The day has come. She’s leaving and I can’t stop it. She’s promises that since she’s only moving an hour away, it’ll still be the same. And in some ways, I know she’s right. But the comfort of having her here right beside me has been one of life’s sublime blessings for me. And since I’ve always called her my guardian angel, I tell myself that God must think I’m ‘okay’ for now…..and He must have another someone for her to nurture and protect. I beg to differ.  But when I saw that big moving truck pull into my cozy little cul-de-sac, I knew it was time to face the music.
Long story short, I even procrastinate grief.  Elea said to me yesterday with teary eyes, “But Ms. Donna has known me my whole life.”  Yeah, and you’re one lucky girl to be able to say that. So after a nice lunch with her and Sue and Lenna, we decided that we’re not really gonna say goodbye.  We’re just gonna continue our friendship and pretend  fifty miles is of no consequence.  And it isn’t….really.  But there’s a whole host of things that run through my mind that will change.  That distance necessarily changes. Whether we want it to or not.  I am not quite prepared for those yet.  So I agree to not saying goodbye.  Not yet.

Good thing my blogging meeting is upcoming.  I’ll be on the lookout for a new guardian angel. And boy will those be big wings to fill.  Someone who will call me and leave me sweet messages that say ‘Just wanted you to know I love you and am thinking about you’.  Or someone who will teach me how to text….and then send me love notes about about how beautiful my Christmas decorations are .  Or someone who laughs at all my musings. Someone who will be to me as Christ-like as is possible here on earth.  Or someone who thinks I have great kids.  And make a killer mocha cake.  Someone who will always to be ready to lend an ear, a hand, a cup of sugar, and a free nursing assessment.  It’s a tall order I know.  If you’d like the job, I’m taking applications and checking references.  You should know ahead of time that I’m a complete mess and not easy to keep between the lines.  But I reward those who care for me with food….so it’s not a bad trade-off.

So Donna……I’ll see you in 2 weeks.  Mocha cake in hand.  And thank you for showing us your true colors.
I have this song on my iPod and listened to it as I ran this morning…..and cried my little weary eyes out.  It was interrupted at one point by a message from Country Girl that said “I love and am thinking about you today”.  God doesn’t waist anytime in recruiting angels.

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  1. Oh Edie, I am so sorry she is moving! I know it won’t be the same as having her next door, but I’m sure you will still see her alot. I’ll just bet you are one of those people that are never forgotten by anyone!

  2. Edie,
    I’m so sorry she is moving! 50 miles is so much better than 100, though. Y’all are blessed to have the kind of friendship you have!

    I think I need a guardian angel, too! That song made me cry, as I’m pmsing for the 1st time in 22 months! I need a guardian angel in my life. The one I thought was mine saw my true colors when I was going through PPD after having my newest baby and ended our friendship. It was hard and is still very painful. I tried to reconnect with her, but feel like I cannot let my true colors shine through. I know there’s someone out there that I can trust with all of me!

  3. Oh, I love what your little girl said about her having known her her whole life. What a sweet neighbor you’ve been blessed with. I’m sad for you too, but God works in mysterious ways. I’m sure whoever moves in will soon love you just as much as she did…there’s no getting around that!

  4. Oh, bless your heart… I procrastinate saying good bye, too.

    This won’t be easy for sure, but with your generous spirit and fun ideas, maybe God is giving you the chance to be someone else’s guardian angel.

  5. Oh Edie . . . I am so sorry. I really hate goodbyes too. Really great friendships like that are so hard to come by and when you get one you don’t want to ever let it go. Even though y’all will be a little farther in distance, you’ll still be close in your hearts. I’ll be praying for both of you.

    Someone has really big shoes to fill. I’d apply for the Guardian Angel position, but I’m kind of a mess myself . . . so I wouldn’t even make it to the interview process. After you saw my application you’d throw it in the shredder *smile*

  6. that is one of the hardest things for me as well..losing a great friend and change that come with it! But, you have the right attitude that you have been blessed to have her in your life for so long and to know that others will come along to fill the void!

  7. hello miss edie….
    i just want to confirm for you that distance and even time don’t change true friendship. i may have told you that i am just back in touch w my college roommate after 15? years, and it feels like just yesterday we were staying up all night and running to the pub! 🙂
    i’m not guardian angel material, but i do live just 7? miles away, and tho i haven’t tried, i could probably whip up a wicked chocolate–if not mocha–cake. plus, i like sue and lenna, too!! 🙂
    and thanks for always seeming to understand me and saying just the right thing!

  8. sometimes there’s nothing better to say than…that sux. sorry. moving for either can be a bummer, but an adventure too. looking forward to meeting you soon!

  9. As a military wife, Goodbyes are one thing I don’t think I’ll ever get used to…but it’s true…Life’s true joy is the friendships made along the way!

  10. I want to apply but I am so much farther than 50 miles away. That is HARD 🙁

    I was reading in Proverbs this morning about a neghbor being better than a sister far away (I KNOW that I am totally misquoting Scripture) I really believe that, BUT there is something to a True friend and an Everyday friend that can work from 50 miles away. It is still doable. Just an hours drive 🙂

    HEY!! The Fed Ex man brought me a book of prayers! VERY COOL!!

  11. i know this is a post from January, but Edie…I'm emotional reading it and I wish I lived in TN. I moved 10 months ago to an unknown place. We happened to buy a house in a brand new edition with only about 5 families there before us. I am baking for all of these new families that are coming in and trying so hard to reach out. I prayed that God would send me opportunities to show His love, and I have one speicific neighbor that I have to admit, I'm worn out, but God is good and she is so lonely (she does not know God personally- yet!) A girl who has been so good to me since moving here has really been helping me in reaching out to this neighbor.

    I found your post to be inspirational. Thanks for being so transparent. I wish I knew you in person, I think we'd laugh a lot together (and did I mention that I bake?) :).

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