1. What is your faith/denomination? 

We belong to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod—-ie. the conservative ‘branch’ of the Lutheran church.   My husband grew up Lutheran while I journeyed through fundamentalism and then pop American evangelism before embracing Lutheran doctrine and practice.  I often blog about my journey of faith in Christ.  I recently wrote a post on Lent (new to me as a former Baptist) which you can read here.
2.  What type of camera do you use?
Nikon d90.   I love it and really still BARELY know how to use it.  I shoot in auto mode almost exclusively, which I am a wee bit ashamed to admit.  I edit photos on iPhoto but plan to get photoshop soon.   My advice for taking good pictures is:   1.  Take a lot of pictures and a few of them will be great   2.  Take pictures close up.   Even closer.
3.  How is been hard giving up your career?
I have written about this here.  But I will say that staying home with my children has been THE most blessed gift my husband could have given me.  I feel honored to do it and eager to learn to do it well.  I’ve never been more sure of anything—than that this is what I was made to do.
4.  How do you manage to do it all?
I’m so glad you asked because it gives me a great opportunity to say absolutely, unequivocally that I DON’T MANAGE TO DO IT ALL.  Not by a long shot.   My bathrooms are dirty,  I haven’t showered in two days,  I have 76 unmatched socks sitting on top of my washing machine.  My husband shakes his head at the outlet covers that I still haven’t replace from my kitchen remodel!
5.  Do you have any outside help?
Not unless you count these two ‘merry maids’.  
6.  Where did you get your necklace?

  I bought it here.  I love her stuff.   And I love buying from mom-artists.

5 comments on “faq”

  1. I love this post. Thanks for putting it all in perspective. It’s easy to view other womens’ lives as perfect in this blogging world, isn’t it? I probably have that many mismatched socks here too. Hehe. Except mine are in a Target bag hanging on my closet door. Your girls are too CUTE!

  2. Love this post. As always your honesty is refreshing. Your help looks a lot like mine, except mine are a little younger and another gender.

  3. Dear One!
    Love that you’re Missouri Synod! I’m one of those schizo ELCA’s. My Mostwonderfulhusbandinthewholewideworld is WELS! And his marvelous sister from Manitowoc, WI and her Husband spent the weekend with us…of course, all WELS! I love the “conservative” Lutes! They’re like the Lutheran that I knew as a child AND think that I want to go back to!

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