This is where the rubber meets the road.  This is how you tell who your true friends are.  I’ve let you in to my little private space in the world.  I haven’t held back.  At least not much.  You’ve been with me when I  fished disgusting things out of my drain.  You’ve watched me lament the loss of my former job/life/etc.  I’ve  told you all my deepest ADD secrets.  And I even let you in on my King Tut dance and  how my heart is breaking that Taylor is graduating.  Now I need you.  JamieKnoxville called me yesterday and begged me to watch Coal Miner’s Daughter again.  And then call her with my favorite quote.  I feel that if you and I are going to continue this relationship, then you might as well know now about my obsession with Coal Miner’s Daughter and Loretta Lynn. It was probably because of my sordid childhood,  surrounded by really funny drunk people from Appalachia….that I like it so much.  And JamieKnoxville can never let anything die.  But if you want to go to the next level with me, then don’t ask questions.  Just rent it and keep a notepad handy .  And report back to me on Sunday….for I will be posting my favorite quote and a few other funnies.   So are you in?  Okay, we can still be friends if you’ll at least watch this video and give me your favorite line from it.   K?  Love ya!  
P.S. And you can also watch video clips on You Tube.  But if you really love me, you’ll watch the whole thing.  
P.S.S. Valentine’s Day advice from Coal Miner’s Daughter:
“A wohman needs perty thangs”
P.S.S.S.  JK’s facebook page says “Ima puttin’ up 17 quarts a apple butter….and I’m bout da die”  I know that’s not her favorite quote but Caiti and I are crying we laughed so hard.

24 comments on “In which I confess my tiny obsession with Loretta Lynn…….”

  1. I don’t remember that much about that movie other than my dad loved it and we watched it a lot, of course I’m in. It will be interesting to go down memory lane. Watching good movies with my dad as a kid is one of my favorite memories. Have a great Friday Edie!
    Oh and one of my favorite blog memories is that drain hair ball!! LOL

  2. Awe, I’d love to play, but don’t have the time this go ’round!

    All I have to say is that 1. My husband got into country music for awhile and educated me on Loretta Lynn. Interesting woman. and 2. When I was growing up people use to always come up to me and say, “You know who you look like . . . Sissy Spassic (sp?)” Got to the point I could say it before they finished. I don’t now, I think it was because I was strawberry blond, with NO eye lashes!

    Anyway, thanks for the fun. I’ll be sure to check back for Sunday’s results!


  3. I love loretta lynn,, and my family laughs at me sometimes because of it,, but i’ve always loved her even when I was really young,, and this is one of my favorite movies,, I love the part of the movie, i think its when they’re in the motel and she tells him he sounds like a big ole bear growlin..

  4. she’s on air on the radio,, and says “”and the more i laugh the hornier he gets” ,,
    whats so funny is she thinks horny means acting stupid or something,, laugh out loud funny!!

  5. Funny, I was seriously just thinking about that movie this week. And the line that line that Debilou already commented on is so funny. (The radio comment). That’s probably the only line I remember. The scene I remember is the one where she finds her husband in the car w/another woman.

  6. I seem to recall Sissy/Loretta saying, “I’m a-dyin’ to.” The wife of the producer of “Coal Miner’s Daughter” was in my class at law school. I didn’t know her, but a friend from Beverly Hills pointed her out and explained who she was. She was sleeping in a chair in the lounge with her mouth open.

  7. That is too funny girl. I love me some Coal Miners Daughter too. I remember waatching it with my mom and watching Lorettas mom ‘cut a rug” HEHE. Have a great weekend!!!
    ~Molly P

  8. I swear I saw Loretta Lynn in a real life moment once. I was a jewelry store back when Steve and I were getting married, looking at wedding rings (on my lunch hor) ho ho! And I swear it was Loretta Lynn walked in and mind you this was a store not too far from Branson Mo,the new nashville so it is conceivable. Any who, this lady and a man with her walked in and went by every case and said, I’ll have that and that and that, and she paid for it with a check and I over heard the total, over $300,000!!!! And then the manager of the store escorted them to their car. I saw him as I was walking to mine, He did not even recognize me of course as having been in his store at the same time.

    It was wild!

  9. Love this movie too…come to find out, when I met my husband, his brother played a role in the movie. He’s in the first studio session, playing guitar…he’s the one that counts off the song…cool huh! My husband grew up around the real thing though…his dad is a studio musician and played on all the old hits for all the big name stars…my husband acts like it’s nothing that he’s met all these people whereas I would have totally been star struck.

  10. I live about 20 minutes from where Loretta Lynn was born and raised (Butcher Holler). We watch that movie everytime it’s on, my favorite part is when she talks about bologna on the radio! Have a great weekend!

  11. OK, I have the movie…now just have to find a few spare hours to watch it this weekend. Kimball saw it and said “Who’s Loretta Lynn?” don’t take offense, he wasn’t aloud to watch t.v./movies or listen to music as a kid…he says this type of thing almost daily. 🙂

  12. Jessica,
    Your commitment to this project brings tears to my eyes….and a smile to my face. You may not understand the Appalachia-speak. Be patient. You may need to watch it alone. Stevie has been around me long enough to embrace this…but it has taken time. I’m voting you my new BFF. And don’t blame me if you start sayin’ “Deddy” instead of Dad.

  13. Let me just say thanks for reminding me of what a classic this movie is. Loved it and so did Kimball. SO many great quotes…

    Loretta Lynn: Hey Doolittle Lynn, who’s that sow you got wallowin’ in your jeep?
    Girl: What’d you call me?
    Loretta Lynn: A sow, that’s a woman pig!


    AlDoolittle: Mr. Webb, me and Loretta are fixin’ to get married, if it’s alright with you.
    Ted Webb: Go ask Clary.
    [Doolittle walks through the house to the kitchen]
    Doolittle: Mrs. Webb, me and Loretta is thinkin’ about gettin’ married tomorrow.
    Clara Webb: Go ask Ted.
    [Doolittle walks back onto the porch, then back into the house]
    Loretta Webb: Doolittle, what are you doin’?
    Doolittle: Ted says go ask Clary; Clary says go ask Ted; I don’t know.
    Loretta Webb: Wait ’til they go to bed; then you can catch them together. ‘Less they’ll keep you runnin’ back and forth all night long.

    I thought it was so funny when he almost drove them off a cliff, with the tire still hanging off he grabs her and they start making out.

    Oh and the baloney part was hilarious!! She’s quite the spit fire. Funny how all I remembered from watching it as a kid was the fighting. 🙂

  14. “Who’s That Sow Waller’n In Your Jeep? Please watch it you say?

    I OWN IT !!! I love this movie, and watched it three times in the theater. “I have to go to the doctor.”
    “Are you sick?”
    “Yeah, I’m gonna have a baby.”
    “Loretta, I think you found something you’re good at.”

    I’m not even from the South. I just connected with her somehow and I love the songs and the lines and everything. Happy Valentine’s Day. Kathi

  15. “Thought I’d put da bedroom back over in here, in front of the house… way ever morning when we wake up, we kin look out dat dare pitcher winder and watch a sun cum up”

    Steve Wadsworth

  16. this much i know… her dress sure could make a cool bohemian fashion statement today! with some cute boots… YES! 😀

  17. Ya’ll git out a here or I’m gonna knock a tar out of yu!

    I growed up real fast!

    At dadgum word is a footlong!

    These are just a few of the quotes that I enjoyed!

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