Y’all have no idea how much fun this Retro Cottage Kitchen has been for me.   First, just the fun of watching it all come together, then the fun of the big reveal and the linky party.  I’m exhausted!  But I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words and encouragement.  And those of you who joined Mr. Linky, I love all your projects and plan to feature of few of them later today or tomorrow!   

A few thoughts from the Retro Kitchen:

1.  The little girls (7 and 8) have been walking around ON the countertops trying to pick their favorite  cup.  I think Elea has settled on the flower fairy mug and Emme is still undecided.  Picking out a glass  or bowl to use for dinner has become an epic adventure.   
“NO, Mom, I don’t want to use that bowl today, I used it yesterday.”
Moral of the story:  Open shelving may have its’ downside.
2.  I was talking to my sister on the phone yesterday while I looked at pictures of my kitchen on my computer…….while SITTING on the sofa.  I could just walk into the kitchen and see it for myself, I guess, now couldn’t I?  But in the picture, there are no dirty dishes, nor are there children with dirty little feet walking all over the countertops, nor is there a 50 pound golden retriever jumping onto the island to try to reach the brownies.  I’ll stick with the pictures for a few more days.
3.  My blog friend, Rhoda,  from Southern Hospitality, that I met at Blissdom this year, is FEATURING RETRO COTTAGE KITCHEN ON HER BLOG TODAY!  (capital letters indicate screaming and doing hitch kicks). I’m already verklempt at all the nice people who have come over from ChattingattheSKY, the Nester, 320 Sycamore, Our Suburban Cottage,  A Soft Place to Land, and others.   I may be impossible to live with after all this fun.  I truly am thankful and appreciate your generosity!
4.  I’m still waiting for Hobby Lobby to restock the vintage glass knobs and I have two more cabinet doors to paint and hang.  I thought I’d better confess that in case you decide to pay me a visit.  And consider yourself warned, children will likely be walking on the countertops contemplating which pretty plate to use for lunch!
5.  The most common phrase I’ve received about my kitchen is, “It’s sooo you.”   I take that to mean that you can easily envision me wearing and aqua skirt with a cute white ruffly button down, a yellow and orange scarf, and a dark green military jacket…..all as one outfit.   And I’m pretty sure I have an ensemble like that.   My eclectic tastes are pretty easy to spot.  
For all you new friends visiting, I thought you might like this post (about my son Taylor leaving), or maybe this one (about southern women)….to see if you might become a subscribing friend to lifeingrace.  Thanks for visiting!

36 comments on “Retro Cottage Kitchen is STILL at it……”

  1. I just came by to say hello! I am so glad I did. Your kitchen is adorable! You pulled off that color in an amazing way. It just makes me smile to look at your happy kitchen. Great job!

    Now I’m off to see more of your blog.

  2. Good morning Edie, so nice to meet you! Popped over from Southern Hospitality after seeing your GORGEOUS (insert hitch kick) retro kitchen. Love the bold aqua color and all the cottage details.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Hey, Edie! I hopped over from Rhoda’s blog! And I am so happy that I did! I read your other blog about southern gals, and I think you are my new best friend in Blogland!! Loved it, chickadee! Where in East T. are you? My in-laws live in Seymour–home of Coach Pat! I’m surrounded by UT fans,but I am a Gamecock!! I’ll be back to visit!! Have a beautiful day!


  4. I saw your transformation of this kitchen on Rhoda’s blog. I just had to come over and tell you here on your Blog how much I enjoyed seeing your transformation!

    OMG! This blew me away! I didn’t expect that much change when I scrolled down (viewing the photos)! I had to check to make sure it was the same kitchen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I could cook in there all day! I am going to save this link to your kitchen as an inspiration for my next kitchen! WOW! The mood is so uplifted in this kitchen! This transformation is almost spiritual! It talks to my beach-loving side as well as a relaxing feeling (as if I were in my grandmother’s kitchen type of nostalgia). Very very nice redo. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am so glad to see your numbers soaring and that everyone could meet your sweet little old self. I am still chuckling at my dumbest blond mistake ever and to think I was on another blog w/same title. 🙂 HA!
    I had definitely not had my coffee.

  6. Oh my gosh!! I saw your kitchen redo visiting Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality and I LOVE it!So I just had to come by and visit. The aqua color cabinets are gorgeous. Many hitch kicks to you! I have already spent about an hour visiting and work is calling…but I WILL be back 🙂

  7. Edie, you’re fabulous! That kitchen is the perfect blend of gutsy and gorgeous!

    I read your two link posts at the bottom of the post and teared up a little at the thought of your son leaving home…I laughed and nodded during the southern woman checklist, cause I’m with ya!

    Have a great day!
    Susan (a.k.a the Mrs.)

  8. Hi, I recently added you to my favorite blogs as I found your insight on parenting to be insightful. Also wanted to say the kitchen looks great! I love the shades of blue for the cabinents.

  9. I see that rhoda posted about your kitchen too. Your kitchen is all the rage in blogland. Enjoy!!

    • Ed, sorry to hear you parted with your Volusia. I have gotten so much help from the “How To#82217;s&#82&1; you published here and VolusiaRiders.com that they have become standard reference material for me and my friends. Thanks so much for your contributions to me and probably 1000′s of other noobies that were hesitant to tackle some of the tasks before reading your easy to follow walk throughs.

  10. Congratulations on all your fun! 🙂 You deserve to party after all the work you did on your kitchen. I really, really love it. 🙂

  11. So what did your cabinets look like before you painted them??? I have white vinyl wrapped cupboards and I would love to paint them.

  12. I’m sorry I’m coming late to the party–I saw the post on Rhoda’s blog and it reminded me that I forgot to check out your kitchen makeover. It’s gorgeous! What a bright and cheery makeover. Love it, Edie! 🙂

  13. Oh Edie, I just want to be a little girl living in your kitchen and walking on your counters! It is just lovely and eclectic, just like you. Good job, Mama!

  14. Adding my own hitch kick and a shuffle-ball-change! I came over from dear Rhoda’s and I LOVE AQUA! I painted my dining area about 6 years ago, then the kitchen then the living room. Your kitchen is absolutely totally happily – and gracefully! – wonderful! I can imagine those little feet climbing around on the counters, the love in your home, the happy bubbles coming off you as you enjoy this wonderful space. I’ll be returning to read more. I’m in Southern California, so I’m a different type of southern woman – lol!

  15. I just looked at your blog today for the first time from Rhoda’s. I loooooooove your kitchen. My kitchen is a 1970’s disaster. I have dark cupboards, dark brown formica counters and a gold/yellow floor UGH! We cannot afford to do anything as my hubby just was forced into retirement and I lost my job. So, I painted my free standing jelly cupboard and microwave stand almost the same blue/green as you! Wish I had the guts to take on the cupboards and countertop.

  16. You are famous! I had my friend over yesterday for dinner and she just bought a house that needs major overhaul and she brought her paint samples and showed me a color she was considering for her kitchen cabinets – “Guacamole” – sounds crazy but it was a vibrant retro shade of green and all I could do was grab her hand and run upstairs to show her your retro kitchen that I just had stumbled upon earlier in the day through another blogsite (mind is blank) – you are SO inspiring and I love the prom pics that you posted – great photos!!

    • I will go down to the basement and get out the box that has soldering equipment in it (that I asked my husband for two years ago but have still never used) and conquer my fear of screwing up and learn to do it well! And while I’m at it, I will get out my watercolours and stop just messing around and concentrate on learning the proper methods and techniques. And on January 1st I’ll start the first page in a new art journal and keep it current for the entire year!

  17. Edie, everywhere I turn I find your fabulous kitchen featured. You deserve the praise, because it is such an incredible re-do. I can just see your girls walking on the counters!

  18. I knew when I saw your kitchen, you were the crazy 5 hour energy drink lady! Hi, glad to see you’ve been at it again! I switched computers recently and lost my old bookmarks, have been searching for you and could NOT remember your blog. Thanks to Rhoda I have you once again! Your kitchen looks amazing, such a happy place to be. I have also checked out your obsession with Loretta, and I have it too. Oh, so does Leigh of Bloggeritaville! That looks like a kitchen that Loretty and Dew would cook in, for all “them babies”.

    Have a great week, cook lots, drink lots of great coffee in there, and keep refilling that awesome urn with coffee stirrers!


  19. I’m still in awe of it… I can just imagine how you and the kids must feel… I want to walk on the countertops too and pick a glass! I love everything about it! I already gushed over your kitchen but I just had to do it again 🙂

  20. I, too, came over from S.H. and love your kitchen and your blog. I have already gone to Lowe’s and picked up the paintchip for the Woodlawn color as I am in the priming stage of my cabs right now. The chip looked a little greener than the photos. I am wondering if the white on top helps give them the more aqua-blue effect versus a greener effect?

  21. Hey, Edie! I’m so glad so many of my peoples came over to visit. Makes me smile at all the wonderful comments on your beautiful retro kitchen. You deserve it and more, girlfriend! xoxo

  22. malenael autor es sabio no se puede espera menos de el.!!lo lei 4 veces y cada vez q lo hago me atrapa mas y mas!! muy interesante..y por dios cuanto sabe este ho!rue!msalbdos a el..un ser increible sin pelos en la lengua.

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