What you are about to witness has been performed by professionals.  Please do not try this at home.  

Upon Marcus’ urging and twisting of my arm, I tried a 5 hour energy drink.   And then another. And another.  No, I’m just kidding.  I only had one. But I think it worked.  And then to accomplish the purpose of cleaning….. behind and on and around everything, I began the redecorranging.  The Nester recommended one room and ten minutes.  But with my 5 hour energy drink,  I figured I’d make the most of  my time.  To quote myself, “I removed every last item from every last surface in my house and shifted things around until the five hours were up”.  My family wasn’t sure where to sit for dinner or if they were in the wrong house altogether.  And here’s the deal.  I currently would like to repaint every surface in my house.  And all the cabinets.  And get new copper countertops.  And I’ll probably get around to most of it.  At some point.  I say all that to say that I don’t necessarily love everything I did, but it’s clean and it’ll do until……….I take another 5 hour energy drink and redo it all again.  
 This is my attempt at layering frames using mostly black and white.  I have a small obsession with dishes and figure sooner or later, I’m just gonna have stacks of them all over. I hijacked that smoochy picture from my living room.

Then I started on the breakfast room.  I took the gecko and the oil painting  from the bathroom ….the lamp from the living room…….the pitcher from the dining room.  I love how the gecko is climbing the wall…….not unlike this homeschooling mama, at times.

I used the fabric off the dining room table to make the window mistreatments…..and the black chairs came from the school room.   The pillows on the bench seat, I stole from every room in the house; as various members of my family can testify.

Are you tired of tablescapes yet?  Well, I’m still going strong.  This one has many borrowed items and even a ‘table’ that was borrowed from the foyer.  I’m working on a ‘door-on-the-wall’ ensemble for there.  That project may need it’s own separate day and it’s very own energy drink. 
 I think the hammered aluminum trays are a nice addition here both is color, texture, and shape.  Again, notice the layering of the items……which gives it depth and intrigue.

Then I took my mad 5-hour-energy skillz to the bathroom (where you saw the sticks and feathers arrangement earlier this week).  This room had a red velvet drape for a shower curtain and the colorful painting and gecko shown in the 2nd  picture above.  I brought the window mistreatments from the breakfast room (which have officially been in every room in my house now) and softened and ‘cottaged’ up the room with white towels, a white mirror, and my favorite blue star (which is quickly making it’s way to every room in my house as well).  This piece of fabric is my very favorite in the whole house….and I bought ten yards of it almost ten years ago for $20 at a thrift store.  

My last project was the dining room buffet. I had no plans to redecorrange it, but I found this urn/planter at the antique store downtown yesterday for $15 and it changed my life. In a way that usually only MAC lip gloss can. And since I have no small obsession with words, I love this wall plaque and decided  I should not live without it (from T.J.Maxx). Here’s a sampling of what it says.
con-nois-seur: expert. Astute judge in matters of fine or domestic arts. Oh yes I am.

And don’t miss the small detail of the cutest picture on earth. I love tablescapes that are layered…..where you just keep finding great stuff to look at.

So there it is….my favorite tablescape. Complete with frames, words, an urn, a beautiful antique compote and a ladybug and the token stack of books….which if you look closely have the following titles; East of Eden, A Complete History of Christianity, and Genito-Urinary Diseases with Syphilis. Sadly, these would be equally fun topics for me to discuss. Anyone?
This tablescape is balanced but not symmetrical.  The urn on the right is balanced by the star on the left.  The variety of shapes makes it visually interesting.  As does the lack of dust and Valentine candy wrappers…..which I had to remove for the picture.

The energy drink just wore off.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Dear Nester girl,  I hold you personally responsible for my lack of sleep……but I love ya anyways.  And remember dear decorating friends, it’s your stuff….you can move it where you want to.  Just do it!

Top 10 reasons why I’m addicted to 5 hour energy drinks
1. Because it’s February and I homeschool.
2. There is only so much caffeine one can safely consume in a day without achieving a heart rate of 150 and numbness of the extremities.
3. Because my house is dirty and  I AM the cleaning lady.
4.  Did I mention that it’s February and I homeschool?
5.  I have ethical and moral and medical hang ups with crack cocaine. I always was a goody two shoes.
6.  Because my ADD has gone from ‘I can’t find my keys’ to ‘I can’t find the dog’ to ‘Sir, I’m sure I paid the mortgage’.
7.  I needed one more thing to add to the caffeine/sugar/Rock Star addictions I’m currently nurturing.
8.  I believe in the power of  B12 and placebo.
9.  Because I needed one more thing to add to the lists of  possible things I could give up for Lent.
10.  Ummmm, it’s still  February.   And I still homeschool. 
I’m working on this post for Nesters’ party and it’s not done….so check back later for updates. There’s more mistreating and stealing to come.

60 comments on “10 minutes to a Room You Love…..or…..5 Hours to 5 Rooms You Kinda Like”

  1. Okay..I had to stop and stare at that “benchy” thing with all the pillows..so cute..love it!

    I think someone needs to do a House Tour Room by Room with lots of pictures..your decor is great!
    -sandy toe

  2. Funnnyyy…..I like the tablescapes and the nook change up. Did you use your dining room tablecloth for the nook mistreatments? Can Marcus score me a 5hr drink so I can finish St.Teresa?

  3. This looks GREAT! You are one amazing person. . . and you’ve totally convinced me, if for any other reason that it is February and I homeschool, to try an energy drink:) I’ve never had one of those, but I will soon . . Thanks Edie! Your blog always makes me smile:)

  4. My heroic hubby is addicted to the energy drinks – can’t go without one in the morning or he gets a bad headache. The funny thing is he has always stayed away from coffee for fear of becoming addicted! Ha!

    Love, love, love your tablescapes, and your furniture is gorgeous!! The warmth in your home is a direct reflection of you – so beautiful and blessed! Can’t wait to see more… 🙂

  5. Great tables. Loved this post. I have a similar post coming, when Nester said 10 minutes I had to laugh because no project no matter how big or small ever takes me just 10 minutes. I am way to indecisive for that! I have always been a rule breaker so I hope she won’t mind. BTW, just reading your post gave me the ‘shakes’. 🙂 Now put down the Rockstar Edie!!

  6. You are hilarious!!I’m taking a break from my 10 minute project. Which will probably take me more like 10 hours because I have recently diagnosed myself with adult onsight ADD! I also just poured me a glass of good ol’ Coca Cola to help keep me pluggin along. Look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous house.

    I used to homeschool and can totally relate to February and homeschooling. In fact it was in February that I put my son back in school. Although i think it had to do more with house renovations (no kitchen for 7 months) than the actual month of February.

  7. so, you blogged twice (or maybe i butt in 1/2 way through?), redecorate your house-like most of your house-all on a 5 hr energy drink?? does it give you muscles, too? it’s 11:30 am and i’m still in my jammies… what’s that say about me? think i need a case of your drinks! : )

  8. Ok, I just noticed how much we have in common for music taste. I adore Brandi Carlile, Missy Higgins, David Gray, Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley.

    I just started doing the rerranging thing this week too. My living room, bedroom, office and dining room all look like we just moved in. But I can’t wait for the results to be finished…I guess I need to go grab a 5 hour energy drink to complete the tasks! LOVE what you did with everything in your home!! 🙂

  9. Oh Mama did a good job! I love it! Sometimes I like to put everything in different rooms but then I feel like everything is out of control and one room ends up empty, but you have renewed my faith in rearranging. I have to do my laudry first though.
    -Jill 🙂

  10. I wish i could see the pictures but for some reason there are only little blocks where the pics should be… sounds nice though!

  11. I NEED a 5 hour energy drink! Infact I might need a whole case of them!!
    Your rooms look lovely! I couldnt do that kind of thing here because Africa is the dustiest place on earth and I would be dusting every hour on the hour!!! I wish I could though, it looks so pretty!

  12. Love what you’ve done! Great idea…I’ll get off the crack and start with the energy drink. I was wonderin’…”am I the only one with spring fever…and ready for school to be done?” Oh…and when you’re not looking, I’m going to come steal your house…just fyi. Looks Fabulous!

  13. Ok, love it! And will you please come to Indiana, with energy drink in hand and help me redecorranging??? I just do not have it in me these days. Although I ♥ decorating! Please??? xo

  14. oh those energy drinks! i was super sluggish one day & my dad gave me one… they work!
    i might need to one NOW! 😀

    i am a big fan of moving things around too… my old neighbor used to come over & say… hey where'd you get that… uh… the other room… she thought i was nuts… but it seemed to keep things fresh in my eyes!

    love all your re-doing… you homeschooling mama!

  15. Oh please tell me what is before the “your prayers” on the bathroom wall. I have just been inspired and can’t wait to get off work and go purchase my own energy drink. So many to choose from.. any suggestions?:-)

  16. Love every stinkin minute of this post, and I just observed what a five hour energy drink did to my high schooler, so whew…..for you. 🙂

  17. The most entertaining post on decorating I’ve read in a long time. I’m wondering if today’s post photos will look like a house on “Intervention” since you’ll have come down from your high?

  18. I loved this post. It would be so fun just to stroll around your house & check out all of your hidden treasures.
    Thanks for letting me know how to survive homeschooling – I'm heading to the store today for that wonderful drink.

  19. and that’s why i love you.


    and, i’m pretty sure you are the best layerer EVER!

    Please come to my house and layer my stuff!

  20. I need to hire you as my decorator and my cleaning lady!! And my “Supplier” too, if you know what I mean…:)
    What is this 5 hour drink and where can I get some?

  21. Edie, you are a hoot! As usual, everything you touched looks fabulous. I am gonna “redecorrange” my dining room soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Oh my gosh, your post cracked me up! Yeah, my room didn’t take 10 minutes either, but it was pretty darn messy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m sure I’ll be coming back here. You’re hilarious.

  23. Oh my goodness, you are so funny! I love everything that you did, especially that last table.

    And I love your word, redecorrange!


  24. Loved the “smoochy” picture as well as the one of your daughter giggling! Everything looks great!!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  25. My first visit and I’m hooked! You are hilarious, but are you that funny without the energy drink? Are the kids hiding from you now that is worn off? You did an amazing job of layering and decorating, even your dogs look exhausted! Thanks for sharing, your house is so whimsical and cheery, I’ll be back for more after reading all of these 10 minute links!

  26. You always bring a smile to my face Edie. I hope this means you are feeling better 🙂

    I haven’t had an energy drink in soo long (since I have been pregnant and nursing…3 years?) I do sampling for different companies in grocery stores…I gave away energy drinks at a 7-eleven….I was AMAZED at how many people said “oh Ive already had 3 today” And how YOUNG kids were drinking them…

    LOVE your decorating! You have that extra knack. See, when I pile dishes on table it looks like we cant afford to store them. Seriously. And because we have outgorwn our house the tablescapes just dont work….Wanna make a road trip?

  27. I’m just loving your vignettes. Your layering is just fabulous.

    Working on my project too and I need one of those energy drinks to help push me along.

  28. I’m thinking Marcus needs to sell 5 hour energy drinks since that seems to be the theme of the comments besides they love you! 😉

  29. Edie, Your home is so vibrant and inviting…just like you, I must say.
    I knew I’d love it all – cause you did it- and, girl, you have got mad decorating (decoranging) skillz.
    I’m loving all your stars, the words everywhere (I share this addiction), and that cutie-patootie ladybug.
    Everyone of your vignettes is eye-catching. It helps that you have collected some sweet stuff.
    Oh, and I didn’t even mention all those gorgeous photographs…
    Love, Michelle
    P.S. Come by my blog for a new giveaway which ends Saturday.

  30. OK You crack me up. That was the most fun to read and see!!! I love the tassles hanging off the lamps shades… Loving the Gecko and the eclecticness of all the scapes. Great job! I am thinking I should try one of those there energy drink!!!

  31. What’s left to say? Inspiring? nope, taken. Hilarious, nope taken. Fabulous, nope taken. How about unique? Yep, that will do it. Gecko, ladybug, giraffe, fish, bird, zebra, dogs. Anyone else and it would look like a bad zoo theme. You definitely have a style that only you can pull off. It all looks so interesting and fun. 🙂

  32. Oh MY. You had me alternating between bursts of laughter and sheer admiration and fawning over all the redeccoranging you did. And your list. LOVE it. What was the energy drink- give it up girlie… or are you holding out for a major endorsement deal?!?? 🙂

  33. love the table makeovers. we need to make a run to the antique store together… you are always finding the goods! it makes me want to sringify my home now!!!!!

  34. I LOVE everything!!! Especially your tablescape with the urn you found and your Connoisseur word art! You are so funny too 🙂

  35. I love your arrangements–love the color, love how you mix patterns. I aspire to do that. I think I play it too safe. Great photos!!

  36. I LOVE all the mixes of colors, textures and patterns. It all works so WELL together. You certainly have a nack for it! I think I need one of those energy drinks.

  37. Love your home! That built in seating area in your kitchen is to die for!!! I love your whimsical style!

    Everything looks so good!


  38. love, love, love what you’ve done – and anytime you get tired of moving things around in your house, just come on over to mine LOL and hey – only 8 more days in Feb 🙂

  39. Here’s one more new bf to add to your list. After reading through your blog, I want to: go listen to the issues guys, homeschool my children, redo my laundry room, and marry your husband.
    You are great! I am breaking my “no new blogs to my favorites list” to add yours.

  40. I L-O-V-E it all. Especially the cheeta chair, the W candle, white fish, STARS, lamps and tassels. Oh, and the dresser and all of those fabulous tablescapes and frames that you have going on. Really, I need to shop where you shop!

  41. I love every single bit of it !! I love all the “stuff” you layer on your tabletops..It is so my kind of decorating. I tend to hold myself back because my hubby thinks I have way too much stuff…think I’ll spend this afternoon LAYERING!! :o)

  42. Not only are your layered table scapes awesome, but I think I’ve found a kindred homeschool spirit…only I do go the way of the overally addicted coffee mom. Great post!

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