I’m leaving this morning on a girly road trip to Birmingham with my sister, my mom, and our youngest girly children.  It takes me almost as long to pack all my cords (iPhone, MacBook, bluetooth, camera, etc) as it does my shoes (gray wedges, black/gray patten leather pumps, riding boots, wedge boots).  I probably won’t ‘see’ you until Monday, so I’m gonna leave you with a little homework.  As Lent approaches, I’ve been listening to some amazing talk radio on the ‘Theology of the Cross’……and I think you’ll like it too.  I’m working on a post on lenten discipline from the Lutheran perspective and have been contemplating what things to give up/recommit to during the next few weeks.  I have so many areas that I could ‘work on’ as do we all.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve tossed the idea around of closing my comments during that time…..to gauge whether or not my writing and my time on the computer is affected by receiving and leaving comments.  But I have to tell ya, I love the feedback and especially after yesterday……I have 50 new best friends.  So what do you think about lent and christian discipline?  I hope to have my thoughts ready by Monday. 
Also, it should only be two more weeks until Taylor’s (my son) bands’ first CD is ‘released’.  I’m giving away 10 CD’s to commenters today who tell me their thoughts on Lent—-do you observe it? do you not?  What have you ‘given up’ before?  Do you encourage your children to practice it?
Enjoy a sampling of The Verity……a song that Taylor wrote called Song 42!  I’m off to bookclub then to Birmingham!

27 comments on “Boots and cords and comments and (lack of) christian discipline”

  1. First of all, I love that song more and more each time I hear it. I’ve been wondering when the CD is coming since it’s now February and I’d love to buy one. I wish I could add something about Lent but I don’t really know a thing about it, how long it lasts, or anything like that. Like I told you on facebook, I’ve been curious as to what it’s all about. I guess I’ll google it. Enjoy your girls trip.

  2. Can it be, I am first! 🙂 I have actually given fasting during the day (with a small meal for dinner)for lent a lot of thought. And since I have until Wednesday to decide, I am going to keep praying about it. This morning I was reading about Simeon waiting for Jesus at the temple. Jesus is and was the “consolation of Israel”.

    And especially during these difficult times I want him and nothing else to be my consolation.

    Have a wonderful girly weekend!!!

  3. Hey Edie!!! My Sunday school class is actually doing a study on Lent this Sunday. I have never really participated in Lent but since this past year that my faith has deepen more, I am wanting to know more about it. Like Meme said in the comeent before me, I hope you do a post on Lent. You write so inspirationally, I LOVE IT!!!! Have a great girls weekend!!!!
    ~Molly P

  4. I’m so excited to read your perspective on Lent, Edie. AND I’m so bummed–I just moved from Birmingham–I would have loved to have met you!

  5. Sorry I’m back, but you know now that I’ve read a little bit about it, I’m anxious for your post and boy do I have questions. Like, what things do you give up (I know you’re undecided as of now), what have you given up in the past? Do you practice the almsgiving and the penitance part, and if so what exactly does that mean? Are you expected to fast from all food during the day or just refrain from certian things? Do you feast each of the six Sunday’s with a ‘special feast’ or is it just regular meals. Do you practice Lent alone, or does anyone else in your family join you? What is it like for you when Easter finally comes? These are probably such silly questions…I’m a moron when it comes to religion, but I sure do love learning. Also, do you enjoy Lent? Like, do you feel the spirit a lot during this time? It seems like a great thing to do. I’ve never really done much to celebrate Easter besides buying candy and maybe have a nice homemade dinner. I will definitely be much more abservant and thoughtful as to what it all really means. BTW, if you close your comments, I understand but you know I’ll just email/twitter and facebook you! 🙂 Thanks Edie.

  6. In the past I’ve given up chocolate or coffee (not in the same year) for Lent. I also like the idea of adding a spiritual discipline or helping others more during Lent instead of giving up something. One year the church I attended gave us a book of Lenten readings by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I’m going to read through it again this year if I can find it.

    Have a fun girls’ trip! : )

  7. I don’t practice Lent and never have. I’ve never even been to a church that does. I have friends that practice Lent and I’ve given it some thought in the past, but I’ve decided against it. I have yet to find anything in the Bible that talks about Lent and that is what I’ve based my decision on.

  8. I have never practiced Lent, although I work with people that do. I did not grow up in a church that practiced it therefore I knew nothing about it. I’m interested in reading what you have to say about it and I look forward to all your posts from day to day.

    Love to hear Taylor sing…I hope to get the CD.

    Have a wonderful weekend and a safe trip. ~Angie

  9. Love the song! You must be so pleased! I haven’t ever given anytihng up for Lent. I have contemplated it many times, but have never pushed myself. My kids and I have talked about it, because they have Catholic friends at school who practice it. I may be able to push myself this year, because my faith is being tested in so many areas right now! I look forward to your next post on Lent. Have a wonderful time with the girls!

  10. i do look forward to your thoughts on this!

    have FUN on your get away… packing IS a stinker! but oh how it is worth it!

    now i’m back to check out that awesome cd!

  11. oh my word… they are Good… with a BIG ‘OL G!

    in my faith… how i’ve grown up… we’ve never practiced lent.
    of course simply because that is what i grew up to “knowing”.
    by all means i certainly am aware when others are following lent… and the sacrifice they are observing!

    so curious on this… glad you’ll share on it.

  12. Maybe I’m wrong (it’s been known to happen)…but is lent only practiced by Catholics? I do not practice lent. My roomate in college was Catholic and observed Lent by giving up chocolate.? I have fasted from certain things during certain periods…to try to think more spiritually. Right now I should probably fast from my computer…but I probably won’t. Look forward to your post on Monday. Have a fun girl’s weekend! And I will pay full price for the CD if I don’t win…but I hope I do!

  13. i personally don’t do lent. first, it seems to be of catholic origin…not biblical. i haven’t read anything about lent in the bible. secondly, it seems to be something that, when done, is highly publicized. it’s all “ooh! look what i gave up: coffee!” it seems to have lost spiritual value. to me, fasting (which isn’t necessarily lent) is a personal private thing. jesus said that we’re not supposed to make it look like some big to-do and such a huge struggle (making our faces look gaunt, etc.) it’s a something between us and God. so for me, i don’t do lent. but that’s just me. and i am fine just fine with others doing it. and am not trying to go all opinionated and holier than thou. just my thoughts…which got longwinded. sorry!!
    hope you have a great weekend. love your son’s music. it’s great!
    jill in mn

  14. Bummer- of all days not to read your blog first thing in the morning- I’m counting down the days until his cd comes out! Oh well guess I’ll have to buy one. I know nothing about lent as we don’t observe it but will look forward to your thoughts. HAve a good trip- hopefully you got your bird.

  15. As a (Catholic) child, my mother made me choose something every year to give up for Lent. Honestly, I never could understand the significance of my giving up chewing gum or chocolate. “How does this bring me closer to God?” my young mind wondered.
    Now that I’m an adult, (and a member of the United Church of Christ) I find myself focusing more on things I can add to my life during Lent, such as more time for daily reflection, or reading fom the Bible.

  16. hello miss edie. hope your weekend was wonderful and thanks for such a thought-provoking bookclub. i’m SUCH a sinner. that whole conversation isn’t really over-i’ve got so much more to know and to say! i’ve never practiced lent, except maybe giving up caffeine in 11th grade to keep my best friend who is catholic company (cause that’s what BFF’s do!). she, however, has never taken back up something she has given up for lent, including caffeine. i find this incredibly strong-willed. she chooses something that she does/doesn’t do that isn’t healthy and changes that. amazing!

  17. Later today I remembered that though Mormons don’t practice Lent, we do fast (with a purpose and prayer) on the first Sunday of every month, along with what we call fast offerings (offerings to the poor). I guess that’s kind of like Lent.

  18. Hi Edie, Neat idea to talk about Lent. In the past I have given up things like sweets or caffeine. I’m not really sure what I’ll give up this year. Our church as whole has not recognized Lent every year. But we do fast from time to time. It’s all about Him, and making sure that when I give something up, I am replacing my time spent in prayer or in the word. My kids are little, too little to give something up for too long, but when they are able to recognize the importance of fasting for God, I am sure we will participate as a family. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  19. I grew up Catholic and practiced Lent then. I dont fast from food because I fall down etc and have children to breastfeed. I have trouble giving up caffeine or sweets etc becasuse I overthink it and end up wondering why I was so gluttoness in the first place. Ya know, if we go through the reasons to give up the computer or television for 40 days as sacrifice–why go back? I’m difficult that way. I like the idea though of a time of Spiritual resoultions and sacrifice…..hmm…

    I really really wnat a Verity CD 🙂

    It is Scriptural. The term “Lent” may not be, but the example of fasting for 40 days and nights to pray and seek wisdom is….

    and Jessica-I have really enjoyed your questions and pondering. We’d miss that if Edie’s comments close 🙁

  20. I do love that song! I think Verity is great! We have never observed Lent. I have always thought it was a Catholic thing. We do fast from time to time, but have never made a big deal out of Lent. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  21. Hello! We are evangelical, although I grew up unsaved and my husband grew up a Catholic.. we both came to Christ just a handful of years ago.

    Lent is not practiced for us in the sense of fasting, giving things up, etc. We do study the importance, etc. It isn’t that the idea of participating more actively is negative for us.. but my husband did come from the mistaken background that it is required in order to be a good Catholic/Christian. Now he balks at the idea for that reason, now that he has learned that we are saved through grace alone and that we are never deserving. He was raised to practice too many “works” without meaning and purpose. He just feels like many “practice Lent” as a church commitment without any true commitment to Christ. We have fasted when we feel so led, of course seek forgiveness for our sins, etc. But it doesn’t always fall during the official month of Lent.

    Right now in our lives we choose to worship during Lent just as we do every other day, with prayer praise and study. We have participated in a true Seder meal, and some more traditional practices too, and at some time we may be led to fast during Lent.

    Great thought provoking on your part! I respect your choice of closing comments immensely because I know how much I love feedback myself.

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