf lights from IKEA? These would be perfect for my husband’s study.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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  155. Oh my, I wish the before and after pictures were the other way around :-/
    The turquoise just hurts the eyes. The light natural wood looked so much better…
    If you just removed the window blinds to let some light in and got rid of the clutter, it would have been perfect.


  1. […] Turquoise retro kitchen redo | Eddie Wadsworth – It’s hard to do a roundup of two toned kitchen cabinets without including this one. It’s one of the few DIY two toned kitchens I like. You can see the style of cabinet here is the standard, builder grade, cabinet that many homes have.  […]

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