Guess who’s CD you can now buy on iTUNES? The Verity!!!!! Oh yes you can.  And if you visit their myspace page, you can see their spring and summer schedule.  Maybe your youth group would like to invite them to play.  Or maybe you’d like to buy their CD on iTUNES.  I think you would love them if you did.  And if I was supposed to mail you a CD and you didn’t get one yet, please send me another email with your address because I must have deleted the email accidentally.

Now, go to iTunes and check it out!  
Taylor  from The Verity
Or go to Celebration Church in Kingsport tonight and hear them live. They sing original music. They are talented musicians. They are delightful but strong young men. May God bless their every endeavor.
Taylor Riden
Here are the lyrics to their song “The Call”

There’s a place I need to go
When my heart has grown so cold
Knees falling to the earth
Humbled by Your mighty throne

You bring life to my soul
Creator God, Redeemer Lord
Burn away this foolish pride
Lead me to Your precious side

We’re on our knees
Called by Your name
Set apart and washed by mercy and grace

And may we pray, take up our cross
Ignite this flame within our souls
And lead us back
To Your heart

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